Can I Eat EGGS Everyday?

August 2, 2006

3557864019.jpg I just got back to work today and the first patient I saw who had diabetes and high cholesterol asked me a common question that I usually get from my patients : are eggs healthy to eat ?  and if so… how many eggs per week are allowed!

Depending on your risk for heart disease, a healthy meal should contain only 300 mg of cholesterol.  If you have diabetes or heart disease, then it is recommended that ones total cholesterol intake per day should be limited to < 200 mg per day.

It is said that the extent to which dietary cholesterol raises blood cholesterol levels isn’t clear. The content of the food on saturated fats and trans fats will have a greater impact than dietary cholesterol in raising blood cholesterol.  Thus when buying foods in the market… look at the food label and analyze not only the cholesterol content but also the amount of saturated fat in them.

Eating one egg with the egg yolk contributes 213 mg of cholesterol to your daily requirement. It is therefore rich in cholesterol and should be eaten in very limited quantity whether you are at risk for heart disease or not.  However, an egg can still be included in your meal plan provided that other sources of cholesterol like those from meat or other diary products should be limited.

Eating egg whites with an egg substitute is one good way to avoid cholesterol from eggs because egg whites do not contain cholesterol.

One other tip regarding food safety in keeping your eggs is to store them in a refrigerator.  This is recommended to avoid Salmonella contamination which can happen whether the shell is broken or not.

So… the next time you enjoy eggs for breakfast…

Think Cholesterol… Limit The



An Updated Article was written on this Subject: Can I Eat Egss Everyday? Yes You Can  written March of 2009.



239 Responses to “Can I Eat EGGS Everyday?”

  1. Maxim Says:

    No problem me with me. I am not fond of eggs. Only if its leche flan!

  2. bruce Says:

    lf i fried my eggs well done and just eat the whites is it ok.. l use about 1 teaspoon of mazolla oil.

    thanks, bruce

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    Mazola oil is actually corn oil. A refined corn oil has approximately 59% polyunsaturated fatty acid, 24% monounsaturated fatty acid, and 13% saturated fatty acid. Not the healthiest oil compared with canola or olive oil but less expensive. Eating the egg whites only is definitely better than the whole egg. But frying it with oil and eating it everyday may also have some contribution to your fat level in the blood. Non fat spray can be used instead.

    Thnaks for the question Bruce

    • jono Says:

      This is like the most stupid article ever!!!!!! doctor … you gotta be in the new days exams man, the nutrition of the egg is not just in the whites but mostly in the yolk. It’s true the the cholesterol of the egg is very high, but it has a minimum impact in the blood cholesterol, It’s proven now that the cholesterol of the egg helps to reduce the LDL and helps to rise up the HDL. which is better! many bodybuilders now eat 14 eggs a day, of course it’s supported with a good diet low in fats. but all the vitamins and mineral are in the yolk and not in the white.
      I encourage you to check the new statement of the nutrition recommending the whole egg to be eaten, it’s the most complete food in the market with vitamins minerals, protein, good fat, and antioxidants.


  4. lola Says:

    i was told never to put eggs in the fridge because the bacteria from eggs can spread,
    i buy organic eggs and im wondering if its possible to give my 3 year old son 1 boiled egg everyday? is that healthy or not???

  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    In fact we recommend that eggs be put in the fridge to retain its freshness! Bacteria spreads only if you keep eggs with cracked shell. Otherwise keep them in the fridge.

    Here are some tips to keep your family safe from eating the hard boiled eggs: 1. Make sure that cooked eggs, including hard-boiled eggs should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours. 2. If you have to let your kids bring cooked eggs to school, make sure you pack them with a small frozen gel pack or a frozen juice box.

    Again too much cholesterol per day is not be a very safe way of giving food to a 3 year old. Once or twice a week of egg should suffice. Remember that disease starts in the young and manifest later.

  6. eva malbas Says:

    a lot of times i get really confused on how many eggs per week one person is allowed to eat.. before it used to be 2 eggs per week but recent articles say a person can eat as many as he wants without the risk of having high cholesterol level. Even Atkins diet allows one to eat 2 eggs everyday. pls enlighten me on this.. thank you.

  7. Doc Gerry Says:

    Remember that one egg contains 213 mg of cholesterol already. We recommend only less than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. Howevere, many scientists believe that saturated fats and trans fats have a greater impact than dietary cholesterol in raising blood cholesterol.

    So if you want to eat eggs daily, please limit the other sources of cholesterol from your diet.

