About….The Medical Clinic

imagesdfghy.jpgThe Treatment Center for Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases and Osteoporosis was established in October of 1999 at Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital.

The Center is owned and managed by Dr Gerry H. Tan who trained in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnessota. A Diplomate and Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

The Center is an endocrine referral center for patients with endocrine disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases, Osteoporosis and other endocrine disorders involving the Pituitary Gland, Adrenal Gland and Parathyroid Gland.

The Center has Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital which is a tertiary teaching hospital as the base for hospitalization needs which boasts of state of the art imaging devices, laboratory facilities, nutrition and dietary services and out patient referral facilities including ….

Center for Sight which has the latest eye imaging techniques to detect retinopathy, cataract and glaucoma as well as Lasik procedures;

Center for Imaging which boasts of the State of the Art 64 slice CT scan, MRI , RadiationTherapy, BMD Analysis and Nuclear Medicine Facilities;

Nutrtition and Dietary Services with in-hospital cafeteria and registered dieticians.

The Center has also been chosen as one of the Clinical Sites fully accredited to do International Clinical Research.  It is now involved in Four International Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trials on Latest Pharmacotherapies for Diabetes including… Incretins, DPP IV Inhibitors and Inhaled Insulin.

The Center is located at CDCI Arts Building, Suite 208, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City with telephone numbers 032-253-5460 and Fax number 032-412-4803.

Email address: endoking2@yahoo.com.ph

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday :  7:30 AM to 2:30 PM Wednesday and Saturday:                       8:00 AM to 12N

Strictly by appointment only.  We booked patients one month ahead.

We also see patients on first come first served basis from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM

For appointments …please call Ivy Cano, RN at 032-253-5460

Rules In Getting A Clinic Appointment:

  1. We book patients 1 month ahead
  2. Call on the first day of this month for next months appointment eg. Call on Feb 1 for an appointment on March 1 to 15 ; and Feb 16 for an appointment on March 16 to 31.
  3. For emergency appointments: we see them between 7 :30 to 9:30 AM.
  4. We encourage patients to call if they will miss their appointment schedules.


Changes During the COVID 19 Pandemic:

Dear Cebu based Patients,

In accordance with the current pandemic of the Novel Corona Virus we are seeing minimum amount of patients to avoid contact.
As always we are working on a by appointment basis only. Pls call 4124803 between 8-10 am daily except saturday and sunday for appointment or message me in this messenger account.
If you need to stay home , you can also set an appointment using this messenger platform for virtual online consult… i will reply to you immediately for details.
For actual clinic visit, our office is implementing new normal process for safety precaution to keep low physical interaction and observe social distancing and hygiene.
1. Upon arrival for your appointment, please stay seated outside the clinic area observing social distancing. As only limited number of pts are seen per day, you dont have to worry about close contact with other patients. We assure only a maximum of 30 min waiting time.
2. We ask that upon arrival, to wash your hands and or use the provided hand sanitizer…
3. If you are feeling sick with a cough or fever, and or difficulty breathing or any exposure to any pt suspected of being ill, you will be redirected to seek consultIn the ARID center of Cebu Doctors Hospital 2546017
4. Our offices are taking extra precautions by wiping down all chairs, counters and any surfaces with anti-viral and anti-bacterial medical grade sanitizing wipes, used by patients and staff even more often than normal.
5. Patients should not touch clinic doorknobs at all times…. my assistant will guide patients directly inside my clinic. Only 1 patient is allowed inside the clinic at one time.
6. NO MASK NO ENTRY for patient and companion.
7. LIMIT TO ONE COMPANION, NO ATTENDANT for non- disabled patient inside the examination room.
8. We will be wearing masks and face shields at all times to keep everyone protected during your visit in our clinic.
Contact me anytimeIn my messenger for any questions.
Happy to be of service at all times during this ECQ period.

For TELEMEDICINE Consultation:

For Out of Town Patients:

Please visit Facebook Profile: Gerry H Tan and send message in his messenger for details of teleconsultation…


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,  learning about osteoporosis or even advice on
you are looking for Healthline will have quality information on  it. Medical advice on a website should always be followed up by your doctor but great sites like these can help you get an idea of the problem.

