Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT!

July 18, 2007

2325435892.jpgThe scenario is common: the patient goes to sleep then around early dawn, he is awakened by severe pain in the big toe followed by fever and chills. This is almost always the symptom of a gouty attack!!!!  This condition affects the age group 30 to 50 years old and is the most common cause of joint pain among men.

Hyperuricemia or an excess of uric acid in the blood is the culprit for gout and is very common among diabetic patients. Likewise, in general population, gouty arthritis due to high uric acid commonly manifests as pain in the joints especially the big toe.  Unfortunately people always mistake any form of joint pains in the body as due to uric acid and therefore wants to avoid food associated with gout.  To be sure therefore if your joint pains are due to this disease, a simple blood test called uric acid can easily be determined in any lab.

NO NO if You Have GOUT or High Uric Acid:

  • The NUMBER ONE on my list is ALCOHOL!!!!
  • Anchovies
  • Gravies
  • Herring, Sardines
  • Mussels or Tahong
  • Internal Organs like liver, kidney
  • Dinuguan, Chicharon Bulaklak
  • Mackerel
  • Patis and Soya Products
  • Bacon and scallops

Use in Moderation:

  • Crabs, Oysters, Shrimps, and eel
  • Poultry and Meat incluidng soup and broth
  • Oatmeal
  • Certain Veggies like asparagus, spinach, mushroom and cauliflower
  • Legumes like beans or lentils

Once given a diagnosis, it is prudent that one takes care of it since the condition can recur and if not treated well may lead to other complications like kidney stones! Yikes!

Taking simple steps starting with our diet can go a  long way in improving our health….

Eat To Live and Not Live To Eat!


510 Responses to “Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT!”

  1. maxim Says:

    I suffer from this condition too. One time the pain was in the jaw area. I thought I had ear problem thus I consulted an ENT specialist only to tell me that it is gout.

    • eduard Says:

      doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im taking d medication but im using it for almost 3 months but its still d same im worried bout dis cuz it affects my performance in my job im here in dubai and i dont want to go home bcas of dis illness pls help me doc i realy dont know wat to do

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes it can happen but involving the jaw is not common Max. But with an assoicated increase in uric acid, the possibility is there.

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  3. cherry Says:

    i have been into active in competitive sports since 12 years old. Now I am 34 and still very much active. recently my knees felt very painful. I had exrayed, my knees are perfect. I had bloodworks done, I have very high uric acid about 2x the maximum of the normal range.

    I am currently finding the fruit that is causing uric acid. Since its all I am eating the whole day. But no lit. about this. All fruits can not cause uric acid. Then what is causing this. I have check all the food that I have to avoid and I don’t eat them. Can anyone help me.

    • Sammy from Texas Says:

      Hi Doc Gerry,
      Thanks a lot for your time in answering questions about gout problems.
      I too have this kind of problem. Some site are confusing but yours is tailored to Filipino point of view. Example:The other site says that celery is good and the other one says it is bad. Which is which? Again, thanks a lot. I will continue visit this from time to time.

      Sammy from Texas

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi Sam… JUst came form Washington to attned a convention so this long delay in asnwering the querries. Celery is one source of the a low calorie high fiber veggie…so I am not sure how it can be bad! Tilapia is one rich source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Will it increase your uric acid? Well any high protein foods can if you take them daily in too much quantities.

    • marie belle Says:

      do not exercise it makes things worste check this site :

    • floro Says:

      Hi there! uric acid happens to a body that is highly acidic. a body that is highly alkaline can prevent high uric acid. all fruits, if taken without anything, are alkaline. take them in an empty stomach and you’re all good. you cannot blame fruits for your high uric acidity.

    • floro Says:

      Hi there! uric acid happens to a body that is highly acidic. a body that is highly alkaline can prevent high uric acid. all fruits, if taken without anything, are alkaline. take them in an empty stomach and you’re all good. you cannot blame fruits for your high uric acidity.

  4. cherry Says:

    I am deperately lookign for answers. I want terribly to go back to my daily regimen of working out without the pain. I still exercise daily, thanks to pain relivers

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Cher… High uric acid is a metabolic disease. It may be inherent to your system like a defect in sugar metabolism causing diabetes or salt leading to high blood pressure. You may not be at fault after all since you are taking the right foods to avoid exacerbating the problem. All you need is to take medications to decrease the production of uric acid in th ebody. A very simple measure to take by talking to your family doctor

  6. cherry Says:

    does that mean that its not the longgan that causing my uric acid and even Iam healty I can have this?.. but i never had this before. just recently n till today. thanks for answering back i will go to the doctor if my time permits

  7. Soumen Says:

    my uric acid range 7.6. can I take any dairy food product. help me plz

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes… you can. There is an inverse relationship between uric acid level and increasing intake of dairy products. This is based on the Harvard study called The
    Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (for the years 1988-1994

    The findings from this study suggest that higher levels of meat and seafood consumption are associated with higher serum levels of uric acid but not with dairy products. In fact the higher the intake of dairy products, the lower the uric acid level.

    I hope this is helpful information for you.

  9. Joey Canseco Says:

    doc, i have a gout and for 2 months now i have it,i’ve already avoided most of foods not to eat but still the swelling is still there and worse it is changing,meaning from left foot to right foot vice versa. i’ve been in and out of the hospital for check ups and medicines.At the hospital, doctors prescribe diclofenac and muscle relaxant paracetemol but it doesnt stop or heal the swelling…i also tried taking allipurinol but it seems my body is resistent to the medicines.What shall i do,my sickness is already affecting my performance at work due to absences?will i get well and be normal again?thanks.

    • mudflqats Says:

      I have been using colchacine (?) and it works after about four days, but does cause some constipation.

  10. Doc Gerry Says:

    Joey…Just arrived fromSanFo…am still in Narita waiting for my flight to Manila then Cebu Thus this delay in responding to you.

    You may either been non compliant to your medications or you need to see a specialist. See a rheumatologist for your condition becuase your problem may not be a simple gout. Likewise, you may need a better medicatio9n to control your swelling and you may not be taking them at the right prescribed dose. Your allopurinol should work but it should only be started once the swelling has subsided.

    And yes…gout is a treatable disease on the right drug and the right dose.

  11. Jasmin Says:

    doc, my husband had a seizure attack last january 5 2008, 3 yrs after his first attack on january 6 2005.

    blood tests result that he has high uric acid, is it possible that this is the cause? his ct scan 3 yrs ago says it’s fine and ok. what foods to avoid while taking his medication for his seizure? also his cholesterol is high, sugar at border line, low hemoglobin…

    are all these health problems have chain reactions? especially i am concern to his high uric acid. most of the time he is suffering a joint pain in his ankle (some point below his feet)… thanks lot!

    • Sandra Carmen Dsouza Says:

      Hi Doc,

      Blood tests result were done last week I have uric acid, is it possible to advice me what foods to avoid also have cholesterol, blood pressure problem and low hemoglobin…
      most of the time I am suffering with joint pains at the ankle and knee area (some point below my feet), … thanks lot!

  12. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Min….

    most liekly he has metabolic syndrome. High sugar, high cholesterol…am sure high BP and high uric acid. Bet you he is also overweight. If so then he really has the risk to develop blockage of blood vessels that can cause scarring in the brain and may lead sometimes to seizure. This is just a guess based on what you hsave provided me.

    Seiure will not be his problem but his risk for stroke and heart attack if his BP, sugar and cholesterol are not well controlled.

    His joint pain maybe due to gout secondary to high uric acid.

  13. Angel Says:

    Doc Jerry,

    i am suffering from gout for almost a year now, it keeps on coming back, what is the medication should i take or can you please refer me to a specialist here in manila where i can visit? thanks.

  14. Rogue Runner Says:

    Great Post! I have just been diagnosed as having high uric acid and I found your post quite helpful. Great Job doc! I see that there is much written about what to avoid. May I please request a list of what’s safe to consume? Thank you.

  15. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks…select from these foods: fruits, gelatin, milk, coffe tea, eggs, vegetable except those mentioned above, breads, cereals cheese. You can eat those foods mentioned above in moderation meaning once in a while…. keep reading

  16. Beate Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I went to the doctor because my knees were giving me a lot of trouble, it made noises and felt as if it wanted to give in at some times, and I am only 23. So he tested my acid levels, and said it is way to high. Then he did a sonar on my knees and said their are black acid spots around my knees. I am not sure what this type of acid is? Is it uric acid? My stomach also gave me problems so he did a sonar and said I have a spamic colon. So now I really don’t know what foods I can eat?
    Please help me!

  17. Doc Gerry Says:

    Beate… I am not sure what he’s talking about…better still write to me what the actual results of the ultraound were and your actual level of uric acid so if there are really problems I can refer you to the right specialist.

  18. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Angel…sorry but your comment was designated as spam so It did not show up in my website. See a rheumatologist for your recurrent gout. I am not familiar with anyone in Manila but you may also try to consult an enodcrinologits becuase high uric acid may actually signal that you have a metabolic syndrome meaning at risk for diabetes too. For an endocrinologist then you can see Joy Fontanilla in Asian Hospital or Rey Rosales in St Lukes.

    • Dear doc.,
      My father has increasing creatinine every week now its 188 and bua is 666, bun 11,
      hgb 102,hct .30. kub and prostate ulrasound was done and no stones noted but mild inc. in size of prostate was seen.
      doc prescribed terazosin for prostate. doc can you help me what to do ,what kind of specialist should we visit so that his crea will be lowered as well as his drugs is started yet. Thank you and God bless

  19. Sujay Says:

    Hey doc, I’m 22 and my uric acid level is 6mg/dl(not sure of the abbr but 6 it is..) I do intense weight training and my elbow, hamstring neck and knee give trouble..hamstring is overstretched(confirmed by a physiotherapist) elbow either has tennis or golfers elbow, the carterlage in my right knee is torn(but i think it’s due to a motorcycle accident i had a few years ago as the pain only showed up after i attempted jogging after the accident. fractured my fibula and had a plate inserted) and i jerked my neck while bench pressing…all these injuries prompted my ortho. to send me in for an uric acid test…he said 6 is high but i have doubts about it? i eat 10 egg whites a day, 4 tablespoons of white oats(with water+milk) about half a litre of milk and then the rest of my diet depends on where i am and whatever is available..i’m 6’7″ tall and 96kgs…around 16%body fat….i stopped consuming sufficient water over the past month but i’ve started downing 3-4litres a day now….i also suffer from psoriasis(very mild-small patches rarely appear on my face or body, scalp is patchy but i refuse to use drugs for my scalp) i read that psoriasis may affect uric acid so i’ve mentioned it..i consume alcohol once a week but end up having 3/4th of a bottle downed with a 1.5 litres of cola…although i’m not consuming any untill easter…i do not smoke…how bad is my uric acid level considering i have a terrible diet but good workouts?

  20. Doc Gerry Says:

    I am not sure about the units of your uric acid level. Am happy you realize your dietary habit is not good and am not sure what you mean by eating food depending on where you are. Have your diet analyze by a registerd dietician to assess the amount of uric acid intake you have.

  21. Sujay Says:

    Thanks for the reply doc…6 mg/dL (~357µmol/L) the 6mg/dl i got from my test report and the measurements in brackets is a conversion off google…Do i qualify as someone who has high uric acid? When i visit my girlfriends house if i’m offered food there i eat whatever is served…if i’m at home i eat what is served…if i’m out i eat whats available…red meat white meat fish chips pop corn…anything and everything….i can control my diet but i would like to know if i need to based on the measurement of my blood uric acid…

  22. Sujay Says:

    i do not mean to be a pest but since i’m a marketting student i believe there’s nothing better than feedback! and what i’ve learned is that it is very easy to find out what not to eat when u have high uric acid or gout but it is very difficult to find out what you can eat! thank you for all the help you’ve provided to me and all other folks with questions!

  23. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Sujay…what I mean is what is the normal range in your lab becuase different assays have different normal ranges.

    Anything above the upper limit of normal is abnormal value already. And if so then you better be carefull with what you eat that may increase uric acid.

    Below is a list of foods recommended for patients with high uric acid:
    · Fruits like bananas and pineapples
    · Celery
    · Tomatoes
    · Vegetables including cabbage, parsley, green-leafy vegetables
    · Foods high in vitamin C (red cabbage, red bell peppers, tangerines, mandarins, oranges, potatoes)
    · fruit juices and purified water
    · Low-fat dairy products
    · Complex carbohydrates (breads, cereals, pasta, rice)
    · Coffee, tea

    The ffods I listed above to be eaten in moderation means:
    : You can enjoy these foods daily as long as you only eat 1 serving per day of these items when your gout is under control. One serving is equivalent to 2-3 ounces of cooked meat, fish, or poultry, ½ cup of vegetables and 1 cup of liquids like broth. However avoid them if you have an attack of gout.

  24. J saint Says:

    HI doc, informative site. im 31 yo, recently had my bloodwork my uric acid level is 9.87 with lab limits set at 3.42-7.04. recently i have hit the gym in order to lose some weight and at the same time monitored my eating habits, being aware with what food to avoid.
    My question would be, can uric acid be completely pulled down to normal again? how long would it take (on the average)?

    My sgpt was also high 51.86 with lab limits set at 10-41. My ENT doc told me that it may have been due to the antibiotics he gave me which i finished taking 2 days before i took a blood test. any thoughts? thank you doc.