    The recommendation of the Atkins diet of a high protein meal without regard to the fat content is one reason we dont recommend it for weight loss or for health purposes. So please do reconsider if you are presently followong it. Please check put my post titled: Facts on High Protein Diet

  8. Aaron Says:

    I eat 2-3 eggs a day, mainly because i love them also because I have a minor gluten (wheat) allergy and eggs hold my muffins/energy bars together well with the gluten free flour I buy. I only usually put the eggs in the muffin mix, I don’t usually eat them alone. I just eat so much of the muffins that I get 2-3 eggs in per day. I know I can use guar gum and stuff to hold the muffins together, and I do use that stuff, but eggs make living with this gluten intolerance easier. I have no problem digesting eggs. I am thin, I run 50+ miles a week, eat 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruit a day and I don’t eat much red meat and I avoid saturated fats. I eat a good amount of chicken also. Am I at any health risk eating 2-3 eggs a day? I am soon going to bring these questions to my coming physical, but I would like your input.
    Thank you.

  9. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hello Aaron… basing on your lifestyle, you are living a pretty clean and healthy one. Except for the ggs I think you are doing great in terms of discipline. If egss are what’s holding you on especially with your gluten intolerance, then I recommend you continue to enjoy it. Probably though if you can cut it down to two eggs a day, that would be perfect. Judging your physique and since no mention of other metabolic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, I am sure you’ll pass your physical easily. Do tell me next time your Lipid Profile which consists of your Total Cholesterol, LDL or Bad Cholesterol, your HDL or Good Chol and your triglycerides. If the results are excellent then what you’re doing is prefectlly fine as long as you dont indulge in other saturated or high cholesterol foods.

    Keep up doing the healthy habit! Thanks for visiting my website!

  10. crystal Says:

    me and my husband eat eggs everyday for breakfast. it is usualy about 4 to 5 eggs scrambled between the both of us. is that to many eggs to eat everyday? we are not diabetic or unhealthy maybe a little overweight but we are in the process of losing the extra weight. should we cut down on the eggs? my main concern is high cholesterol my sister said eating eggs everyday is not good for us.

  11. Doc Gerry Says:

    Agree Crystal…please limit the number of eggs solely because you are consuming more than enough recommended cholesterol for the day!

  12. Chris Says:

    I was wondering about Omega eggs. Eggs which the chicken is given a healthy diet of probably vegetables and stuff which compared to regular eggs, is a much better diet. But anyways, Would it be okay to eat two omega egg whites microwaved with a cooking spray called Pam, which has virtually calories and fat. But I also eat a low fat, low carb chicken breast on top along with a slice of whole wheat bread. So since the egg white has no cholesterol and all I get is 60mg from the chicken breast. So at that rate would it still be ok to eat eggs everyday?

  13. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes Chris…eating egg whites are safe. It’s the egg yolk that gives us all the cholesterol in an egg. So Enjoy your egg whites and congrats on following a healthy lifestyle.

  14. lisa Says:

    i have heard that people with diabetes should limit their egg intake to 3 per week. that means whole eggs, right? meaning … they can eat as much egg whites as they want???

  15. Doc Gerry Says:

    Its the egg yolk Lis that is a problem but the egg whites are okay. You can use the egg white for omelet but without the yolk.

  16. nick Says:

    The hypothesis that “high dietary cholesterol leads to high blood cholesterol” has become such a standard dietary claim that anyone who wishes to avoid or lower the chances of getting heart diseases has to restrict their intake of eggs. Few people have carefully examined the evidences to this hypothesis.

    The majority of studies conducted over the past two decades on eggs and cholesterol have shown that dietary cholesterol only has a weak link, at best, to blood cholesterol levels because there is only a relatively small change in blood cholesterol levels in response to changes in dietary cholesterol intake.

    Harvard researchers report in the April 21, 1999 Journal of the American Medical Association that they could find no relationship of moderate egg intake (I per day) with heart disease. Two large prospective studies of 38,000 men and 80,000 women looked at heart attacks and strokes in 8 to 14 years of follow-up after asking about dietary habits. There was no statistically significant difference in risk among people who ate eggs less than once a week compared with those who ate more than one egg a day.

    In conclusion, eating 1-2 eggs a day is fine.

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  18. Bill Says:

    I read an article saying eggs contain HDL and actually block the production of LDL, a test group was used and found people eating 3-4 eggs per day for several weeks had considerably lower cholesterol than before the expirement was begun, in once instance a body builder was said to eat approx 18 per day on average and even at that extreme had a very low cholesterol level. I am just curious if there has been any other studies like this and if there is any other evidence to support these claims.

  19. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Bill… definitely not HDL. Porducts can only increase HDL and the fat that can do that are the monounsaturated and polyunsturated fats present in foods like nuts or olive oil. I havent heard of any study to support such a claim and anecdotal reports like a case of a body builder eating 18 eggs is not a good evidence because it is not reported based on scientific proof. Body builders tend to take a lot of stuff which in some may lower their total cholestoerl- BUT unfortunately can lower their good cholestrol or HDL as well which in turn can be harmful. But yes…eating eggs cant increase your HDL. Please do check my post on: Are There So called Helathy Fats? THanks for your question Bill. Keep them coming!

  20. Duane lYda Says:

    Kaiser is saying that eating eggs white will cause your body to produce cholesterol. So you should cut back on egg whites as well, is this true?

