With OMICRON Threat, How Effective Are Mouthwashes and Nasal Sprays Against Covid 19 Infection?

January 10, 2022

COVID-19 infection especially now with the threat of Omicron variant poses a serious risk to patients and – due to its contagious nature – to those healthcare workers (HCWs) treating them. Even when vaccinated and we left ourselves off guard without a mask, transmission can still occur and vaccinated people get the breakthrough infection.

Theories abound that If the mouth and nose of patients with infection are irrigated with antimicrobial solutions, maybe transmission can be minimized or prevented and at the same time infection controlled on site.

However, no strong recommendation as yet from health authorities on the use of such antimicrobial solutions as there are no firm studies to support its use. So what are the date regarding the safety of the mouthwash and nasal spray for the prevention of Covid 19?

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