  25. Doc Gerry Says:

    High uric acid, High SGPT and overweight equals the onset of the metabolic syndrome where you are at rsik of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and high chol. You may be suffering from a fatty liver. Check with your local MD to confirm.

    Yes, high uric acid can be normalized with meds and the rgiht food

  26. David Says:

    Doc, I just got diagnosed with high uric acid. No gout so far. Can this be controlled with diet? I’d prefer to avoid medication if at all possible.

  27. Doc Gerry Says:

    Definitely…try to be careful not to overload your system with the trigger foods and see what happens on your next checkup.

  28. Elenia Says:

    I have gout and now have been told I have type 2 diabetes. Will you please provide me a diet that will be effective for both.

  29. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Elenia…
    In my clinic, I have my own dietician who translates my diet prescription into a meal plan based on the pts preference of food. Computatuion of the calories requried is based on the Harris bennedict equation plus or minus activity factor or if pt wants to lose weight. So its difficult to give a general prescription of a diet. What I am posting is the general concept of what foods are allowed and not but in general you can eat everything, one just have to know how to incorporate that food to the diet.

    High uric acid is almost alwqays seen among diabetics so it is not surpruising that you have the probem.

    Thanks for visiting my website

  30. lennie h. Says:

    hi, doc.gerry!
    i’m 53ys old, menopaused,gym active 3x in a week w/ weights/aerobic exercises, diagnosed recently w/ osteoarthritis, on glucosamine sulfate(1000mg.daily) for finger joint relief,on arcoxia only when severe hip joint pain occurs(1x a day till pain goes away after 2-3days).
    i do not have gout. my may ’08 blood test result reads:
    uric acid – 6.32 mg/dl (range:2.41-5.73)
    SGOT/AST 32.18 U/L (range:5 – 31)
    SGPT/AST 25.60 U/L ( range: 5 – 31)
    Sodium – 148.20 meq/L (range: 135 -148 )
    1. are my bloodtest results alarmingly high to merit a
    change in lifestyle and diet?
    2. is my high normal uric acid due to osteoarthritis?
    3. should i start on a diet avoiding purine foods high on
    uric acid?
    3. what type of doctor should i go to lower my uric acid
    before it gets any worst?
    thanks,doc!!your answers in your website are truly helpful!

  31. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes, your slightly elevated uric acid merits lifestyle change in your dietery habits especially high purine foods.

    Osteorathritis is wear and tear of the joints while high uric acid can cause a different joint disease called gouty arthritis..

    A general internist can treat you and follow you up for this mild abnormality of uric acid… but remember hyperuricemia can ba a red flag of other conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol otherwise called metabolic syndrome. So be sure to have these conditions properly checked.

  32. Joseph Buenaflor Says:

    hi doc. I got a high levels of uric acid and SGPT. My creatinine is also quite high (126 in S.I. units). what is the best treatment for this? thanks a lot. I am just 21 yrs. old and is this normally happens? what medicines should i take to lower these levels?

  33. sandra stocker Says:

    I don’t understand what you mean about soup and broth. My husband just was told he probably has gout. I make homemade soup but I do use Beef (canned) broth, low salt and canned Italian tomatoes. Is this bad?

  34. Doc Gerry Says:

    HI Sandra…broth should be fine esp that you are telling me its low in salt. Broth is like water with salt with very little nutrients in them. It can be used in soup because it has taste. Broth is also considered the liquid left after simmering the beef, fish etc from it. So for hyperuricemia use it in moderation.

  35. sandra Says:

    thank you, I will. There are so many do and do nots, it so hard to know what is good and what is not. I have been trying to give him small portions of servings. He needs to lose weight. So far he is co-operating. sandra

    • Shamsher Says:

      I am suffering uric acid problem since last month and now my uric acid level is 6.2 mg. I am taking 300mg Zyloric (Alopurinal) and 50mg Declofenic daily. I am consuming water arround 3 ltrs daily but stil I am not feeling well. Kindly suggest how long I have to take above medicine and also supply me food chart to overcome from this problem. Thanking you.
      From: Shamsher, D.C. office Keylong, Distt. Lahaul& Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India

  36. Vincent Says:

    doc gerry
    i have a question,
    i just finish my check up this morning and we found out that i have 456.88 umol/L (202.30 – 416.5) uric acid.
    im only 22 yrs old,
    can u give me some advice how to lower my uric acid?
    any foods and drinks u can advice?
    i really like vegetable, can u give some vegetable that i should eat and not to eat?
    i also felt pain in my chest and heart is it normal?
    thanks a lot doc gerry..

  37. Jam Jamonir Says:

    What is the treatment for high uric, high creatanine and triglycerides? Thanks.

  38. Doc Gerry Says:

    High creatinine means you have to make sure you kidneys are okay. Almost always with high crea, high uric acid and high triglycerides, you may already have developed these problems due to the underlying disease called metabolic syndrome: high sugar, high BP and high cholesterol. Have a complete workup with your local physician.

  39. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Vincent… my post on foods to avoid if you have high uric acid is pretty clear. For veggies not in the list, then you’re free to eat them. But most pts with high uric acid will need to take medications called allopurinol. Your doctor should be able to prescribe this for you if needed.

  40. ali raza Says:



  41. Annie Says:

    Hello Doc, First if all , THANK YOU for this website !! My husband is 31 and had his first gout attack almost five years ago. Its definitely hereditary …he also has a fatty liver and high blood pressure and high cholesterol! He is on colchicine and allopurinol along with HBP meds and High Cholesterol meds. I am currently researching herbal meds to replace his current GOUT meds becuase I am worried of the long term side effects of these strong meds. (liver failure) I have heard Black Cherry extract is good. Do you have any advice for wether or not this is a good idea?
    My husband is having a gout attack as we speak ..we are on day three of MISERY… vicodin is the only thing that takes the edge off . He has lost weight and is exercising..I dont know what more to do. I am definitely watching his meat in take for the rest of the summer ..I think that had a LOT to do with this flare up. Cold cuts especially!!

    Thanks Again!!

  42. Doc Gerry Says:

    Annie… The high likelihood is that your husband is developing the metabolic syndrome. Is he overweight? With a fatty liver… Check his blood sugar esp with a high BP, high cholesterol and high uric acid. If he is in acute attack, we dont recommend him taking allopurinol…resolve the acute inflammatory process first with colchicine or NSAIDs beofre mainitaining him ion Allopurinol. Remember the diseases associated with metabolic syndrome including hyperuricemia requires lifelong medication to avoid flare up! Please dont setlle for herbal drugs because they too have untowrd side effects which we dont know. Herbal preps have no studies only patient reporst otherwise known as anecdotal reports which are not reliable.

  43. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Ali… HYperuricemia can be in your genes…part of your metabolic problem. They can go hand in hand with Diabetes high BP and high cholesterol…even if your take care of what you eat…these conditions are with you already. All the foods that we eat will have sugar, cholesterol, and salt as well as protein. Our body has a genetic problem inherited from our parents where our body cant handle these substances properly so when we check our blood tetss, they go high even if we take the foods known to increase them only in small amounts! No choice but to take meds to lower them solely to avoid complications. In high uric acid case…to avoid gout and kidney stones.

  44. Annie Says:

    He is a llittle over weight ..nothing tremendous he is 5 ‘7 and 200 lbs. He is very active. He gets blood work done daily to check his liver function ..I have never asked the doctor to check for diabetes ,,but wouldnt that come out in his blood work? He has been doubling up on allopurinol to help his attack ..I guess we should stop that b/c he is feeling worse instead of better! This is the longest gout attack yet ..he is on his fourth day and his foot is getting bigger and bigger …he is in horrible pain not sleeping , nausea from taking vicodin ..this is terrible I wish there was something more we could do ..

    Feeling helpless,

  45. lucky Says:

    hi doctor,my father’s age is 60+,he is not diabetic,his uric acid is just below the higher limit of normal level.But he has got joint pains in fingers,wrists specially.Is this due to uric acid ?

    What should be his diet please let me know?

  46. Doc Gerry Says:

    Most likrey not. there are several kinds of joint diseases. To know for sure, see a rheumatologist which is a joint specialist.

  47. Alvin Lee Says:

    Hi Doc, my mother is 73yrs and a diabetic. Since taking diabetic medication, her blood sugar has been under-controlled. Recent blood test however showed very high creatinine (1.5mg/dL) and uric acid (7.9mg/dL). She’s undergone ESWL few years ago to remove kidney stones. Is this a sign that the stones have resurfaced?

  48. Doc Gerry Says:

    First be sure her sugar is well controlled… meaning her A1c is less than 6.5%; her fasting blood sugar is less than 120 and her sugar 2 hours after lunch or dinner is less than 140…

    Second. make sure she is not taking pain relievers that can increase her creatinine.

    Third, make sure she has controlled BP and a high BP and Diabetes equals kidney problem.

    If her kidneys stones were that of uric acid crystals, then a drug to control uric acid should ahve been given to prevent recurrence. To be sure, get a repeat ultrasound.

  49. larry a. Says:

    hello doc, i just stumbled on your website and find it informative. i’m 44 yrs old,5’8, 188 lbs.,.i first experienced pain in my left ankle 4 mos. ago w/c was diagnosed i have hyperuricemia. the pain went w/out my left knee & its sorrounding areas ached which sometimes makes walking difficult. what medicines should i take to lessen the uric acid?

  50. doy Says:

    hi doc, is it true that medicines to lower our cholesterol can affect out liver? (increase in SGPT result)

    thnks doc..

  51. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes they can but very rarely. BUT by NOT taking these medications if you need them wiil DEFINITELY Cause Heart Attack which can be irreversible. If and when your cholesterol drug affect your liver, that can easily be checked thru the SGPT and if there is…stopping the drug will resolve the problem.

  52. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Larry… If the problem is really due to high uric acid and you have an inflammed joint, a specialist like a rheumatologist will do certain tests including getting a sample of your inflammed joint and to look at the fluid if they indeed contain uric acid crystals. Drugs like NSAID e.g ibuprofen, and Colchicine can reduce inflammation; But you may need drugs to reduce the production of uric acid like Allopurinol Talk to your doctor about these drugs.

  53. Brad Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I am a chronic gout recipient I am sad to say. I have been told that taking one tablespoon of baking soda with one 8oz. glass of water will eliminate the uric acid attack like baking soda does to odors. Is their any validity in this or is this just another ” wishful thinking” adecdote?.

  54. winds Says:

    hi doc,
    my ultrasound result shows that i have a fatty liver gr1 and blood result showing high in uric acid, the doc here give no meds til now, pls. tell me what things should i do, I’m taking silymarin and herbal tea. I don’t have any idea about proper diet and remedial measures..

  55. kyle Says:

    Hi Doc.

    I have a wound above my neck, like it has been hit by a stick, and it has a seething pain. Im always sleepy, i have hyperuric, high cholosterol and low blood.

  56. Doc Gerry Says:

    To Brad…you’re right…wishful thinking. Stick to what your doctor recommends.

    To winds…you maybe developing metabolic syndrome since fatty liver signals an increase risk to develop it so check your Blood pressure, your sugar and most importantly your weight.

    To Kyle… better get an executive panel to check your blood sugar. Am not sure what you mean by low blood- but if you are anemic then it should be worked up properly.

  57. Francis Says:

    Could you give me the detailed list of food in-take and food to be avoided for Uric acid. Dr. i consulted adviced me to avoide food such as cabbage, cauliflower, lentil red meat, green leaves, peas, mushrooms and inner organs, salmons, Sardins, Macrels, Oysters, Prawns, crabs etc, etc. Your help would be highly appreciated.

  58. ann Says:

    i am 50…i am told my uric acid is 6.10mg/dl

    i have avoided alcohol completely and have nonveg only occassionally….but the pain in my left hand little finger persists…i am taking only homeopathy medicine…can diet bring my uric acid down….how long does it take…

  59. Doc Gerry Says:

    Francis…do check my post on foods to avoid if you have high uric acid.
    Ann… the assay for uric acid will have different normal values. Based on our own normal level, your uric acid is normal. Make sure you have that finger checked if indeed it is arthritic in nature or soemthing else. Not all joint pains are due to high uric acid.

  60. ann Says:

    thanks doc…but what test do i need to take to rule out arthrites

  61. Doc Gerry Says:

    ESR, rheumatoid factor…but better still seek a specialist ann….

  62. Parry Says:

    Hello Doctor
    i had my annual check done and my uric test result was 5.6mg/dl while the reference range was 2.4-5.7 .
    please tell me is this very high,what should i do to bring it to normal
    P henry

  63. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Parry… its in the upper limit of normal. Please check my post of foods to avoid if you have high uric acid.

  64. Greg Says:

    In 2001, I had surgery and woke up in the hospital with a
    horrible pain (gout) in my big toe joint. Never had it before.
    I am male,and was in my late 40’s at the time.

    Even the single bed sheet was excruciating,and when the Doctor
    pressed on it,I almost fell out of bed.

    I’ve always wondered:Why does this often first happen after surgery?Is it because I was fed for weeks with an IV fluid that
    when leaked,burned my skin (acidic)?

