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The Benefit of Drinking Apple Juice

August 30, 2006

234652767.jpgI usually refrain from taking apple juice because any fruit juice for me is plain sugar. I always have this rule: A fruit is better than a puree… a puree is better than a juice! BUT new studies may change my way of dealing with juices.

A recent study done in University of Massachussets Lowell published in the August issue of the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease looked at the effect of apple juice in animal models and its effect in memory.

The FINDINGS are interesting:

The apple juice fed animals had more neurotransmitters produced in the brain important for memory signaling.  Likewise the animals tested did better in memory and learning evaluations.

What’s the implication of the Study in out daily practice?

With the baby boomers reaching the age where we fear the era of forgetfulness… this study is pretty reassuring. The antioxidant properties in apple may have helped in increasing the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain that improved the outcome in terms of memory.

I usually recommend apple as fruit serving to my patients with diabetes because it has a lower glycemic index- meaning it does not significantly increase ones blood sugar.  With this new data on apples… I may have helped them unknowingly in helping preserve their memory!

Other vegetables and fruits may have similar outcome but for now, foods rich in antioxidant properties like apple are known to possess properties that may prevent cognitive decline due to dietary and genetic deficiencies and aging.

An Apple A Day Keeps Your Mind Being Blown Away!

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