  21. Doc Gerry Says:

    Interesting but not true…

  22. Aaron Says:

    Readers, see my message from March 12th and Dr. Tan’s kind response.

    Here are my cholesterol data (mg/dl):

    Cholesterol (total – I think): 201
    Triglycerides: 52
    HDL cholesterol: 83
    LDL cholesterol: 108

    The doc said these are normal. I was eating 2 eggs a day going into this and I had not done my usual running for a few days before then.

    Some non-cholesterol info, read if interested:

    My tissue transglutaminase antibodies were only 13, well below the usual of 19 and much less than 37 when I was diagnosed with the gluten intolerance. And I have had small amounts of gluten here and there, so I am happy that I can go out to eat ocassionally without a problem.

    My Anion gap was slightly low, it was 9 mEg/l, I’m not sure if thats good or bad, or what that even means. Everything else metabolic was within good range. I did not recieve data on my iron, I thought that was customary. Iron absorption is important for runners.

    Please tell me what you think of these data! I am interested in learing more about this and contributing to others responses.

    Thanks again for your interest in my health. I recently finished the Boston Marathon last month in 3 hours and 11 minutes. Powered by eggs (among many other kinds of food)!

  23. Doc Gerry Says:

    Thanks for sharing your health matters with the readers Aaron.

    You are one case where eggs give you the power without necessarily causing harm. As Ive told you, if your lipid profile is excellent then what you’re doing is acceptable. The LDL is low enough not to cause harm and your good cholestrol is so high due to your running is protective to your heart.

    The protein in the eggs gives you the strnegth to withsatnd your rigorous activities. The calories the eggs contribute with your excellent physique and exercise habits are enough to make your muscles burn them up including the cholesterol therefore no further buildup of excess fat from unused calories! The problem with unused energy sources are that if unutilized, they are easily stored as fat…contributing to the so called fat belly! With you marathon sports and the running exercises and preparations, you are doing so well with what you have!

    The rest of the blood tests dont mean a thing…they’re all excellent. Keep up the good work and continue doing and eating with what you’re used to. You are one example of eggs giving health!

  24. mercie Says:

    My 3-year old son loves eggs so much. An average of 2 eggs a day. He doesn’t like to eat meals unless egg is being served. Is it healthy considering he is not taking any other meals such as vegetable, meat and even fruits. And what should I need to do for him to eat other meals? Thank you.

  25. Doc Gerry Says:

    It takes time for kids to learn and acquire new foods… therefore intorduce a new food one at a time. It may take 4 to 5 tries befoire they will accept it so just be patient. Please dont feed your kids all the eggs he wants…in th e long run that spells trouble.

  26. Telur Says:

    Doc, I wonder you will still answer my question, wonder if this forum is still active, I ate 4 eggs in the morning and 4 eggs at night, everyday, but I only eat the egg white, no egg yolk, the cooking method I did is ‘ half boiled egg ‘, would it be all right if I 8 eggs white per day? I am building my body and try to lose weight that is why I eat 8 eggs white per day, and my lunch and dinner is 21.16 oz of chicken breast total, would i be poisoned by protein? Thank you!!

  27. Doc Gerry Says:

    Nope…youll be fine. The main protein in egg is albumin and as long as your kidneys are fine, you will not be harmed by your protein diet especially that your protein sources are devoid of fat. I agree with your choice of a white meat rather than red meat. Good choice to build up yourself using the right healthy source of protein.

  28. Sosan Says:

    I have a nine year old son and I am very woried about him becaus he does not eat well therefore he is skinny. lately he has stsrted to eat 2 fried eggs almost every day. I wanted to know to know whether it is safe for a 9 year old to eat fried eggs every day?
    Many thanks

  29. Sosan Says:

    is it safe to eat oliv oil 4- spons a day with salad and soup for a person

    with many thanks


  30. Doc Gerry Says:

    San…thanks for your question. Definitely NOT! Its egg yolk contains more than enough cholesterol for one person and to think its 2 per day may be too much for him. It may take time for him to chnage his dietary habots but you have to try. 4-5 trials are the usual times before kids eventually will eat the new healthy food.

    I have trained my kids to eat oatmeal every morning and they love it. Now my eldest is 7 and he still craves for it. Cereals would be an option.

    Olive oil is monounsaturated fat therefore it is a healthy fat BUT again just like any other source of fat it contains 9 calories per gram and therefore can add to the total calorie intake. The recommendation I have is to use olive oil for frying or canola oil.

  31. James Fernandes Says:

    i have 5 egg whites a day with 2 yolkds, Im a bodybuilder 19 years old, Im considering cutting down to 1 yolk and 5 whites, thing is I know other bodybuilders my age who are professionals eating around 5 yolks with 10 whites and they are fine.

    I thought the yolk was only dietary colestrol which doesnt affect cholcesterol levels in our body as it is safe.

