About….The Research Unit

2209999757.jpgThe Treatment Center for Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases and Osteoporosis Clinical Research Unit was established by Dr Gerry H Tan in 2004. The Unit is located at Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital, CDCI Arts Building Suites 201 and 207A. 

Our Center is fully certified and accreditied to undergo international clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Log To Date:

CV 168-048: Started : Oct 2004; Ended: March 31, 2006 

“A Phase 3 Randomized Three Arm Double Blind Active Controlled Multicenter Trial To Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Muraglitazar in Combination with Metformin Compared to Glimipride in Combination with Metformin in Subjects with Tupe 2 DM Who Have Inadequate Control on Metfromin Alone.”

MK0431 PN35: JUne 2005 till January 5, 2007

” A Multicenter Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study to Evaluate The Safety and Efficacy of the Addition of MK 0431 to Patients with Type 2 DM Who Have Inadequate Glycemic Control on Glimipride Alone or in Combination with Metformin”

MK 0431 PN36: JUne 15,2005 till Feb 19, 2008

“A Multicenter, Randomized, BD Factorial Study of the Co administration of MK 0431 and Metformin with Type 2 DM Who Have Inadequate Glycemic Control”

CV181-040: June 19, 2006

” A Multicenter Randomized, BD Placebo Controlled Phase 3 Trial to Evaluate The Efficacy and Sfety of Saxagliptin in Combination with Glyburide in Subjects with Type 2 DM Who Have Inadequate Glycemic Control on Glyburide Alone”

CV 181-013: Last Quarter of 2006

” A Multicenter Randomized, DB Placebo Controlled Phase 3 Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Saxagliptin in Combination with TZD Therapy in Subjects with Type 2  DM Who Have Inadequate Glycemic Conbtrol on TZD Alone”

NN1998-1682: Last Quarter of 2006

” Inhaled Preprandial Insulin with the Aerx IDMS plus Glimiipride vs Rosiglitazone pLus Glimipride in Type 2 DM: 26 weeks open label multicenter randomized parallel trial to investigate efficacy and safety”

CV 181-039: Oct 2006

” A Multicenter Randomized BD, Active Controlled Phase 3 Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Saxagliptin in Combination with Metfromin IR as Initial Therapy Compared to Saxagliptin Montherapy and to Metformin IR Monotherapy in Subjects with Type 2 DM who have inadequate Glycemic Control”

New Studies to start September 2008:

SHOT: Multicenter randomized DB PC Phase 3 trial to evluate efficacy and safety of saxagliptin in comparison to placebo as add on to Metformin XR

MB 102-021: Dapagliflozin versus metformin monotherapy

MB: Dapagliflozin versus Pioglitazone

Competent Staff Members:

                        Janice Gonzales, RN

                         Mark Orozco, RMD


20 Responses to “About….The Research Unit”


    What is the interaction of glimipiride and rosiglitazone(taken together)?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Sorry for the late reply… just came back from a cruise and vacation with my wife. Both drugs should have complementary action together as thet have different mechanisms of actions…Glimipride stimulates your pancreas to produce insulin while rosiglitazone makes that insulin work better. The use of an SU and Rosiglitazone has been in vogue as we are now using combination therapy the earliest possible time to avoid beta cell deterioration. And if used e3arly ad in a right way with correct education especailly home glucose monitroing… I believe correcting the dysglycemia earliers should help one prevent from using insulin later in life.

  3. Chito Evalle Says:

    Good day! This is Chito. Tatanong ko lang po kung ano pong magandang gawin ko kasi nahihilo po ako pag nakatayo ako at parang ang bigat ng aking ulo. Pero pagnakahiga at nakaupo hindi naman. 2 days ko na po itong naramdaman. Thanks a lot.

    -Chito Evalle

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Chit… two things: anemia or kulang sa dugo and second dehyration. So better have your CBC check. Drink more fluids. Otherwise… your symptoms are suggestive of postural hypotension which may be seen among diabetics. May edema ka ba? May shortness of breath? I can’t comment anything more because I dont have the proper histroy and no opportunity to examine you via internet. Hopefully soon we will have that capacity to literally examince a pt via internet.

