Can Coffee Help Prevent Diabetes?

February 19, 2007


On Why I Drink Coffee Everyday…… 

I start seeing patients and doing my thyroid biopsy procedures at 7:00AM.  I do this so I can finish my work early and be home at 3:00PM.  By doing so, I have more time to do other things… for myself… like exercise, doing repairs in the house and other stuff like banks, etc. and the most important part…to have time with my kids!

To keep me active throughout the day, I usually have my coffee beside me. I like caffee latte but with skim milk rather than full cream milk.  No added cream and other fancy frostings because they add up the calories in your coffee.   Likewise I use it to trick my body and tummy that I am putting something in it to keep it from growling for food! As a result  it keeps me from being hungry in between meals.  Another trick that I use to maintain my weight! To my luck, a recent study showed that indeed coffee can help reduce one’s weight.

But what became more interesting with coffee are the studies showing that coffee intake can help lower ones risk to develop diabetes.  This should be GREAT!  You see, my mother is a diabetic, I have 2 siblings who are now prediabetics… so the risk is high for me to become one!  Therefore I follow my own recommendation to everyone: I have to keep fit by making sure I take care of what I eat and be physically active.  The beneficial effect of coffee on ones risk to develop diabetes is a PLUS!  Meaning I am not drinking coffee to prevent diabetes but since I enjoy it every morning, the results of several studies that it can prevent diabetes is an extra benefit to me. 

  • Increased coffee consumption appears to be associated with a decreasing risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to findings of a prospective study of Finnish men and women published in JAMA 2004;291:1213-1219
  • The recent ARIC Study involving 12,000 individuals, showed a significant reduction in the risk of developing diabetes with coffee consumption published in American Journal of Epidimeology in Sept of 2006.
  • The Harvard study based on data collected from >80,0oo female nurses published in Diabetes Care in 2006 showed a 50% reduction in the risk of developing diabetes…  The same institution in their earlier study likewise showed that Men who drink six or more cups of coffee a day were less than half as likely to develop diabetes compared with nondrinkers. While drinking four to six cups helps cut their risk cut by 29%
  • In a recent prospective study among 28,000 postmenopausal published in Archives of Internal Medicine in 2006, coffee consumption was associated with >20% reduction in risk to develop diabetes.

Dr Hu of Harvard Medical School did a systematic review of all proofs regarding coffee and his conclusion was:

Habitual consumption of coffee indeed can lower ones risk for developing diabetes.  And the reduction can be as much as 35% for inidividual taking more than 6 cups a day.

There you go… now you know why I have a cup of coffee on my table while seeing my patients.  And why I prefer drinking coffee than any other beverage: less calories, filling and lessens my chance to become a diabetic!

Another Good News For Coffee Lovers!

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18 Responses to “Can Coffee Help Prevent Diabetes?”

  1. mariz Says:

    If i have a thryoid nodule, can i still drink coffee? I heard from someone that if you have a goiter or thyroid probs you are not allowed to drink coffee.

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes you can. Patients with hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid gland either with a nodule or a goiter are recommended not to take coffee since caffeine can exacerbate the palpitation associated with the hyperthyroid state. Other than that… a simple colloid nodule should not be a factor for you not to enjoy your coffee.

  3. Joshua Says:

    another reason for me to enjoy my coffee!

  4. Teresa Says:

    Hi, doc! I’ve just been reading your website and i really find it very informative…for persons who are high-risk of getting diabetes, how many cups of coffee is allowed? If i want to lose weight, how many cups of coffee is allowed if i use the sugar-free 3n1 kind? Thanks a lot and God bless you for this informative site…i’m recommending this site to everyone dear to me.

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Comments like yours Teresa really make my day! Doing and updating my website makes it more fun because of readers like you.

    Your questions are great. Unfortunately… for now we dont have a consensus as to the number of cups of coffee to drink to achieve health benefits. We actually dont recommend a patient to drink coffee to decrease your risk for diabetes or to lose weight… as of now. It is just a plus finding in the studies I presented becuase we drink coffee for the fun and the relxation that we achieve by enjoying its aroma and taste. 3 in 1 Nescafe coffee that is sugar free is the one I enjoy at home too. I usually get the kaffe latte when am in office.

    While enjoying your coffee while reading your newspaer… at least you have the added plus benefit of it filling you up without the added calories and with possible great benefits of lowering your chances to become a diabetic!

  6. Teresa Says:

    Thanks for the tip. it’s great to have doctors like you online. By the way if there will be any updates on the study of coffee and diabetes i’m sure many of us would love to be informed.^^ thanks again and God Bless!

  7. mae Says:

    your site is very informative indeed.
    thank you doc.
    i read newspaper articles about the benefits of coffee too.
    but we we’re also thought that caffeine can also increase the risk for osteoporises esp. post-menp. women.
    i’m a little confused.

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks for your wonderful comments mae…Caffeine intake is a factor but not on top of the list for causing bone loss. Studies however have shown that the effect is diminished if coffee is taken with milk. So make sure you have milk in your cup of coffee!

  9. […] drinking coffee per se has many health benefits including the possibility of preventing diabetes and liver and other ailments as well as help us lose weight.  And therefore…Just as […]

  10. kissey fabre Says:

    hi! doc! i really enjoyed visitin ur site.. it gives me more knowledge. nweyz doc, i hav a question… my grandma had a cardiomegaly minimal with CT ratio of 54.0 and atherosclerosis thoracic aorta seen on her xray result then she had DM type-2.. she had a glibenclamide 2.5mg with her OD… my question s cud she still drink coffee..?

  11. Doc Gerry Says:

    Coffee is considered a free food for a diabetic… definitely she can enjoy her cup of coffee just like you and I. Right now I am sipping my daily coffee while writing this piece hehe.

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  13. Stephen R. Lim Says:

    This website is impressive!

    I just discovered it after reading a back issue (Sept. 2007) of the Phil. Star, where your article about coffee possibly preventing diabetes was featured. I have made it my Home Page and just can’t get enough of the information you provide.

    Too bad you’re based in Cebu. If you were in Manila, I would definitely recommend my mother & sister (who are diabetic) to see you. I am pre-diabetic myself so this website is very very useful.

    Keep it up, Doc! You’re doing a great service to the community by providing all these info & even answering patient queries online.

  14. Doc Gerry Says:

    Stephen..thanks for your kind comments. People like you make me think twice and realize that if I have touch lives through sharing of knowledge then this website is worth to keep….

  15. Erik Henry Wing CHU Says:

    A diabetes patient is allowed to drink one cup of coffee each day?

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