About….GERRY H TAN, M.D.

I am a practicing endocrinologist here in Cebu City… a specialty that
deals with endocrine disorders like Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases and Osteoporosis among the many.

I am a Faculty Silver Medal Awardee and a graduate of Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine.


I did my Residency Training in Internal Medicine at the New York Medical College and did my Fellowship training in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

During my training in New York, I was awarded the Teacher of the Year and while at Mayo, I received the Young Investigators’ Award by the American College of Endocrinology.

In 2015, I was awarded by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE) as the International Clinician Award during the Annual Convention in Austin, Texas.

I am a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Endocrinology, Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians and Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism. A Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Subspecialty Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

I came back to my country to practice my specialty and share my expertise to my countrymen. In 1999, I established the Treatment Center for Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases and Osteoporosis at Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital where I am presently based. Our Center has a Clinical Research Unit fully accreditied to undergo International Multicenter Clinical Phase 3 Research Trials of new products in the treatment of Diabetes. Currently we are participating in 4 Clinical Phase 3 Trials including Studies on Incretins and Inhaled Insulin.

I’ve been invited to lectures in National and International conventions related to my specialty and presently a Diplomate and Fellow of the Phillipine College of Physicians and a Diplomate of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology,Diabetes and Metabolism; a Diplomate and Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Endocrinology.

Some of the thoughts in my blog are educational modules that I usually share with my patients because I believe…

Understanding Ones Disease Thru Education Is A Prescription To Better Health!

And lastly, I am happily married and blessed with 3 great children.


Curriculum Vitae

Basic Education:

College of Medicine- Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine  1983 to 1987

Bachelor Of Science in Biology- Silliman University.1979 to 1983


Fellowship Training in Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism– Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN   1993 to 1996

Residency Training in Internal Medicine– New York Medical College, Lincoln Medical Center, New York, 1990 to 1993

Advance Preceptorship in Diabetes and EndocrinologyUniversity of San Francisco- Stanford Univesrity- Whittier Institute for Diabetes– Nov 2006

Advanced Preceptorship Training in EndocrinologyJohns Hopkins University Hospital, 2005

Advanced Preceptorship Training in DiabetesHarvard Medical School- Massachussets General Hospital , 2004

Medical Board Certification:


American College of Endocrinology

American College of Physicians

Philippine College of Physicians

Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism


National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (USA) : Diplomate in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology

American Board of Internal Medicine

American Board of Endocrinology

Philippine Board of Internal Medicine, Philippine College of Physician

Philippine Specialty Board of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Academic Appointment:

Instructor of Medicine: Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, 1995-1996

Associate Professor, Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine, 1996-1998

Professor of Medicine, Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine, 1999 to present

Chairman, Research Department, Cebu Doctors’ Hospital,   Dept of Medicine-  1999 to 2013

Chairman,Division of Endocrinology, Cebu Doctors’ College of  Medicine- Cebu Doctors University Hospital, 1999 to 2017

Awards and Honors:

Magna cum laude – Silliman University

Faculty Silver Medal- Cebu Doctors’ College of Medicine

Most Outstanding Intern of the Year– Post Grad Internship

Biographical Honour Award– International Youth in Achievement 3rd edition

Excellence in Teaching Award – New York Medical College, 1992

Clinical Investigator Award- American College of Endocrinology, 1994

International Clinician Award–  American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, 2015, Nashville, Tenessee

Professional Affiliations:

President – American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist- Philippines 2011- 2012

Wellness Columnist– FOOD Magazine

Reviewer 2016 to present:   British Medical Journal (BMJ)Open Diabetes Research & Care

Editorial Board:

  1. Annals of Diabetes Research
  2. Journal of Diabetes Research and Endocrinology
  3. Series of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism


LECTURE series: 

Thyroid Dysfunction,  Cebu Doctors’ Hospital Grand Rounds,September, 1996 

Osteoporosis, Phil Academy of Family Physicians,Cebu, Oct 1996

Diabetes Mellitus Management, Phil Assc of Family Physicians, Tacloban, Feb 1997  

Hypothyroidism, Phil College of Physicians, Cebu, July, 1997

Management of Diabetes Mellitus,  PAFP,Phil Diabetes Assc, Cebu,  July, 1997

Hypertension in Diabetic Patients, Cebu Doctors’ Hospital- Cebu Doctors’ College of
Medicine 1st Post Grad Course, Aug,1997

Diabetes and its Complications and Management, Phil Medical Womens’ Assc ,Cebu,  Oct, 1997

Diabetes and its Complications, Mactan Doctors’ Assc, Mactan Cebu, Nov, 1997

Strategies in the Mgte of DM, Dept Of Health Workshop,Cebu, Nov, 1997.

Thyroid Disorders: What Every Family Physician Should Know, Plenary Lecture, Mid year convention PAFP, 2001

Diabetes Mellitus…Practical Therapeutics, Plenary Lecture, Midyear Convention PCP, 2001

Thyroid Dysfunction: The Practical Approach, Davao Medical Society, 7/2002

Spectrum of Diabetes Management,Philippine Diabetes Association Annual Convention, Dec, 5, 2002

Spectrum of Thyroid Dysfunction,Philippine Thyroid Association Annual Convention, 2003 

Postoperative Management of Well Differentiated Thyroid CancerPhilippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism Annual Convention, 2003Thyroidology: From Fingers to Figures, lPCP- Cebu Post Graduate Course Nov 8, 2003

The Benefits of Weight LossAbbott Speakers pool, Manila peninsula, May 2004

Practical Guide to Intensive Oral Therapy in Type 2 DM, PAFP, Manila Discovery Suites, June 25, 2004

The Role of Insulin in Glycemic Control: The Treat to Target Approach. PSEM Endocrinology Workshop, Davao, August, 2004

Pharmacologic Therapy is Essential to Weight Management. Phil Assc for the Study of Obesity and Overweight Annual Convention, Manila, Sept 18, 2004 

Spectrum of Diabetes Management: The Role of New Generation SulfonylureasPAFP,Grand Covention Center, Jan 12, 2005

Coroanry Patients with Dysglycemia: The Need for Multiple Risk Factor Intervention. PLS/PHS Annual Convention, Edsa Shangrila, Feb 2, 2005. 

The Hypertensive Diabetic. Servier Symposium on DM and HTN, Novotel, Beijing March 4, 2005.

The Sulfonylurea Factor in the Mgte of DM.  Weekend Diabetes Workshop. Legend Hotel , Palawan. April 8, 2005. 

Practical Strategies in the Mgte of Diabetes,PAFP– Cagayan De   Oro.GloriaMaris Restaurant , August 20, 2005

Viral Hypothesis in the Development of Obesity. 11th Annual Convention of the Phil Assc for the Study of Obesity and Overweight Annual Convention. Westin
Plaza, Sept 6, 2005

Plenary Debate on the Metabolic Syndrome. PLS/PSH Annual Convention, February 2006, Edsa Shangrila

Type 2 DM: The State of The Art… CDUH Anniversay Post Grad Course, August 2006

Type 2 DM: State of the The Art and The Dream.  GSK Launch, November 2006

Preventing CVD Through Glycemic Control. PAFP, Butuan Doctor’s, Butuan City, February 22, 2007

Control To GoalA1c: The ADOPT Study and its Application to Clinical Practice. GSK Symposium. Marriot Hotel, Cebu City, March 2, 2007

The Many Faces of Diamicron. Diamicron Pearl Anniversary Lecture, Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City, June, 2007.

Achieving Target A1c Using Insulin Therapy.  Novo Nordisk Symposium, July 2007, Marco Polo Hotel.

Nutrition Management for Diabesity, Nestle Symposium, July 5, 2007, Marco Polo Hotel.

Postmenopausal Osteoporosis: Treating Beyond BMD. Lilly RTD Symposium, July 17, 2007, Marriot Hotel.

Starting Insulin Using The Right Insulin In Diabetes. AACE- Philippines First Annual Convention. August 10, 2007, Shangrila, Mactan

Rosiglitazone: Sustaining Glycemic Control And The Potential To Delay Progression. FOCUS Meeting, GSK, August 13, 2007. Hotel Intercontinental.

The Impact of Byetta in The Treatment of Diabetes in the 2oth Century.  PCP Cebu. Marriot Hotel.  October 23, 2007

Solosamet Launch.  The Fort, Manila,  January 10, 2008

Avandia: Sustaining Glycemic Control in DREAM and ADOPT.  2nd FOCUS Discussion, EDSA Shangrila, January 14, 2008

The Pathophysiology of Hypertension. 2nd AACE Annual CME Updtae, Novotel Hotel, Hongkong. January 28, 2008

Basal Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes: How and With What?  PAFP, PDA, Cebu Marriot Hotel, February 7, 2008

Pharmacotherapy Is Not Recommended for Prediabetes. PSH/PLS Plenary Debate, Crowne Plaza, Manila, February 15, 2008.

The Role of Raloxifene in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis. PCP/Lilly Symposium.  Marco Polo Hotel, April 4, 2008.

Byetta: Its Role in Glycemia, The Beta Cell and Adiposity. Lilly Sympsoium. Pino Restaurant, Cebu City, April 28, 2008

The Many Benefits of Metformin: Evidences Beyond Glycemia.  PCP Annual Convention.  SMX- Manila, May 6, 2008

Thiazolidinediones: Are Still Relevant To Our Times?  LRI RTD, Azzeza Restaurant, Cebu City,  May 26, 2008

Controversies and Issues on Diabetes in 2008. Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine Alumni Assc,  July 11, 2008.

Recurrent UTI in Diabetes: How and Why?  Meet The Expert Session. AACE Annual Convention, Mactan Shangrila.  August 17, 2008

The Double Treat: The Rationale for Fixed Combination Therapy in Diabetes- SYNERGY, PAFP, OEP: Prialtamet Launch, Marco Polo, Cebu City, August 28, 2008

The Nutritional Benefits of Pulses. United States Dept of Agriculture, USDA Culinary Center, March 4, 2009

Exenatide: From Beta Cell Preservation to Prevention and Treatment. Lilly Symposium. PSEM Annual Convention,  March 26, 2009

Optimizing Therapy in Type 2 DM.  2nd Merck Symposium.  Tagaytay Tall Vista. June 20, 2009

Exenatide Therapy in DM: The Asian Experience. 2nd Lilly Internationl AMS.  Dusit Hotel, Manila, June 20, 2009

Pioglitazone: Its Role Reducing Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 DM.  LRI Symposium.  Marriot Hotel, June 22, 2009

Multiple lecture opportunities have been made since 2009 to the present including Plenary lectures for Diabetes Philippines, AACE International Joint Meetings and the Philippine College of Physician Annual Meeting….


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402 Responses to “About….GERRY H TAN, M.D.”

  1. MM Bondoc Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry! Wow! What a fabulous website this is!!!! And galing your write-up on ADOPT, DREAM and of course, South Africa! You write really well po — an interesting read I must say 🙂

    Dr. Gerry, I have to say from my experience of our trip in South Africa, you are a WORLD-CLASS doctor. You handled the lost luggage experience with such class & magnanimity — I would’ve been distraught if that had happened to me — but you and Mrs. Tan were great and fun members of the group 🙂 ‘Til the next trip!

    BTW, I’ll be going to Cebu for your interview — see you then! (let me know if you need anything from here 🙂

    God bless! Regards to Ma’am Nancy and the “global” kids 🙂


  2. lynn Says:

    Hello Gerry,

    Nice website.I enjoyed reading and browsing.Keep it up.

  3. Rachel Lagumbay Says:

    Good Morning Doctor Gerry. Are you affiliated with Medserv?

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    please call my office clinic number Rachel 2535460 and inquire from my clinic nurse.

    • Gud day doc,
      Doc pwede makapareserve by next week ako problema doc about sa thyroid hormone doc daghan nako ug gpangbati, hypo ko karon doc, kanus a ko pwede makahimu ug appointment nimu doc.?
      Taga mindanaoko doc
      Ako si estrella agbalog

    • hi doc gud afternun… mgpa check up sana ako doc. meron po kc akong hypertyroid doc… nghahanap ako ng specialist dto xa cebu… nahihirapan na ksi ako doc d ko alam pnu mawawala eto almost 1yr na po akong umiinom ng gamot pro… gnun pa dn eh.san po malapit ang office nu dto xa cebu doc..at pnu po mgpa list? ako po c jerrylyn tga cebu.. pki masage lng po ako eto po ung fb account ko. jerrylyn_barrientos@yahoo.com thank you doc 🙂

  5. Johoney Says:

    Good day to you Doc Gerry. I wanna thank you for changing my mother’s life. You are an angel. God bless you always and your family.

  6. Johoney Says:

    My mom’s name is Alicia Magallanes, she will visit you next month. She’s everything to me Doc and I am glad you’re there to take care of her health.

    More power to you.

  7. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thnaks for that nice comment Johoney. For any concerns you know where to reach me. Just came from Malaysia for an emergency meeting thus was able to browse my website only now.

  8. Rosemarie Says:

    Hi Doc,

    Im one of your patients in Cebu and lives in Canada. I just wanna asked if working in call centre will aggrevate my thyroid nodules?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  9. Doc Gerry Says:

    No relation at all. Stress form working on a grave yard shift can be a factor among those with Graves Disease- a kind of toxic goiter. Hope your doing well in Canada.

  10. lisa magallanes miller Says:

    Hello Doc, im a daughter of Alicia magallanes i cant thank you enough for helping my mom after her visit with you she’s more healthier and more active ths days i was worried about her condition before but not anymore thank you very much. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS

  11. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks Lisa for sharing this note to me. This is my purpose in my medical practice… solely to help and make sure the patient will feel stronger and healthier. With your mom, I have achieved that.

  12. subhash lakhe Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan,

    I was your student at CDCM from Nepal in 2003 during my 3rd year.I always liked to listen to your lectures,Especially the case solving type..
    Currently I am applying for residency in USA.I would be glad if you could help me with your reference..

    Thank you,,

    Subhash Lakhe,

  13. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Subhash…you may contact me via my email address. I will need to check your transcript since you may not have done your clerkship training with us. It would be pretty difficult to give a recommendation on somebody that I have not done extensive relationship based on clinical rotation which is the basis for training officers to consider. But just the same just email me your resume and Ill see what I can do.

  14. subhash lakhe Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan,
    Thank you for response.I will definately send you my resume if you could send me your email address at s_lakhe@hotmail.com.I appreciate your willingness to help.

  15. subhash lakhe Says:


    the email address is s_lakhe@hotmail.com

  16. gina fuchs Says:

    hi Dr. Tan,
    Im so happy to know about your practice.we are moving to cebu soon,my member of the family is taking growth hormone name genotropin,Is there any way we can get thses medication in cebu.
    Thank you so much, i hope you God Bless You.

  17. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Gina…yes we have growth hormone available. We can talk about it when you come

  18. mangesh Says:

    28 year female with 5 year old baby delivered baby in may 07. since last 1 month having severe vertigo and fatigue with weight gain 10 kg.inv found out to be as follows
    Thyroid Profile

    Test Patent’s Value Normal Values
    Free T3 0.00 1.45 -3.48 pg/ml
    Free T4 0.26 0.71 -1.85 ng/dl
    TSH: >100.00 0.49 -4.67 uIU/n
    No brain parenchyma abnormality detected.

    Mild enlargement of the anterior pituitary lobe with convex superior surface. The maximum height in midline is 13mm with convex superior surface (normal post partum range 10-12 mm). This may represent physiologically hypertrophy or adenoma. Suggest followup (6 month post partum) and / or correlation with relevant investigations.