  5. Chito Evalle Says:

    Thanks doc. By the way we’ll be back in Cebu by December 16. Wala naman akong shortness of breath. Masakit po ang talampakan ko, parang tinutusok ng karayum. yun po yung nararamdaman ko na sakit. meron din po bang magiging apekto sa eyesight kaya ako nahihilo?

  6. Chito Evalle Says:

    doc, pagkameron pala akong ginagawa na trabaho na mabibigat, after na mga 20 – 30 mins. napapagod ako agad, tapos nararamdaman ko na mabigat katwan ko at konting hilo. thanks.

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  12. grace Says:

    hi. just happened to open your website by accident. i think it’s cool and interesting.im glad to know that clinical researches are being done here in cebu. ive done lab and clinical researches myself in the past so i kinda miss doing this kind of endeavor.it is a very fulfilling undertaking so much so i consider myself first and foremost a scientist. i value the discipline, the patience, the humility and the knowledge that research work imparts.

  13. grace Says:

    did you get to publish your research results? i hope you will write an abstract summary here in your site. im looking forward to reading it.

  14. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Grace… all my research protocols are part of a multicenter study based in US and Singapore. Our center is one of the few research centers recognized worldwide to conduct randomized clinical trials- the results of which will have an impact on the way we will manage our patients with Diabetes in the future.

    I will definitly provide an abstract or preliminary outcome results once the studies are done.

    Thank you for the interest.

  15. Roel Dionisio Says:

    Good Day DOC,
    Ask ko lang po na ussualy anu po ba ang cause ng pananakit ng talampakan? ang nature po ng work ko is madalas nasa field. ung part na masakit is namumula right lang naman po. t

  16. Doc Gerry Says:

    Baka Plantar fascitis lang yan. Better still to check your doctor so he can exeamine the part na masakit. Fascitis usually happens if you are always standing or walking.

  17. simonnette vinalon Says:

    hi doc gerry,
    first i’ve seen your website through searching the medicine name took by my mother. she was one parang napili,i don’t know if what is the real story basta sabi nya napili daw as one of how many persons i’m not sure na to received free general check ups. I’m happy kasi sabi nya she do this because she doesnt want me to soend money daw for her sa pagpapacheck up kasi medyo i spend a lot of money sa father ko sho died cancer 2 yrs ago. well this is my question. dr.gerry my mother is a diabetic and she was given this mb 102-021 dapagliflozin 5 mg./placebo and mb 102-021 metformin xr. what she complains now is that at first she was given 3x a day 500 mg then since her bld. sugar is still 135 it was increase into 4x a day 500 mg. she told me that after taking this medicines,she has severe diarrhea,vomiting,stomach cramps and gas. sabi nya she told the dr. about it and it seems that the dr. is parang nagamit sa kanya at sinabihan sya na pra daw walang tiwala ang mama ko sa kanya kasi natakut ang mama because teh dr. did not tell her about how come does she experience these symtoms.kaya takut na ang mama kung uminom and she told me to discontinue on taking these medicines. so can you give me some advise dr. gerry about what would be the best way or thing to do about my mother’s case. at sabi pa nya pang ilan beses na sya kinunan ng dugo at pinadala daw ng singapore for check up. nag worry sya if okey lang ba daw na ang dami ng nakuha sa kanya dugo. thats all and ca you give me an advise?my mother is 61 yo.thank you.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Simonetee: Your mother is in one of the clinical trials for this new drug for diabetes. This durg is now in Phase 3 trial which means the drug is studied to determine if it works better than other comparable drugs in the market without more side effects. Your mother should inform the doctor of her sympotms so she can be advised what to do. You cant stop the drug anytime without informing the doctor kasi this is a multicenter trial. If she decides to stop, she has to inform the doctor who got her into the study. Metofrmin as a drug can cause the symptoms so if she is intolerant to it, then please go back to the doctor and inform him or her of the effects.

  18. malou Says:

    doc,ask k lng po kz almost 3 mnths n msakit ang ankle k ngpacheck up n ako s doctor ang do some lab test so they found out n positive CSr k pro bkit hnggang nguan nd prin po nwa2la pnanakit pro wla n po pamamaga nd po ako mkalakad ng maauz.

  19. I was looking for this certain information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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