55 Responses to “About….The Medical Clinic”

  1. jennie27 Says:

    hi doc,

    i just came across your site, coz i am looking for a good endocrinologist in st. lukes. i have been seeing one in makati med, but i think that i want another opinion and another doctor who is nice and who would welcome any queries i had. i had my thyroid ultrasound last may and two small nodules was found. i hope you can recommend a good and a nice endocrinologist based in st. lukes or if there is one in makati med. thanks a lot!

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    hello jeanie. I dont rec routine ultrasound of the neck without reason becuase with that u will find thyroid nodules which are not palpable nor clinically significant which we call Thyroid Incidentalomas. I am not sure how big they are. You can look for Rey Rosales. Hes a friend that I met in our conventions and gatherings.

    • glenryan Says:

      Hi doc,
      Im Glen Ryan Escoña son of Felix Escoña your previous patients. I inherit my father’s goiter.. mine is Thyriod goiter. I was suppose to call you today as you have said to my father to ask for an schedule for check up.. But currently your telecom # and Fax # are busy. I already have taken the 3 blood test as your secretary have said requirements for the check up. I’m taking PTU 1/2 2x a day as you recommended…
      Good day doc

  3. ning Says:

    Hi Doc, good day, my mom saw your article in people’s tonight and searched your site through the net. I would just like to ask if you have any clinic here in manila? Or can you refer us to an endocrinologist in Manila Doctors Hospital and Asian Hospital [ayala alabang]. Thank you =)

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Am glad your mom read the article. Unfortunately I dont practice in Manila. You may get in contact with Dr Joy Fontanilla who has her practice at Asian Hospital.

  5. ning Says:

    Thank you 🙂

  6. cartoon69 Says:

    meu site… queria que avaliassem e dessem opinioes!

  7. allan Lua Says:

    Last April 19 I noticed that my right eye was really red. I went to see an eye Doctor on April 21 and he diagnosed it as subconjunctival hemorrhage possible caused by the Pletaal you prescribed to replace the aspirin.I have stopped taking the Pletaal and would like to ask if I should continue or not?

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Allan…just realized I havent answered your query… please do continue pletaal….

  9. Alex Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  10. Joey Says:

    Dear Doctor Tan,
    I’m very interested to your informatively Web site.
    My father lives in Manila, is 76 years old and he got very sick in diabetes. His health condition is all in all very serious.
    Even a leg of him is to be amputated.
    Because you’re specialist in this field of diabetes you may give a recommendation for a specialist in Manila to me. Please help us immediately.
    Thank you very much for your kindness and God bless you.
    Yours sincerly,

  11. Doc Gerry Says:

    Joey… there a lots of great endocrinologists in Manila. I am trained in US so I particularly dont know their expertise to be exact. BUT your pa’s problem lies in not being able to seek consult at the proper time where the best time for a diabetic to check is before he becomes one and still at risk…LIKE YOU! Dont wait for symptoms or complicatiojs like the one your father has before you seek advise.

  12. April Kho Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan!
    I was diagnosed with toxic goiter last August when I was in Davao. However, my job compelled me to have my September consultation with Dr. Chang of CDO City. I’m supposed to consult him again this coming November 24. Unfortunately, I’m now assigned in Dumaguete and I’ve been having a hard time finding another endocrinologist. I’m hoping you can refer me to an associate. Going to Cebu is my last option. Thank you!

  13. Doc Gerry Says:

    There are endocrinologists in Dumaguete that you can visit. Try to get the opinions of local folks too who they would recommend

  14. dan Says:

    hi doc gerry…

    do you know any liver specialists at cebu?? can u recommend me someone hus expert on liver dse?? i need to consult for second opinion… thanks doc!

  15. Doc Gerry Says:

    kindly call my secretary at 2535460

  16. pia Says:

    how to cure bad breath, despite good dental hygiene, regular dental checks and good diet.. will endocrinologist help if so do you know anybody in paranaque area

  17. Aaron Walls Says:

    I am always looking for additional tips to pass on to others.Rxx Help

  18. apirl Says:

    Hi. I would like to seek you advice on what food i can take. I was diagnosed for hyperthyroidism after ultrasound, scan and t3 t4, fbs tests.

    i am 45, female.