    Thyroid Sonography
    There is moderate diffuse enlargement of both lobes of thyroid. They measure right 55x27x29mms and left 52x19x26mms. Contours are smooth. Parenchyma reveals homogenous echotexture with medium level echoes.
    No discrete focal nodular or cystic lesion seen.

    No regional lymphadenopathy.

    she has been started on tab eltroxin 50mcg then to 100 mcg now.
    she also has moderate headache and some blurring of vision.

    what should be the next plan.
    whether one should go on with prolactin and cortisol levels investigations or wait.
    if you could opine , i will be oblidged

  19. Doc Gerry Says:

    Soory for the delay in reply… just arruived forma convention in Vienna…

    The patient has primary thyroid failure srelated to pregnancy resulting in postpartum thyroiditis. Just closely monitor her TSH FT4 because the profile of thyroiditis can result in normalization of the tests in months. However, do not check her prolactin level at this time because primary hypothyroid state can cause false elveation of your prolactin and hypertrophic changes in the pituitary.

    So what has been done is right…replace and treat the hypothyroid state then recheck clinically and biochemically in 3months. Do not repeat the MRI or do other investigations for now. You may elect to do antithyroid antibodies to determine her chances of getting permanent hypothyroidism.

    Watch out for depression.

  20. Gemma Dy Says:

    I was your patient about five years ago, and you cured my thy- roid through alternative nutrition and thyroxin. Surgery was the last resort, unlike the other doctors approach. Thank you and Bless you. You told me to see you when I’m pregnant. I am in 14th week of pregnancy and would like to schedule a visit, but I’m living in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and happily married. Would you please recommend an associate or friend in the US that ascribes to your approach to medicine? I would appreciate any advice or information.

    Gemma Dy Bitzenburg

  21. Mariah Harlin Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan. i sure you now my mother merlinda macazarte, now known as merlinda harlin, i have a few questions for you. if you don’t mind replying to my e-mail i’d like to ask them. thank you..

  22. Doc Gerry Says:

    Mariah…kindly call my office instead… its 412-4803 if its regarding your monther or yourself. Anything regarding health issues …feel free to write them here and I will try to get back to you the soonest I can

  23. Lesley Uy Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry, i am the daughter of your patient Robert Uy. I was diagnosed with nodular grave’s disease last June of this year. My doctor here gave me oral treatment first with PTU but then I was having allergic reaction and change it to Methimazole. She said that radiation treatment was too risky for me at that time since my numbers were too high based from the radioactive uptaking scan done. I had blood checks every month since. My last blood test was last week and she said that I will be ready for radiation treatment by next month if I want because my numbers are lower. I am just concern if radiation treatment is a better option than surgery. Please help me. She said that radiation tx has risk of infertility though low but my family history has difficulty with having babies especially my sisters. thank you.

  24. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Lesley… sorry for this very late reply. I initially thought I have answered you already. Anyway…it depends on what your diasgnosis is: if it is a diffuse goiter consistent with Graves Dse…RaDIATION THERPAY IS OKAY BUT IF IT IS NODULAR AND CONSISTENT WITH pLUMMERS dSE…THEN MY RECOMMENDATION IS SURGERY. The risk of infertility with radiation is not an issue at all… if you need one then dont worry about infertility. Your sisters reason for infertility may be due to a variety of issues not at all related to thyoird problem.

  25. Lesley Uy Says:

    Okay, thank you so much for your help. I will talk this over with my doctor, that is if I can get in with her because I have been seeing with the physician’s assistant for the past 4 months. Anyway, thank you for the information and for the help. God bless

  26. jerry Says:

    sir…. can i have ur email address… i believe ur expertise can help me with my problem….

    • Mark Says:

      With the moderator’s / Dr. Gerry Tan’s permission,

      Hi Jerry. I found this website as I was also looking for endocrinologists who could help me with my problem. When I saw your message and read between the lines, I guessed that we might be having the exact same “problem” and it would be mutually beneficial for us if we could help each other out. Please contact me if you’re interested: 0917-3474124 / mark0708@rocketmail.com

  27. jerry Says:

    to add sir, im researching about my issue on the net. i found out that only endocrinologist like u can help me with it. its been going for several years already… i hope i could tell u the situation fully in an email…. and hope to see u soon in person. im so happy upon seeing in google that there is an endocrinologist based here in cebu….

  28. Doc Gerry Says:

    jer… please call my office for an appointment. 412-4803. Unfortunately I dont handle cases via the net or email.

  29. carol pingol Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry!

    Great website….Cool!!!


  30. Lotis Says:

    Galing galing! Idol! Nice website doc!

    all the best!

  31. Gio Says:

    Wow! I have to block my entire weekend to check everything here! Nice website!

  32. doc, your one of the best lecturer of Cebu Doctors
    impressive kaayo imo lecture about endocrinology

    Medicine 3

  33. Patricia Says:

    hi doctor, im currently in my 3rd year in nursing and we’ll be having our thesis. we chose something related to type 1 diabetes among pediatric clients ages 18 y/o and below. what is the current status of DM type 1 in our country?

  34. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks Henry…feel free to see me anytime you need help.

    To Patricia… I have no data for type 1 in pediatrics. Please contact our peds endo guy Dr John Uy in Chong Hua. Hope he can help you.

  35. yzah Says:

    All I can say Dr. Gerry Tan the best doctor in town.Thanks for saving my life 3 years ago.

  36. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks Yzah for a great complement…you made my day hehehe

  37. Hi, Doc! Fr. Raul here! The address of my website is http://clik.to/chap

    It can also be accessed via a longer one: http://springdale.chapalin.googlepages.com

    Well, that’s the trade-off for using a free web-host.

    In the marquee, you will find some items that you and your son to take a look as preparation for his First Holy Communion.

    Nice web-site!! And very informative.

    God bless!
    Fr. Raul

  38. Doodee Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  39. Leonito M.Mirande Says:

    Dear Doc Gerry,
    Good evening.I just want to let you know,that if i may have to choose and pick a disease,i would chose[obvious ba?]Reading all the exchanges here of commentaries,i am very proud to have spent my childhood with you for three years.
    I know your time is very,very precious,no need to respond this.

  40. james Says:

    i really enjoyed browsing and reading some articles in your website doctor, this one is really marvelous!! We are really proud to have you as an active staff consultant in the department of Internal Medicine. DR.GH Tan is really one of a kind and trully a world-class mentor. Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge in this field.


  41. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks James for that wonderful comment.

  42. Delia Says:

    Good Day! Im one of your patient .My name is delia Amores.Im still working here in U.K. You saw me once last april 2008.I had my second biopsy of my thyroid lump .Unfortunately the Diagnosis FNA THYROID SUSPICIOUS OF PAPILLARY NEOPLASIA (C4, THY 4).TSH AND FREE T4 ARE NORMAL.Doctors suggestion is thyroidectomy which is im not ready .Do i Have other option?needs your opinion…I realy wanted to call you but i know you busy.Thanks for your help

  43. Doc Gerry Says:

    come home…have your surgery done here in the pHilippines. I recommned total thyroidectomy for that. The skill of the surgeon is neede to avoid postop complications. If the result is suspicoius then there is still a chance it will be benign

  44. Hi Doc, good evening. Mag-ask lang me if sa monday magpacheck-up ako sa clinic nyo din mag decide ako na magaopera that day, diretso ba ako ma-ooperahan?
    God Bless!!!

  45. ……. And Doc I was your patient last Oct. 22,2007.That have a thyroid: CYTOLOGY SUGGESTIVE OF BENIGN COLLOID NODULE…

  46. Doc Gerry Says:

    kindly call the office for instructions. You will need clearance labs prior to surgery

  47. Doc is your clinic open tommorrow? Cause I’ll might call tommorrow.

  48. Doc.kindly send your tel.#coz i forgot already your no. thank you po

  49. Saleh Aldasouqi Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan,


    I am an endocrinologist in Missouri, and an AACE member. I have a question rearding AACE chapters. Can you please respond to my e-mail address?


    Saleh Aldasouqi, MD

  50. krys crystal murillo Says:

    hi doc..its me KC,your patient from iligan city! d1 your calling as “tia” …hehe;o) by the way,i have 2 good news to share. first, i graduated already! whoo-hooo!! second, i have a boyfriend now (shhhhhhhhh kay mama). just kidding! the family knew it already. yahooooo. tenx doc! hahaha..

    anyhow,i have some concerns. The return check-up you scheduled for me will be on april28. However, next sunday april 19 ’til may 29 will be the start of my review. Can i just visit you again after the board exam?? Or can just have the lab tests here in iligan city then i will just send you the results through this website or your email perhaps? Lastly, will i still continue to take the replacement as prescribed or taper the dose again??

    thanks doc… You’re the BEST ;o)

  51. Doc Gerry Says:

    KC AM IN Barcelona lounge now enroute to `mallorca Spain. ~Kindly call me when `i get back to work on April 22. Okay?

  52. Jan Chua Says:


    what is the model of your camera bag?



  53. Doc Gerry Says:

    hehehe…its a Tamrac Digital Knapsack bag pero am not sure what model ang bag Jan.

  54. Samuel Says:

    2Tgw9Y Hello! I’m Samuel Smith, i’m from Switqerland i and find your site really brilliant!

  55. Nen Says:

    I’m in the U.S. , this question is kinda dumb but i’ll ask you anyway. Will you see patients just for annual check up with no known endocrine problems? I have a mom who needs to see an internist on regular basis but can’t find a good one.

  56. Doc Gerry Says:

    I do… if I find something that is beyond my specialty then she is referred to that doctor. Just ask her to get an executive panel B. Check my clinic schedule becuase I only see pts by appointment. Thanks

  57. Kyra Kouns Says:

    I would like to know if i Tall hypoechoic Thyroid Nodule is a sign of thyroid cancer?

  58. Kyra Kouns Says:

    clinical indication:goiter

    full result:the right love measures 5.5×1.9×2.3 cm it is inhomogrnous
    in its echogenicity with no dominate nodule seen there is increased

    the left lobe measures 5×2.1×2.2 cm this is inhomogenous in its
    echogenicity and shows increased vascularity a dominate nodule is not
    identified however it does appear multinodular

    the isthmus measures 2.9mm


    ADENDUM there is a hypoechoic noduale seen in the right lobe mid
    portion it looks tall and is actually anterior so this may be
    palpable there is a 7 mm not well seen on the lateral view but i
    believe it should be evaluated clinically to see if there is a
    palpable abnormality and this would be in the mid pole region
    anterior this should be evaluated clinically as well as with
    tadionuclide study

    should I have my thyroid removed?

  59. Kyra Kouns Says:

    Just wondered if this web page is still open?I have been waiting for a response please let me know something as soon as possiable

  60. Hello Dr. Gerry,

    I am writing to you about my father’s condition. He was diagosed with diabetes mellitus last November 2007. He is currently taking medications from his doctor. Before he has high levels of bad cholesterol and fortunately it is now okey.

    Doc Gerry is there any alternative medicines or herbal medicines we could ask for his illness? and when can i possibly get a schedule from you so that we could personally ask you about this problem.

    i hope doc gerry that you could help me in finding the most suitable medications, supplements and diet with regards to diabetes.

    thank you and u will surely wait for your reply

  61. Doc Gerry Says:

    To Kyra..am so sorry to have missed your comment and question. Better still to have your neck palpated by an specialist. There no difinite signs of malignancy based on ultrasound. Doing a fine needle aspiration biopsy of the said nodules is still the best way to clinically diagnose if these nodules are bening or malignant.

    To Myra…I dont recommend any herbal supplements. Please check my post about this. For schedule pruposes it is better if you get an appointment so your father doesnt need to wait for his turn. You may contact my secretay at 412-4803.

  62. Anthony M. Clark Says:

    Hi Doc,

    Just wanted to say thanks for seeing me a couple of weeks ago and sorry I missed the follow up last Wednesday, my last week in Cebu was very hetic. I got the blood work back and my A1c was 8.4, which was no surprise given my own testing. Galvus has really improved my peak levels with lunch +2hr < 8mmol (was around 14mmol before) and dinner +2hr < 6mmol ( was around12). I dropped 1 tablet of Gliclazide ( was 120mg now 90mg). I guess I need to see a doc in Sweden as my HDL has dropped to 0.5 from 1.6 last nov. (Crestor 10mg?) LDL is ok and so is chlorestrol.
    Had to laugh the morning of the consult when you yelled out you would see anymore patients as the internet wasn’t working 🙂
    All the very best.

  63. Debbie Says:

    Hi doc jerry,

    I noticed that my neck is bulging and that i assumed this would be goiter. I will be going to your office by Thursday since when i called your secretary, your wednesday office will only be for appointments. I have been searching the web for credible and down to earth doctors who can help me but it is only you who fits my qualifications. I ADMIRE YOU DOC for being so helpful to your patients and I am sure you can help me too.

    See you doc. Thanks

  64. Doc Gerry Says:

    To Anthony…Thanks for your very nice comments Anthony. Be sure to visit me back when you visit our beautiful country again.

    To Debbie…Yes Debbie…everyone is welcome. problem is by appointment ako so you may have to come on a first come first serve basis but will surely accomondate all if I can. Yes, I am strict on my Wed and Sat becuase they are my half day work schedules so only by appointments on those days. C u!

  65. Debbie Says:

    Doc Jerry,

    Thanks a lot Ill be seeing you on Thursday then. I am thankful a doctor like you is here in Cebu. God bless doc.

  66. Debbie Says:

    DOc Jerry,

    I know its already late to say this but thanks a lot. YOu have your own way of explaining to the patients what are the causes of their ailment which helps a lot in making them at ease. I really appreciate it. See you on my next check up on August 17…


  67. JustMe Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan, a few years ago, I began to have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I was chronically fatigued, dry skin, loss of hair, depression, high prolactin levels, anxiety, menstrual problems, weight gain, and more.

    Despite a small goiter(not really visible, but can be felt and confirmed by ultrasound), thyroid antibodies, family history of hypothyroidism, and all the above symptoms, the endocrinologist would not treat me, because my TSH fluctuated between 4.0 and 7.0. I was usually around 5.0, just on the border. I felt absolutely terrible DAILY!

    I recently went for a new thyroid ultrasound(3 years since the first), and was told that I now have a hypoechoic nodule that is 8mm in size. Is that fast growth for three years? Or is 8mm pretty small? Can untreated hashimoto’s cause a hypoechoic nodule? Should I insist that a biopsy be done? Do nodules, goiters, or thyroid antibodies ever shrink or disappear?

    Ironically, many of my symptoms have improved or disappeared(including high prolactin levels), without medication, and I now seem to have more energy? So I’m surprised that a nodule was found.

    Below are the results from my ultrasounds, the doctor will not order additional testing(T3,T4,etc because they were order intially years ago), and he says my TSH is in normal range at 3.0. What are your thoughts on all of this? Thank you

    Right Lobe: 6.8 x 1.9 x 2.2 cm
    Left Lobe: 5.9 x 1.9 x 2.1 cm
    Thyroid isthmus measures 3.7 cm

    Right Lobe: 6.7 x 1.8 x 2.4 cm
    Left Lobe: 5.5 x 1.7 x 2.7 cm
    8 mm hypoechoic nodule in left mid thyroid lobe

  68. kristy joy Says:

    hi doc,

    im one of your patients in cebu. but havent been able to visit you for the last 7months coz am now working here in manila. am applying for a work in bahamas, and one of the requirements is a medical certificate. i had my physical examination here in manila and the doctor found out about my thyroid problem. he wants me to have a certification from you (being my physician) stating that my thyroid problem is not toxic and its not a hinder to any work that i will have. Doc, can you pls help me with this?
    hoping for your favorable reply….
    thank you doc…

  69. Doc Gerry Says:

    JUst Me… you may just have a thyroid incidetnaloma which does not really mean anything. The problem with the new imaging techniques we have is that they so sensitivie to be able to diagnose the smallest of the small nodules in our thyroid gland. Menaing…these nodules may remain as that until your death! Especially if they are not clinically palpable. I will not do anything about it except periodic palpation.