    Also is it safe to eat regular amounts of lean mince beef regularly? especically if you train very hard in the gym

  32. Doc Gerry Says:

    James…your assumption is right that being a dietary cholesterol, the level of which may not have much impact on once body’s cholesterol BUT this has been a raging controversy regarding the effect of egg yolks on health. Definitley if you have other problems like diabetes…it is known that egg eaters were more likely to suffer from heart disease than non egg eaters.

    For otherwise healthy persons…Studies have given us varied results. Suffice it to say that if you eat an egg yolk per day…make sure you cut down on other sources of saturated fat which definitely has significant impact on the body’s cholesterol.

    Being a bodyl builder, you need as much protein as you can take and I guess thats the reason it is recommended that you eat lots of protein sources from egg ( which contain 6 gms pere egg) or meat. Beef however has the highest saturated fat among the meat choices becuase of the fat present in between the meat protions. Eating it lean is a better option for you.

  33. Panda Says:


    I am blood type B and my beauty consultant says that i can eat as many eggs i want. since it will contribute to my weight loss. So every morning i have 2 eggs for my breakfast and a cup of black coffee which will last me till lunch.

    Bt i still need a medical advice, is it wise to consume 2 eggs a day given it is more than 300mg?

  34. Doc Gerry Says:

    Check my other post: Can I Eat Eggs Everyday?…Part 2 and that should answer your question.

  35. connie Says:


    i eat at least 3 egg WHITES a day. is this safe? or should i limit my egg white intake?

  36. Doc Gerry Says:

    it’s completely okay… enjoy the egg whites…..

  37. Cheryl Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I have a one year old son. He eats a hard boiled egg (white & yolk) everyday. Is that okay?

    • kylie Says:

      My 2 yr old girl does also. I was wondering the same thing. Everyone keeps saying that she will have colesteral problems

  38. Linda Says:

    My brother-in-law eats 2 fried eggs every day and does think it effects his cholesterol because it is “good” cholesterol. He has had bypass surgery and 3 stents placed in his heart. I say 2 eggs every day is too many. Who is right and how much do you think the eggs are elevating his cholesterol?

  39. Doc Gerry Says:

    The cholestrol from the egg may really not be causing his cholestroel to skyrocket but just the same the egg yolk is rich in cholesterol and therefore warrants the recommendation of limitation.

  40. Nikki Says:

    Hi, My 20 month old son loves egg whites. He eats about two organic boiled egg whites and less than one boiled egg yellow about 4 mornings a week. Is that safe? He also loves veggies and fruits, so I’m not worried about a balanced diet, only about the safety of eating eggs. He is a very active child and in the 50th-75th percentile for weight and height.

  41. Doc Gerry Says:

    That should be okay for his age…he’s not obese based on the percentile rank and if you can substitute the egg yolk on certain days to achieve the 1 egg per week regimen so much the better as you have other choices of protein aside from egg that is also healthy.

  42. Jenny Says:


    I wanted to know, if having the following combination is safe.
    Every morning,I beat an egg with salt ,pepper , and little amount of corn flakes in it and microwave it.

    This is my breakfast everyday and have the same in the evening.

    I do another strange mixture for my breakfast sometimes.
    beat an egg, and add little amount of milk, bread crumbs, and sugar and microwave it

    i m 24 and on an average consume 2 eggs everyday . and does egg act as a source of iron in any way?

  43. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes…it can be a source of iron but other stuff too like cholesterol. I guess.. there are still a lot of issues with eggs that we need to know…suffice it to note that recommendations regarding limiting egg intake for now stays.

  44. natalie Nabizadeh Says:

    I have a 3 year old and she loves eggs. Can you please tell me what is the recommended intake for her thank you Natalie.

  45. Doc Gerry Says:

    No firm recommendation for children but just the same rules apply to adults are applied to kids. That is to limit cholesterol and fat intake and to consider egg intake as part of the total requirement of energy foods per day rather than focusing on how many eggs can a child eat.

    If you look at the Food Pyramid, eggs being part of the Meat, Poultry, Fish food group your child should get two servings from this food group each day. Likewise if pts diet is already filled with other sources of cholesterol and fat like whole milk, ice cream, or cheese then limit the egg as another source of cholesterol.

    I hope my answer helps

  46. Matias Says:

    Please read this link and turn off all believes.

  47. Robert Says:

    First of all I cant believe this article and how wrong it is concerning eggs, first of all I would like to give some insight on the cholesterol levels that everyone thinks eggs can give but are totally untrue. Eating one egg will not contribute 213mb of cholesterol because when we consume foods containing cholesterol, we only absorb 1 to 2 mg of cholesterol per pound of body weight per day. So even if we were to eat a dozen eggs each day, we would only absorb about 300 mg of cholesterol, which is, by the way, the recommended maximum daily amount. Eggs are a very safe and excellent source of nutrition for the whole family, and should be made a regular part of the diet, always look for organic eggs if you cannot find those look for the higher standard eggs and please don’t misunderstand the nutrition values of eggs because they are one of the best health sources when it comes to human health.