  65. Desiree Says:

    Hello Doc Gerry’
    My uncle is in his early 40s and is suffering from joint pains and actually his whole body is in pain which rendered him bed ridden for months now. He’s been into this situation for nearly a year now. Sometimes it subsided but most of the times he is in bed. He was confined in two hospitals in June and on September. He was diagnosed to have high level of uric acid. After discharging and taking home medications he felt better but after about two weeks he was again down in bed until now. His condition is really bad to the point that almost all part of his body is in pain which made us difficult which part of his body to touch him because when we do, he shouted in complaint of a great pain. He is not that old to fell like this that’s why I was pushed to make a research regarding his illness and I was happy to come across your site. After reading the message boards I felt I found what I was looking for. By the way, we are in Ormoc and we thought of bringing him to a specialist maybe in Cebu. Can you recommend us of a specialist there or better if we can see you in your clinic.
    Awaiting for your reply. Thank you so much

  66. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Desiree… kindly do an executive panel C before seeing me. I need to check if the uric acid level is part of a syndrome …

  67. Hussein hajj Says:

    Hello doc Gerry,

    i am 22 years old , my uric acid test result is 9.3 mg/dl , and my ggt test for alcohool is normal (28 ju/l) , my liver tests are normal , what is the causes of my high uric acid , is it only the food or its alchool ? from time to time i have pain in my legs , i walk with difficult , is it a gout ?



  68. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Hussein… high uric acid is a metabolic disease and it may mean two things a problem with over production or under excretion. Your physician will need to determine which is which so a medication can be given. Foods and alcohol can contribute to increasing the level of your uric acid.

  69. Mirasol Boyles Says:

    are chocolates and nuts need to be avoided if you have high uric acid??

  70. Doc Gerry Says:

    Nuts yes…chocholates No.

  71. Missy Says:

    Hiya Doc,

    I’m a 41yr old women, I was told when I was 21 that I had high uric acid level, but my doctors never told me how to avoid the torture that was coming over the next 20 years. I have had many bouts with Gout, was always given meds, told it would be better in a about a week. (most times it was). It has been about 8 years now since the last episode, but I had knee surgery a few weeks ago & the doc told me again about the high levels, prescibed an every day pill, told me to get on the internet and research. I found your sight, very helpful. I’m concerned with my health, I have several things in my history, I suffer from psoriasis..80% of my body I take MTX and folic acid, yes I’m about 60lb over weight (already lost 80), history of diabetes in my family, no I do not have high blood pressure, and i suffer from insomnia and migranes. I do not drink, but yes I’m a smoker. I’m told by one doctor to avoid asprin, chicken and dairy, another tells me to eat dairy and avoid beef…can you point me in the right direction of true studies on what I should be doing to improve my health and prevent what may come 10 years down the road? Thank you, I look forward to getting your reply.

  72. nataraj Says:

    doctor, i got uric acid for past 10yrs my uric acid level is above 8 iuse to take zyloric tablet once daily but i take alcohol 4 times in a week, and i will eat grilled chicken while drinking then also i used tablet but my uric level is not coming normaly, pls tell me what i do.

  73. Polo Sebastian Says:

    Dr. Gerry,

    Am glad you have this website. I was searching for foods I can eat because I have a high level of uric acid.

    I found it just fit to at least thank you for using your site. May God Bless you. And hope you have a search tool on your website someday so I can browse the archives faster.

  74. Doc Gerry Says:

    Missy…. I need more history and I need to see you to help you. Better still seek a family doctor that you can talk to to help you assess the whole spectrum of your disease in terms of which food to avoid and to eat for what you have.

    Nataraj… if you are asvoiding trigeer foods then you may need to assess whether you are over producing uric acid or under excreting it. Or you may just need a simple adjustement of your meds.

    Thanks Polo for your kind comments… I need them to keep going….

  75. Vikram Singh Says:

    I am feeling the pain bottom of the both feet (heel). My uric acid level is 7. Please suggest me how to minimise this uric acid.Please also suggest for food diet and what types of precaution should take I ?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      avoid the trigger foods and mainitain you meds to lower your uric acid. I guess you can be guided accordingly with the foods you have to avoid based on what I have written in the post

  76. Chris Says:

    My brother has gout attacks. I have read all these posts and read a lot about gout, precausions, proper dietery foods,etc. The information I have received through this web-page has been so helpful, I thought I would take some time to thank you Doc Gerry and your advise will be put to very good use. I only hope my brother uses the information I have provided him so that he can once for all control his gout attacks. Thank you very much!! 🙂


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Chris… your comments are what make me continue doing this advocacy of educating thru the net. I am a very busy person but thru the net I have found a means to do what I love most and to touch peoples lives in every part of th world even if I havent met them. Good luck to your bro….

      • Tracy Says:

        While browsing through the thread i began to realize that there are still people like you Doc Gerry who’re unselfishly willing to help. You are amazing. I’ve got lots of questions about this illness ( as I just got diagnosed today of having gout) but I just took time to read through and learned a lot, indeed. May God continue to bless you and your family. Indeed, you have touched a soul. Thank you.

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi Tracy… thanks for dropping by.. your comments made me realized that I need to keep this blog open although at times…I can be lazy updating it….

  77. Marie Says:

    hi doc gerry!
    i have been searshing for proper diet for my 83 year old father who was diagnose with high uric acid (he took allopurinol) and high blood pressure. just this dec 16 he was taken to the hospital and was told he had allergic reaction to meds and has Stevens johnsons syndrome and is healing/regrowing his skin, trying to gain strength. could you please tell me wat sort of food that are good for him without risking the fact he has high blood pressure and high uric acid?

    your reply will be very much appreciated. thank you!



    • Doc Gerry Says:

      kidney stones if not acted upon right away may have an effect on your kidneys by causing an obstruction and injury. Any kidney stones should be checked and followed up closely

  79. Prabir Says:

    I am 56 years of age. I am feeling swelling in my knees for the last one year. I feel my knees have become very tight. Can you suggest what type of food I should avoid.



    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Have yourself evaluated first if your knee pain is due to an abnormal blood chemistry or simple osteoarthritis. Treamtent of different joint diseases can differ. If due to high uric acid then you might as well visit my post on what foods to avoid if you have high uric acid.

  80. Prabir Says:

    I am a patient who can I suggest answer.

  81. maqsood Says:

    hi doc iam uric acid patient my uric acid at hight level
    iam suffering pain at the bottom of right foot i ahve over weight and also high blood pressure some kidney stones are out from urethera through urine
    plz suggest me some medicine iam so worried plz reply me at my email

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Obviously you are having uric acid stones with probelams suggestive of a metabolic syndrome. Please seek proper medical advise to help screen you also fro diabetes and cholesterol level. Proper treatment of BP, sugar and cholesterol can help reduce your risk for chronic complications like stroke and heart attack. Your foot pain can also be due to your weight which I bet is also pretty overweight. Medicine? Depends much on what well see in your blood chemistry.

  82. Fruitty Says:

    Hi Doc!
    I plan to have a fruit platter breakfast with a friend who was diagnosed with high uric acid, high cholesterol and high sugar levels with problems in the liver. I planned to include apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, strawberries and melon. But while browsing the net, I found out that grapes, oranges and bananas have high sugar content. Should I exclude this from the list? What fruits should I include? What other healthy no cook breakfast can you suggest? Hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

  83. pintu paul Says:

    Hy doc.
    I am suffering from right back pain spreading to right abdomen.
    My uric acid is 7.0 and ultra sono is ok and my city scan report is
    CT SI joint shows : minimal periarticular sclerosis and erosions –early bilateral sacroilitis.
    Is ct report danger? And is uric acid level danger?
    And can I drink the juice of water melon , grapes, sweet lime, orange?

  84. weng Says:

    hi doc…
    i’m 28yrs old.i feel numbness on my hands once in a while for more than a year now.i’ve consulted a doctor but only gave me vit.b complex to take.though i took the prescribed vit. i still feel the same numbness especially when i use my fingers/hands in doing household chores like sweeping the floor and cooking.please help me doc.tnx a lot!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Weng…that maybe a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. Vitamin B complex is a totally usless drug for such kind of symptom. See a Rehab MD for proper diagnosis and treatment ok? good luck.

  85. lyxanew Says:

    Hello doc..
    doc,i found out today that my uric acid is above normal range 500.4 umol/l (155-357umol/l normal range) 5’4″ and 183lbs..doc, if i lose more weight and avoid those trigger foods, will it help to make my uric acid back to normal range?thanks a lot

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi lyxanew… that should be the first start. If however inspite of dietary intervention your uric acid persist to be high then you will need medications.

  86. Jaime Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,
    Found your website totally by accident. I am so frustrated with my Gout. My recent attact, which I still have, started in Dec ’08, and it’s on my fingers, real bad, and painful. My attacks prior to that have been on my wrist, and ankles. I have been taking Indocin and it has done nothing for me. Pain killers have been more helpful more than anything, but I do not want to be too dependent on them. I do watch my diet, as far as what triggers Gout for me, which is usually alcohol. I have not had a alcohol since Dec ’08, one bottle of Heineken, and that started it. What else is available out there that can help ?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Jaime…you need to be seen by aspecialist on gout. He or she can advised you better regarding meds and therapy.

      • Jaime Says:

        I have been to a specialist, and all he did was prescribe Allupurinol for maintenance and Indocin for when I have the attacks. He has given me a list of foods to avoid, which is way longer than the list of what I can have. I have also heard of Hormone shots. What is your opinion on this ?
        Thanks again !

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi Jaime…unfortunaltey I havent heard of the so called “hormone” shots for gout. Please enlighten me and where the source of your info is so I can check. Thanks

      • Jaime Says:

        I live here in CA and I have talked to several people who have undergone the Hormone shots treatment, and they swear by it. I myself am not familiar with it, but have heard a lot of good things about it. I just thought maybe you may have heard about it. I will check with my primary dr. and keep you posted.

        Thanks again !

      • Jaime Says:

        Doc Gerry,

        My mistake, I meant steroid shots, not hormone shots as earlier stated. I just got on this afternoon. So I will let you know if it works.

  87. psquale Says:

    foods to avoid/for coutt/end cure for my gout is very

  88. psquale Says:

    medication for gout and safe foods to

  89. DEBBY Says:


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Debby…most likely the pain is due to high uric acid level which can be a component of the so called metabolic syndrome where obesity plays a central role. Make sure you then take a medication to lower the uric acid level and you need to be maintained on it.

  90. Lori Says:

    I,m trying to find foods low in purines for gout.

  91. alewol Says:

    good day, doc gerry!
    i had an ultrasound three weeks ago and the result showed that i have no more stones in my right kidney (confirmed by my urologist and the doctor who handled my whole abdomen ultrasound). after two weeks, i had difficulty peeing and theres blood every time i am able to pee. i told my urologist about it but he took the incident so lightly. he just prescribed me to take acalka and llanol. do you have any idea why it happened? my urologist said i passed stones thats why there was blood and some tissue like matter. do you think i should see another doctor?

  92. maria Says:

    Dear doc,

    I never had any serious pain over my joints.

    I have been regularly worked out in the last couple of years before I finally move to another city following my family, therefore I stopped my work out routine in the last 6 months.

    I have had a regular check up every once in a year and never had any problem at all.
    Just yesterday I checked my uric acid level, and it turned out to be 9.6. I dont suffer any gout or its symptomps, no symptomps of bad / ill joints at all.

    What happen with me? I am so stressed out since I am a woman, still on my 27.

    I drink vit C regularly, I eat meat, poultry, peanut products, dairy products under normal dosis, I gain 1 kilograms in the last over 6 months (since I enjoy my moving to a new town here), and yes I admit I drink less water than normal. But I have never felt bad over my body at all. I am quite slim and proportional.

    But, how come my normal lifestyle induce high uric acid level? and, am i lucky not to suffer from gout with that high level of ua (9.6)? or what kind of condition I am to??

    thank you for your answers. needing your response immediately.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Maria…dont wait for you to have symptoms before you have this uric acid fixed. See a local internist once you have the time.

      • Maria Says:

        thank you for the reply.
        another Q,
        is high level of uric acid heritable?
        Cause my father does have the same problem, though he suffered from his 1st gout on his 40, and my bro got it while he was on his early 30. and I am still 27!
        While my mom’s uric acid is wonderfully SO low, around 1 if im not mistaken.
        Gee, i hate this.
        thank you Doc.

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi Maria…Yes

  93. Sammy from Texas Says:

    Pahabol na tanong. How about tilapia? Is it good or bad for gout patients?

  94. Icor delacruz Says:

    Hi Doc,

    Im a bit confused coz’ some people say since I have a high cholesterol its better for me to eat oatmeal every morning. But since I have a high uric acid too people say that oatmeal is not good for people with high uric acid.

    Just wanna really know if oatmeal helps to reduce uric acid?

    What other foods can I eat? can I drink some vitamins as well?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Icor….oatmeal is a healthy food. It has also its share of bad things including uric acid levesl but it’s content is not high enough just like that of banan and apple that wont have a significant effect on your levels if taken in moderation.

      • IIcor Says:

        Thats so sad because I have been eating banana and apples everyday because i thought this would help me reduce my uric acid and help cure my acid reflux.

        Im so sorry for asking you too much questions because im really having a hard time finding the right food to eat.

        White bread without yeast is this good? How about sweet corn or white corn?

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi IIcor…they should be fine …both contains minimal amounts of uric acid

  95. Icor delacruz Says:

    I also eat banana and apple everyday?
    Are this sources of Uric Acid?

