The Benefits Of Drinking MILK

August 2, 2006

3043116279.jpgA glass of milk is really a good prescription for health.  Heres why….

 For the prevention of osteoporosis, a high calcium intake is recommended especially for women. It is recommended that a daily intake of low fat milk or skim milk with 2 glasses per day can give the women sufficient levels of calcium especially if taken regularly during the premenopausal state.  Likewise other benefits of taking milk as shown in other studies showed it to lower ones risk to be overweight and develop Insulin Resistance Syndrome.

One recent observation with regard to another benefit of drinking low fat dairy product was published in the Diabetes Care, July of 2006 issue.

The study involved looking at the relationship between type 2 diabetes and dietary levels of dairy foods and calcium in 37,183 women in the Women’s Health Study.  The study then looked at a total of 1,603 women who developed diabetes during an average follow-up of 10 years.

The results were amazing: women with the highest intake of dairy foods were 21 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those with the lowest intake, with an estimated 4 percent decrease in the risk for each serving per day increase in low fat dairy product. This benefit was independent of the effects of dietary calcium intake and Vitamin D.

Although these results need to be confirmed …

The Message is Clear…

Taking low fat diary products should be aggressively advised to all women of all ages because of their health benefits with regard to preserving bone health, lower ones risk to be overweight but also the potential to lower ones risk to develop diabetes in the future.  Remember… The prevalence of diabetes is now increasing at an alarming rate and the Asians in general is one race known to be at risk!

So for your breakfast or midnight snack….

Enjoy Your Skim Milk For

A Healthier You!

43 Responses to “The Benefits Of Drinking MILK”

  1. Maxim Says:

    How about men doctor? Are there benefits that we can get from taking milk?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hi, Doc. My Auntie Linda Chua had been refering me to your blog and I found it very imformative. I’ve been taking birth control pills since I had my second child last year and I was wondering if there is
    anything in those pills that affect heart problems. Although I haven’t been diagnosed with heart problems yet, both my parents have Hypertension. I’m 34 and I use Mercilon contraceptives by the way. :

  3. wilson Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I noted your terminology. Is skim milk and low fat milk the same? Or are there any differences?

    I would presume low fat consume calcium, and other vitamins. But does skim milk?

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    All milk contain the same nutrients… in the process of removing fat for skim milk… some nutrients may be lost like Vitamin A but most skim milk products are now fortified with these vitamins and definitely skim has the most calcium content compared with other milk.

    The difference between skim and low fat is the amount of fat in them.
    Full cream has around 3.25% fat while reduced or low fat will have between 1% to 2 % fat and Skim has nearly no fat. Thus if we’re fighting obesity and recommending dairy porducts, we go for the skim!

    Thanks for your questions.

  5. Parvez Says:

    thursday 30th november,2006 at 14:46 pm

    hello doctor,
    i want to ask you that,can someone grow by inches in one month by drinking a glass of milk everyday?i knw that the question i am asking you is not included about the topic you have written ‘THE BENEFITS OF DRINKING MILK’ but i really need an answer,please.

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    unfortunately no studies have been done to answer your question. Likewise no oral medications have been studied or proven to increase a person’s height. Only injectable growth hormone has been approved for such use. There’s nothing of such nature in milk products that san stimulate growth.

  7. harmony Says:

    isnt it true that skim milk is exactly the same as full fat
    but with much more water.
    so surely you should just buy full fat
    for better value for money
    and then water it down at home.

    of course if you dont like the idea
    i guess you could buy the same amount of actual milk
    and pay extra for that water.

  8. Scorpion Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I am working in a chemical industry, and my managers told me that I should drink milk every day because it is very useful in our field to protect us from dealing with chemicals.

    I need the scientific data that illustrate how much milk give benefits to persons who work in that field. I will spread this data all over the factory because my colleagues do not execute this subject seriously.

  9. Doc Gerry Says:

    I would strongly recommend that you ask your managers the source of the information and I can research it for you. This is the first time that I have heard of this claim. What he may have meant is that milk can have lots of benefits for you as workers of the company and not necesarily protecting you against the dangers of chemicals.

    Thnaks you for you comment

  10. […] Brooke Shields looks amazing in the new photos from her “Got Milk” ad campaign. Brooke definitely has the right idea by drinking her daily dosage of low fat milk, because research shows that drinking milk on a consistent basis will: “Preserve bone health, lower ones risk to be overweight, and also has the potential to lower ones risk to develop diabetes in the future.” – […]

  11. I am working in a chemical industry, and my managers told me that I should drink milk every day because it is very useful in our field to protect us from dealing with chemicals.

    I need the scientific data that illustrate how much milk give benefits to persons who work in that field. I will spread this data all over the factory because my colleagues do not execute this subject seriously.
    My question that ,Is milk useful for chemist?

  12. Camille Says:


    I am a 21 year old female and I drink more milk than anyone I know, and eat a lot of cheese. I am a vegetarian and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains. I have been told that it’s unnatural for humans to drink milk when they’re older, especially cows milk, and that you can develop lactose intolerance by consuming large amounts. I drink a half gallon of fat free milk every 1 -2 days and usually have a helping of cheese. Is this unhealthy?