    Also the fat in the egg yolk is in nearly perfect balance, these essential fats are very important in the regulation of cholesterol. This is because the antidote to cholesterol is lecithin, which helps dissolve cholesterol and the yolk is loaded with lecithin. Make sure not to overcook the egg yolk, as this will destroy the lecithin. These yolk fats in your diet lower the risk for heart disease.

    Happy Egg Eating

  48. aaron hung Says:

    Is it okay to eat one to two eggs for breakfast everyday?

  49. Doc Gerry Says:

    Robert.. Thanks for your comments. But please give us your references for all hte points you’ve made and they will surely be very helpful for the readers to check the reliability of your source.

    Aaron… please check my posts on eggs and whether you can eat eggs everyday depending on what other foods you eat with your meal.

  50. Melly Says:

    hi, My daughters love a boil egg, She just eat the white one. she is 3 years old, is it ok for the to eat 2-3 white boil egg?

  51. CP Says:

    I eat two hard boiled eggs every morning or at least i try to , my job requires me to be on my feet a lot during the day up and down stairs and also sitting at my desk quite a bit too, i just started working here and people have been telling me that you can get fat here because of all the sitting. i thought boiled eggs were healthy for me. I don’t have diabetes but both my parents do, and i do eat the whites and the yolks everyday. i’m pretty skinny but im out of shape in my opinion i’m starting to workout and figure i need the protein am i going about this all wrong?

  52. Doc Gerry Says:

    Melly… yes egg whites are okay. Try to get an egg white omelet and you’ll see it tastes as good as the original omelet with the yolk in it.

    CP… again include the egg in your meal plan. I have no idea what yor daily routine is in terms of food. Just remember.. a lot of protein sources are available…but each protein source contain different levels of fat. Fish and Steak are rich sources of protein BUT have different amount of fat.

  53. Tommy Says:

    I’ve been doing 35-42 eggs a week, this is including yolks! Reason is I believe that the more cholesterol you have in your system the less cholesterol your liver will produce, I have had a cholesterol check up before I started doing this 2 months down the line and I’ve had another check up and guess what… my cholesterol levels are the same. I will keep on the high dose of eggs yolks for now.

  54. Doc Gerry Says:

    It would be interesting to know what your LDL cholesterol is Tommy?

  55. stela Says:

    Hi, I really need to know I am not eating the eggs in the good way. I eat 2 eggs every morning before I go to work. But the rest of the day sometimes I don’t eat or I eat only sandwiches. That is what I do mostly 5 times a week and some vegetables once or twice a week. is it a healthy what I am doing? Pls let me know


  56. Doc Gerry Says:

    Cut your egg consumption by half…increase your veggies by half… better calorie distribution and healthier.

  57. raviiii Says:

    haii myself ravi . im 21 i use to eat 5 to 6 eggs per day with yolksand 5 t0 6 bannnas,actually im buiding body for that reason im taking extra diet like this ,will this effect my health . i workout very hard in zym can u suggest me the best food to eat for body buildings and abt this eggs issu

  58. Doc Gerry Says:

    You definitely need extra calories if you work out a lot like athletes, swimmers and those calories are needed to fuel the body. I dont see a problem long term as long as these calories are being used extensively by the body. But very important is to check your blood tests that they come out fine.

  59. Morteza Says:

    Is there any difference between eating egg at night and in day? TIA

  60. Doc Gerry Says:

    To Morteza: None… same calories, same stuff

  61. dagyei Says:

    Replace your egg in take with Moringa , get all the nutrients you need.


  62. Long Says:

    Is it bad for my 1 year old to eat a cook egg at night? My in-law thinks it could kill him.

  63. Micheal Jordan Says:

    what if i eat 4 eggs everyday but i take out 3 yolk so its 4 eggs whties with one yolk

  64. Sean Says:

    All this delicious talk of eggs – I’m going to have some right now!

  65. Ayaan Says:

    hi i’m having cholesterol , i do a cholestrol test on fasting n da reslat comes 240 n one of my friend said it’s serious so doc i need 2 know about this n want know wat r da foods i can take pls replay me

  66. Julian Says:

    Hello Doc,

    Stumbled upon this site while looking up whether there were any negative effects from eating a lot of egg whites. From the previous posts it’s seems like there really are none.

    However, I would like some clarification for my own sake. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    I’m a pretty healthy 31 year old individual. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 16, my dietary staples include a lot of sushi, eggs, chicken breast, white rice (should be brown), spinach, and I also drink kombucha every day for it’s various benefits on digestive health. I also do cardio exercise 5 sometimes 6 times a week as well as weight lifting 3 times a week for toning not bulk.

    On any given day my protein intake would consist of 6-10 egg whites, a whole chicken breast or 6-10 pieces of sushi. I also like snacking on garbanzo beans throughout the day. Obviously this isn’t all consumed at one meal.