  96. Jojo Says:

    Hi Doc! I have type II diabetes, my uric acid is high and I also have gallstones. I used to weigh over 240 lbs more than a year ago but managed to reduced it to about 190 lbs because of my diet and exercise. Recently, my left foot was in pain and got swollen. The only thing I remember that caused it was by eating beansprout and steak. I just had my blood sugar tested 3 days ago and it was 110 (BP was 125/80). What food should I eat having these 3 problems in me. BTW, I eat bananas everyday. Is this okay? Thank you so much!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Jo…thanks for wirting. you need to see an endocrinologist this early so we can still help you prevent progression of your disease. This will require several meetings for us to let you understand how to help you prevent complications along the way okay?

  97. Ryan Absin Says:

    Hi Doctor Gerry,

    I might have gout because my big toe is painful and even walk slowly. I am very curious about in gout, what will happen if this disease will left untreated especially my foot? By the way doctor, I love to eat chocolates and ice cream…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Rayn…a high uric acid can signal that you may develop other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure esp if you are overweight. With the way you are eating… I am afraid you will develop these diseases so watch out. A high uric acid left untreated can cause kidney stones

  98. icor Says:

    is it true that drinking baking soda helps heal acid reflux and reduce uric acid?

  99. djbardhan Says:

    Hello sir,
    My serum uric acid level is – 8.5

    can u please tell me what type vegetables,Non – veg dishes and fruits can i take.

    thank you ,

  100. Dennis Says:

    Hi Doc, i have a high uric acid ..
    I just want to now wat kind of foods can i eat ? En wat is nOt god for me to eat ? En if i need to have some exercices.End also there is a some medicine to drink ” vAllopurinol EG 300mg ” i drink this one’s a day. is this god to drink ?
    thanks ..

  101. Dennis Says:

    Hi Doc, i have a high uric acid ..
    I just want to now wat kind of foods can i eat ? En wat is nOt god for me to eat ? En if i need to have some exercices.End also there is a some medicine to drink ” vAllopurinol EG 300mg ” i drink this one’s a day. is this god to drink ?
    thanks ..

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Den, Any food not listed under my list of foods to avoid can be eaten. Allopurinol is a medication normally prescribed for high uric acid and is a good medication to lower uric acid well

  102. Safwan Says:

    I am 24 yrs Man , recently i was travelling out of country and carring a heavy baggage , sudden ly one morning my back was tiff , i couldnt bend and little later it was fine , but again morning it use to be same , after 2o days when i came back pain was 25% and i did x-ray of my back abd rib , everything wwas normal , Doc. asked me to chk Uric Acid 1st time it was 6.98 , doc. said am suffering from Gout than i took ZYLORIC (2 Tablet 1 at afternoon and one at night )second day morning i did check up in some other reputed test center and there my Uric Acid level was 5.5 , can 2 Zlyloric tablet bring down Uric Acid level by 1.5 (From 6.98 to 5.5)


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Safan…am not sure how reliable your labs are but the 2 labs maybe using different assays. So please stop your meds then recheck the uric acid level again in a reputable lab. If the level is more than the normal refernce labs then you have hyperuricemia. Your back pain too is not the typical symptom of gout.

      • SAFWAN Says:

        Dear Gerry,

        thnx for your reply , plz instruct me when to go for test , as from 2 weeks am daily taking zyloric one tablet aftre dinner , if i stop one day and go second day , will it do and can i get the correct picture whether am suffering from gout etc. plz guid eme how many days should i stop and then go for blood test of URIC ACID , and the only pain in my body is in lower back and only when i stand for long time . rest no probs when am sitting and sleeping .

        As my last uric acid showed 5.5 around 2weeks back , in this situation can i keep fasting , normally fasting last for 12Hrs with no water food etc.

        Please please please guide.

      • SAFWAN Says:

        Continued :

        fasting will be for one month

  103. Dr shahid hussain Says:

    dr gerry

    i am suffering frm gout . plz guide what is the role of white oats in reducing the level of uric acid through dietary intake …

  104. Salim Says:

    I am Uric acid I would like to know if there is any problem for eating the following food in my daily menu.
    1. Grilled chicken
    2. King fish
    3. Egg white part only

  105. alex Says:

    Hi doc! i have a high uric acid. based on my latest diagnosis it’s 10. i just wanna know if cereals, oat meals, whole wheat bread and whole grains are not allowed. i am diabetic.

    thanks doc.

  106. icor Says:

    Just wanna share… I also have high uric acid but because of diet and discipline now its okay. Eat vegetables, fruits and exercise. it works!!!!

  107. icor Says:

    thanks doc.. but its hard specially if you are not used to eating fresh vegtables. Im from pampanga i loved sisig alot but now i aint eating it anymore. hehehe… but as far as i know still need to monitor my diet right?

  108. Roy Aldrie Says:

    Great info loved it , I will bookmark this . Looking forward to hear more from you . Digg it. huhuhu

  109. Hema Says:

    Hi doc,

    My problem started just few months ago.i could not move my fingers, arms n then few weeks back my right knee started to ache. I did my uric acid test n its 0.45. what are the alternatives food or herbs that i can take . Thank you.

  110. Ann Says:

    Doc, I just want to ask about my boyfriend’s condition..He used to work out in the gym but he stopped after 6 months because of his hectic work schedule…lets say his muscles turned into fats somehow…he has also tried boxing to be fit again….but a year ago he began having high pressures then months after, he started having gouts….and for the record his father does have diabetes..does these three always join forces?….he is very strict with his diet, he always eats fish and vegies..but one thing he has noticed, everytime he eats chicken expect it within 2 months his ankles will feel pain..does the chicken causes it?….now he is trying basketball but it seems the sport still is not right for him…he is still 27 by the way.

  111. satyarth Says:

    i am an indian and vegiterian. what foods should i avoid to keep uric acid in control . also what foods would help in reducing this uric acid level

  112. saan Says:

    does eating honey bees increase the uric acid in the blood?

    thanks in advance

  113. Dennie Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I have been diagnosed to have chronic hemolytic anemia (Type is Thalassemia Minor) since 1987. I took low dosages (depending on my Hg levels)of prednisone for years and my worry now is my predisposition to a bone disease. I havent been taking the pill for the past 5 years now and I go to the gym 3-4x a week. Just recently, I had a work up for my annual PE and found out that my uric acid level is pegged at 469.07 (Normal range is 202.30-416.50 umol/L. Also both my LDL and HDL levels are below normal (not sure if though if it’s alarming or not. My hematologist asked me to take allopurinol once a day. However, I have a couple of questions i need to ask:
    1. What are other sources of low-protein-purine foods?
    2. I eat chicken everyday, is this a bad thing?
    3. Does a low cholesterol level (LDL and HDL) bad?
    4. Would a low-purine-protein diet aggravate my thalassemic condition or my blood levels?

    My apologies for this lengthy enquiry… Thanks doc for this website you have been so informative to everyone. kudos to you, Doc!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Dennie…thanks for visiitng my website. I am not very sure of Thalaseemia and proetin effects. Low LDL is good since it is the bad cholesterol but low HDL is not good since it is the good cholesterol. How low is low in trm sof your LDL or HDL depends on your risk for heart disease. Check my other posts on your questions for foods good for pts with high uric acid.

  114. leslie Says:

    how do i know if it a broken toe/jint or gout. took indocin and prednisone. swelling went down. still have awful pain and bump on side of big toe.i’ve been on the meds for a week

  115. Earl Says:

    HI doc..

    I just have a query..

    I’m 22 years old and i have a uric acid level of 512 umol/L (8.6mg/dL). I think I got a high value of uric acid by eating street food like isaw(pig & chicken intestine) and from the nuts I usually eat when I’m on my way home..

    do i need to take allupurinol already? or is there an alternate way to lower my uric acid?


  116. ASO_Chemist Says:

    Hi Doc Gery, I came across this forum in my desperation to reduce my uric acid. Im 20 years old, male, and i just had my Physical and Health exam for my first employment. When the result came out, the company doctor told me that i had a high uric acid and i need to have the so called LOW PURINE DIET. I didnt expect this since i am asymptomatic (no joint pain at all). So my application is deferred because of this and I am given time to normalize it. the doctor told me the DOs and DONTs to deal with this but he didnt gave any medications. My question is:

    How long (at least the average/usual) it takes to “normalize” my uric acid?

    I have been following a balance diet for a week. I drink huge amount of water daily, 4L/day. and also drink 16 oz. of cranberry juice daily, since many claimed that it helps. I also take in food supplement which is rich in Vitamin B5 and Vit. C because they said it helps excretes Uric acid through the urine. I will be having my uric acid test for the second time this Sept 27, 2009 I hope there would be a slight improvement…

  117. ahmed Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry I am high levels of uric acid and also i have a problem of heartburn.Considering this,plz tell the what should i eat.

  118. Lucy Says:

    I have been feeding my boyfriend brown rice and ezekial bread, but is white bread and white rice better? He has been in a lot of pain since Sunday, now Friday. Will the gout go away without medication?

  119. edito baylon Says:

    doc, what should i do, to prevent high uric acid, coz ive been encounter severe pain in my kidney.

  120. Sabin Says:

    Hi Doc,
    I am 22 and I had a uric acid level of 476 umol/L when I checked for the first time. The night before my first checkup I was drinking a wine in little amount. As suggested by the doctor, I controlled my diet and after 1 month when I checked my uric acid level again, I was surprised to find it just 235 umol/L. I love eating meats and fried stuffs and taking beers. But I am not sure should I still control my food or I can eat anything I like. The main thing I wanted to ask is was my high uric acid in my first test is solely because I drank the night before. If so, I dont have to really control my food I guess. Please suggest me.. Thanks in advance!!!

  121. fida Says:

    hi dr i have uric acid 8.33 now what i should eat plz help me.and plz tell can i do some excise like gem,and runing plz reply me soon

  122. petes Farm Says:

    99%of gout/arthritis is caused by HFCS & thei Sweet Poison is in almost every processed foods-trust me, been there n sick for 7 yrs & had gout almost the entire time, my right bit toe is now deformed from so much acid crystals destroying the toe joint cpt now my entire skeleton is rotted away-all I know is pain, 24/7/365. The reason for toe gout is uric acid settles to the lowest point in Your body-standing is the toe, sleeping at night n the uric acid pools to Your lower back n You wake with a throbbing back acke or Your joints feel like they r filled with battery acid & gravel-1 simple test, but a gallot on the fake fruit punch-chick the ingrediants n by sure HFCS is the 2nd item, simply drink that gallon thru the day n see HOW You feel the next morning. Also watch out 4 pork, rich in purine & sausages with pork with have HFCS n teice as BAD, add 1 can of pop with 15 teaspon of HFCS & welcome to a world of misery. ADM released HFCS in the food supply in 1968, by 1972 they Dr/Scientists noticing the “Fattening of America’, cause Your body cannot process HFCS tis stored as body fat that causes obesity, heart disease * diabetes

  123. roel dionisio Says:

    Hi doc this is very imformative.

    I was diagnose with hih uric acid having 480 with
    my age of 22 (Male) the normal is 250.

    below my other lab test:

    routine Urinalysis:

    RBC – 25-30 sometimes less than 100
    WBC – 0-2
    Bacteria- few
    Protein – 3
    Cast – Hyaline cast moderate

    Kidney is in normal size and no stone seen in
    both kidney, ureter and bladder.

    prostate is also normal size.

    I would like to ask your recomendation on my above
    lab test. I am currently taking 300mg allopurinol
    every night and currently taking right diet for my
    uric acid

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Roel…please seek advise with your doctor who knows you better. BUt have your urinalysis checked by him also because of the presence of RBC. Thnaks for visiting my website.

  124. Anthony Says:

    i just want to know if URIC ACID 9.6 is to hight

  125. Anthony Says:

    URIC ACID 9.6 is that high?

  126. bernie dc Says:

    hi doc gerry…i saw one article on the internet regarding the use of far infrared socks which helps releiving gout pain. have you heard anything about this socks already? thanks

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Bernie…as long as these marketing geniuses are in the internet selling stuff for the public…people will be fooled by claims. I havent heard of anythig like that in th e medical field.

  127. Sandra Carmen Dsouza Says:

    hi doc,
    I am an Indian. what foods should I avoid to keep uric acid in control. Also what foods would help in reducing this uric acid level.
    I am suffering from blood pressure, cholestoral and knee/ankle pain, please advice. A quick reply from your end will be highly appreciated. thanks.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Sandra…you should get a dietitian to help you formulate adiet that will incorporate low cholesterol low puRINE AND A LOW SALT DIET ACCORDING TOFOODS THAT YOU LIKE.

  128. thoth tarot Says:

    You people constantly have such wonderful articles to read on your site. I enjoy returning to check new subject matter since I now have your site bookmarked. Thanks a great deal.

  129. irene caro-javillonar Says:

    my right hand middle finger has been numbed for almost a year now and sometimes my left hand finger is also somehow numb and experiencing pain sometimes…please HELP me… it high uric acid???

  130. Mayur Says:

    Hi Doc,
    I am 29 years 5’6″ man. I am having serum uric acid – 6.4 mg%.
    But I am having pain in my foot from last 5 months. One of my doctor told me that I am having “gouty arthritis”.

    Am i suffered with this disease . If yes, Then How can It be cure .

    Mayur Malhotra

  131. robert rey Says:

    doc. i live in 26 yrs old..and i have high blood pressure,high sugar level,high uric acid and my sgpt is high also…my i ask what food should i eat and what should i aviod…thanks doc….