  13. QUEEN Says:


    I am skinny. turning 21 next month. am I prone of having osteoporosis? but I drink non-fat milk everyday. I also have dry skin. is drinking milk could help my skin back to normal?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Queen…Being skinny ot thin built is a risk but it does not mean you will become osteoporitic especially if you dont have a family history, and you are drinking milk with good calcium stores prior to menopause.

  14. dee Says:

    hello doc! I eat 3 times a day. i also drink milk and eat veggies but it seems that i didn’t gain weight. it’s useless! i look so thin and it embarrassed me. i don’t want to be thin anymore! what will i do? drink lots of milk??

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Dee….I guess you are just not taking enough calories to give you extra pounds. Have your daily intake be calculated by your dietitan regarding the amount of extra calories you need to make you gain weight. Almost always one tends to be very picky with food with people who tend to remain thin.

  15. dee Says:

    thanks a lot doc! god bless.

  16. Claire Says:

    Hi Doc – I’m an absolute airhead with very little to do except write very foolish letter to medical blogs. If I drink milk only through the right side of my mouth does that mean that I will get to keep 1/2 of my brain? It is really important since I lost the other half of my brain somewhere in this forum and I can’t find it.

  17. Rog Says:

    Clarie – I think I saw 1/2 of your brain over in “How To Grow A Bigger Brain Than Doc Gerry in Only 5 Days”. The facilitator said it had already exceeded the goal before starting the class. Not certain where that leaves you or 1/2 your brain. Much less certain where it leaves Doc Gerry. God Bless!

  18. Susie Says:

    Hi Doc – My boyfriend was reading you site and said it looks like anyone with half a brain is welcome here. So “Hi!” here I am! Do I have to get arrange EEG or CAT scan to prove it or will you just accept my testimony that you can shine a light between my eyes? May Jevohovah Pass Over Your Firstborn!

  19. Krishna Says:

    You are such silly people. Don’t you realise that if you each pooled your 1/2 brain that you would have a full brain together? Of course you would have to find another medical blog site other than Doc Gerry that welcomed people with a brain. May the Goddess Shiva’s love an light shine over you. Elso if it that time of the month, may you be proteced from the eternal damnation & destruction (i.e. the same old, same old) that usually issues forth.

  20. yoges Says:

    hi doc!

  21. tash Says:

    hello doc, is it better to have milk cold or boiled? What my granny suggests is that i should boil the milk first. What do u advise?

  22. lotlot Says:

    How milk with Vitamin D only, what benefits our body will get from that product?

  23. DE Says:

    Hi Doc, you’re doing a great job. Is daily intake of evaporated milk healthy for the body?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi DE… evaporated milk is plainly dehydrated milk…the main purpose was to increase shelf life. with the availability of fresh milk, skim milk and the technology of refrigeration, the role of evaporated milk is now for baking purposes or in areas where longer shelf life is needed.

  24. Dani Says:

    I have a very balanced diet and am a collegiate athlete. For training, I usually average an hour an a half of intense cardio five days a week, so i’m in pretty good shape. I drink about a half gallon of skim milk every day and all my friends think it is rather strange, but I love milk. Do you think this is normal? will it help me maintain a heathly lifestyle and weight? or should I cut back?

  25. wahyoe Says:

    I really like milk. because milk is very beneficial for body health. and make us excited

  26. jay Says:

    iam a 46 year old male i drink like 48 oz of skim milk a day is that bad for me.

  27. cow Says:

    Ppl listen up. Doc Gerry already said to drink milk in moderation. How many times does one have to repeat it? Drink milk in moderation. It has benefits… but drink milk in moderation. Moderation.

  28. Catie Says:

    Who wrote this?

  29. Thomas Hudson Says:

    Doc: My girlfriend has been sick lately, She has been drinking a gallon of skim milk everyday for the last couple of days with hersheys chcoolate in it. Is this bad long term for her.


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Thomas…i guess if thats what she can tolerate with intake…allow her especially if shes not eating. but only for few days…then incorporate any food thats easy to digest like fruits

  30. ritakriti Says:

    milk has been considered a best health suppliment. A glass of warm milk just before sleeping is best for removing tiredness.

  31. Mr.Seeker Says:

    Doc— i want to know, does milk help to regain our sexual power(penis disorder)

  32. mac Says:


    milk can’t make you tall and fat. but taking more calorie intake can make person big. and for growth need some injections or vitamin related to growth. milk can make healthy bones and the nutrients that we can get is good. but what is the main thing in drinking milk everyday? i taught its for height and weight ^_^

  33. mac Says:

    PS: i have read an article that says drinking milk can contribute to weight loss.
    is that for the big ppl? or for thin ppl too?

    i’m a thin person, can milk make me have a good body, like normal weight of a person? with some activity/exercise in my routine.

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