    My question is the following, since I’m not really lifting weights to gain bulk am I consuming too much protein? Is consuming this much protein going to lead to colon trouble? I always hear about older men having colon trouble in their later life due to a high protein diet. Or do problems arise when the protein is coming from red meat?

    Thank you in advance and have a great day.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Your dietary pattern seems pretty good and healthy..white meat insetad of red meat. Egg whites are plain albumin so it is pretty safe. Your young and healthy and exercises a lot so no need to worry!

  67. Ina Ang Says:

    doc gerry, i like penoy and balut… i don’t have any problems with my heart though, i just wanted to know how many could i eat every week.

    i also love regular eggs. especially for breakfast.

  68. miya Says:

    Hi Doc,My boyfriend eats 2-3eggs on a daily basis and he is also a smoker.I am worried cos I think the combination is not good for his heart.Knowin that egg yolk contains cholesterol and too much of that isn’t good for his heart and smokin too.Pls I want to know what risks the combination of eggs and smoking can pose to health if not controlled?

  69. i have being eating eggs as food daily and i thought it could make me put on weight .and then i just read that eating eggs daily reduces weight ,what sould i do?

  70. trucker Says:

    I’m a jr. in high school and I’m 6 foot 3 and i weigh 166 pounds, i run at least four miles and do a sprint work out everyday and i lift every other day. Currently i am eating 6 eggs, in replace of protein shakes and weight gainer, every night before bed. is there any risk in a future heart disease or problems that i could face. how many eggs is not healthy to eat in one day.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Trucker… you are working out daily… you need protein for your weight lifting activity… as long as you are otherwise eating the right food and continue to do physical activitry and your blood tests are normal…I dont see a reason for you to change what you are doing now.

  71. ellie Says:

    i luv eggs !!!!!!!!!!!

  72. ellie Says:

    r u suposed to eat the shell ????????/

  73. Cheddar Says:

    Eat as many eggs as you want to eat. You’re only on Earth once…better to enjoy what you eat than to eat “healthy” garbage that’s really no better for you. When it’s your time to go, then it’s your time to go – not a damn thing you’re going to be able to do about it.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Cheddar….I totally disagree with your philosophy. The problem is we dont die right away…we suffer first before we die! Its the suffering we want to avoid and thats why we need to be healthy! You will suffer from the dreaded stroke and heart attack if you dont take care of what you eat! When you get a stroke then you will know what I mean by ” Suffering” Then you will realize why we need to be healthy!

  74. sehgal Says:

    hello sir i do excersice every day and i like to eat 10 eggs white everyday but i recently read a article that eggs white are not good for hairs it can cause baldness is that true?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Sehgal… First time to hear this relationship. Check the source properly because theoritically…I dpnt see a relationship at all!

      • sehgal Says:

        Biotin deficiency can be caused by excessive consumption of raw egg whites over a long period (months to years). Egg whites contain high levels of avidin, a protein that binds the vitamin biotin strongly.

        Initial symptoms of biotin deficiency include:

        1. Dry skin
        2. Seborrheic dermatitis
        3. Fungal infections
        4. Rashes including red, patchy ones near the mouth (erythematous periorofacial macular rash)
        5. Fine and brittle hair
        6. Hair loss or total baldness (alopecia)

  75. Neo Says:

    I started Gym recently. My instructor tells me that I should have 2-3 boiled eggs (without the yellow part) every day along with the Whey shake. He also advised to drink lots of water because I will be eating more eggs. So far it is good.

    One of my friends tell that eating eggs everyday reduces sperm count. Is it true?

  76. Jay Breden Says:

    Neo,that is a lie.Eating eggs will increase your sperm and not decrease it.

  77. usama Says:

    hi doc. i am a bodybuilder and i eat six eggs daily. is it right? if yes then should i waste all the yolks of the eggs or should i take some of them. suggest me a better way.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Usama…you are using eggs for protein source for your body building needs. Incorporate these needs to your daily caloric requirement and it should be fine. The controversy regarding eggs and cholesterol persist till the present but suffice it to note that what contributes more to bad cholesterol is the intake of saturated fat rather than diet cholesterol.

  78. Zachary Cabon Says:

    According to professors where I earned my master’s degree in “Human Performance and Nutrition” – at UNC (an accredited institution) – ~ 1,000 mg of cholesterol is circulated per day in normal homeostasis.

    In other words, the less cholesterol one eats, the more ones liver must manufacture; the more cholesterol one eats, the less cholesterol ones liver must manufacture … to provide the 1,000 mg/day to the circulatory system.

    Why would a physician presume ones cholesterol level was limited by the amount one ate? Cholesterol is produce by human cells, and does not occur via diet alone.

    I eat 6-egg (Grade A, Large, White) omelets with cheese (cottage or other) on a regular basis (often with butter); according to my annual physicals, my total blood cholesterol is relatively low; my HDL cholesterol is in desirable proportion; and, according to my physician (based on my overall physical), I have a 1% chance of developing heart disease.