  132. marc Says:

    it was a week ago and my lower part left leg was swelling and the pain is affecting the bone. Does this concern or involved of high uric acid. Any right Doctor that I could consult here in Pampanga or Angeles City.. Please help.
    I would like to know also the symptoms of having diabetes. Thanks for the concern

  133. Most people all look after ourself a little bit better, your post simply emphasises this.

  134. roy Says:

    hi doc i’m 35 years old .my first attack of arthritis gout is when i’m 19 years old .since then and up now .i have pain in my back (waist)what is this ?is it the symtoms that i have a uric acid lithiasis ?and sometimes my left arm are numb and dizzinnes?pls help me tenx a lot and more power

  135. hussain Says:

    dear doctor
    which kind of food should be avoid by a gout patient

  136. hussain Says:

    which kind of food should be avoid by a gout patient

  137. oscar Says:

    Doc Gerry,
    Have a nice day ahead,

    What food to avoid uric acid?
    Could you give me a list of avoidable food for uric acid.

    Thanks a lot

  138. asif Says:

    hi,i hope u will be fine.Sir i,m patient of Uric acid and cholesterol i give the result;
    Test Result
    Uric acid 7.0 mg/dl
    Triglyerides 323 mg/dl
    Total cholesterol 263mg/dl
    HDL 32mg/dl
    LDL 180mg/dl
    my wgt 100kg,hight 6 fit.age 35years,no high boold pressure.plz chose the frouit & vegetable.

  139. Dianne Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry!

    I gave birth around eight months ago and can’t seem to lose the pounds I have gained! I am considering undergoing the South Beach Diet but i am afraid that the diet plan is in contrast to the gout diet plan.

    I was diagnosed to have gout a month after giving birth (my wrists hurt so much that I cannot even carry my baby nor lift anything for that matter!) when my uric acid level turned out to be very high. My doctor said this is a recurring ailment so I should carefully watch out the food I am eating.

    Please advise.



  140. G.S.Dutta Says:

    I have high uric acid in serum and also moderately highper-tensive. I take AMACE & XYLORIC one tab. each in a day .Presenly every thing is controlled.I use to take 2/3 pegs of alcohol thrice in a week. Pl. suggest any specific food that is to be avoided. I donot take red meat and egg anymore. Thanks

  141. neha Says:

    is high uric acid dangerous n could happen in early age like24-25?

  142. I am 45 Years Old and working in Office. I sit on chair regularly for 8-10 hours daily at office and 4 hours at home. My Uric Acid is 6 mg% and other tests are Triglycerides 188 mg% Serum Cholesterol 198mg% HDL Cholesterol 52%; VLDL 37 mg%; LDL Cholesterol 108mg% TLC 9150 /CMM AND in DLC:- neutrophil 67%, Lymphocyte 30%; Monocyte 01%; Eosinophil 02% and BIOCHEMISTRY is Blood Sugar Fasting 91 mg%; Blood Urea 32 mg%; Creatinine (Serum) 1.2 mg%. Disease: In the evening there is swalling in my left foot near ankle and in occassion right leg also. Minor pain in left foot. Kindly give your suitable advice and medicine to control.

  143. Cris Says:

    what’s left to eat if you have gout?

  144. LOIZA COLOMA Says:

    hi dok

    i have a high uric acid, is heaviness in shoulder and pain in chest because of my high uric acid? thanks.

  145. anindita Says:

    Hi Doc,
    Thanks for sparing time for answering my query. My Son is 13 year old he has skin Psoriasis but not that acute. Recently we have his liver function and uric acid test done. His uric acid report shows 5.7 mg/dl normal range is 1-6….According to his age is it high ? If it is, then is it becoz of his skin problem. Does he need some medication for the higher uric acid condition…Otherwise he is a very active child with no other problem. Need your advice please.

  146. Arun sharma Says:

    I am 30years old man. my uric acid is 6.50mg\dl( is it harmful or nt ). I am having pain in my knee and my weight is increasing. kindly recommend me what should i eat and drink.

  147. Arun sharma Says:

    I am 30years old man. my uric acid is 6.50mg\dl. 6.50mg\dl is normal or high.can it become dangerous.

  148. ysa Says:

    Mine occured on the hips. It seems that it will crack and my walking is really affected, but I have no fever or chills it’s just that getting up is difficult and painful. I can’t even straighten my back (a bit slant on the side). Is this still considered as high in uric acid? I am taking an herbal medicine called “kulasimang bato” and it’s really helpful. It makes me urinate frequently.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      YSA…please stop the herbal meds…it may contain something we dont know and can cause more harm in the long term use. Do check a uric acid blood level to see if your uric acid is high and treatment can be given

  149. Dhanyasreejesh Says:

    Hi Sir,
    My husband have uric acid level 8.according to lab list normal range is between 2.5-7 . Can he eat almonds,Cashew and Pista.
    Normally he took lot of fishes in his diet.Whether he have to avoid fish completely or eat moderately?Which fishes he can eat now?
    Please sent me your valuable suggestions..

    Thanking you..

  150. Jerry Says:

    Was searching for uric acid information and happened to found this site. Tank you doc Gerry Tan for this informative blog of yours. Definately bookmarking this site to frequent visit here so I can mantain a positive lifestyle

  151. Karen Says:

    I have had gout for about a year now, i live in Spain, im on tablets for gout and at first they worked well, over the last 2 months they are not working, but the doctor has said i cant have a stronger dose, what else can i do to stop the pain, im also a diabetic could this have something to do with my gout problems, what fruit and juices are good for me. Ive had enough of the pain in both feet now. Thanks

  152. john Says:

    Hello Doc.

    Same as them i also suffer from high uric acid. I really want to know on how to prevent to have gout, now my ankle is in pain and swollen ……Please advice what is the best food to reduce uric acid
    Thanh You….

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  154. aneesh Says:

    hai sir iam 30 yrs old 4 yers back my rightfoot finger joints was pain and i consult adoctor. i check uric acid leval it was very high 11 and i follow my doctor. then now my uric acid 10and same foot same pain’ give me a solution ,and which food eat which food avoid…….pls sir

  155. doc pls help, my father is 73 year old with creatinine of 188, bun 11, bua 666, hb 105, hct .30, urine ph 5.5. lipid profile done only hdl is low.kub and prostate utz done, no stones noted but slight inc. in size for prostate. Doc how can we treat his increasing crea and bua. what specialist should we ask for consultation. thanks doc for your help.

  156. sasa gander Says:

    dear doc gerry,
    My husband had gout attack last october 18, 2010 and it lasted for almost 2 months. But until now he still got a little bit of a swelling in his left foot. And recently he is having fever and chills. Is this related to his gout or not? Please doc it is really bothering and worrying me… I really need your opinion…


  157. Really surprised to see oatmeal and some veggies on the moderation list. Very interesting!

  158. rajeev Says:

    Some background.. I was a regular gym guy and taking supplement (e.g. Whey protein from past 6 months, Amino acid for a month, Creatine for a month). After my regular check up I found that my Triglycerides are high, Uric acid 8.4, Creatine level high, Alkaline phosphates high, Glucose level was high. Doctor prescribe me zyloric 300mg tablet for 2 weeks. After week I again got my uric acid and glucose level checked. Both the level came to normal and the doctor advise me zyloric 100 mg with normal diet for next one week and told me to get my uric acid tested after a week. So next week I got my kidney & liver test done (via blood test). The Creatine level was normal but Uric acid was 7 and Alkaline phosphates was 399 (increase by 20 more points). So he prescribed me following medication Folic acid & Alfacalcidol capsules 0.25 mcg one in a day after lunch, zyloric 300 mg in night for 2 next two weeks.

    I have moderate pain in my left hand thumb joint plus occasional pain in my right hand side (but it reduces if put any muscle relieve ointment).

    As per doctor, my metabolism has disturbed due to these supplement have taken. I am 38 yrs old with 6 feet height, weight 78kg , over all I am lean. I don’t smoke or drink alcohols, and I am vegetarian. Currently I am on restrictive diet, to suit by current health condition.

    I just want to know why doctor prescribe by Folic acid & Alfacalcidol capsules 0.25 mcg along with Zyloric . Can I join the gym back and pick up weights (minus the intake of supplement).
    Thanks for your reply.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Rajeev… I agree with your doctr regarding supplemetns. Icant answer you why hes giving you folic acid. But i would strongly recommend that you go back to the gym MINUS the supplements.

  159. GOPAL THAKUR Says:

    Thanks Dr. Gerry a lot for providing such a helpful guidance in controlling this disease “gouty arthritis” or Hyperuricemia due to high uric acid.Recently i got tested for uric acid. it was 9.5 and when got x-ray of left heel it was reported as “large cacaneal Spur in the plantar aspect”. I have 24-hour pain in the back of left heel. I have not yet consulted Dr. for medication. Kindly advise whether medication is necessary or by changing food habits will do. My sugar content is normal.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Gopal…yes please see a doctor because your uric acid level is pretty high and is high enough to give you rpobelms in the future. The spur is not related to the uric acid but its a bony outgrowth that is related to obesity and the pressure one has on the heel.

  160. marlon Says:

    dr my uric acid level is 9. im having gout attack now.the dr prescribed voltaren and allopurinol.mataas din ang bp ko doc.150/100.pde ba magtake ng voltaren and lopresor along with votaren and allopurinol? sa food po,pde po ba ang tokwa?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Marlon… during an acute attack, i would recommend colchiocine then if inflammation settles then take allopurinol. Definitely continue your antihyper4tensive meds. Tokwa is also high in uric acid.

  161. sajida Says:

    hi doc…read ur posts, queries and ur answers to them. really informative. two days back i was diagnosed as having uric acid levels as 7.9. my doc asked me to avoid all non veg food. i belong to an island so too much of seafood.
    im feelin mild pain in my right side of abdomrn.
    can it be kidney stone???
    hw serious is my uric acid levels??
    plz guide

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      You may still elect to closely monitor what you eat… if your uric acid persists to be high ..then you will need medication for it. Remember, high uric acid is a minor component of the metabolic syndrome and therefore make sure you also screen yourself for diabetes and cholesterol.

      • sajida Says:

        hi doc. thanx…
        my diabetes is normal didn’t do a cholestrol check. i’m on medication..taking
        1.Allopurinol tablets 100mg and 2.ferrous bis-glycinate,folic acid,zinc Bis-glycinate,Methylcobalamine tabs
        i hv no idea what my doc has gvn me….eating them since 25 days.
        is my levels high(7.9) and do i really hv to avoid nonveg???

  162. Gauri Thapa Says:

    I have Uric Acid -9
    Pls Send me to Use Diatery (diet) List at my Emal


  163. Ajaz Ahmed Says:

    Dear doc.
    I am my self an engineer and mostly have office job and no physical activity. I am 30 years old and have been checking my blood from last 3 years. My sgot, sgpt. Hdl, LDL, triglycerides, and uric acid remain above normal limits but uric acid and tg remain high like 8.3 and 250 respectively. I am 5 feet and seven inches but my weight is 91 kgs more than normal by 20 kgs. For now I have not observed any sort of pain or any thing related to gout. I don’t have fatty liver and my sugar levels are well within limits. I don’t have proper food plan like i take single bread piece in the morning with a cup of tea and till afternoon nothing solid , again in after noon tea with some biscuits or what ever is available and dinner a plate of rice with some times chicken , or mutton or what ever is available. At the evening hours I suffer from lower back pain may be because of excessive driving 100Km per day on average and have got no satimina to work. Went to very good doctors in locality but no help. If you please take a serious look in my problem I will be bigot delighted and please suggest some change in life style, food style or loose the excessive weight. well waiting anxiously for your best comments.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Ajaz… it would be nice to see you because your problem will need a face to face discussion. The website will not be the rigth avenue to offer the best solution athought your problem is totally manageable. best reagrds

  164. Jesimiel Gullava Says:

    Hi doc,
    I am suffering from this morning pain on my calf, ankle and sole. What should I do? What foods is okay for me and what is not?
    PLease I really need your help..
    thank you and Go bless..

    • Tony Says:

      have had gout for years, and tried just about everything without success.I reduced meat to, minimum once a week, stopped alcohol altogether.I was having LOTS of fruit and vegetables and my gout was worsening.Finally I have read something about Excessive fructose increasing uric acid.I experimented reducing my fruit intake to 2 a day, and bingo within days I saw a dramatic improvement

  165. KOKI Says:

    i am having bad pain on left foot at the back from 3 days and i dont know for what is this pain occured suddenly.. can u please tell me what i should do.

  166. ann Says:

    hi doc my dad have hight uric acid 8 he also have hight blood presure ,diabetes,hight cholestrolcan u please send me a list of food what should he eat and what should`t to my email .
    thank a lot ..

  167. Zaven Says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I have problem with my blood pressure and uric acid! some doctors told me to prevent chocolate and some others say black chocolate is good for uric acid…can you help me to know which is true?

  168. Syed Nadeem Ali Says:

    hey, i need to know that what should i avoid to eat when i am suffering from uric acid in my blood. just suggest me what should to eat & what should not to eat.

