What You Eat Matters!

August 1, 2006

Acelogomedium Obesity is Still the Culprit! The recent data from the American College of Endocrinology meeting showing around 2700 new diabetics are diagnosed every day seem alarming!

Listening to the recent advances in molecular genomics in trying to understand endocrine diseases especially diabetes still concluded one thing…It’s What We Eat and Do That Counts!

New discoveries of different genes have been presented in our recent meeting as possible culprits as to why individuals develop diabetes and heart disease.  A family history of diabetes has been known to be very strong risk factor was further confirmed by genetics.

But the culprit as to why we develop the disease and subsequently suffer from heart disease continues to be ABDOMINAL OBESITY : It’s not how fat we are…but where the fat is located that matters!  Fat cells in the abdominal area are as I call them … “machines” that produce more than 30 substances all contributing to ones chances of suffering from diabetes and its complications.

It may not be our fault if we inherited the genes…But it’s the environment that we have much control of… that triggers the disease! And we have the capacity to CHANGE that part of the disease link!!!

The message continues to be…Be Disciplined and Do Something

If you have a family history of diabetes or heart disease OR have abdominal obesity…Every activity counts and every minute step is a big leap to change how we shape our health!

My Simple Practical Recommendations to help you shape up:

1. Don’t Starve with missed meals… instead …Eat Frequent small meals.  By doing so, you lessen the burden of the pancreas in producing insulin in response to Big meals.  It’s like asking you to carry one sack of rice…it’s manageable but if you carry 5 sacks all together…you weaken and eventually fail…Save your pancreas!

2. Do regular exercise!  Your heart will love it! You don’t need to go to a gym…I don’t!  Just move…walk up and down your office stairs…walk around your house with you IPod and enjoy the walking with each beat of the music.. and you’ll realize how easy it is to achieve a healthy lifestyle without leaving your home!

Avoid To Be Part of the Statistics….

Shape Up! It’s Your Call…

One Response to “What You Eat Matters!”

  1. Carmela Says:

    i printed ur blog for my mom to read.=) i have been insisting for her to do light exercises and to cut down her “snacks” before going to sleep, as she is diabetic. continue posting “practical yet very helpful” blogs doc.

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