    I do exercise – to the point I enjoy walking, running and strength training … nothing to the extent Guinness would publish – but six days per week I do get more than 30-minutes per day of continuous exercise.

    Based on my education and review of legitimate research (not funded by the companies selling statins), I have no idea why a recommendation for cholesterol intake of 200 mg /d or less of would exist.

    Eat less, make more; eat more, make less … that’s how the body works.

    May I sincerely ask, is human physiology (homeostasis in particular) not covered in medical school?

    I realize physicians typically take only one course in nutrition – typically an undergraduate basic-nutrition course; but not knowing anything more about cholesterol than one might read on a leaflet from a drug company – or their sponsored associations, e.g., the American Heart Association – seems, pardon my saying so, grossly ignorant.

    The body and the brain use cholesterol for essential (life sustaining) functions, including muscle growth and repair.

    I will not save my heart (a muscle) by eating less than 200 mg/d of cholesterol; but if I take statins, then I might disrupt processes essential for health, including muscle strength, e.g., heart strength.

    Such is the irony of the issue. Who profits most from such recommendations re cholesterol? Me (the patient) or Merck?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Great opiece ofwork there Zacchary

    • Stan V Says:


      Here you state you consume a decent quantity of eggs. Has your position on intake of excess fat (in reference to low carb diets) changed recently? I read your posts on musclehack and elsewhere where you admonish low carb diets. Your points brought up on fat accumulating in non-adipose tissue in absence of insulin raised a concern for me. What sort of eating regiment do you advocate (for both weight gain and loss)? I would really appreciate a response.

      I would appreciate a reply here or at



      • Zachary Cabon Says:

        Hello Stan

        My diet suits me, not Dr. Atkins.

        I advocate different diets for different people, e.g., pregnant women, infants and body builders.

        Most people would improve their health by excluding various foods and drinks from their diets, no doubt.

        I exclude all carbonated beverages (phosphoric acid), sugary drinks (calories), caffeine (“nervous energy”), artificial sweeteners (creepy), etc.; but I eat pasta 2xd and whole grain oat cereals ~ 4-6 servings per day (both have complex carbs). I also consume up to one quart of 1% milk per day, which has the carbohydrate lactose. Whole milk is fine (the fatty acids in whole milk are healthful) and I drink that sometimes. I limit OJ to 1/2C to 1C a day, diluted in a huge cup of water.

        I drink a lot of water…

        I eat fish everyday and I do eat a lot of cheeses – at least twice per day. When I eat eggs, I usually eat a six-egg omelet, fried in butter and made with non-fat cottage cheese.

        I have about four servings of Canola oil (omega-3 fatty acids) everyday – poured on the pasta. No tomato sauce (solanine – same reason I exclude potato products).

        Basically, my diet provides plenty of healthful fats, proteins and carbohydrates – not low in any macronutrient except alcohol (none – suffocates brain cells; try playing chess after a jumbo margarita…).

        Eating is not my favorite activity and I kind of go about eating like a carpenter would go about getting the right supplies for whatever he is building.

        I’m not into “a variety of fruits and vegetables” … I don’t like a variety, and I’m not going to eat something everyday I don’t enjoy. I eat collard greens some days for the vitamin K (for strong bones). I eat apples sometimes (quercetin – but I see I should be eating capers for that :^ ). Sweet potatoes or yams are okay once in a while (no solanine – but a lot of calories).

        I’m not trying to avoid heart disease or cancer. I’m trying to enjoy my activities (running, walking, strength training, chess, work, etc.) and my diet gives me plenty of energy, no inflammation (such as triggered by excess calories) and a happy and quick state of mind.

        I would not exclude carbohydrates from my diet, but then I do not suffer from insulin resistance … as do many people with excess abdominal adiposity.

        Are we on the same page now?



      • Stan V Says:

        Thanks a lot for the quick reply Zach.

        Same page, 100%.

        “I’m trying to enjoy my activities (running, walking, strength training, chess, work, etc.)” – ditto except I’m horrible at chess =D

        I like weight lifting very much and was astounded at my lack of progress for years on a meticulously low fat diet (to the point of OCD). I lost weight, but mostly muscle it now seems.

        I then stopped doing things ad-hoc and experimented with adding fat and was astonished at the improvements, both composition and in lifting. I could then switched to a more power-based lifting approach (as opposed to just throwing weights around), because now I actually could! Obviously body composition is a factor as well, darn my ego =)

        I recently began to experiment by adding more fats (keeping carbs more or less constant), with good results in that I noticed weight gain, but not so much in adipose tissue, which I assumed was good. Your other post about fat deposition in organs alarmed me however since I didn’t consider this.

