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Being SINGLE Can Be Bad For Your Health

August 24, 2006

671582262.jpgThe September Issue of the Journal of Epidemiology revealed an amazing fact. It is often believed that staying with friends or having friends or being with somebody you love makes a dull day bright!

Several research studies have already been done looking at longer life spans and lesser heart diseases among happily married couples. But this is the first study done at University of California that I know of,  that looked at singleblessedness and decreased life span.


1. A 58% increase in death rate among single persons versus those who are married.

2. Unmarried persons whether divorced, separated or widowed had higher death rate.

3.The effect was STRONGEST among those NEVER MARRIED and more pronounced in men than in women.

Practical Implication of the study in our decision making:

Being unmarried is a high risk condition. In fact it was assessed that… the risk of being unmarried is similar to ones risk if he has high blood pressure or high cholesterol and the risk of death!

*Does this mean married couples lead happier lives? Or live  healthier lives because of the children or because they want more happier years together that they live healthier lives? OR

*Do you think being single equates to being lonely and less health conscious? …. What do you think? 

As the saying goes…

The Happier You Are…The Longer You Live!