    To Kristy Joy… have yourself examined by a local enodcrinologist there or let somebody from Cebu get a certificate from the office anytime

  70. JustMe Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan, thank you for this response. If thyroid incidetnaloma is the problem, does that mean the other concerns described in my previous message, seperate from the nodule, such as thyroid antibodies, goiter, etc, COULD eventually all decrease or disappear in time? Are there some people diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, who have completely been cured, or had all symptoms return to normal?

    Thank you for your time and patience. 🙂

  71. Doc Gerry Says:

    Opps…if you have antibodies then the story is different. The antibodies will eventually cause destruction of the thyroid tissue eventually making you completely hypothyroid. Now with a goiter and (+) antibodies, and you feel miseable… then I would start you on treatment.

  72. mai dumana Says:

    hi dr. tan! i’m mai dumana a writer for dr. joy fontanilla’s magazine DiabetEASE…we’re currently working on our october-november issue and our cover story would be on stem cell therapies/pancreatic islet cell transplants. and dr. joy wanted po sana a representative from AACE. i was hoping you could entertain some questions through e-mail with regards to the issue. hoping po for your positive response i left po my e-mail address in this reply. thank you very much dr.tan!!

  73. reby Says:

    Hello doc gerry! I know its late but thank you very much! Ur the best doc… godbless u!



  75. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi my friend Jinky…nice to hear from you. Hope you are well at your end too.

  76. boy Gomez Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry! boy Gomez here.
    Am a Networking Business Distributor of Nrich Marketing Group with I.D. no. 18426 based in Davao City. Am so happy reading your message on how to control or evade to being get sick of diabetes by taking fruits and vegetables. In this regard am looking for a possibility that somehow during your free time you could visit the company’s website and evaluate the content/ingredients of its product, the KAMANGI. This is the site:


    Here looking forward that should you find the product effective to take am pleased of inviting you to venture the business.

    Thank you and regards.

  77. Lorie Cabrillos Says:

    Hello Doc Gerry!

    my mother-in-law is your patient and she recommended you to me and my mom.my mom has a goiter and almost all her siblings as well as my elder sister.now i feel like i also have it but honestly,im scared.well,i guess that’s normal to be scared and nervous to confirm if i really do have a goiter.doc i will call your office for an appointment hope u can help me and my mom.thanks

    hope to see u and meet u personally…

    More power and God bless you and your family.

  78. sandy burgos-briones Says:

    hi doc gerry
    wow! i’m impressed with your website. very interesting and educational too.
    i will print your cv right away so i can submit it to the sp. am sure you’ll be top on the list. hehehe i hope you’ll be able to come on the oct 31. See you

  79. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks Sandy… please inform me if the awarding will push through the earliest time you can para I can see if I can be there on that day especially that it will also be a holiday on Nov 1. Thanks for the nomination

  80. Woomera Abernathy Says:

    Hello Dr. Tan,

    My name is Woomera. I am hoping that someone from your office will contact me personally via e-mail regarding the future treatment of my father. He is moving back home and will be seeking further treatment there for his hyperthyroidism. We have received recommendation from a specialist here of future treatment. Your name was highly recommeded by a friend of mine.

    I am hoping to communicate with your our your staff.

    Woomera Abernathy

  81. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi woomera… the best thing is for somebody in your area here in Cebu to call Ivy my nurse to schedule an appointment once your father gets here. The appointment schedules work this way: call the 1st day of each month for the next months 1 to 15 appointment; and call on the 16th day of each month for the next months 16-30 appointments. example: call Oct 1 for Nov 1-15 appointment; then call Oct 16 for Nov 16 to 30 appointments.

  82. Hello Doc, Great Website!!!
    You have a lot of ideas that must be heard by all filipinos.

    Sad To say…Looking at your monthly visitors.
    Only 2.3% is from the Philippines.

    Sana mabasa ito lahat ng mga pinoy.
    just like mine.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  83. marilyn Says:

    hi po…good day..im only asking how to sign up to this page Dr. Gerry

    thank’s po

    God Bless

  84. marilyn Says:

    im really interested about ur wbsite Dr.Tan

  85. I think you should point out the another side of the topic too… Hats Off to the discussion.

  86. Ed Bertolet Says:


    I will be in Cebu the first two weeks in Feb and am looking for an acupuncturist who may be able to relieve some of my back pain from severe spinal stenosis.

    Is this a condition you have treated with any success or is there someone you could refer me to you trust?

  87. marbhee graven Says:

    hi sir would just like to ask what should i expect from missing to take thyrax 75g for a month now? should i just resume medication? i’m advised by my endo to take it for 8 months and i’m now on my 2nd month before the missing started. please advise. great site! thanks!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Depends on why you are taking thyrax…for suppression or replacement. JUst mke sure in the future not to stop any drug uless you are told to do so. You may safely resume it now!

  88. cute Says:

    hi sir would like to ask how much would it take for a 42 yrs. old woman to take thyroidectomy. Consider the lowest price you can give sir. She lives at San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur and I would give her the money needed for this operation. I take this opportunity to help my wife for her mother inspite of limited income from mine. I’m thankful if you can help. Salamat.

  89. hi doc,

    I was your student at cebu doctors university college of medicine in 2004. I was not able to attend ur lectures regularly because u had ur class begin 30 mins ahead of scheduled time, say 7am. But ur lectures on endo were great.

    Ur website is soo cool. Im gonna frequent this site.


    Jude Bajarias M.D.

  90. rey Says:

    this dr. roy, wat is ur email. am a class 90

  91. sylvia adricula Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan, I was so impressed with your credentials. I am a US balikbayan and is planning to relocate here in Manila. I wish you were here. would you be able to recommend to me a good endo practicing here in Makati or at the Asian Hospital?

    Would appreciate your sending me a reply to my email address.

    Thank you, Sylvia Adricula

  92. mbg Says:

    hi doc, i’m 25 yrs old 4″11 from manila. can i still take growth hormones? where can i get the best one from here? i also have a septated nodular goiter does it has got something to do with my height issue? Thank you very much for all great inputs in this site! 🙂

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      GH will no longer work once the bones have fused so you’re pretty late. Height and Thyroid are related if one has an underactive thyroid gland while growing up but not now.

  93. eric Says:

    Hi! Good P.M. Doc. Gerry. My quiry to you is simple, does pythochemicals which are present in some ancient fruits like, mangosteen, goji, acai, blackberry, cranberry, grapeseed, green tea and the like can cure any deceases including cancers, uti, asthma, high blood, hearth ailments and other deceases. thank you.
    God bless.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      all fruits including tea have substances in them that are used for making medications known to cure ailmenets. The amount that you get from each fruit will vary and contain much more than what you aim for for a specific ailment. % servings of fruits and veggies are all that is recommended as part of a healthy diet to combat these ailments

  94. Hi Doc Gerry! I was browsing the net researching on a doctor who specializes in endocrinology and I found your site…been calling your landline but its not operational..By the way, Im from Gatchie and Partners Inc., the PR firm of The French Baker. Our client will have a product launch on February 27, 2009 at the Makati Shangrila Hotel. The new product is 100% Whole Grain Bread. In line with this, we are looking for a doctor/resource speaker who can talk about Glycemic Index and its effect on common dangerous diseases like diabetes, obesity and circulatory problems. I’ve already talked with Dr. Augusto Litonjua who is considered the father of endocrinology in the country. However, we find his 100k fee too costly. Would you kindly recommend someone who’s not that too costly and is still credible enough to talk about the topics I mentioned above? Or can you be that speaker? Thanks. If your interested, here are my contact details: office: 3320893/4101735, cell.: 09103744813, e-mails: paoloangelocf@yahoo.com/paoloangelocf@gmail.com. Thanks and good day!

  95. Marge Says:

    hi doc gerry! i’m 27 years old and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last sept,2008. my problem is that i’m still breastfeeding my 15month old daughter so i can’t start on any medications.he prescribed mo a ptu, 9tabs a day so it’s a very high dose. so i’am very frustrated na because i can’t wean my baby and i can’t start taking any meds. so last feb, i went to another endo, so i said my dilemma to him. he changed my meds from ptu to tapdin and gave me parlodel to stop me from lactating. because im still nurssing, im afraid all the meds i’m taking will excrete in my breastmilk.so i took up tapdin for a week and i’m taking parlodel for another week, is it okay lang po kaya na this will be the set up?
    and another po, i got my latest lab results, a week before i start my medication. my FT4 result goes down from 69 to 50pmol/l but my TSH still the same 0.01 ui/ml. ano po indication nito at bumaba po siya kahit wala pa ako any meds na tinake…
    thank you po! more power!!!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Marge…if only I can see you the better. It is so difficult to give you my recommendation. Breastfeed your baby – thats the best thing you can do to your child. Intake of PTU has not been shown to affect the thyroid function of the newborn as long one dose not use high dose. I am against stopping your nursing responsibility. But again it is your choice and your endos decision what to do with your drugs.

  96. Naj Says:

    Hi dr.Tan

    i am naj of marawi city,i have this thyroid problem that bothers me too much.i know that i have often feel the symptoms of thyroid enlargement because on the right side of my thyroid there is an abnormality that grows or the shape is not the same compare to the leftside of my thyroid.what shall i do?i am still a working student.can u advise me to drink thyroid vitamins? Can u suggest what shall i take to cure this.please help me sir.because,it interrupts my sleeping time ,low memory,hearing lapse,headache,backpain..these are the few of many signs that i have a thyroid disorder.

    hoping to hear u soon
    god bless Dr.Gerry Tan

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      First you need to see a specialist to help you diagnose your problem if at all, the symptoms are related to thryoid or not. This requires proper evaluation thru hisoptry and physical exam. Ok?

  97. Lans Says:

    Doctor Tan,


    If you still remember, I was your friend on friendster. Ive been tracking down this website for a while ever since you friendster account vanished(what happened to it? anyways…)

    Im a fourth year high school student, but with a medical training background. Im also a high school medical officer in our C.A.T. training. I do have some requests and questions…. do you go on medical missions? Do you have any medical activities suited for my age and level? I have plans on becoming a doctor also. Aside from that, I really love this website. I found many answers and Im currently treating family members with the information that have been posted. Im oly a first-aider by the way.

    I really do hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you very much and God bLess!


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Lanz… I am so interested to meet you. You seem so determined to become a doctor and am happy my website is helping you to decide more eagerly to become one. As a doctor and professor, my aim is to treat and inspire. If I have inspired one inidvidual to become a doctor in the fututre, I have finished my mission.

  98. Hi, cool site, good writing 😉

  99. Ferdinand Marcrey Irig Says:

    Hi Doc. Im Ferdinand and im now in Australia doing post graduate studies in IT. Doc, can I ask you a favor. I have an application for financial assistance in our school but one of the requirements they need is a certification that I was suffering from Hyper-Thyroidism before. If its not too much Doc, kindly email me a medical certificate proving that I did suffered from that illness for the past year. Here is my email address ferdi_irig@yahoo.com. Thank you so much, more power and God bless.

  100. dear,,,,dorctor gerry have a problem about my goiter wat can i do to dissapear my goiter no have money to give midicine my goiters

  101. AC Says:

    hello doc gerry, i am a 20 yr old female from dumaguete city. i was diagnosed with toxic goier(cystic nodule) a year ago. to estabilized the functioning of my thyroid,i am taking strumazol and inderal to prevent palpitations as prescribed by my doctor.i am also having a follow-up check-up every 3 months. i am now feeling a little better than before. but lately, just this month my ultrasound shows an increase in size and number of the nodules found in my thyroid.how ever my my TSH lab exems were normal. i am planning to visit cebu within this month to have a chek-up because i want this thing to be gone already. i am a nursing student and i want to be well so i can concentrate and do good in my studies as well in my future carrer.please help me. i hope i can be able to contct you doc and schedule for a check-up with. thank you.

  102. AC Says:

    i hope you can reply with my message. i really need help. i’m glad i found your website doc. thank you.

  103. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Jesson…. please see my appointment schedule but if you want to see me asap… you can come in on a first come first served basis: 7to 9:30 AM only kasi by 10AM may appointments na.

  104. grace camano Says:

    hi doc gerry!i am 26 yrs. old, diagnosed of having a nodule thyroid..due to this, i have to take thyroxin once a day..my problem is i am breastfeeding my 2 months old baby..i am worried that my baby might be affected of the medicine i take..pls. help me if i shld continue breastfeeding or not..thanks.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Grace… any medication can be secreted in the breast milk…please ask your doctor if you can stop it while you are breastfeeding. However of the thyroxin is given for hypothyroidism..then you have to continue on it BUT if you are taking it to suppress a goiter then stop it while you are breastfeeding.

  105. Don Yockey Says:

    I am retiring in Cebu in just a few short years, how do I initiate having a doctor to look after my diabetic testing/needs, what is the protocol/procedure for obtaining the services of a primary care doctor, thank you for helping relieve me of worrying about this subject in advance

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Don… please call my secretary for instructions on what to do. We see pts by appointments but other doctors dont have appointments and you can see them as walk in pts.

  106. cherry Says:

    Dear Doc Gerry,

    Do you have a clinic in Manila? I found your website very interesting.

    Please explain to me the meaning of my thyroid ultrasound result as follows;

    The right lobe measures 5.0 x 1.8 x 1.7 cm and the left lobe measures 4.6 x 1.8 x 1.2 cm. There is a 0.64 cm hypoechoic nodule in the right lobe. The left lobe parenchyma is homogenous. In the isthmus, extending to the right, there is a 1.6 x 0.7 cm predominantly cystic nodule.

    I was prescribed levothyroxine for 3 months, biopsy was not recommended because the nodule is small in size. Thanks & God Bless, Cherry

  107. claire Pacana Says:

    DR.Gerry Tan

    hi! im claire working in dubai.ask ko lang po wala po clinic sa manila.Im planning mag pa appointment sa cebu this august 2009 wala pa po ko day kung kelan ang dating ko po.pa chek up ko po goiter bumalik kasi sya at lumaki po sya,dko po alam kung na trigger sya sa pressure ko sa work.pls.help me doc matagal nku nagmedication yet nand2 padin sya.thanx po..god bless u…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Claire… Please do call my secreatry a month ahead ha? Meaning call July 1 if you want an appointment form Aug 1-15 or call July 15 if you want an appointment form August 16 to 30

  108. Hi Doc Gerry,

    i was calling your clinic 3 times to reach you because its in your instruction to call you up before the date of my schedule this June 10, 2009 for radiation but your secretary told me that there’s no need to call you up, just see you at the clinic on my schedule…by the way doc, do you allow me for tooth extraction? because my dentist is asking for a clearance before doing so.

    hoping for your reply soon as possible.


  109. Gail Says:

    Hi Doc,
    Good day! My dad is one of your patients. He had Grave’s disease and underwent radiation therapy as per your advice. He never had any complaints after he had it done. You’ve really changed his life and we can never thank you enough. Now, I have a similar problem. I’m 27 and I’ve been on Neomercazole for almost 2 years now. Initially, I wanted to get your opinion but due to the long line of patients waiting  I decided to seek medical attention elsewhere which wasn’t such a good idea because it seems like I’m not improving at all. Although I’ve gained some weight my eyes are still bulging and my neck is still the same size as the first time I have it checked. This really concerns me. My question is, is it possible for me to undergo radiation therapy like my father did or is there like a specific requirement before I have it done probably a near normal level of thyroid hormone or something. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

  110. Anna Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan,

    I recently suffered from crying spells and really low moods with symptoms of hypothyroidism. My hypothyroidism has since improved but still feel the blues…May I take antidpressants with Euthyrox?



