Are You In A BAD MOOD?

August 2, 2006

Images_2 Unfortunately,it was a very busy week attending a convention in Madrid. More than 24 hours in the plane and while attneding the convention, all you do is listen to lectures, take a break to eat then listen again. So INACTIVITY was the name of the game!

Haven’t you noticed that the more inactive you are, the more moody you become…or the other way around: the more active you are,the better you feel? Here are some facts:

A recent study by the University of Texas published in December 2005 showed that a group of depressed individuals after walking the treadmill for 30minutes had an improvement in mood, developed more positive feeling and a good sense of well being with more vigor than the other group who were told to rest quietly. The study concluded that changes in mood are affected by physical activity.

So what my friends and I did was to find time to explore Madrid and neighboring areas ( see my photo album titled SPAIN) for a whole day of walking tour… and my weren’t we refreshed!

So the next time your day does not seem to be right… Stand Up and Walk…

Being In A Bad Mood…Is Another

 Reason to Exercise!

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