  169. Tony Says:

    I have had gout for years, and tried just about everything without success.I reduced meat to, minimum once a week, stopped alcohol altogether.I was having LOTS of fruit and vegetables and my gout was worsening.Finally I have read something about Excessive fructose increasing uric acid.I experimented reducing my fruit intake to 2 a day, and bingo within days I saw a dramatic improvement
    Tony Phylactou

  170. Al Says:

    Hi Doc, I have high uric acid and my triglyceride went up to almost double at its max level. I have a swollen ankle and it aches terribly every now and then – subsides when I take mobic. Two days ago, I cooked canned tuna with permecelli noodles and chopped cabbage. After I ate it, my swollen ankle ached again and I feel this some sort of needle spikes on my big toe. It was so hard to walk, again, thanks to Mobic I can walk again. Question : What caused that? is it the cabbage? the permecelli? or the canned tuna ? Appreciate your help and if my question was already answered in the threads before, my apologies for missing it. Thank you in advance doc and have a nice day.

  171. ViaMurka Says:

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  172. Zoorurgeolf Says:

    hi there amazing thread you have going here!

  173. miguel Says:

    Hello Doc I’m 16 and my ankle suffered from joint pain I had a x-ray and a blood test. In the X-ray theres no fracture in the blood test I have
    high uric acid does this mean even teenager can have gout? My mom said I should go on a diet she said no meat no rice just fish and veggies. can exercise and diet make the pains go away? and can gout or high uric acid can be cured?

  174. DeaphySep Says:

    im prospering to this street thing called a friday fest with my co-worker tonight and idk what it is,there like stands and nonsense, but if u separate, plz tell me so i can bear a appropriate shilly-shally!!! lol
    -THANKS!! 🙂

  175. Michelle Says:

    Doc, just wanna ask, my mother is her 50s now, she noticed some kind of a callouses in her fingers, i immediately thought of the idea that it maybe gouty arthritis, but how come the occurence of having some kind of nodules in her fingers is so fast. Is it because her uric acid is very higg already?! Im really worried!

  176. Theresa T. Zafra Says:

    Doc, good morning. I just would like to ask a second opinion from you regarding my condition. I just had my Thyroid Panel last June 15 and it’s result are as follows
    TSH – 1.260
    FT4- 15.58
    and basing from the normal values mine is in the normal bracket.
    My thyroid ultrasound result reads:
    “The entire right lobe of the thyroid gland is replaced by complex predominantly cystic masses with no increase in vascularity measuring 5.1 x 2.0 x 3.5 cm in aggregate diameter.”
    “The left lobe measures 4.8 x 1.3 x 1.3 cm. A 1.4 x 0.95 x 1.3 cm hypoechoic focus with dense calcifications is noted in the middle pole of the left lobe of the thyroid gland.”
    “Isthmus is not enlarged”
    “No enlarged cervical lymph nodes are appreciated bilaterally”
    – Complex thyroid mass, right.
    – Solid Thyroid mass with calcifications,Left.

    Please need a second idea if I really need an operation and would really appreciate if no operation will be done.

    Thank you so much Doc and God Bless.

  177. Lorkicono Says:

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  178. elizabeth Says:

    I have been passing kidney stones for the last 4 years. I have passed more than 50 kidney stones! I stopped counting when I reached my 50th. Stone. Tests prove they are made up of uric acide. My question is, how bad can all these kidney stones affect my kidneys? Do you think this problem could make my kidneys to stop working? Please give me some advice on what to do.

  179. sammuel Says:

    This a helpful list, thanks for the info. One question, say we stop alhool intake significantly. How long does it take before uric acid levels can go down. I would like to know becuase I’m more of a person that when i set a date or goal, I tend to live up to that goal and see it through. So if I can say that it will take 3 weeks (for example), I will ensure that my intake is extremely low or 0 for these 3 weeks and then maintain therafter. Ballpark esitmate is fine, thanks!

  180. Babu Says:

    Dear doctor

    I am taking zyloric since one year for my high uric acid problem (sometime 9.4 or 8.7). Two months before skin rash happend, then i stopped zyloric, then there is no skin rash. In this case what i should do to reduce my uric acid level. (i have stopped food completely which is having high purines)

  181. scoduh Says:

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  183. Amber Says:

    Hey Doc,
    Just had knee surgery to remove plica, 4 days after surgery, and still unable to walk without pain, I woke up in the middle of the night with such horrible pain, I threw up and had cold sweat chills. Went to see the Dr. he drained my knee and discovered I had gout in it. WOW! To all who may already know you have high levels of uric acid PLEASE FOLLOW A STRICT DIET BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY! AVOID ASPIRIN! I am so mad at the Dr. for not doing a uric acid test on me and for not giving me a diet plan to avoid getting gout. My question is, does this mean I will have gout the rest of my lif? Will I be able to run or does gout damage your joints so bad that I wont be able to play sports and run without pain and further damage to my knee? I have been taking cherry extract, pro-biotics, cinnamon, and LOTS of lemon water. I also follow the gout free diet whch has helped me loose weight, great but I enjoy eating good food so its not so great!

    Thanks! Deprived meat eater!

  184. Chester Says:

    Hi Doc,

    Besides avoiding foods that could increase your uric acid level, are there any types of daily vitamins that could lower your uric acid level? I’ve been taking Medrol 16mg (Methylprednisolone) everytime I would feel that my gout is attacking again…works good actually. As for the pain reliever, I’ve been taking Celebrex..I’m only taking this if the pain is really unbearable. Honestly, I really don’t want to be drug dependent…that’s why I would like to know if there is/are vitamins that could lower the uric acid level. Btw, does exercise would really increase your uric acid level? Is this really true? I’ve seen sites saying so, although,I’m not sure if there is indeed a medical fact that would prove so.

    Hoping for your reply and advise.

  185. BASHUDEB Says:

    Hai Doctor ,
    In my blood uric acid 8.5 ,can i take all fruits …

  186. rachelle naredo Says:

    hi Doc… just wanna know if avocado worsens gouty arthritis… thanks!

  187. hi uric acid is 6.9 going to high level but i feel a pain in my lower back and now i feel it on my left side down to my knee..i cant bend my body to the left and i cant stand long and walk long distance coz the pain is im affraid that maybe i have a cronic kidney disease but when i gone a urine test its all question now is?do i have a gout coz the pain is not on my joint?tnx doc

  188. Nancy Says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My uric acid is 8.8 and my age is 60+.
    Having severe pain and swelling in toe.
    Please suggest what to eat and what not to eat.

    How much water i need to take daily.

  189. HI DOC…im a 27 yrs old dentist ….recently i did my uric acid test just for curousity sake…it came out to be 6.9…lab says 7.2 is their max limit….is my result normal?
    should i worry ???… stressed …help me plz

  190. Mike T. Says:

    I’m 52 and have been suffering from a very sore big toe for about a year. The doctors didn’t even suspect gout and said I need surgery. At my insistance I had a uric acid test which came back with 7.6. Not super high but I take two fish oil tablets every day, have for several years. Also I’m on a diuretic, hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg, have been for about 9 months for high blood pressure, and I’m on 325mg of aspirin a day, have been been for about 1 year because of a stroke caused by a PFO. Was lucky and completely recovered from the stroke (TPA). I used to be very active but because of my foot, walking, running, biking now all too painful. Could lose some weight, but the body fat is about 20%. Could any of these medications be giving me the gout symptoms? Will stopping these (after consulting with my doctor) help me to avoid surgery in that big toe? Great website. The most informative I’ve found on the subject. I think more information on what to do and eat and take should be as prominantly discussed as what not to do and eat and take. It would help those of us who want to do the right thing. Thanks again!!!

  191. Tony Phylactou Says:

    Thiazide is your enemy. I had the same problem. I was given thiazide tablets from my doctor ,and within days i kept having gout attacks.When I stopped them my gout went away. Ask your doctor for other blood pressure reducing tablets and I am sure your problem will be over

  192. c.P.c. Says:

    Hi doc. i have a high uric acid but i dont have a gout and im attending my regular session at the gym. Doc can you please give me foods that can supply the needs of my muscle in attending my gym session without triggering my uric acid. Doc also the food that not to be eaten with my level of high uric acid.. i have above the minimum level of uric acid. Thanks Doc.

  193. Says:

    As a new user please welcome 🙂

  194. Ana Says:

    Hi m Ana from Pakistan..My dad is having kidney problem. He is having stone in left kidney which resulted in the shrinkage of left kidney and a slight swelling in the rite kidney. As we are muslims so we have to fast (from 4 AM to 6 PM in summer) in the whole islamic month of Ramazan. we mostly use meats in Ramazan. My dad also fasted this year from 2nd August to
    30th August. This resulted in increased pain in the abdomen area, kidneys and knees. Tst reports show that uric acid levels 12 mg/dl. Plz help me out. What can i do for my dad..?? What type of treatment and medications?? What necessary precautions??

  195. rocelle Says:

    dear doc,

    Rocelle here.i’m experiencing high uric for a month now.done with my consultation.i’m done taking arcoxia and started taking allopurinol for a week now.i’m avoiding foods that can cause my uric acid to get high again,but suddenly i felt pain again and took arcoxia 120mg and stopped my allopurinol 300mg.hope you can help me to pls tell me to what foods do i really have to eat…foods that will help to decrease my uric acid.and if i can take both drugs the same time or with intervals or the same day….thanks doc….

  196. Balwinder Says:

    Dear Doc,
    Just had a simple blood test done and those marked in red are phosphate – 1.9, Uric Acid 0.49, Total Cholesterol 5.5, LDL – 2.99. I am 52 and have been suffering from painful knees for the past 1 and half years. My company gave us free gym memberships but I could not take advantage of it because of my pain and my feet & leg goes numb. What could be the cause and what should i do. I am not on any sort of medication.
    tnx.. hoping to get some enlightenment..

  197. hafsa Says:

    i am 21 and suffering from high level of uric aciid…. what food should i take to control it?

  198. i am bidyadhar dehury 30 and suffering uric acid problem,i checked the uric acid level was 6.2 six month before,then again check the level reduced to i am taking nutralite daily and salmon omega 3 .is it beneficial for uric acid matter ?

  199. gemsanake Says:

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  200. Jeorge Cristobal Says:


    I’m 31 yrs old, i’m experiencing pain with my left knee after playing basketball, I’ve had uric acid test and xray and everything was normal. What should be the reason of the pain just below my knee cap.


    • priya Says:

      acutally my knee produces strange sound while streching the leg from folded, could u tell me wat should i do ?is this a sign of uric acid?

  201. simran Says:

    my lanlord is having uric acid, thyroid & diabetic, what food he should take and what food to avoid, please suggest.

  202. Rajkumar Says:

    Hi i also had same problem in my leg, (i thought 2 years ago i fell down may be the reason) i consulted doctor and taken X ray and blood test my uric acid is high, he advised mainly avoid red meats and nuts and drink more water and do exercise.

  203. Digvijay Kumar Says:

    I have blood sugar level of 126/170 for fasting and PP and uric acid level of 6.7mg/dl.This is recent test when i was checked up for problem of pain in ankle joint and lower portion of feet.The dr has said to take no medicine and only take precaution in diet. Please suggest is it sufficient that only dietry precaution will solve my problem and i need no medication at this stage and levels.

  204. cris Says:

    Hi doc, im cris 36 yrs. old, my right ankle suffer from swelling, im taking allopurinol for 7 days, my uric acid level is almost on boundary..i do home workout using dumbells, barbell and some minor my workout like standing and lifting weights give pressure on my feet that cause my ankle swelling?

  205. Riaz Arshad Says:

    plz send me complete food chart to avoid uric acid increase my uric acid report is some time 8.4 or 9.3 plz i am using zyloric 100 mg tablets

  206. Javed Khan Says:

    i have high uric acid,also cholestrol high n little sugar also high and i have pain in foot from right and then left foot now.I am using Zyloric tablet 100mg n diclofenac. So is it ok to take above medicine or i have to change and need to consult doctor now,plz advice me and also about food tell me which is best for me.Thanx

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Javed… please make sure you see an endocrinologist as obviously you are developing metabolic syndrome. Make sure you continue to take the medication allopurinol to lower your uric acid and follw up wth your MD. You may need to make sure you are on the right diet to reduce your chances of developing diabetes and hiogh blood pressure. Take care

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  208. S N Gautam Says:

    Hi, Doc,

    I am 50 and my uric acid level is 7.5. Not much problems except some occasional pain at wrist during winter. I want to seek advise from you whether it has any other side effect. What to eat and what not to to reduce the level to normal.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Aneeza and SN Gautam… a high uric acid can cause harm to the joints causing arthritis, kidney stones due to formation of uric acid crystals, etc. Please check my posts of what to eat and avoid if one has high uric acid. Take care

  209. Aneeza Hanya Says:

    hi my husband has uric acid 7.6mg serum b 12.335.10 pg 25.hydroxy vitamin d 11.3ng.vit b12 and calcium plz tell what can i do for my husband and what should he eat and tell me what he should not eat i m very worried about him .

  210. ghulam mujtaba kiani Says:

    hello iam ghulam mujtaba kiani from lahore pakistan.sir my uric acid is 9mg .what i can do.tell me any medicen

  211. Good ¡V I should definitely pronounce, impressed with your site. I had no trouble navigating through all tabs as well as related information ended up being truly easy to do to access. I recently found what I hoped for before you know it at all. Quite unusual. Is likely to appreciate it for those who add forums or something, site theme . a tones way for your customer to communicate. Nice task..