  19. Dear Dr. Gerry Tan,
    I tried to call inyour clinic many times but failed to contact you. Your phone is always busy. I would like to have my checkup for the month of May by the 28th.I hope you can accomodate me in this schedule. Hope to hear you soon. Thanks

  20. Yannet Says:

    hi doc, good am, been calling the whole evening here which morning there wednesday, but i could’t even get in into your phone lines. I was trying to do get an appointment for my dad simon tiu check up. is there any possible way that i could contact your clinic or to you directly for the appointment for my father. please really need to let him go there already. thank you very very much!:) tc and god bless!

  21. Sid Says:

    Hi doc, i may have a lipodystrophy problem, the acquired generalized variety. In the verge of breaking down. Still in the process of diagnosing. Can you suggest a good endo from Makati Med or UST? Thank you so much

  22. Janet Bascon Says:

    hello doc,
    i been calling in to ur clinic since july16 for my appointment for the month of august.. but i cant connect….tc.. god bless.. thanks

  23. Aileen Del Monte Says:

    Hi, Doc Gerry,

    Can you recommend a pedia-endocrinologists or endocrinologist to see my 7 year old child re her growth problem? Preferably near or around Alabang area or anywhere in Metro Manila for that matter

  24. Aileen Del Monte Says:

    Hi, Doc Gerry,

    Can you recommend a pedia-endocrinologist or endocrinologist for my 7 year old child regarding her growth problem. Anywhere in Manila but if you know one in or around Alabang area it would be nearer us.

  25. Harold Says:

    Hi Doc:

    I want to take growth hormones. Do you prescribe these for me? I am 16 yo and want to grow taller. I am 5’3. Thanks.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Harold… growth hormone is an injectableform of therapy. You need to assessed if you can still benefit from it. If your stature is genetics, or due to an endocrine disorder this has to be assessed.

  26. grace Says:

    hi doc, can you pls. recommend an endocrinologist anywhere in manila..i want to have a check up for my thyroid problem…tnx

  27. myka Says:

    hi doc! good day!
    can u help me?
    i need a doctor who could diagnose/help me cure this chronic badbreath problem.. can u recommend someone who specializes n that area? ..in manila i hope.
    many thanks!

  28. nathaniel pajar Says:

    hi doc.. why is it that my mother feel headache sometimes what is the cause of this.. she takes all the medicines you prescribe to us.. is their is a possible that is a side effect of the medicine?? tnx a lot doc..

  29. Consuelo Says:

    please recommend a doctor in Makati specialized in diet to control and cure gout. I am new in the Philippines and need help. many thanks.

  30. jeanielly madelo Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry,

    Im jeany from Butuan City.i just wanna share to you my health problem. hoping to enlighten my mind. I discover that i have a goiter since june 2008.it started to a small one but in dec. 2009 i get pregnant. and it become bigger and bigger until i deliver my child on Aug. 2010. Now im worry if it will be cure by medicine or it need an operation.

    Im planing to go in Cebu to have my check up..What hospital could cater my needs?

    hoping for your answer..

    thank you

  31. ella Says:

    Hi doc,

    Do you know someone who is a liver specialist in Cebu and what Hospital? My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis B we want to know if there is any medication to stop the spread of virus and for second opinion.He was informed that maybe he got this virus since he was a child due to his lab results I am also worried for myself and my baby’s condition.please advise..thanks!

  32. ella Says:

    Hi doc,

    Do you know someone who is a liver specialist in Cebu and what Hospital? My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis B we want to know if there is any medication to stop the spread of virus and for second opinion.He was informed that maybe he got this virus since he was a child due to his lab results I am also worried for myself and my baby’s condition.please advise..thanks!

  33. amelten Says:

    doc, Can we visit you?

  34. Cheryl Descallar Says:

    I am Carmen C. Valencia one of your patient. I have done Thyroglobulin (RIA) last May 30,2011 that will be submitted in your office. I was trying to call your number but its always an answering machine who answer me. I wish to have an appointment with you Doc in your clinic if possible. Thank you!
    Looking forward for your reply on my daughter-in-law’s email address…

  35. Joyce Says:

    I have a friend who wants to visit from the US. He is prescribed ritalin for his ADHD. He wants to know if this medication or generic product similiar is available in the philippines. Thank you

  36. Hi doc Gerry H. Tan. This is Mrs. Aclao who’s son was your patient more than 10 years ago. You told me “mrs. ayaw kabalaka kay tanan problema sa thyroid kinaon na nako”. Oh, i love your confidence. in other words you really are an expert in your field. and i didnt doubt that. As a second opinion doctor, you just based your order for total thyroidectomy from the biopsy result i brought from CDO. It was carcinoma. but then, days after my sons’ operation, the only explanation you gave us is that “sometimes sa atong paglakaw sa dalan sa dili nato damhon maigo ta sa kilat”. It’s like a sambingay. Mao ra to imong sulti after knowing that my son’s case is not carcinoma but LANGERHANS CELL HISTIOCYTOSIS. Only from other sources we learned that he may not be operated. SAYANG KAAYO!!! So at least now can you give us an explanation? Was there a mistake? who’s mistake?