  111. jeza Says:

    hi doc gerry, good afternoon.I am Zesa, 21 yrs.old from mandaue city.
    I believe you can help me also just like other people, My health problem goes like this,.
    Last March 2008 i was diagnosed by my ENT having GERD. She told me to take kremil-s straight 1 week (3x a day). after 4 days,i felt nothing as if i was cured.I was very happy becoz i dont feel anything.
    Last November 2008 i bore a baby boy after 2 mos. i took a pill for us to have a family planning., and then, i eat spicy foods,etc. which is not allowed for me,. last march i felt something again in my throat I taught its a side effect of the pill so i stop. and then i go also to ENT, he found nothing and told me to avoid again spicy foods and also not to think problems.Then i took again kremil-s and motilium, again i felt im ok seems i was cured. Then May 2009, i eat again spicy foods until now i felt something in my throat. I already took Kremil-S but still sometimes i can really feel somthing in my throat, I was very worried doc coz i dont know what is this, ITs not hurt and annoying,I can swallow even if it is a hard food, it seems psychological only.Hope you can help me with this, I really believe in you becoz i am your avid reader of this site.

    May god bless you and showers u more blessings and good health. More power to you doc.



    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Jez…agree that this maybe psychological esp you have been seen by an ENT. If you have time…let me see you to make sure.

      • jeza Says:

        hi doc gerry good morning. thank you so much for the response.
        Yes doc if i have time then i will call your office for a schedule of check up. I will be very glad if you have available time for me also.

        Thank you so much.
        God bless you and your family….

  112. bloonsterific Says:

    Just wanted to tell you all know how much I appreciate your postings guys.
    Found you though google!

  113. jeorgeaborja Says:

    Dear Doc Gerry, i am from Leyte, i am a Medicard patient, do you accept Medicard? TY

  114. claire Says:

    good day doc…i have a labaratory test here in dubai.this is the result.My TSH- 39.69 flag-h reference range-.27-4.20 uIU/mL and FT4 10.1 flag l reference range 12.0-22.0 pmol/L.
    Antibody to thyroglob. Result 1343-0 flag-h reference range -0-115 IU/mL
    Elevated serum concentrations of antibodies against Throglobulin are found in su autoimmunity –based thyroditis.High concentrations of anti-TG together with anti indicative of chronic lymphocytic-intiltrative thyroiditis(hashimoto’s disease)/frequency f thyroglobulin antibodies is approx.70-80% is subjects with autoimmune-thyroiditis,incuding hashimoto’s disease and approx.30% in individual grave’s disease.
    A negative result does not definitely rule out the presence of an autoimmune of level of the antibody titer dos not correlate with te clinical activity of the titers that are elevated initially can become negative if the disease persisits for period of time or if remission occurs.
    Anti-TPO 600.o H -0-34 IU/mL.

    he prescribe me to take 125 mg of levothyroxin euthrox for 2 months.then ill take a labaratory test again.he didint explain tome what do hashimoto disease means..pls.help me. and explaain what is the meaning of the result.and do ineed to visit ur clinic.because i check ur schedule already and your secretary told us it already fully book.plsss.help me doc..thanx/

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Claire… just like what you know its an autoimmune disase. Let me see you and lets check on your thyroid and I can explain to you in detail when you have the time.

  115. claire Says:

    Hi doc.Your secretary told us you have open schedule on Aug 16 to 30.She doesn’t know if you have a clinic.When are we going to call your clinic because i schedule my flight on aug 24.thanz doc..

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Claire… Yes I have a scheduled flight to Czech Republic but depends if I will be given a visa thats why it is still an open schedule meaning pls feel free to call July 30 for update.

  116. Leo Bato Says:

    Hi, Doc Jerry

    Nice web site. Impressive!

  117. Nilda Manalo Says:

    Hi doc Jerry,
    I just attended the 3rd AACE (1st Joint Meeting) in Mactan Cebu.. congratulations,, it’s been a success. My 1st time to attend. I’m so surprised and happy seeing other people esp like you, a very busy top endocrinologist in the phil spending time in exercising and maintaining weight despite a very hectic schedule. I’ve been looking at you then and wondering how did you attain your present weight. Congratulations!!!

  118. Dr. Nilda Manalo Says:

    follow up… I looked around and tried to find any information on how to reach you and DiabetEase magazine lead me to your website in that page fightin for fitness about badminton: a healthy option. I did both jogging and badminton, and currently belly dancing just to maintain my ideal body weight. I’m so happy finding your site.I’ve learned a lot. Once again congratulations

  119. mylene princess Says:

    Hi doc good evenining im Mylene from Manila I just wanna ask why is’t that when I got diZzy sometimes I could no longer control my movement like before when I was walking on the mall I just suddenly felt so dizzy and light headed and could no longer walk straight. and there were also times when I stare at something my head aches and sometime I also got blurd vision but it’s not often. is’t only beacuse of my eyes?

  120. mylene princess Says:

    THANKS PO!!!!

  121. Dr. Nilda Manalo Says:

    You’re such a great speaker… I’m dreaming to be one but don’t have such amazing profile, even just in my locality. Do I need to enrol to any public speaking course? How would you handle those who are questioning just to put you in a hot oven????

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Nilda..hahaha. part sa training namin at Mayo. As fellows we have Thursday and Friday conference handled by fellows. We have a training course in speaking and lecturing at Mayo as fellows plus of course the experiences one learns the more one gives a talk help a lot. Thanks for your comments.

  122. joan Says:

    hi! doc. gerry good day,

    i read here about you, may i know where is your clinic in cebu city, if you’ve still lived here, coz my sister has toxic goiter, we’ve visit some doctors here in cebu whose one of specialist of this case but, we are not satisfy the result…we followed all recita they gave us, and we spent a lot money of this but still some was not effective, and now we we’re desperate to look another doctor who so much can help us, f you’re not here in cebu, could you recommend us a doctor who live in cebu that you think, can help us. hope you rply me in my e-mail.

  123. carol Says:

    hi doc! i find ur website interesting. i’d undergone total thyroidectomy last week and my doctor advised me to take 100 mcg of Thyrax. Is this dosage appropriate? how will i know what dose is right for me? tnx in advance. God bless!

  124. Anne Melgo Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I have hyperthyroidism. Lately, i have noticed that my hair
    is starting to fall out. Everytime i comb my hair, i can see
    strands of hair. This makes me really depressed.

    I have been taking Methimazole (Tapdin/Tapazole) and
    Metropolol (Cardiosel) for awhile now. I take it on and off

    Do you administer Radioactive Iodine? How much would it
    cost me? Please let me know.

    Thanks Heaps,

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Anne, hair loss is only transient. Once your thyroid status becomes normal, your hair will grow back. The question of RAI vs surgery depends on the kind of toxic goiter you have.

  125. Anne Melgo Says:

    Hi Again Doc,

    I don’t want to undergo any operation doc. I have a phobia with anesthesia. I don’t like the feeling when it starts blocking my senses.

    Can I choose between surgery and RAI? Or is it always your call? I hope to hear from you doc. I will schedule appointments again with you.

    Thanks Again,

  126. AnneMelgo Says:

    Hi Doc,

    It’s nice hearing from you. I’m glad to know that this is just transient. In regards to my case doc, i think is what they call “Grave’s disease”.

  127. Merelie S. Selor Says:

    Hi Doc,
    This is Merelie Selor. I accompanied my mother, Florencia Saing(75) to your clinic last Tuesday, October 27th on appointment after she had her diabetic panel on the 26th. Her urinalysis from Hi-Precision showed nitrite positive(suggestive of presence of organisms)and a wbc of 41-49 with a remark that wbc in clumps noted. Because of this she was advised to take antibiotics (augmentin 1 gm)for 1 wk. I bought the 14 tabs as the dosage is 2x a day.Early the next day she went home to Negros but before she left early that morning, she underwent another urinalysis at Chong Hua initiated by a niece. The result showed nitrite negative and wbc of 9. Doc, I didn’t know about this until late that afternoon(mama was already home in Negros then) and I insisted on a printed result which I have in my possession right now. In the circumstances, I am deeply bothered because she was told to stop the antibiotics.That 2nd test was conducted after she has taken 2 tabs. My question is, is it possible that the subsequent test showed a negative result because of the 2 tabs? I have relied on the Hi Precision result, in fact, it is where we get our lab tests at the office. But this 2nd test is really worrying me Doc because what if that of Hi pre is right and that of chong Hua is wrong. Its not for me to say but my mama will be the one affected. Please advise me

  128. kathlene barcelona Says:

    Hi Doctor Tan!

    I am Kats, a 3rd year medical student from ateneo med school. As part of our curriculum, we have medical electives, wherein we are given the option to explore any field we want to pursue in the future. Ever since I started Medicine, I was already sure of the field I want to study more, that is, Endocrinology, since I have a strong family history of diabetes and recently, my lolo died of it. Anyway, I was googling for endocrinology experts in the country, and I chanced upon your site, and I was amazed by it! I am trying to find US hospitals/schools which can accomodate observership for April 2009, but I am having a hard time. It would be a great help if you can recommend some places or maybe there in Cebu, with you 🙂 I have never been there anyways. Thanks doc for your advice. And more power!

  129. Mark Says:

    Dear Sir,

    With your indulgence, I would just like to ask if there is a form of treatment such as growth hormones, HGH, etc. that could help me with my “problem.” As to what this problem is, I have thought that it would be prudent for me not to write about it here in your website as the matter is sensitive and may cause disrespect.

    For this reason, I humbly request to be given a chance to ask my question privately. Should I get a positive response to my question, I would fly to Cebu from Manila in a heartbeat and appear at your office for consultation.

    Thank you very very much Sir Doc Gerry.

    I have left my contact info just in case. mark0708@rocketmail.com / 0917-3474124

  130. Mark Says:

    (Sorry for sending it twice. I forgot to tick the “nofify me…” box.)

    Dear Sir,

    With your indulgence, I would just like to ask if there is a form of treatment such as growth hormones, HGH, etc. that could help me with my “problem.” As to what this problem is, I have thought that it would be prudent for me not to write about it here in your website as the matter is sensitive and may cause disrespect.

    For this reason, I humbly request to be given a chance to ask my question privately. Should I get a positive response to my question, I would fly to Cebu from Manila in a heartbeat and appear at your office for consultation.

    Thank you very very much Sir Doc Gerry.

    I have left my contact info just in case. mark0708@rocketmail.com / 0917-3474124

  131. clare Says:

    hello doc gerry, im clare 27 yo, callcenter agent for almost 5yrs now. Was quite healthy then until last summer of 2007. from 140 lbs, I gained an extra 60lbs in just 2yrs. Perhaps with the need for food at night to keep myself awake while at work. Diagnosed with hypokalemia and suffered seizures with a blood clot that was seen in my CT scan. Numbness either in the left side of my body or waist down. Also diagnosed with rheumatic heart dse and MVP and is suffering from excruciating pain from costochondritis. Was even diagnosed with juvenile stroke. Since then, ive been trying to lose weight to avoid repeat of any attacks. I was on depakote and aspirin for about 6months to prevent seizures. And I read long term use of depakote can alter the liver function. Is this perhaps why I dont see any result from my diet and exercise? ( I only do several rounds of walking because of my heart problems ) what should I do> pls help. thanks!

  132. claire Says:

    good day doc,
    ask ko lang po meron ako hypothyrodism.nagunderago ng radio active last 2 months pero wala changes.he ask me to drink propylthiouracil 1 tablet twice a day.constipate po ako and konti lang nakkain ko feeling ko busog nako.then maputla ako.please dok help me do i need to continue the medicine or ask other opinion.
    please help me..suggestion po kung sino doctor pwede ko malpitan…

  133. girlie Says:

    dear doc
    i just found your website, i have toxic goiter a few months after nag normal na pu un mga labtest ko until hindi nako pumupunta sa docctor ko pero once in a while nagpapa ultrasound parin ako tska tsh ft4 then normal naman pu lahat pero d pa rin ako pumupunta sa doktor ko, tanong ko lang po pwede po ba ako mag take ng oral pill to avoid pregnancy, pero balak ko rin po pumunta sa doktor ko at sa obgyne

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Girlie…please have yourself follow up regularly until your doctor tells you na your toxic goiter has resolved or undergone remission. Cant comment on your question until I have seen all your results so better still ask your doctor.

  134. girlie Says:

    my ultra sound results are on feb 16, 2007
    right lobe 3.91 x 0.88 x 0.94 cm
    left lobe 3.78 x 0.84 x 1.06 cm
    on oct 23, 2009
    right lobe 3.50 x 1.25 x 1.05 cm
    left lobe 3.42 x 1.33 x 1.08 cm
    are they ok both results are
    the thyroid gland is not enlarged. it has smooth contour and homogenous parenchymal echodensity. no abnormal solid cystic enhoes seen.

    doc are these results okey? hopefully they are, tnx po

  135. mary sochin tonacao Says:

    hi doc,

    good day.

    i’m 1 of your patients, my last check-up i think was 3/13/09 based on the results of my TSH 6.510 AND FT4 18.08 u said that was very good i told me to reduced my tapdin 5mg dosage everyday to 2.5mg every other day…u scheduled me to have a follow-up check-up 3 months after but when i arrived in the phils i wasn’t able to find a vacant slot in your sked…until i was scheduled to leave the country again…last dec 2009 i arrived and immediately have the test done which u sked me months ago and called your clinic for appointment but still no vacant for this month, jan 2010…i was scheduled to leave feb 2010…the result of my TSH now is lowered from 6.510 it became 2.590…FT4 from 18.08 to 23.31……there were times that i wasn’t able to take my medicine because i run out of stock…

  136. sallie Says:

    Hi Doc, Can you pls. confirm if rituximab drug can treat my eyes problem causing graves disease, im searching the internet & found this drug. tnx & more power

  137. girlie Says:

    ok po, pero doc jerry i have one bulging eye, pwede po b sya bumalik sa normal?

  138. efraim from bohol Says:

    doc gerry

    I was one of your patient last Oct.2008 to Jan.2008.You gave me a tablet for my toxic goiter called tapdin and there was faster effect of me my TSH and FT4 gets normal for at least 3 months from 20mg/day that I take tapdin it goes down to 5mg/day and there was really an effect tnx for that doc.As of now I’m currently working here already in Saudi Arabia starting last Nov.2009 until now.Doc I’m just asking if its ok with you that I will take tapdin again 5mg/day?because my last check up was last January 22 2009 then you gave me again tapdin 5mg/day until March 26 2009 but unluckily I did not able to comeback in your clinic because I went to Manila to work again.Is it ok doc that I will take tapdin again?if its ok how many mg should I take?Because I have notice now in myself that I Palpatate everyday then I start to loss weight now.And also my hands is keep moving (nangurog doc pero dili kaayo).Doc kindly help me on my situation now on what should I do.Hope you will reply to my email here is my email add (efraimbugash@yahoo.com) thanks doc gerry

  139. mary sochin Says:

    good day doc,

    just read your message now, i can’t be able to have the first come first served basis because i’m not in the philippines anymore, my flight was rebooked instead of 1st wek of feb….is it possible to take the dosage of my tapdin 5 mg everyday like you 1st instructed me?.thank you doc.

  140. mary sochin Says:

    good day doc,

    just read your message now, i can’t be able to have the first come first served basis because i’m not in the philippines anymore, my flight was rebooked instead of 1st wek of feb….is it possible to take the dosage of my tapdin 5 mg everyday like you 1st instructed me?.thank you doc.

