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Want to Lose Weight or Stay Slim?…Go Vegetarian!

August 31, 2006

imagesthm.jpgWe are always taught that vegetables are good for the body. But eating vegetables should be learned from the time we learn how to eat! The problem comes with parents who don’t like vegetables and therefore don’t teach kids to eat them.

With the rising trend of obesity, we try to resort to anything that will give us a quick fix to this problem BUT the truth is… there will never be a quick fix. With the theory behind the Vegetarian Diet…it is really a healthy option and one alternative I’ll recommend to everyone who wants to lose weight!

So what do we know of eating vegetables and weight loss?

A study conducted by Cancer Reasearch UK from the EPIC Project looked at dietary habits of around 22,000 subjects and studied them over a 5 year period.

The findings are interesting:

People who ate meat and continued doing so in the next 5 years gained more weight than those who switched to becoming vegetarians. The meat eaters gained around 2 kilos while the vegetarians gained only 0.5 kilos.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post on High Protein Diet regarding protein sources, protein from vegetables definitely has lesser fat and calorie content than protein coming from a meat source.  It is therefore understandable as to why a diet fully on vegetables will have its advantages!

  • The high fiber content of vegetables make you feel fuller faster and therefore you eat lesser quantities of food and lose weight.
  • The fat and calorie content is lesser and therefore you don’t gain weight and stay slim!

So there you go guys, eat all the greens you like and you’ll never go wrong!

Stay Slim…Go For Veggies!