  212. reygie Says:

    hello are you. im here no in saudi arabia can you help for problem regarding to uric acid. last week i go to the lab. my result is 6.98 what is the normal . and my medicine is allopurinol 300mg and rofenac 50mg and ciprofloxacine 500mg. this medicine is good or not im 30 years old im start on uric acid gout swelling my toes and feet at 2007. and how to heal the uric acid because he attacks me always . thank’s

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Reygie… you have to make sure you continue your allopurinol daily and not just take it if something swells. Please make sure you follow up with your doctor in Saudi. High uric acid is a metaboplic disease meaning, theres a problem with over production or underexcretion… you may have inherited that form your parents. Take care Reygie

  213. Meenakshi Ghosh Says:

    Dear Doc,
    Good Morn, I am very upset due to my Blood n Xray report.
    I am giving u my Medical Report n I need your advice including my DIET…
    My height 4’10” n weight 60kg.
    1] Sugar Fasting 112…
    2]Total Cholesterol 209.00, HDL 46.00, & LDL 139.00
    3]Serum Uric Acid 5.20 mg/dL
    4] Rheumatoid Factor 17.60 IU/mL
    5]*Serum CRP (High Sensitive) 1.01mg/dL
    Comments:# Clinical correlation is suggested.
    6]My big problem is my Joint pain Splly my knees,feet, upper side of thigh, Neck to Hip…
    7]After my sleep in the morning i notice my fingers swelled n joint pains…

    Can you kindly tell first my diet and what i have to do, i am very fraustrated and upset…

    Waitng for your reply…
    Thanking you in advance for your kind help…
    Kind and warm regards,

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Meenakshi… obviously you have metabolic syndrome. Your weight, your sugar, cholesterol most likely your BP are all high. Please talk to your doctor to get the proper advice. Definitely all these can be aggravated or worsened by the wrong diet and proper computation of your caloric needs, proper distribution of macronutrients are important. Take care

  214. halwa Says:

    h3y dr….

    can u plz tell me high uric acid effed on kidneys??? i have uric acid and pain in right side kidney now days pain in chest and hearth side and any rel uric aicd with blood cancer ?

  215. mehdi Says:

    its really help ful for my daily health care

  216. marvin Says:

    my father has a high creatinine level..pls help know the foods and drinks he can have? thank you very much..

  217. bem Says:

    Good day doc gerry, i’m a male, 34 yrs old. 184 lbs. 5’10,i bike and run in my spare time, just recently i had this severe pain in my leftmost part of my left knee, a bit lower my knee-cap and also in my left mid-foot, there are no swelling in those area, i’m just a bit confused, are these signs of rheumathoid-arthrithis? its very painful specially in the morning when i get-up from bed. tnx doc and more power!..

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    I was having a gout attack, they may said so..aching joints. Browse the internet and saw this site. What a very informative site you have. Thank you for your effort to open a site like this. jay

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  223. Larry Says:

    Hello doc jerry, my name is larry. My problem is since i started to loose weight (from 68 down to 61kg in 4 months), i am also starting to feel pain which i suspect as gout on both lower ankle. I usually experience it when i wake up in the morning. After loosing quite some weight, i aslo started body building of which i totally changed my diet. Tuna which i’ve learned that its a high source of protein, also eggs have been my daily diet and cup of rice in a day.

    Is my diet causes the pain im suffering? Thanks and i’m looking forward for your response..

  224. SUMON Says:

    hi doc,my uric acid level is 455 micro mole per liter. i am taking medicine Esloric; (Alopurinol B.P.100) twice daily.Is there anyway to drive it forever? i am avoiding beans,cauliflower.shrimps, all sort of alcohols, red those enough or any hard suggestion.please reply me.

  225. razib Says:

    Hi Doc,

    My executive health report says the following:

    Total cholesterol – 258 mg/dl (lab normal 120-200 mg/dl)
    LDL- 180 mg/dl (lab normal <150 mg/dl)
    ALT- 81 u/l (lab normal up to 40 u/l)
    Uric acid: 6.9 mg/dl (lab normal 3-7 mg/dl)

    Both my BP & fasting blood pressure came as quite normal.

    Endoscopy shows that i have fatty lever. I consulted a hepatologist who gave me the following medicine:

    Rosuvastatin tablet 5 mg (0+0+1) (to lower LDL, thus total cholesterol)
    Ursodeoxycholic acid bp 300 mg (1+0+1) to lower liver fat

    Allopurinol tablet 100 mg (0+0+2) to lower serum uric acid

    I'm 72 kg with 5 feet 5 inch. Doctor told me reduce 6/7 kg weight.

    I have got my knees xrayed as my left knee pains occasionally but not severely. The xray shows normality in knees as the doctor told me.

    I am told to avoid or lower the intake of certain foods (all tubers, lentils, legumes, red meats, egg yellow, full cream milk & milk derivatives and so on) & take the above medicines for 3 months then check all the parameters again. I don't like taking medicines as I have the impression that it develops permanent dependency on medication. Do u think the above medication is ok and once I get the normal level in the parameter values mentioned above can I sustain normality only with controlled lifestyle rather than with medicine?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Razib… you are obviously starting to develop metabolic syndrome with being overweight, high cholesterol and high uric acid…I have to know what Normal BP or sugar means to you. Fatty liver is a red flag that you will become diabetic overtime and the best way to reduce fat in the liver is to control weight, exercise and mobilize fat out of the liver and reduce cholesterol. High LDL or bad cholesterol though really needs medicine. Diet can lower LDL by 7-8% only. I think the doctor you’re seeing should have explained this to you. Once cholesterol normalizes in 3 months then continue on that drug..if you stop then your cholesterol will go up again…

      • Razib Says:

        Thanks Doc Gerry for your valuable opinion. Normal BP means to me 80-85/115-120. My BP usually remains within this range and my fasting blood sugar comes around 4.2. I have already started aerobic excercise everyday almost for 1 hour and I’m getting the benefit right away I guess. I already lost 2.5 kg in just 20 days and having no pain since then till today. Do you think that if I strictly follow the healthy lifestyle i can keep away diabetes that u have indicated that I’m gonna be suffered in future? Thanks again for ur wonderful effort to help people. Regards.

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi Razib…yes lifestyle change has been proven to help prevent diabetes

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  230. Osman Says:

    Hi Doc.
    My family had history of gout. And I have blood pressure. I ask my doctor to check my uric acid and it was high and told me to cut meat for 3 months. After 3 months I had another test of uric acid and still is high because I cut meat but I was using and love liver. Now my doctor prescribes me a medicine (Allopurinol). My question is do I need to take medicine for my life or I can stop if I watch my diet? I am over weight 220lbs my height 5’5’’lbs

  231. jitenfer harjai Says:

    This is jitender. My probalam is urine acied ,d ssdt my. SERUM URIC ACID. 8.7. And A\G RATIO 2.217. Doctor pls help me

  232. Syed fahan Says:

    I have pain in my knees and some times in all my body bones, my uric acid level in increase upto 7.6 and have a kidney stone 8mm in left side. and i cannot walk more becuase of high pain in knees and feet. and i am taking tab zyloric on daily basis. Is this good to control uric acid level? and your suggestion will be highly appriciated which diet & medicine i should apply to control on it?

  233. zsazsa Says:

    Hi Doc.
    Is Cabbage high in uric acid? I’ve been eating this for 3 days and when i woke up i experienced pain around my achilles heel. So is cabbage shld be included in the no no list?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Zsazsa…cabbage has uric acid but is has one of the lowest… am not so sure that it is responsible for the development of pain. one needs to each a significant amount of food known to be high in uric acid to really have an impact on causing high uric acid.

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  235. Arif Says:

    Hi Doc;

    i have pain n my knees for the past 3 months and my doc said that i have to drink more water and have to take febuxostat 20mg on a daily basis, what food I should not take and how long will it take to be OK

  236. Chioma Says:

    Y i hav pains in my lower abdomen

  237. gemo nieva Says:

    Hi doc,
    I got high level of uric acid,right now I’m taking up allopurinol llanol as per my doctor.prescriptions.Do i need to stop taking it if the swelling and pain comes out and take the colchecine plus ibuprofen to take away the pain and swelling?I got fatty liver too,I don’t want to take a lot of medicine as much as possible but my doctor prescibed me a lot.are those medicines for uric acid will not affect those medicines for fatty liver? I;m taking up usosan and vitamins for liver.please help me doc,thank you in advance

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Gemo, you may need to take those pills to prevent your uric acid from going up again because high uric acid is part of the metabolic diseases … now with a fatty liver, you have a high likelihood of developing diabetes and high blood pressure plus high cholesterol. Better have these checked by your doctor.

  238. Julie Ann Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I was diagnosed with hyperuricemia due to kidney stones found in my left kidney around 2 yrs ago. The stones were cured then. I’m in Japan right now and it is very difficult to find an english-speaking doctor and monitor my uric acid level. I had a CT scan and a very small stone is once again found in the same kidney. After a month I had a follow-up check up but this time through an ultrasound machine only and the doctor could not find any stone in my kidney. I’m drinking plenty of water everyday and continuously drink allopurinol. Is it safe to assume that since the stone was not seen in the ultrasound machine it could be that the stone was flushed out or did not increase in size?

    I would also like to know if there is already a device similar to gluco meter which can somehow accurately measure the uric acid level in my blood?

    I am also confused with the foods to avoid found in the internet. Do cocoa and tea really have very high purine content? Since you already mentioned in one of your replies that having hyperuricemia is a metabolic problem, which part of the body processes purines?

    Is hyperuricemia irreversible? I’ve been taking generic allopurinol meds for around 2 yrs already from 300mg now I’m just taking 100mg but since I’m in Japan I’m not sure of my uric acid level. The least that I can do is to be careful with my diet but it seems that majority of the usual foods we eat have high purine content. I drink parsely juice every night because they say parsely is good for the kidney and also an alkaline substance.

    I’m sorry I had too many questions. Please advise. Thank you so much and more power.

  239. Kannan Says:

    Celery Seed Extract Tablets do wonder in reducing thr serum uric acid. Allopurinol cause side effects. Cherry, Nettel, Dandelion Root are the best for gout. I have been taking celery tablets, I had Uric Acid Level-11.09-mg/dL . After taking Celery Seed Extract Tablets fof 3 months, My Serum Uric Acid Level came down to 4-mg/dL.

  240. iqbal Says:

    hi. wich food hi uric asid?

  241. iqbal Says:

    hi.wich food hi yuric asid

  242. iqbal Says:

    wich food urik asid

  243. my friend has acute pain in his left toe second last fingure due to high uric acid.what to do for emediate relif.

  244. Jim Gray Says:

    I stumbled across this website today and what a great source of information.
    About 4 years ago I injured my ankle at work, the company Doctor I had to go see said it was a stage 3 sprain. I missed 14 weeks of work, could hardly walk, have severe swelling from entire foot to my knee with pain. X-rays, MRI’s, antibiotics,anti-inflammatory, He was clueless and eventually I had to go back to work and just deal with pain. The ankle has never healed, still swells to twice the size of my other, have pain to this day,,,,
    about 2-3 years ago i started having pain in big toe joint on that foot, redness, extreme heat,swelling, pain beyond belief and am hobbled to limping around. It was every 6 months maybe and I never really tracked it.
    I had never heard of gout until a family member (not blood relation) had been dealing with it, the symptoms are spot on with what I have been dealing with.
    Before the accident I was in the gym lifting, cardio, etc five -6 days a week, have always watched what i eat. I have always eaten whatever I wanted in moderation, am not overweight,
    I have read on a few sites that a gout attack even severe is usually gone in about 3-10 days. I am currently on day 36 with the redness, pain, swelling,,, on a good day I have a limp, normal days I can’t walk without something to hang on to.
    There is family history of high BP, ( I have developed it since the accident) diabetes with some of my aunts, my mother is healthy as a horse.
    I don’t have the insurance and extra money to go to a doctor for a round of tests etc There has to be a connection to this and the accident,,,
    The past month I am down to bare minimum on what I eat, I drink at least a gallon of water a day ,added apple cider vinegar, ice my foot but nothing seems to help more than a hour or so. With as much time gone by and nothing getting better do you think it is gout or it’s big brother? Can I just go to a rheum-arthritis specialist or do I need a referral?
    Any advice would be appreciated and thanks for a place to vent, and I apologize for long post.
    Thank you,,

  245. Samantha smith Says:

    Hi , I wonder if anyone can help me. I have been diagnosed with arthritis and need to have an acid free diet. What foods can I et and what can’t I eat. Many thanks sammie s

  246. reny Says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I just had my blood Test a month ago. My sgpt is high at 74 ( normal value=0-49) and cholesterol is also high at 7.11(nor mal value=5.2) my uric acid is within normal reading but I’m frequently having pain on my ankles and sometimes my knee. I take definax for this pain and is effective to me. what should I do. Thanks.

  247. Beth Says:

    Hi Doc.. I was diagnose with high uric last last year and prescribed with allopurinol by my internal doc. but wasn’t able to take it since i got pregnant. but after giving birth. I had a check up this march and still has high uric acid. So I am taking the allopurinol prescribed but after taking it I feel stomach acidity. What does this mean and should I continue taking allopurinol as previously prescribed to me?

  248. Mary Taylor Says:

    I was told it was gout in my big toe,shortly after I had surgery on the foot.But I can’t seem to get from my Dr what exactly I am allowed to eat!There certainly has to be some meat,even limited,that I could have a small portion of.I tried to get a book,and can’t find that either.I need help here.I am afraid to eat,as the pain is terrible.Can you please help me? Thank you.