  141. Jocelyn A. Baay Says:

    Doc Gerry,

    Doc im so glad i found your website. My appointment should be this month. I wasnt able to call for an appointment coz we we’re so busy last month for our wedding and forgot about it. Now I’m pregnant, is it okay to continue my medicine doc? I’ll call again on the 16th of this month.

  142. Wonderful Morning, Wonderful post. fake, specially from the major news corperations with the big slants to the left or right. Did you see last nights O’Rielly factor? haha, that was rediculous! Sorry, I’m rambling along over again. Have a Good 1!

  143. ELSBETH T. Says:

    hi Dr. Gerry,

    Hi!Good Day, i’m from Dumaguete City and i would like to seek your expertise with regards to my husband’s diagnosis. Our family doctor recently found out that he has adrenal adenoma. Hopefully he can see you for consultation and for further medical or surgical management. He was scheduled for consultation here in NY but unluckily was disapproved for US visa, so hopefully you can help him. I’d like to ask your clinic number so I can schedule him for appointment. Thank you

  144. Judith Amores Says:

    good day doc, I just would like to enquire if you still entertain walk-in patients coz I really cant wait for another month. I am bothered with my goiter already. Thanks

  145. Heya. Not sure if anyone told you this but your website looks kinda peculiar in my browser.. maybe several code in your design is wrong. . Im not sure if everybody is buying this identical problem when browsing your site? Oh yeah I am using Opera as my web browser so almost certainly thats the reason why. Thought it would be excellent to let you know just in case there is really an error lol. Thanks for the excellent articles on your website btw.. I love what you have so far and will be coming back!

  146. Maria Says:

    Hello Dr Tan, I live in Australia and my Pituatary gland was removed 12 years ago. The only hormone replacement the Endocrinologists gave me here were Estrogen, cortisone and Thyroxine. 12 years on and I now have Sarcopenia. Are you able to treat me for this or are you able to refer me to someone who can? I can arrange to fly to Phil. and stay there for treatment at your convenience. My Endocrinologist here has flatly refused to treat my Sarcopenia, brushing it off as “Aging”! I am only 42 years for goodness sake! I hope you can help.
    Thank you.

  147. Badru muyis Says:

    doc i was really impressed after going through your cv and your achievement so far in the upliftment of humanity health wise. in fact you’re a role model by miles ahead.

    sir i am a nigerian and a qualified medical laboratory scientist, i applied to cebu doctor university for the june MD programme and they said i would need to book an appointment with the secretary for telephone interview. please can you direct me on how to contact the secretary for the interview so that i will be able to not only meet some body like you but will also be able to aspire to an exalted position like you.

  148. Apryl Loarca Says:

    Would it be ok if I point to this, from my web site? I’m in need of help to round up as many snippets of good info as I can.

  149. Odis Collaco Says:

    Wow! Thank you! I often desired to write in my web site something like that. Can I take part of one’s post to my weblog?

  150. Salie Says:

    Hi Doc! I just want to ask why am i get so easily irritated nowadays? i am continuing tapdin 5mg two tabs. every 8 hrs a day (6am, 2pm and 10pm but every morning i miss 2 tabs.) I am gaining weight now but my eyes are still bulging and needed eye glasses.my concern is i am easily get irritated.there’s situation that i am overreacting, sometimes thinking it’s not me.is there any relation to my hyperthyroid?



  151. Keiko Rumney Says:

    A significant number of people are affected by hair loss but at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in giving people the opportunity to enhance their appearance and their lives

  152. Greg Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry, I’ve been following your site since last year but I haven’t got the chance to interact. I am one of you patients having problem with hyperthyroidism. I’ve been taking medicines: 4 tapdins daily and 1 duranol for 2 months now. But I’m worried it will do damage to the liver instead. I’m in Oman right now. As soon as I come back to the Philippines, I will surely visit your office, but right now, I have to know the best way to reliev such worry. Can you please help me. Thank you very much.


  153. alyne louise prosia Says:

    good day doc! i am 22 yrs old and i am prone to thyroid issues due to heredity. i just had a thyroid panel and here are my results.

    ft4 – 1.6
    ft3 – 4.1
    TSH – 0

    also, i haven’t been gaining weight. i am 5’5″ in height but my weight is 40 kg.


  154. Del Asuncion Says:

    Dear Dr Tan,
    I just want to update you reg a patient who was referred to you by Al de Villa – Jaymia Asuncion (my sis in law). She consulted you 2 years ago and your impression was Cushing’s. She was seen by other endocrinologists who were not so convinced but finally she was seen by my classmate Christy Yao (Medical City) who recommended removal of her pituitary adenoma. I just want to update you that 2weeks ago she underwent surgery under Dr Gap Legaspi in PGH. So far, her diabetes and HPN are improving. Your diagnosis proved to be correct. Thank you very much, Dr Tan.

  155. maryluz Says:

    Good evening doc Gerry,

    I am so thankful upon searching I found your very informative website of yours. At last I can have an expert whom I can learn and live life better. By the way, I underwent total thyroidectomy last March 2006 with Doctor Dela Serna as my surgeon and other assistant surgeons, maybe you were one of them at Cebu Doctors at Capitol. My case was the worst according to them, but I am so grateful she saved my life. If you could mention me to her, maybe she could still remember me. I am now fine and have a job in Mandaue and hoping to land as a teacher in public school. One year after my surgery, I got married and now I am wondering if I can still be able to be pregnant safely without having complication for my baby and for me. What do you think doc?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Maryluz…first thing I am not a surgeon…I am an endocrinologist that treat endocrine disorders including goiters. Meaning I usually dont recommend surgery for goiters oif possible. What is worst for a goiter if it is a cancer…otherwise…goiter is a goiter and therefore a simple disease. I am not sure how to answer you because I dont know the extent of your surgery and the medications you are taking now. Otherwise…if youre treated right, pregnancy is not an issue

  156. LOIZA COLOMA Says:

    dear doc,

    i hav a high uric acid, i felt heaviness on my shoulder and pain in chest is that because of high uric acid? my uric acid is 384

  157. LOIZA COLOMA Says:

    dear doc,

    sometimes i palpitate, is that a symptom of thyroid disorder?

  158. rob melasecca Says:

    Dr Gerry,
    I am a lawyer in australia and have a young relative in sindangan that needs thyroid operation. She is below thirty and has three children and has a significant unsightly growth that is starting to interfere with her breathing.

    1. Can the operation be done in mindanao or does she have to come to cebu.

    2. what are the costs in local money.

    3. I would like to help her and can see that you know what you are doing.

  159. paul Says:

    good eve doc.. im lucky to find your website..actually doc i have a graves disease diffused toxic goiter hyperthyroidism for almost a year as of now..my weight was reduced for how many pounds because of hyperthyroidism and i want to undergo RADIOACTIVE IODINE THERAPY. how much does RAI cost doc? so that i can prepare for that because im here in General Santos city Philippines. thnx

  160. paul Says:

    im planning to visit at your clinic so that this hyperthyroidism will be treated which bothered me always in my work..help me plsss…

  161. arnie fe baculad Says:

    Doc good day. it’s me arn-arn your patient. Doc is it possible na ang euthyroxin mka-allergy? doc nangatol ko. help!!! 3 days na. magstart ang katol sa ako neck then all over my body na. doc please help!!!

  162. Anne Manubag Says:

    Hello Dr. Gerry!
    Great website you have here! I am Anne of Citigym, Waterfront.. Dr. Henry Chua advised that you asked for me to email you our proposal. He forwarded your message but was unable to retrieve your e-add.May I please ask for it?

    Thank you very much!

  163. Greg Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,

    I’d like to ask if Carbimazole (neo mercazole) a good replacement for Methimazole-Tapdin? I’m taking 4 tablets right now but I’m afraid there will be no available methimazole here in Middle East. Can you please help me?

    I was once your patient in Chonghua Hospital.

    Thank you.

  164. Hi Dr. Tan. I am the mother of CHIARA MAE ALCANTARA. I wish to thank you for faithfully and religiously treating Chiara Mae since May 2004. I am writing you to tell you that after Chiara Mae’s check up with you when we asked for your advice whether she has to be operated by Dr. Yong you showed us different scenarios that we wanted to say No to the suggested operation. When we saw Dr. Yong he said that the left eye has already glaucoma and might not be saved though he has given Chiara Mae an eyedrop for her left eye with glaucoma to try to relieve the pain. He said we need to save the right eye, wherein the cornea has thinned otherwise the right eye will also become blind. We told him about the after operation problem. He told us that they now have a new method of treatment that can heal the eyes after one day and in order that she can’t touch her eyes she has to use googles to be provided by them for one week and then she will be using eyedrops after that for a certain period. We seem to be convinced with his explanation but we want to hear your side. What do you say Doc?

  165. haydee Says:

    hi doc gerry, its my first time to check your website and i found out that it so educational.. i suspect that i have a gout and have increased uric acid but i have not gone for lab yet. i was operated for hypertoxic thyrod last 2005. i wonder if you have branch clinic here in manila or laguna area? thanks a lot…

  166. Nilda Says:

    Hi, Doc Gerry, just attended Onglyza launching last night where you’re invited as a reactor but yes you’re right more of a comment than reaction is better. In your opinion how promising is Onglyza. When will be your next AACE . Thanks

  167. jen Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry, about the waist twisting disc, how long should I exercise on it?

  168. Karen Dalac Says:

    Good day Doctor Gerry!

    I wanna say thank you for treating my thyroid cyst way back year 2000-2003. You are such a brilliant and amazing Doctor.

  169. Linn Says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I wanna know does Kremil S safe to pregnancy woman?


  170. Leonito Says:

    Good morning.I would say thanks for giving one of my crew,Mr.Sulague a prioritized hand when they visited your clinic.I only happened to have chance to say it this time for i failed to say it in person,because you are always out of time and chance for us to meet you.Hopefully,naa ka sa negros in Nov.1.

  171. Karen Dalac Says:

    Hi Doc,

    A pleasant day to you!

    I have cousin currently working n Qatar Doc, she is suffering now from perhaps a thyroid cyst problem. She underwent medical consultation at Qatar but the result/findings of her laboratory tests shows no problem and the result of her biopsy is benign. The cyst is getting bigger now but still her Doctor didn’t giver her medication or any treatment for her cyst. She try to asked help from me if I can give her an advise coming from you…

    Looking forward for your advise Doc. Thank you and more power!

  172. Jackie Says:

    Doctor, where is your clinic? I want to see you. I am 26 y/o. I have PCOS. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve visited many doctors but they’re just giving me pills and it’s not effective, it regulates my menstruation but when i stopped taking pills it’s irregular again. here’s my email: hummingbird.2009@yahoo.com

  173. helen Says:

    Hi Doc,

    My grandmother has been taking metformin (glumet) and gliclazide (glubitor) for 12 years now. She consulted and the results showed high serum creatinine. the doctor then requested for 24 hour urine and showed low creatinine. she told us that my grandmother’s kidneys already have problems thus she has to stop taking those medications and start with insulin. We consulted another doctor but this time, serum crea was normal so she was just asked to continue previous medications. We are quite confused on whom to follow. I would just like to ask of any possible reasons why there has been discrepancy on the results and if there would be any difference whether blood was taken while my grandmother was on fasting or nonfasting. May i ask also for your advice on how to settle the confusion. Thank you very much for your time.

  174. Karen D Says:

    Hi Doc!

    With respect to my previous e-mail here’s the result of my cousin’s lab test
    ; TF1 thyroid function test panel 1 free thyroxine 12 pmol/L (9-20) thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH)1.2 mIU/L(0.45-4.5. Looking forward for your advise Doc… Thank you..

  175. Lei Ramos Says:

    Hi doc Gerry,

    i dont know if you still remember me doc, am from Ayala Land and we held an event there (casa espanol) in Cebu and tried to invite you, though being a doctor that you are, I understand that you are generally busy with your patients then ,..you were also referred by doctor jimmy aragon when I minorily sponsored the AACE here in Sofitel

    anyway doctor, i really find your website very very interesting and informative. I cant help not to say how helpful it is to me right now..am desperately trying to lose some weight and your website is truly helpful… am trying to be concious on what i eat now and jog at times.. but what can you say about those coffee (brazilian) that says will help you control your appetite? one of my friends tried it though and she lost fast than i am sweating it all out naturally. she’s thinner now and I really would like to try it, but quite hesitant because i am maintaining a penicillin for my RF..are those chinese coffee – appetite suppresant really works? and how will it affect my health doctor..my friend told me it has no side effects at all..thank you po sa free consultation hehehe 🙂

    thank you so much Doctor and God Bless you always

  176. jeanielly Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry,

    Im jeany from Butuan City.i just wanna share to you my health problem. hoping to enlighten my mind. I discover that i have a goiter since june 2008.it started to a small one but in dec. 2009 i get pregnant. and it become bigger and bigger until i deliver my child on Aug. 2010. Now im worry if it will be cure by medicine or it need an operation.

    Im planing to go in Cebu to have my check up..What hospital could cater my needs?

    hoping for your answer..

    thank you

  177. Jen Tagasa Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan,

    I’m writing a story on soybean consumption for a magazine called Garage. I am hoping to include your thoughts on the subject, so I wonder if I may email you my questions directly. Your professional opinion on soy consumption in the country will greatly help me construct a clearer article.

    I look forward to your reply. Thank you very much!

  178. paul Says:

    Hi doc, am paul, 53 years old and recently diagnosed of diabetes. It was an accidental to note that I am diabetic. am coughing for almost a week and I decided to have my laboratory before going to a doctor for consultation. I have my Chest X-ray, urinalysis,CBC and FBS and later found out that my FBS is beyond normal. my doctor prescribed me the following medicines;
    for my cough – Levox 750 mg/5 days, 1 tab a day, for my allergy (cause of my coughing)aerius 5mg/6 days,3X a day and a nasal spray Fluticasone furoate-avamys nasal spray. for my diabetes – Galvusmet(r) 50mg/850mg- 100tabs once a day. Humamet 850mg-200tabs 2X a day. My Lab test results for FBS – 127.73mg/dl; HbAlc 6.20%; 2H P-Prandial Blood Sugar 153.82mg/dl. Lab test was taken last 12/22/10. Am I taking the right medicine dose? If yes, is there any generic med that is much cheaper than the prescribed med? Right now I don’t have a work that could augment my med expenses. Doc, is it all right to be a member of an association for diabetic patients? do we have one here in Cebu? Thank you very much doc….. Daghan kaayong salamat.

  179. paul Says:

    Doc by the way I have a maintenance for my thyroid. I had my iodine radio active treatment for my toxic goiter last 1986. Again doc, daghan kaayong salamat. – Paul

  180. jason Says:

    hi doc gerry,

    i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last december, i wish to visit your office one of these days for check-up, may i know your location in cebu doc gerry?

    thank you.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Jason… look for Cebu Doctors Hospital…and the nfo counter should direct you to my office. Please make sure you call ahead for appointment..check this website for clinic numbers.

  181. Gabriel Romero Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,

    My daughter is 17 years old and has fully developed breasts and hips. However she is only 4’9″ and weighs about 85 lbs. She had her first menstruation at age 10 and had a growth spurt until 13 yrs old.
    I myself is short at 5’3″ and my wife is 5’1″.
    Can taking HGH increase her height? Please advise how we can go about with this. Can you recommend clinics in Manila?
    Thanks and best regards.

  182. roselynchamaine Says:

    Hello Doc,

    I am a call center rep here in Cebu.. I would like to ask for your office number so I can make an appointment. My officemates noticed the enlargement of my left neck and they called it Goiter. Im worried about it. I am a mother and I just gave birth last Oct 2010.