  37. maria febra patangan Says:

    Hi doc,good day….iam maria febra patangan,iam your patient for almost 2 yrs now.and i visited your clinic last apr 29,2013,and was given xelevia 50,arbloc 50,novostat and uthyrox 100 mg..i bought all my meds in cebu doc pharmacy except for novostat hecause its out of stock,so i went to mercury and still theres no stock,so my last option was rose pharmacy,fortunately i was able to buy 50 pcs of novostat..my problem now is im almost out of stock for novostat and it is not available here in our place (dipolog)…iam asking for your help on what totake in replacement of my novostat…my next visit will be on august pa….
    Thank you and god bless.

  38. It’s an awesome article designed for all the internet visitors; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

  39. Kuhnya-v-spb Says:

    Zamer, montazh i ustanovka – besplatno.

  40. Nindy Camille Says:

    hi doc! I am Nindy, 19 years old yet already a mom of two. I am going to college and to work at the same time. One of my professor notice that I am having symptoms of thyroid problems and she referred to have a check up with you but I doubt if I can afford your doctor’s fee. I am palpitating too much already causing me to have difficulty in breathing. I hope you could help me in this matter.

  41. donna Says:

    hi good day doc,
    I undergo total thyroidectomy last 2010 and I am taking euthyrox as my maintenance since then. I am on my first trimester of my pregnancy right now.I would like to ask if it is safe to continue taking euthyrox despite of my condition?If not,what are the worst cases that could affect my baby?thank you very much doc,more power!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi donna… It should be safe BUT pls inform your local endocrinologist about your pregnancy and dose of your meds may need to be adjusted to protect your baby

  42. Ruel Says:

    good day doc gerry, on our annual phusical exam, the doctor told me that i may be having symptoms of thyroid problems. he told me to get some lab test t3,t4 etc. but the problem is that was a random check up during our annual PE,. i would very much like to be asses by you. can i got to your clinic tomorrow? or do i still need an appointment? i guess my problem is urgent as i loss a lot of weight already. hoping for you favorable reply.. thanks

  43. doc gerry if ever i want to check if i have a goiter i would like to go to your clinic. but i don’t know where your clinic is? thank you 🙂

  44. NEAL B. SUGANO Says:

    Doc. Gerry,

    Good day.

    I am Mr. Neal Sugano from Mindanao, I came across with this site by searching the best doctor in Cebu for Thyroids, which I found your name. I need help Doctor for my wife;s problem regarding her thyroid,it has been 3 years now that she suffer this disease, hope we can come to Cebu in order to met you and have a check up as well as treatment.May i know what is the procedure, your clinic hours, what need to prepare and how much is your PF. Do you have a contact number r best, mobile number so that I can call you. I badly need your help for my wife’s situation. I have a great faith in you, Doc Gerry even if only now, I see your track record. I know you can heal my wife’s disease. Hoping to have a positive response from you. Thank you.

  45. Lizbeth Jensen Says:

    Thank you for the great information here . Your service will be utilize when I move there . Thank you

  46. MJ Lozanes Asghar Says:

    Hi Doc, I’m curious to ask. Can these be related to any endocrine problems.

    1. Having headaches for a week even with paracetamol the headache doesn’t go away.
    2. Having trouble concentrating for weeks
    3. Always tired
    4. Gaining weight (having problems losing weight)
    5. High blood pressure
    6. Feeling of something growing in my throat
    7. Pain at the right back at the end of my ribcage (could it be an Adrenal problem?)


    KUB ultrasound was found normal no stones.
    Others were just boarder line high.

    Can I get a consult from you to ensure what I’m experiencing isn’t endocrine problem? I need opinions to what I’m experiencing.

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