  249. Peter Says:

    Hi Doc.
    I have irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, and also high uric acid levels. I just learnt that high uric acid can cause irregular heartbeat. Is there truly any link?
    I learnt last year (2011) that oatmeal was good for health so I ate a lot of that (I mean A LOT) within a 3-month period (May-July), last year. I first felt the irregular heartbeat (the flutters) in August. Could that be the cause?
    For about 6 months now, my BP has been high (averaging 145/93).
    I have a problem with having a recipe, and the type of exercise I should do.
    Please advice me, Doc.

  250. Deb Kundu Says:

    hello Doc
    i am Deb , Just 15 days ago i have check up my blood and the report are came out very badly . like my uric acid , cholesterol id to high . Like uric acid is 7.55mg and my cholesterol report is 285
    So please suggest me what to do ? Can you send me a diet chat pls .

    Deb kundu

  251. Nicki Says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Few months ago I was diagnose with Stomach TB, I am under TB medication and from last few days all my body parts are aching and esp my 2 arms and 3 calf, I can’t even stand on my own.
    I am all day in my bed can’t stand cant walk. Did my blood work and my urice acide level is 10. What is the best thing to do? I mean what are the foods I can eat. Please help

  252. hassan Says:

    i have high uric acid question is that is egg,chicken ,fish and yogurt harmful to take in my diet??????plz tell me

  253. fraz Says:

    Hello doctor,
    my uric acid is 7.4 mg/dl .how much is this high and what i have to do to get it normal as normal are (3.5-7.2).
    waiting for your reply .

  254. curious cat Says:

    Hi doc,
    Read in one of the comments in your website that if you have hi uric acid you need to avoid food with omega3, does it include vitamin supplements with omega3?…
    Hope you can enlighten me on this one… Thank you..
    Curious cat *=)

  255. Ronald Says:

    Hi doc! just want to ask if brown rice & whole wheat bread are high in purine…thanks


  256. Mhiko Says:

    I have a high uric acid and im 20 yrs old only. If I walk and its not too much, my feet is easily get tired. Its like a muscle pain. It is because of my high uric acid? And if chocolate is not allowed to eat? Thanks for the reply.

  257. Mark Alonzo Says:

    Hi Doc!

    My name is Mark Alonzo and I’m 28 years old currently base here in muscat, Oman. I am suffering with gout and was diagnosed with high uric acid (9.0mg). I just want to ask if the medicine that my doctor prescribed me will be beneficial and won’t harm my internal organs. The doctor gave me Allupurinol tablets 300mg and diclofenac sodium 50mg. If i take these medicines all together at one time?

    Anticipating your kind reply

    Thanks and best regards,

    Mark Alonzo

  258. wallace Says:

    Hi Doctor you are truly a blessing to all of us please get a Tv show and help the world.

  259. ShaunaMonique Says:


  260. diane Says:

    it is amazing how people come on these site and the question that they are asking is never answer unless money is involve. if i had the answer to all these question i would not ask for money, if i was a doctor i woudl give it for free , that saving someone life. all i have ever ask is what food do i avoid with gout and acid reflux. no one have asnwer the question as of yet,

  261. vandana dhingra Says:

    my husband suffering with gout and was diagnosed with high uric acid (9.0mg). I just want to ask if the medicine that his doctor prescribed him will be beneficial and won’t harm him internal organs .he had pain in back also,which type of food suitable for him. plz doc help me

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  263. bhuparaj Says:

    Dear Doctor, I am Nepali citizen I have 7.7 uric acid could you please suggest me diet.
    BR Kafle

  264. Leiner Says:

    Hello Doc,

    I am 25yrs old. For the past 3 months i am suffering from knee problem. I went to an ortho. He tested my Uric acid and its was around 6.0. And he told me that i am having gout. I took some medicines which he prescribed and took aroung 2 months. THen there was no change in my condition. THen aster 2 weeks again i was having pain in my right shoulder not exactly on the joint, but somewhere near to neck.. seems like some vein problem. THen i visited one homeo doctor. Now i am under his treatment.. But still not change in he condition. I dont eat too much of meat at all these 3 months. Recently when i cheked my Euric acid it was around 7.2. I dont have much wait may be 62kg and i am 160 cm tall.

    Can you tell me what is causing me this trouble even after taking so many medicines. I fearing of side effects which took me to homeo docor. Please suggest me what i have to do now..

    THanks in advance

  265. Dhir Says:

    Dear Doc,

    My father is 56 year old and he has been complaining regarding pain just above back of right heel for the last 2 years.

    In the meantime, we have visited several doctors and untill recently most of them have simply prescribed the pain killers.

    We got the uric acid test done and it has come as 7.2 on an assay in which higher range is of 7.0.

    One of the doctor has advised to take DOLONEX (20 mg)/ Piroxicam salt per day.

    Is Dolonex a common treatment for controlling the ellevated levels of uric acid ?



  266. syed owais Says:

    hello doctor … my father has a problem in his feets …like everytime the uric acid luckily attacked his feet … so everytime he is lying down … sometime he can’t step … this type of situation arises … i am very tensed … could u please help me he is taking also medicine but that medicine is affecting for that time only ….. after that same thing … could u please advise me something … 😦

  267. medseeker Says:

    Dr. Gerry,
    Your site is such a gem! im so thankful we found it! Our father is a 58 year old male, post stroke patient, as such, he is restricted to a low salt, low fat, low sugar and low purine diet. With this, we are soo confused on the food that we can serve him. This is also causing depression on his part because of the limitations of his diet. Please please help us!

  268. for the uric acid patient which food have to be not eat and which food is good to eat to reduce the uric acid

  269. waqas amjad Says:

    Hi doc, this is waqas from Pakistan. Over the past few years because of my ssedentary routine, sitting job, working in night shifts and having no exercise I have gained almost 40KG weight and i am weighing at 127 kg at the moment. I have recently had blood tests for lipid profile, liver function, renal function and uric acid. My results are horrible for a28 years old guy. Uric acid is at 8.53 and even thigh i dint feel any pain at the moment but i have started experiencing UN comfortable irritation especially in knees and hip area.

    My triglycerides are at 624, cholesterol at 194, vldl is 125 and hdl cholesterol is 25. My alt is 121, sat is 60 and http is 113.

    I have started fasting and shall rely only on fruits for next few weeks until I can bring this down. Should I consult a physician and get some medicines as well. I wanted to take medicines fir cholesterol and uric acid but wasn’t sure since prescriptions stated that medicines should be avoided in case of high liver serums level. Also is it ok if I should exercise or should I wait till my uric acid drops. Please advise.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Amjad… pls do check with a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.
      You have obviously a fatty liver with obesity, and high cholesterol.
      You definitely need treatment as you have a state called metabolic syndrome

  270. Ian John Preciados Says:

    me i know dr.if what’s good food that can avoid the gout…i have also that problem it twice happen to me…

  271. hi dr.this is sanjeev from india know abut medice of fabuxosate 80mg is best medioce of uric acide i have uric acid level is 11mg
    plz answer at my emial id

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  273. Pruthvi Says:

    Have been diagnosed with gout and been struggling to get back to normal from 2 weeks without success..

    Condition has improved but the joits still pain and the leg swells a bit if left at a lower level.

    Have been following strict diet but uric acid level has come down only from 8.6 to 6 in a month ..

    I am a vegeterian and dont eat any kind of meat and also non alcoholic please suggest me what food to avoid to still reduce the level of uric acid

  274. Butch Says:

    Is it safe to eat yogurt? i have high uric acid level.

  275. cendy Says:

    i have high uric acid at the age of 16 the pain in my both cartilage never gone …. its so painful … and i cannot move cause every move hurts .. so im being careful in moving now…

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  277. john Says:

    I’m only 22 and I was diagnosed with gout, is it normal? , as far as i can remember my uric acid reached 17% while the normal range is only 7-8%

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      John… please do repeat the test…a level of 17 is extremely high. And definitely with that level, you will get all forms of disease assc with uric acid like gout.

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  281. Harry Singh Says:

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  282. mj Says:

    i am 29 male 173lbs. diagnosed w/ high u.acid.i had my medication then the result was 5. is it good enough? i dont drink alcohol anymore for 6months now active runner going to the gym rgularly i have a good diet plan,will gout attack me still? and can i take protein shakes? help me with some others pls? thank you

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    -BEER – .. beer has highest purine content to trigger gout attacks. if you suffer from gout, you MUST avoid beer!
    -Sugary / fructose drinks – they can trigger a gout attack instantly by raising your uric acid level fast.
    -shell fish – prawns, shrimp… a real shame to give these up but I have to!
    -steak/red meat – maybe once a year but not every week!

    now.. what I have tried to help heal myself WITHOUT going to the doctors to get the hard medicines that can screw up your body:

    -warm foot bath with Epsom salts
    -celery seed extract pills (not sure about this as I just started)
    -advil ibuprofen (helped with the pain)
    -cherries – LOTS per day
    -blueberries – LOTS per day
    -water water water! 3 litres a day MINIMUM!

    -DO NOT wear tight fitting shoes/dress shoes.
    -DO NOT ice the gout area
    -DO NOT force yourself to walk when in extreme pain

    I hope all of you recover fast.. this week long attack was my longest since I got diagnosed in 2008. It was unbearable and I never want to experience it again.

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    Am 57 hv blood sugar 107 cholestrol 190 after food blood sugar 116 uric acid 6.5 what diet should be tsken

  378. […] & Stop Hair Loss Hair loss is that it is a chore or something that can solely be inspired to select what interested us most. My mother related organizations for Acai Supplements of plants. What surprised me was that my […]

  379. […] is a frequency enhancing the effectiveness. These elixirs, Corvix comes in at  7800  in our energetic testing of totally different words, it absorbs toxins. Zeolite’s functioning of […]

  380. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | That … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im …… […]

  381. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im …… […]

  382. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im …… […]

  383. rit Says:

    I had a gout attack for the first time a month ago and my uric acid level was 7.7mg/dl.After 1 month of medication and proper diet my problem has been cured and now my uric acid level is 3 mg/dl.Well my problem is that I am into bodybuilding and require a protein rich diet daily,so I used to have 6 egg whites and half litre of low fat milk daily to fulfill my protein requirement.Now I want to know if daily consumption of these egg whites and milk will increase my uric acid level and lead to a gout attack again.

  384. […] Foods to avoid if you have high uric acid or gout! | that […]

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  386. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  387. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  388. charina tayarani daghigh Says:

    doc,my grandma has increased creatinine and uric acid levels.what vitamins should she take?thank you.

  389. Fardin Says:

    My left side of the stomach hurts very much.It started a few days ago ,I went to sleep and I woke up at the middle of the night . I started started to feel a kind of pain i never had before.I went to the bathroom but I couldnot do anything.I had to go to the bathroom four time.But nothing happened.I woke up 7 am in the morning ,I still had the pain.I ate a piece of bread and a glass of milk ,the pain was still there so I drink an eno salt .I went for a nap,when I woke up I felt good.In the evening I started to feel the pain again.4 days have past,I still got the pain.My left side of the stomach hurts very much.I am 14 years old.I did not have any stomach problems before.I ate a lot of dairy food and spicy food a few days ago.

  390. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  391. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  392. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  393. charan Says:

    I’m 34 yrs old lady ,I get 6.10 mg uric acid ,should I go fr medicines now or just go through d diet fr prevention of uric acid?

  394. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  395. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  396. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  397. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  398. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  399. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  400. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric … – The scenario is common: the patient goes to sleep then around early dawn, he is awakened by severe pain in the big toe followed by fever and chills. […]

  401. Raheman Says:

    Hi doc, am 27 male.. I had recently done my total body checkup and found the my Utica acid level is 7.6, though I don’t have any pain yet, the doc prescribed me medicine for life long. Can you please advice if the Utica acid can be controlled and I moreover do not eat non veg and some times I have bear but only occasionally..

  402. Raheman Says:

    Sorry it’s “Uric acid”.

  403. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! […]

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  406. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! How uric acid naturally | | health digezt, Here 3 simple tips uric acid levels blood naturally (1) drink 2 3 liters water everyday. drink small amounts. […]

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  408. Mary Yarber Says:

    I’m having an attack Gout– flare up, I m trying not to eat because it might make it worse. What can i eat now I’m very hungry?

  409. grace Says:

    Hi, doc. My father’s uric acid is 7.9, fasting blood sugar level is 112 dl, he had gout attacks twice in 6 months and he was prescribed allopurino, is this a lifelong medicine or you can stop and trail later? is the high uric acid level related to his prediabetes condition?

  410. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | … – I have read all these posts and read a lot about gout, precausions, proper dietery foods,etc. … can 2 Zlyloric tablet bring down Uric Acid level by 1.5 … […]

  411. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | … – August 1, 2007 at 9:44 pm. i have been into active in competitive sports since 12 years old. Now I am 34 and still very much active. recently my knees felt very painful. […]

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  414. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | … – The scenario is common: the patient goes to sleep then around early dawn, he is awakened by severe pain in the big toe followed by fever and chills. […]

  415. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | That … – The scenario is common: the patient goes to sleep then around early dawn, he is awakened by severe pain in the big toe followed by fever and chills. […]

  416. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! […]

  417. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! | That … – October 7, 2012 at 1:27 am. doc im eduard and my uric acid s very high and it gives me too much pain it started in my left foot now even my right foot s swelling im … […]

  418. […] Foods To Avoid If You Have High Uric Acid or GOUT! […]

  419. Lony Leones Says:

    i suffered gout for 20 years my ankle knee even my hand have gout. what is the best medicine should i take.

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