    Thank you

  183. krizzY Says:

    Hello Doc Gerry,
    Gud mownin doc, pwd ko mag.ask doc curios lang ko gud. Doc ang medicine nga BRANDED ug GENERIC same lang ba ang effect kung imong imnon or naa’y dakong kalainan? Pwd nimo e.clarify doc.
    Salamat kaau doc…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Krizzy… the problem with generics is the way they are made and manufactured becuase factories are sprouting and sources are so many nobody can trace the roots and therfore prone to abuse and poor safety practice. Impurities arising form the way a product is made can make a big difference in terms of liver and kidney toxicty. So If i get sick… ill stick to the brand that i know am comfortable with and i know is proven to work becuase it was the product used during research….

  184. PREMED TO MED Says:

    i sooo love ur blog doc jerry! i just told myself to visit here evrytime i get tired from studying. I wanna be an ENDO someday! thank you

  185. grace berondo Says:

    hello doc i am stranger in cebu city i found your website,pa check up sana ako sa yo about my biabetes at hindi nag normal ang sugar ko sa mga reseta ko dito sa ami, my family friend who is a doctor now based in USA advise me to have an A1C,daratng kami sa monday morning doc hope ma check mo agad ako kasi wala kaming matuluyan dyan, pwede makahingi number ng secretary at mag pa book na ako agad ngayon.

  186. chatter Says:

    hi doc gerry,

    doc, i would like to ask your advise. im having my fellowship here at nkti. Can i ask your opinion regarding our patient here in opd. She has mesangial GN and on prolonged steroid therapy for 5 years. She had avascular necrosis of her hip thus needing hip replacement. she is currently on prednisone 5 mg od for the last 2 years. Question is … do i need to give steroids pre-op and post op for her? or her pred dose is low enough that it does not warrant giving steroids? … SHe will be undergoing hip replacement anytime this month.. can i ask your expert opinion on this matter? thanks a lot!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Chatter… make sure you give stress dose steroid coverage for her..it is not the dose on her part …the problem is the duration of steroid use…so you still have to assume her to be at risk for crisis

  187. neony orteza Says:

    Hi Doc,

    Thank God it help me to find you thru your own site, i will be going to cebu this june 5 to 7 and i want to go to your clinic to have my chek up on my right side of neck.it is bigger than my left side but i dont have lumps, i will be getting a referral to dr. arellano to have my thyroid scan. I dont know what will be my reaction if i have the test and got my result.im afraid of dying early coz i have 4 kids and im only 34.thanks doc…i will be very happy if u will reply to this message.godbless

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Neony… see me first before doing a thyroid scan. Dont do imaging for no reason…Ill determine f you will need one or not.. Please call my office May 2 for an appointment on June 5 or 7

  188. Mildred K. Says:

    Hi! Dr. Tan,

    My sister Melcha has an appt. with you next week, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of your office staff to obtain some information. Please post me your office phone# with a contact representative.

    Thank You!

  189. neony orteza Says:

    doc sorry i just read ur message tonight…i will have my FT4 tom.but i will still call ivy for appointment on june 5 were going back manila on june6.thnks

  190. Dear Doc Gerry,
    Do you hold clinic in Manila. My mom’s goiter was removed when she was 21 yrs old yet. She’s 85 years old now. She’s on maintenance. I think the medicine is leboxin. We had her thyroid tests last week at NKI but I can’t find a doctor that specializes in thyroid disease. Please help.

  191. Bambi Z. Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,
    I was recently diagnosed with suspicious papillary carcinoma.I have nodules in my right thyroid.My doctor in Manila advised me to do Total Thyroidectomy Surgery as soon as possible.Wala na po bang ibang treatment other than surgery?I’m a nurse and about to leave the country sana for overseas work but na-pending medical ko.I’m afraid of losing my career so I searched for the best Endocrinologist and luckily found you.I want to have second opinion with you Doc,but when I called your clinic your secretary told me that your going to US this week.When po kayo available?Manggagaling pa po ako ng Leyte.Pls update me your schedule Doc.Thank you very much.

  192. abdulah indardaya Says:

    Hi Dr. Tan,

    Good evening!

    My mom is recently diagnosed with neuropathy due to diabetes. She’s currently taking Gabix and dolcet as her medicines as per advised by her doctor. However, it’s been weeks now and there’s no sign of improvement with her condition. She cant sleep and she always cries due to pain. Also, She’s having a hard time walking due to pain in her legs and feet as well. I am really worried right now. She means everything to me. Hope you can advise. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Regards, Abdul

  193. hello doc,i just want to know what are the most common diseases that a call center agent can have.I’ve been working in this industry for 4 years already.

  194. Abraham k.S Says:

    I did total thyroidectomy on 1998, presently I am on Eltroxin 100mg tab. Is there any relation between that tab and blood sugar level. Blood sugar level Fasting 8. after food 10-12

  195. Abraham k.S Says:

    I did total thyroidectomy on 1998, presently I am on Eltroxin 100mg tab. Is there any relation between that tab and blood sugar level

  196. Zoorurgeolf Says:

    just read the topic! Awesome job.

  197. Zoorurgeolf Says:

    just read the thread! great job.

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  199. agnes Says:

    where you located and your phone NO.?

  200. rowena o. real Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan,
    I was ultrasound last march and this was the result. I want to do some medical treatment but i am working in hongkong right now and my employer didn’t know about it. Do you clinic in hongkong? i want to consult on you on this matter.

    Both lobes are enlarged. The right lobe measures 4.4×2.1×1.8 cm. There is a hypoechoic mass noted at the lower poles measuring .7x.5cm. A complex mass is noted at the mid portion measuring .6x.4cm.
    The left lobe measures 4.4×1.9×1.7cm. There is a complex mass noted at the lower pole measuring .8x.6cm.
    God bless!

  201. hanna Says:

    Hello Dr.Tan
    i’m worried about myself because i noticed that my neck is bulging(not really obvious) my condition is still good i haven’t feel anything,but lately i feel something different when i swallow,my husband told me it doesnt meant anything maybe i have a tonsil problem,but im still worried because i’m planning to cross country in Canada as of now im working here in Hongkong,my paper is ready for the application,Doc my question is,if the doctor found that i have thyroid problem,does it cause obstacle? i mean would they allow me to pursue my application or they will give some medication treatment to cure before they approved my medical.?pleaseee i need your advice,
    By the way to those who are in HONGKONG having the same problem with me,can you help me to refer the location to have a proper examination regarding this matter…thanks a lot for this website its really helpful.

  202. ACS Says:

    hi Dr. Gerry
    Good day!
    I was diagnosed of Nodular toxic goiter last three years ago. Currently i am taking strumazol and inderal for maintenance.
    Im planning to visit your clinic this coming thursday, july 28 for further evaluation. For i have not notice any improvement in my health since i started taking meds, though my palpitations and tremors were gone but my weight is not improving and i easily get tired.And I’m afraid it might damage my kidney due to the meds I’m taking
    I hope you can help doc. I really want to be cure with this disease. I’m still 22 years old, i was 19 when i got this disorder.

    thank you very much doctor Gerry.

  203. Boracay Says:

    Great beat ! I wish to apprentice while you amend your site, how could i subscribe for a blog website? The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear idea

  204. Hi Doctor Tan,

    Im looking for good surgeon and doctor for my Thyroid problem. My problem is 8-9 year old and it is not toxic. Last Year 2010 I able to give birth with my baby boy and it was normal delivery. I also had doctors for my thyroid that time recommended by my Obe. The doctor said it is better to have it removed basing on the ultrasound.

    Can you help me, is it possible to visit you and talk. I want like fine scar coz im worried if theres big scar or my voice will be affected since my job requires speaking/talking.. help me..

  205. joy Says:

    hi doc good day!im jerlyn maxilom from mandaue city.doc can i visit your clinic but my problem is where is your clinic located?

  206. joy Says:

    hello doc gerry! this is my landline no.4222170 my cell.no. 09084560466.pls. text me your clinic no. thank you and god bless you!

  207. lyn Says:

    gud day sir. My 3 month old daughter was diagnosed with laryngomalacia and heard it may be relieved thru acupuncture. Is this true and please if u can refer me to a pediatric acupuncturist here in manila. Tnx. God Bless and more power.

  208. emjay Says:

    Doc, i have an problem about my growth…I’m 17 years old from davao city here in philippines…I’m 128 pounds but I’m only 4’9 of height… Doc, could i ask for advice if I’m gonna get taller?? or there are be injectable to get taller?

    • healthexpert Says:

      I do not think you would be more than 4’11 for sure heheh. Sorry if i sound mean but it is just the way it is. Some are blessed with good height and unluckily some are not 🙂

      Just have self discipline to lose weight.

  209. SBA 8a Says:

    This is able to be the wonderful weblog for anybody who wishes to seek out out about this subject. You recognize rather a lot its just about arduous to argue with you (not that I severely would want…HaHa)!!! You actually put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for decades. Nice issues, simply good!

  210. CLAIRE Says:

    Hi Dr Gerry

    Indeed you are helping people (us) understand our disease/s and thru this (your) site, you are educating us and giving us our prescription to better health.

    All the best!!!

  211. maria teresa canete Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,

    Good day! I’m one of your patient in Cebu, presently having a holiday. At last i found your website. I’m so happy! Can i ask some favor Doc? im taking Avamax 20mg, hapit na mahurot akong gdala nga med doc. Unsa man akong i replace for the meantime? Naa man diri daghan Crestor 10mg & Lipitor 20mg hinatag. Asa man ani ang similar to Avamax 20mg? ok ra ni doc? or i have to really look my med. here? Mahal doc oi! Nakuyawan ko doc kay they say here nga mag pa check sa liver after pila ka months taking the said med. Pls help me & give me some advice doc.
    Daghang salamat kaau doc. God bless & regards to Ivy..

  212. dewei Says:

    hello dr. gerry good morning i am a 27 years old male and im having a problem with my nipple because it is puffy/swollen..i noticed this one since i was 3rd year highschool but til now i have this problem. I tried to research on the net regarding this problem and i found 2 solutions that could solve this problem. Either to come to endocrinologist or have a surgery. But i am really afraid of any kind of surgey, i need your help and idea to avoid any surgery. i will have my vacation this coming november and im willing to go to your clinic to talk to you about this matter..thanks

  213. ivy Says:

    Hi Doc! I’m your patient .. Doc I’m taking Euthyrox 100 mg.. Is it ok if I will take birth control pills? Is there any contraindications while taking euthyrox as well as birth control pills? thank you

  214. moises Says:

    hello doc gerry..

    can i have something to ask you favor doc?it was tonsil is making me 3 times happened this year..can i ask you doc what do for it.and also i ask for how much tonsil removal if ever happened doc..i just want to know pra mo maka ipon pra sa removal doc.if you dont mind..ksi im suffering agan this times..hope you give me answered doc..thank you and godbless you

  215. maria teresa canete Says:

    hi doc gerry! follow up lang ko sa imng suggestion/reply doc. pls… thank you doc…

  216. saidi Says:

    hi doc…i am a facial excessive sufferer…but i want to know if it is primary or secondary hope to help me with this problem thank you

  217. Alma Te Says:

    Hello Doc Gerry,
    This is Alma Te from Ozamiz City, I was your patient before and my thyroid gland have been removed 100% by dr george ang last 2003. unfortunately, i can’t remember anymore when was the last time i visited your clinic, am very sorry to say that i stopped taking medicine because i was treated by my ob-gyne to have another baby but until now still longing.
    Am very happy to see your website and got your telephone number for me to call for an apointment. hope to see you again soon.
    Thank you very much. God bless us always.

  218. dear doc gerry, katulad po ng iba may goiter din po ako at ang akin dr.tan din ay binigyan din po ako ng Levothyroxine for almost 2months. nawala ng minsan ang kirot sa akin neck but nag aalala po ako na parang may nakabara sa akin lalamunan, nararamdaman ko lng po pag dating napo ng mag gagabi parang may nakabara sa akin throat also is the sign en symptoms of goiter?hope u reply also..and i’ll wait for u’r response.. tnx.. janecallanta

  219. dear doc, i’m waiting for u’r response.. my only problem is parang may nakabara sa akin lalamunan..

  220. Pam Says:

    Hi doc gerry, I knew you through my sister pura and my husband antonio remo jr. He was your patient just recently.
    He is still under medication right now and how happy I am that your prescriptions works for him a lot. Thank you so much for the health assistance that you provided for both of them. -pam

  221. Christopher Rodgers Says:

    Hi Dr Tan. I’m a 48 year old male who is being treated for Pituitory Gland damage from radio therapy for a tumor when I was 22. I have been badly treated by past Dr over the years starting 12 years ago, when I went for help they either made me feel stupid or a pervert! I changed Dr’s to an old friend of mine who used to be a surgeon, he sent me for testing with a specialist. Test showed that my testosterone was very very low at 2.2, growth is low & other’s are also. My problem is I haven’t responded to testosterone alone as expected & was promised after being treated most of this year I would be re-tested for growth by insulin shock testing. my specialist has become quite different with me & now contradicts what he said in the past. trouble is I’m a healthy looking big guy on the outside but this thing has distroyed my life in the past I now realise & is only getting worse. If you cannot help with advise can you please tell me what should my testosterone & growth levels be because the chart for testosterone they are quoting ranges from about 9 to 38! Thanks for you time & any advise you can give I’m very depressed with this as I’m only Englands brilliant National Health not private, but I feel in these times of cut backs it’s only the money they’re thinking of not my health, happines or future damage to my health. Thanks again Christopher Rodgers.

  222. nerissa m. cabalan Says:

    Dear Doc Gerry,
    Good day!
    I am Nerissa M. Cabalan, 42 yrs old from Butuan City of Mindanao. I’m one of your patients since 2006 if not mistaken. Doc, this is regards with Ms. ivy assigned in your clinic relative to the policies she imposed and i don’t know if you are aware some with those rules. I don’t have any intention to malign a person but only to share the sentiments i had encountered last Nov. 8, 2011, my schedule for follow up check up. My name listed no. 3 from the first come first serve basis through my brother who stayed late just to be with that number and left immediately for he has still work to attend to. I came at 8 am more or less but unfortunately Ms. Ivy did not honor because there was nobody “daw” during the roll call. Honestly, i was really disappointed with what she said considering the effort, the days that were absent from the office and the money spent just to be there during the check up scheduled and all of a sudden my purpose wasn’t realized knowing how particular you are when it comes to check up.
    I just hope you will understand Doc and God bless.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Nerissa… yes because the one posted in the wall is not sanctioned by us…its the roll done by patients that I am the first you are th second. If you are not there during the time we call the names then most likely you wont be included in the first come first served. I dont know how to make this better but my advise is to get an appointment. to avoid this hassle. The reason we dont honor the list is patients from Cebu will already write their names the night before and go home while the new patients frrm the provinces can no longer be accomodated who traveled early to hopefully get a slot.

      Appoitment is done 1 month ahead:
      call Dec 1 for Jan 1-15 appointment; call Dec 16 for Jan 16-30 appointment.

      Thanks and hope to see you back

  223. doc gerry, u have no response? busy?

  224. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Jenn.. cant comment unless your will thoroughly examined. Please seek appointment with your local endo

  225. marie Says:

    doc good noon iam marie from cebu doc i want to ask ur help reg. sa akong health actually doc overweight gyud ko doc i really wanted to loose weight pero naglisud ko what will be the best medicine or best method which can help me to loose weight duna na sad ko diabetic karon and hipertension.duna ko maintenance na losartan 100mg. and amlodifane 10mg. for my diabetic neoform doc. duna sad ko na feel karon sa akong tuhod doc pag molakaw ko og dugay medyo sakit akong tuhod doc og medyo feeling nako hugot akong tuhod mao mag takiang ko doc para dili mataga an og weight akong left leg.pls help me and give some advice . thanks and waiting for ur reply.more power

  226. Neil M. Antiquina Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry – Good morning. Do you have another clinic/office number other than 253-5460. It seems that number is not working anymore. My aunt from the province who is your patient and is trying to get a confirmed schedule for consultation on January 12, 2012.

