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Diet Tips From The Stars

August 21, 2006

imagessder.jpgOne very interesting blog I’ve read on health and diet is titled Health, Fitness and Dieting Tips that has excellent articles on proper nutrition and dieting tips.

One article that I find interesting which will please my women readers are the dietary habits of the stars namely Oprah Winfrey, the Friends star Jennifer Aniston and supermodels like Christy Brinkley.

What I noticed is that they don’t resort to fad diets but rather they have routine dietary habits that are considered safe and healthy that incorporates an exercise regimen.  They stick to their diet and again The Key To Succesful Weight Loss, is the adherence to the diet and not the specific diet that makes one lose weight!

In short to keep ones weight down is simple… follow a diet… stick to it based on the following principles:

1. Eat the right food in its right amount.  I always recommend the following proportions:40% of calories from fat ( < 10% from saturated fat, 10% polyunsaturated and 20% monounsaturated); 20% from protein and 40% from low glycemic carbohydrates. Talk with your dietician regarding this distribution.

2. Avoid Junk Foods and

3. Exercise : find the activities that you like that will burn calories.

Just look at the stars… if you believe you deserve to have the same bodies as they have then follow their rules in dieting.

Follow the 3 Rules to Weight Loss!

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