    Neil Antiquina

  227. Neil M. Antiquina Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry – Please disregard the email above. I was just able to get through the number and was able to talk to Ivy. Unfortunately, it’s a full skd already for Jan 1 – 15, 2012. I didn’t realize that’s how good you are and very sought after :-)! We’ll try queuing up starting at 1am onwards on Jan 12.


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Neil… sorry to hear that. As my schedule is by appointment so most likely the dates you requested are full right away in a day… so will see you then. Other option is to call on Jan 2 for a Feb 1-15 appointment

  228. Nikki Says:

    Hello Doc Gerry – I wonder if you’re familiar with Percutaneous Ethanol Injection to reduce the size of thyroid nodules. If so, is this treatment available in Cebu? Thanks.

  229. Thanks for your write-up. I have usually noticed that a majority of people are desirous to lose weight as they wish to show up slim along with attractive. Having said that, they do not generally realize that there are more benefits to losing weight in addition. Doctors say that obese people are afflicted with a variety of illnesses that can be directly attributed to their excess weight. The good thing is that people who definitely are overweight and also suffering from a variety of diseases can help to eliminate the severity of their particular illnesses by losing weight. It’s possible to see a steady but noted improvement with health whenever even a minor amount of fat reduction is achieved.

  230. This informative article is right on every point in my book. You did a great job with researching and writing the information here. You’re interesting and unique content is a pleasure to read. Thank you.

  231. kaye Says:

    hi doc. i am planning on leaving for cebu to look for an endocrinologist..luckily I’ve found your website. i am having a problem on my height and on my weight. i am 25 years old and i am only 4’8″ short and 30kg..i have tried many supplements and i also see to it that i eat right..but i am still thin and small.. i just want to ask if human growth hormone treatment is a good choice for me.,will i get any taller and fatter with it?how much will it cost me?please reply..so that i’ll know what treatment i’ll be going through.and if how much it will cost me..thank u and GOD bless

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hello Khazzei… unfortunately you stop growing once your bone epiphysial plate starts to fuse, usually around the age of 18 to 20. So please stop taking supplements, they in turn can cause more harm than good. Growth hormone will no longer work because of your age.

  232. thinner-u Says:

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  233. Mark Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry. I am a 27 year old male but have the body of a 16 year old boy. I am slim built with a thin bone structure and have a small face. This has long been a problem of mine not only because it is aesthetically displeasing to me but also has its practical disadvantages. After doing some research on the net, I’ve stumbled upon HGH. Since then I’ve been reading up on HGH and learned that while it can solve my problem, it also can or will have negative effects. Having realized this, I am still determined to take HGH provided it is done under the strict supervision of a medical expert. I need a doctor who could make me fully aware of what I intend to get myself into and temper the health risks and disadvantages of HGH with its desired effects. What I’d like to ask you Doc is if you would generally recommend HGH to me and if you would admit me into some type of HGH program/treatment if so. Thank you very much for your time.

    May I also know if you have already previously administered HGH to a similarly situated patient? Thanks again Doc!

  234. Mark Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry. I’m sorry for posting twice in a row. I would just like to clarify something about my post after reading your answers to previous inquiries regarding HGH or growth hormones. My understanding is that you would no longer recommend growth hormones to people older than 20 if they wish to become taller. I am a 27 year old male and I intend to take growth hormones NOT to become taller but to have bigger wrists, ankles, hands, feet, jaws, chin, and skull. I am 5’8″ in height and satisfied with it. I intend to take growth hormones to have a more mature face and a bigger skeletal frame. I read that athletes who take growth hormones had these side effects. A slight increase in the size of my wrists, hands, jaws, etc. is all I am hoping for. I am aware of the risks hence I would like to take growth hormones under the strict supervision of a medical expert. To those who might judge, I would just like to say that I intend to do this for my personal satisfaction and for my career.

  235. Usually I don’t learn article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very nice article.

  236. nikki Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry, I’m currently in Cebu for a vacation and also to see you for my thyroid problems. The doctors in the US have recommended surgery for my growing thyroid nodule 4.9 cm. I was also told to have my right lobe taken out. The biopsy result is negative.
    The thought of surgery has always been terrifying for me so I am definitely going to see you hoping and praying that you can recommend an alternative to surgery.
    I hope I can be accommodated soon since my time here in Cebu is limited.
    Happy New Year, Doc and more power to you!

  237. Heya i’m for the primary time here. I came across this board and I in finding It truly useful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to provide something back and aid others such as you aided me.

  238. I like all the helpful info you’ll provide in your posts. I’ll bookmark yuor web blog and check again right frequently. I am pretty sure I’ll find out many new thing right here! Best of luck for someone else!

  239. irene Says:

    helo doc jerry, salamat s diyos at nakita ko tong website nyo. matagal n kasi akong naghahanap ng magaling n endocrinologist n pwede kong tanungin about s condition ko. may hyperthyroidism po kasi ako doc.
    before my labaratory;
    result normal range
    t4- 17.79 ug/dl 5.1-14.1
    TSH-0.005 uIU/ml 0.27-4.2

    and then i take carbimazole(neo mercazole) 20mg everyday for 5 months, then i check again my lab and this is the result.

    result normal range
    free t4- 1.38 ng/dl 0.71-1.85
    TSH- 0.24uIU/ml 0.27-4.2

    after that i continue my medicine doc but i make it 10mg/day for 1month and i check again my lab this is the result

    free t4- 0.96 ng/dl
    TSH- 2.44uIU/ml

    its normal already doc jerry thats why i just want to ask u if i need to continue my neo mercazole 10mg or i need to decrease the dosage of my medication for my maintenance. hindi po kasi ako makahanap ng endocrinologist dito s saudi doc isa akong OFW please help me doc i need your advice about my case. thanks in advance doc may God Bless u and your family. waiting for your reply.

  240. fake tan Says:

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  241. healthy food Says:

    I will immediately seize your rss feed as I can not in finding your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me recognize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  242. Marciano Camorista Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,

    Good day…
    I know you are a very busy Doctor. So to make it quick, I have a friend/neighbor from San Carlos and also a Tomasian. He had a UAE local friend (a United Arab Emirate national) who was interested and wanted to get a liver-transplant at your hospital. If it is possible with you to treat him, that would be gratefully well-appreciated. At the moment he is on dialysis treatment.
    If you want the medical reports of this person, my friend Rinocen Canoy (a classmate of your brother Edgar) will send to you via e-mail. For more information in details you can contact my friend at RCanoy@eppi.ae or rinorian07@yahoo.com.
    Awaiting your reply…

    Best regards,

    Marciano Camorista

  243. Jocelyn Says:

    Hello Dr. Gerry

    I’ve been searching online for an Endocrinologist who specialize in thyroid and luckily found your name. I am so impressed and gives you high respect for all your achievements and success. But I am from Cavite and can’t really afford to fly to Cebu. I wonder if you could recommend a good doctor around here or Manila who, like you, is well experienced in dealing with thyroid problems.

    I hope you will respond to this query.

    Best regards,


  244. edcol Says:

    Hi dok im your kababayan in negros.your the clasSmate of my sister in CSTR.i have a problem in my thyroid.i have already a doctor but almost one year di pa ako gumaling.palAgi akung mahirapan huminga.actually when we go during our fiesta in negros i go to the hospital and have oxygen there cos i cant breath.then everytime were going to a vacation ino oxygen talaga ako.tahts why di muna ako nagvacation ngayun.;then when i go back to cebu.actually im in working in cebu now.and my sister and my bos told me to find another doctor kasi parang di ako gumaling dun sa doctor ko.thats why i go in your clinic then nag vacation ka daw last jan. i think 2nd week . then i go back on the 3rd week then i talk to your secretary sabi nya one month booking daw OMG!!! tagal naman but i understand .thats why now i wake up early to have a pila near in your clinic.HOPE TO SEE YOU DOC.

  245. Aisha Says:

    Dear Doc Jerry,

    I’ve been on Armour Thyroid for 12 years for my hypothyroidism and have continued using it even after my total thyroidectomy. It has done wonders for me. You told me that you hate this dessicated form of thyroid medication due to its “side effects”. So far, there hasn’t been any proof that it can cause Osteoporosis. Armour Thyroid has been around for over 100 years and contrary to your belief it is still sold in the US and Canada and has gained back its popularity.
    I’m planning on marketing Armour Thyroid in the Philippines and hoping for your support.

    Amore’ Armour!

    Please read on:




  246. kelly Says:

    Good day, Dr. Gerry!

    I would just like to inquire if u recommend lobectomy lung surgery for my father who has uncontrolled diabetes and bronchiectasis. This was the recommendation given by another specialist, considering his frequent hemoptysis.
    We were further informed that his right upper lobe lung has collapsed and therefore has to be removed. we are deeply concerned,considering he is a diabetic, though we were advised that his diabetes should be controlled first prior to the operation procedure. He is only 58 y.o. doc. We want him to be with us for a longer time. What can be best done with his condition doc? We badly need your sound advice.
    Hoping to get your professional feedback, doc. Thank you and God bless!


  247. ched Says:

    hi doc, i would like to ask if it’s still possible for a client who has goiter, to take glutathione supplement? would there be any contraindications? her goiter is not very visible. thank you very much

  248. JTM Says:

    Good day Doc Jerry!

    I was your patient before (May 2009). I am now working here in Libya and I hope you can help me with my case. You diagnosed me with papillary carcinoma when I was 21 and I have already undergone total thyroidectomy. I am taking levothyroxine daily 100mcg. Recently, i’ve undergone blood tests and the results are:

    Third Generation TSH 2.26 (Normal- 0.400-4.00)
    Thyroglobulin 1.49 (Normal- 0.20-55.0)

    The libyan doctor said that the TSH should be suppressed. Even though the thyroglobulin is normal, I might need to undergo radiation which is contrary to your advice as there were no metastasis and I am at my early age. Now, I am already 24 years old . I hope you can enlighten me regarding this matter. Thanks a lot
    Doc Jerry.



  249. DianneY Says:

    Hello Dr. Tan,

    I’d like to confirm the safety of including sweet potatoes in a diabetic diet/meal plan. I’ve read forums and blogs claiming that it’s safe for diabetics to eat them. I’m asking this because I’m planning to replace my daily consumption of white rice with sweet potatoes.

    Thank you.



  250. joan Says:

    hi doc,
    i am joan, the youngest of the family having a very limited means financially but glory to God i have finished a 2yr-course as a working student and held various kinds of jobs just to earn a living for our family which is unfortunately not in-line with my study and still thankful for those opportunities…and now another opportunity to be very thankful of has come, after several yrs of browsing the net just to find the answer to my quest; a cure for my mother’s illness, i found your website..

    almost 8yrs ago during a medical mission in our town my mother was diagnosed of having a goiter… but until now we wasn’t able to send her for a proper medication due to a financial problem…after scrolling down with this website, i have no doubt that you are the doctor i am looking for, someone whom God will be using to release wellness to my everdearest mother ..

    Doc if you don’t mind can you please send me list of corresponding services and fees and some helpful suggestions on my e-mail?, so that i can picture out the amount that we would spent..and start reaching that goal before I would give-up my job and go back home for my mother’s medical attention..

    THANK YOU very much po for your time, God bless u more!!!

    “Every thing is possible to those who believe, as God has promised”

  251. Aida Ong Says:

    Doc, good morning. I just want to inform you that I wasn’t able to use the discount card of Actos because it has already expired. The coupons were only valid from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012. The pharmacy won’t accept it anymore. Is there a cheaper substitute to the medicine or a more recent coupon you can give? Thank you.

  252. Ma. zenaida r. quinahan Says:

    Dear Doc,

    I am writing you in behalf of my brother whose daughter has been in and out of the hospital due to low pottassium. They want to come to Cebu to look for a specilaists. Please help us. … any advice?

  253. Daveric A. Pagsisihan Says:

    Good day po Dr. Gerry Tan! I am Daveric Pagsisihan, a resident of internal medicine in De La Salle University medical center in Cavite. I am currently writing a case report on rapid preoperative preparation of a patient who developed agranulocytosis with MMI. I would like to ask po sana if you can give me a copy of your article on “The clinical profile of patients who developed agranulocytosis on Anti-Thyroid Agents: cebu Doctors’ Hospital Experience” so that I can site local figures. Thanks po doc in advance

  254. good afternoon doctor Tan I was diagnose with toxic goiter last week and I have a positive result , I want to have an appointment with you but i was not able to contact your clinic nurse may i know what time do I go to your clinic ..do you have daily clinic? thank you very much imee

  255. imelda de la torre Says:

    imelda yongco de la torre

    good evening doc thank you very much for your expertise by now at ease naku na months from now mawala na akong toxic goiter may i ask u doc teacher mangud ko okay raba naku nga mag discuss every day sa akong klasc dl ba maka triger ..I”m very much honor f you can give m the advise thank you very much…

  256. amita honor Says:

    Good evening doc. Is your telephone number still the same 253-5460? If not, what is your new contact number? I am your patient from Leyte. Planning to visit you this month. Salamat doc

  257. Hi doc Gerry H. Tan. This is Mrs. Aclao who’s son was your patient more than 10 years ago. You told me “mrs. ayaw kabalaka kay tanan problema sa thyroid kinaon na nako”. Oh, i love your confidence. in other words you really are an expert in your field. and i didnt doubt that. As a second opinion doctor, you just based your order for total thyroidectomy from the biopsy result i brought from CDO. It was carcinoma. but then, days after my sons’ operation, the only explanation you gave us is that “sometimes sa atong paglakaw sa dalan sa dili nato damhon maigo ta sa kilat”. It’s like a sambingay. Mao ra to imong sulti after knowing that my son’s case is not carcinoma but LANGERHANS CELL HISTIOCYTOSIS. Only from other sources we learned that he may not be operated. SAYANG KAAYO!!! So at least now can you give us an explanation? Was there a mistake? who’s mistake?

  258. IVArrf Says:

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  259. Joy Gandino Says:

    Where is your practice office? I want to send my mom there for a thyroid check up. How much is the thyroid check up fee?


  260. Hi, Doc Gerry
    I was browsing the net for the side effects of tapdin when i happened to click on your website. It’s actually my sister who’s been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism way back in 2007. She was hospitalized then, her skin and eyes became yellow after taking carbimazole 20 mg which her doctor prescribed her then. She could not sleep, she was constantly scratching the different parts of her body due to the itch,she became so thin. In panic, her endo advised her to see an internist and she discontinued the medicine. The internist prescribed vitamins to protect her liver and by the grace of God,after about 5 months, gradually her skin color returned to normal, she was healed.She did not,however, returned to her endo for some maintenance medicines for her goiter.Now the goiter is back and she’s back with her doctor again. She’s been prescribed 20 mg tapdin 3x a day and was advised to take another medicine too to protect her liver, just in case. The problem is that she has only taken 4 tabs of it for fear of the possible side effects.Somehow she was already traumatized by what happened 7 years ago.Along with the meds, the doctor advised her to have Radioactive Iodine Therapy either in CEbu or Manila. Then, a few days after that, after taking her medication,she went to a hospital here which offers free consultation, lab and medicines sponsored by German doctors. She again undergone some laboratory tests and the doctor was alarmed by the result of her SGPT- its 92 u/L.Her Hepa B Panel is normal as well as her liver ultrasound. She was not prescribed nor given any medicine but was told to go back to her doctor and inform her of the result. But she doesn’t want to do that. Her doctor might just be offended by her going to another doctor.

    What is the best that she should do, Doc? Should she go to another doctor or should she consider having the radio iodine? Will she be assessed further to determine if it is really the right treatment for her? Another is that, is it necessary that she be confined considering that she has to be isolated after taking the medicine?

    That’s all, Doc. Hope you’d be able to read my message. My sister doesn’t have access to a computer, much less to the internet. I am doing my best to help her any way i can.

    BTW, we are here in Leyte.

    God bless

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  265. mae Says:

    Hi doc.

    Mae here. Just want to ask if it is possible to lower down the LH and FSH of man. Whata the mediction??

  266. my sources Says:

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    […]The information mentioned in the article are some of the best available […]…

  267. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so
    I guess I’ll just sum it up what I suubmitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I ttoo am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any points for rookie blog writers? I’d really appreciate

  268. jason Says:

    Hello Doc.im from iligan city po.ask ko lng po ang anu pweng gamot aa thyroid..lumalaki po liig lo at nung mgpaconsult aq sa manila..sbi ng dr.e acidic daw po aq at d daw thyroid pro lumaki tlga thyroid ko po..nsa mindanao po ako ngayon..d p aq nkapg blood test etc.bngyan po ako ng dr.sa manila ng medicine to drink for 3 weeks pro d ko ininom at d n ako bmlik financial rin po ang reason..pls.help me po..

    Im jason po,29..

    • Mira Says:

      Hi Doc,

      I have the same concern from what jason said. I’m an acidic person as well but lately I can feel a lump on my neck. Pero di naman siya ganun ka visible. I cosulted a doctor but she said she can’t feel anything on my neck (i mean gioter) and maybe related lang daw sa pagiging acidic ko yung nafifeel ko sa neck ko. Recently, nakakafeel ako nang paninikip sa sa leeg ko and I can feel the lump, pero yun nga di siya ganun ka visible. I want to have a thyroid ultrasound to make sure. I can also see in my pictures na may lump yung leeg ko, but piling mga pictures lang. How would I know if goiter ba talaga to and is there a medicine na pwede ko e take before going to any doctor? WOuld suppliments work para lumiit tong lump sa leeg ko?

      hoping you can enlighten me Doc. Thanks.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi jason… See a local endocrinologist for help as i cant help you here in the web. Doctors need to see you to diagnose and treat. Thanks

  269. yvonne velasco Says:

    Doc Tan,

    Im HPTH resulting from a TT done almost 10 years ago due to thyroid CA. I am thriving but my quality of life has become such that I no longer find fun and excitement in most activities I used to enjoy because of bone pain, pain in my joins, brain fog etc. Been to many endos and not a lot should I say really understood this disease. One even sent me to a psychiatrist. 😦 Do you have any in depth expertise on hypoparathyroidism? I am in need of help and I can’t get it from the docs that I go to.

  270. Minerva Babida Sulleza Says:

    Doctor Tan,

    Good day!

    I am presently working here in Saudi Arabia, but I am from Cebu City. I am diagnosed of Grave Disease, and I am on PTU for 2 years and gradually reduced the dose as adviced. My Endocrinologist adviced to stop my medication recently and now my TSH become 0 result and my T4 is 20. She told me to go for Radioactive Iodine. Now I could not decide because I am scared that I might be going to Hypothyroidism.

    Doc, Please I need your opinion. I RAI is safe?

    Please help me.

    Thank you and more blessings for you and to your family.

  271. adonis co Says:

    Doc,may ipadala ako documents sa office for signature(maxicare)…ipababalik ko sana dito davao..yung charge sa pagpadala,puede deposit ko nalang.

  272. Ruel Says:

    good day doc gerry, on our annual phusical exam, the doctor told me that i may be having symptoms of thyroid problems. he told me to get some lab test t3,t4 etc. but the problem is that was a random check up during our annual PE,. i would very much like to be asses by you. can i got to your clinic tomorrow? or do i still need an appointment? i guess my problem is urgent as i loss a lot of weight already. hoping for you favorable reply.. thanks

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi ruel… Its best to set an appointment so you dont have to wait but i have first come
      First served cases mon tues thurs and fri between 7-9:30 am for urgent cases. Thanks

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi ruel…. Sorry for checking your post very late…. Pla call my clinic for appointment. Ill be glad to benof service

  273. Frank Pickton Says:

    Doc Gerry, I live in Davao, and I am impressed with your web page. I will be calling your office soon to schedule an appointment for my wife and myself.

  274. john Neil Punay Says:

    Hi doc gery, my problem is hair loss, i went already to a dermTologist, taking diffrent drugs like finasteride , using novu hair etc. but still my hairfall persist, im 27 yrs old now , i just want to ask if there is any thyroid problem tht can cause hair loss.. Thnk u

  275. meowk0516 Says:

    Hi doc gerry i am so happy that i found this website i really need your help I was diagnose with hyperthyroidism last oct 2013 I takemeds tapdin then I discontinue the meds dew to the typhoon Yolanda nawala sa isip ko. Then lately this yeari che k my t it is 0.005 then my ft3 is 17.35 ft4 45.46 i was looking for an indoc but due to my intellicare I can’t find one i went to a family medicine he gave me tapazole dosage is 60mg per day then hinanap ko yong resita na meds sakin before nakita ko tapdin dapat etake 20mg. Doc can i take this instead of tapazole I’m not feeling well with this tapazole. Is this OK and what is the correct dosage. Hope you will reply and help me

  276. May Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry, Good Day to you ! I’m so happy to find your website. I really need your help. I have a son who is a special child but very manageable. He is 25 years old now but still no sign of aging at his age he doesn’t have Adam’s apple hair on his private parts and voice still sounds young. Last 2007 we were in Manila and he was diagnosed as late development and his hormones were not developed fully yet, so doctor recommended to have testosterone injection for his hormones he was injected once a week for testosterone for almost a year but it was not continued since we went back home to Cebu. Now, a couple of years ago I noticed that my son’s breast is growing like swelling . Last May 7, we went back to Manila to have it check cause I’m so bothered . Doctor said he has the characteristic of a male and a female but mostly his feminine side and that’s the reason why his breast is growing.
    Please doctor help us. please tell me where can we reach you and what time is it possible to have an appointment.

    mother 72

  277. randy karaan Says:

    Hello Doc.

    I’m the web designer/dev of Cebu Doctors’ University EDP office. I have posted your award in our official website cebudoctorsuniversity.edu. I would like to ask your permission to use your award photo in our website. I hope this will be ok with you.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Randy R. Karaan
    CDU EDP Web Dev

  278. Grace Cee Says:

    Hi doc Gerry. I just found out your site and if possible i want to make an appointment with you doc this coming 29 july. My days are limited since I’m out of Cebu.

  279. Baby Gloria Pascual Says:

    Good day to you Doc…
    Ask ko lang po sana where I can contact you, so as your location. New patient po ako, have a problem and I guess after a long searching kayo po ang makakasagot ng mga tarong ko…
    Thank po and hope to here from you the soonest.

  280. Baby Gloria Pascual Says:

    Good morning Doc…
    Can i ask where I can contact you so I could visit your clinic…

  281. eve Says:

    hello doc where is your clinic in Cebu and what hospital do you hold clinic

  282. Rob Robinson Says:

    Doctor Tan,

    My wife and I have lived on Bantayan Island for the past 5 years. We came here to help the poor of this tiny island and to try and improve the quality of their lives.

    After Super Typhoon Yolanda, we have been rebuilding the homes of the poor who were destroyed by this catastrophic event.

    I suffered a heart attack in November, 2014, and returned to the U.S for treatment. On December 24, 2015, we learned that my wife had a brain tumor that had resulted in the loss of most of her vision.

    My wife had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona on two occasions, this past March 12 and April 27, 2015 for a Craniopharyngioma.

    The second surgery was quite involved and left her nearly blind. She is taking medications to compensate for a decreased adrenal function currently.

    We need to see a Endocrinologist here in Cebu to have Marissa’s condition monitored and to check her adrenal functions and adjust her medications, as needed.

    Can we get an appointment with you sometime between December 26 and January 31?

    My email address is: pastorrobrobinson@gmail.com

    Thank you!


  283. Alex Gordon Says:


  284. luz macas Says:

    Good Evening Doc,i’m luz..i just wanna ask if Singaw is one of the aystoms of having a goiter…Always ko maluasan and the worst is daghan kau…

  285. AC Says:

    Hi Doc,
    good day!
    I am your existing client but recently I missed visiting your clinic for follow up check up due to work and schedule constraint. I am currently taking tapdin 0.5mg every other day. Does tapding has teratogenic effectduring pregnancy? I am not yet sure if I’m pregnant but what to do just in case. Thank you. Will call your clinic also to verify.

  286. connie fettes Says:

    Hi Doctor Gerry, how are you? my name is connie, i’m really sad right now my mom went to siliman medical university last week for her thyroid check up her doctor recommend for thyroid biopsy and the result broke our heart Its a Anaplastic thyroid cancer, so i told my mom to find 2nd opinion. so i searched online the best endocrinologist in Cebu city, and i saw your name and experience. And i already trust you doc, i told my mom to go in Cebu city tonight and hope to see u in Cebu doctors hospital….. Doctor i hope you can help my mom,,, i hope there’s some treatment option you can give to my mom, my mom still young…… Her name is Valeria Catipay from Dipolog City……… I’m working abroad so i wish i can be with my mom right now….Doctor please help my mom….. Thank you and God bless.

  287. Neony Orteza Says:

    Doc gerry i am from manila , i would like to ask for 2nd opinion , i am a non toxic goiter as per dra alba, i have a 4.5cm on my right and 1.8 cm nodule on my left. Would like to ask if it can be removed thru laser, i started to take medicine today nov 3, 75mg of levitryxonine.

    Hoping for your reply doc

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi neony so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  288. hi doc gerry can i ask were is the exact address of your office here in cebu… i would like to visit u for check up i have a hypertyroidism & i take a medicine almost 1yr.. na but.. there is no changes.. would you help me doc. im waiting for your responce here is my email add in facebook.. jerrylyn_barrientos@yahoo.com..
    thank you doc godbless i hope that we will meet as soon as possible 🙂

  289. good evening po doc…
    Tanong lang po ako noong 12 years old po ako nagkaroon po ng rheumatic heart walang 1 year lng po ako nag take ng gamot…at sa awa ng dios ok na man..ngayon po 28 years old ako..posible bang bumalik ang rheumatic heart ko kasi minsan nag chest pain iyong parang ang sakit ng dibdib ko pag hihinga ako?…salamat po

  290. charlene pita Says:

    doc, gud pm. naa ko tyhroid nodule nga midako na 60 grams. mag tika dako. kabantay ko ani 5 yrs na. na’ka’pa check up ko ceby nila doc tolentino, tan og bilucura wala may tambal. ako thyroid result normal man. pa operahan ba jud ni nako? mao ila ingon pa opera. mibati ko kahadlok opera.mag pa second opinion ko nimo. need opera ani? kulbaan ko. salamat dok imo tagaan gamay nga peace of mind.

    charlene ormoc leyte

  291. Princess Pensica Says:

    Hi Doc. You have such an impressive medical practice record,,. I am a transgender and I’m looking for a proper doctor to consult for my hormone replacement therapy,. But from what I have read I think you haven’t handle a patient like me., but I was hoping that you might recommend a suitable specialists for my condition. Thank you so much,.

    • Remz dela cruz Says:

      Hello princess,i found on what you wrote here is also related on what i’m looking also.. have you found anyone about HRt?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi princess so sorry for the late reply

      I do see transgender patients

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri
      8-1 pm

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi princess so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  292. Anne Marie Delos santos Says:

    Hi Dr. Gerry Tan, I’m a 3rd year nursing student from Scotland and I’m really interested in diabetes in the Philippines. Do you have an email address I could use to ask for more information? I tried to send it using the email you provided in one of your papers but it didn’t let me. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    Anne Marie

  293. Jerry LaPier Says:

    Dr. Tan, I am moving to Cebu City 1/19. Visiting 4/18. I am male 52, on Testosterone therapy. Im worried about continuation once I move. I would gladly meet in April for consult.
    Do yo provide this treatment? Please a referral or two if not.
    Thank You

  294. aireenclores Says:

    hello po doc gerry….

    i am aireen y clores one of your patient… i would like to make an appointment check up with you on january 11, 2019… i tried to cobtact your clinic since december 1 but cannot get through the lines…. i am hoping i can get an appointment schedule for my follow up check up.

  295. Paterna Saavedra Says:

    Dear Doc Gerry

    Good afternoon!

    I would like to make an appointment check up on the third week of April. May be April 17, 2019 if it is possible. Please inform me if I could get an appointment with you. Thank you and good afternoon!


  296. Anne Says:

    Hello doc..i am browsing of endocrinologist in Cebu cause my plan when i come back to Phil i want to visit an especialist, cause i have this thyroid problem since 2016 but then i went abroad and i noticed its getting bigger now. Can i ask doc where can i visit you..thanks

  297. Joseph DiSarno Says:

    Suffering from MG more than 10 years. Taking 30 mgs prednisone and 60 mgs mestinon. Can you help? Neg. side effects from steroids.

  298. Jocelyn Biolena Says:

    Doc, are you also specializing in growth hormones? I have a 15 year old daughter who is 4’7. Thanks and happy new year.

  299. jessie Says:

    Hello doctor…im jess from.the philippines . i would like to ask something regarding benign thyroid lobe cystic nodule? is it a goiter dr? what should i do to treat this..i let it check with ENT physician and he just give me a vitamin b complex as a prescription and no medication provided..he also told me to comeback after 6months or 1 year for follow up check up.. your respond is highly appreciated…thanks and happy new year doc….can i visit your clinic doc. what your clinic number. thanks

  300. Pearl Maningo Says:

    hello po doc Gerry. Ask ko lang po kung anong pwedeng vitamins ang pwede ko pong ipa take sa asawa ko patient nyo po cya doc.. Elmer R. Maningo po name nya.. salamat po

  301. Marlene Dignos Says:

    Good day doc GERRY..ask unta ko naa ba kay clinic sa Cebu,?pa check unta ko sa akong goiter..hyper.. and how much ang doctor fee po? Tnx doc.

  302. Good day doc,ask ko lng po nagpa check’up po ako dati hanggang sa naabutan ng lock now ko lng PO na complete Ang lab test about sa thyroid,blood test at ultrasound,kaso po nong bumalik na ako sa hospital bawal daw po Ang check up online na raw po hirap Napo akng huminga kapag mapapagod po ako hinihingal po ako lagi..doc pwede po ba ako magparesita sa inyo? At saan po ang clinic nyo?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi maam pls message me in my FB page for patients. Look for Gerry H Tan and the message me in messenger for details of online consultation. For clinix visit… pls call 032-4124803 mon to fri 8-1 pm

  303. Sharon Wong Says:

    A very good day to you, Dr Gerry Tan. I just came across your videos in YouTube today. As I am very confused about the vaccine, I wish to seek your advice. I was a patient of GBS in 2012 and fully recovered. And subsequently had 5 times of Bell’s Pulsy including now. Can I go for covid19 vaccine and which type is suitable for me. Can vaccine caused a relapse of GBS and Bell’s Pulsy. I would be very happy to receive a reply from Dr Gerry. Thanking you in advance. Dr Gerry.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Sharon. Both conditions are not contraindication to Covid vaccination. Bells palsy can occur to anyone at anytime. No link between it and Covid vaccines at this time. Pls protect yourself the soonest as delta variants are coming.

  304. Adelina cavan Says:

    Good noon Doc im your previous patient and i would like to visit your clinic for consultation , may i know your clinic tell number? Do we need an appointment before we visit ?

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