        I am an engineer, so I only wish I knew these fine aspects of nutrition better, but it seems that this science is somewhat challenging and ever evolving. Since I don’t know any better, my best avenue so far has been to experiment.
        Aristotle’s ethics of avoiding extremes seems to be fitting in this however, and in line with what you are advocating – a balanced diet.

        Thanks a lot for the good advice.

        Kindest Regards,


  79. Samiya Says:

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE EGGS, that is what I live off of.

    Try is like this.
    One egg with a teaspoon of curry and about a tablespoon of curry and also a tablespoon of sugar. Then beat it. Put it on the stove with a bit of oil, then while the top is still wet, put any type of garnish, i use basil leaves.

    And you can eat it with anything that isn’t already sweet


  80. ms o Says:

    is eating eggs for a week, okay for health? and do physical training everyday? is it alright for health?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Controversy on eating eggs continue but now data are showing that the cholesterol in eggs may not actually be the culprit but the amount of saturated in our foods that can cause harm.

  81. Zachary Cabon Says:

    I had my annual physical last week, including labs from blood drawn Jan 7, 2010. My total cholesterol was 165 – non-HDL 113 (desirable is < 130 … according to drug-company "research").

    I'll keep eating eggs.

    What does one lose other than cholesterol when removing the egg yolk?

    Iron (My Hgb: 14.5)
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B12
    Etceteras and etceteras.

    Nutrients valuable to health, but lost all for the fear of another nutrient – cholesterol – that has seven (7) known functions in maintaining good health … which is why the liver manufactures ~ 1,000 mg of cholesterol per day if one fails to eat foods with cholesterol. (One large egg has 215 mg.)

    My intention is not disrespect, but an exchange of knowledge on health.


  82. Anoeil Joseph Says:

    I was wondering if eating eggs at night right before you sleep effects you in anyway and why, reason I ask is I ate 2 eggs last night including 2 eggs earlier in the day and this morning I felt extremely tired and too lazy to do anything productive.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Anoeil…its effect should be on your cholesterol level…and the effect of cholesterol buildup takes time. In fact up to now, controvery exists if indeed it is the cholesterol in the diet that can affect blood cholesterol.

  83. Jay Says:

    Hey Doc,

    read this and your responses over many years, and i have to say i enjoy your open mindedness and thoughtful responses. I myself have experienced an increase of vision to 20-13 and lower total blood cholesterol with an improved ratio of HDL to LDL.with a diet of 20-30 eggs a week, and when i dropped the eggs, i lost ground in both vision and my blood tests, (still lower total than before the egg diet). I have read the research and I now include eggs as part of my daily nutritional intake.

  84. Rashmi Says:

    Hey Doc,
    I have a toddler of 16 months. Must say a very poor eater. I was thinking of giving her egg probably weekly once or twice. I did hear that eggs can be a source fr allergic reactions to many kids. Especially for kids with eczema or skin allergies. My niece has eczema too.

    My DD has be given her MMR shot ( which i did hear contains egg proteins)..plz correct me if im wrong here. And after the shot, there has been allegic reactions in her.

    I wanted to know, can i give up this conflict in my head and start giving my baby Eggs??

  85. abs Says:

    how many times per week can a 9 month old eat egg?

  86. Kyle Says:

    I’m 14 and live a somewhat active life. I’m in Track and Feild so I run for about 1hour 15minutes 5 days a week. Is it ok to eat about 1 hard boiled egg the week days I have track? (I don’t know if it makes a difference but I don’t eat alot, if any cheese but drink more then enough milk.)

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Kyle…yah yah…again include egg in your meal plan…as long as it is within your specified food should be exempted from a meal….

  87. I thought the yolk was only dietary colestrol which doesnt affect cholcesterol levels in our body as it is safe.

  88. pallavi Says:

    i am a student.I dont have to do much of a physical work daily.I stay in a hostel.So,i don’t get a healthy meal.I prefer taking an egg almost daily.Please tell me if its healthy.I am just 20 years old.

  89. joshua Says:

    i usually go to the gym and do some body building the thing is i just want to know if its ok to eat atleast 6 eggwhites a day or if its ok for me to make it 9 eggwhites a day since it was said that egg contains like 5g of protein per 1 medium size.

  90. Giorgos Says:

    So can I eat as many whites I want?

  91. prashant Says:

    hi, i m a skinny boy n i don’t like it at all..
    i m 18 yrs old.
    can someone pls tell me how many eggs shud i eat daily to improve my physical appearance.
    or tell me some exercises i shud do alongwith eating eggs to b muscular. 🙂

    btw thnx doc gerry ….. your comments r really helpful.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Prashant…do weights…that should build your muscle up…

    • Andrew Says:

      Not too difficult. You need to eat more calories and work out, preferably with heavier weights.

      Make sure your weight training exercises are using weights that you can only lift between 4-8 times, this ensures that you’re lifting for size and not endurance. You can find thousands of routines online.

      As for food, eat lots of healthy food. Try to eat a small meal every 2-3 hours, lots of vegetables, protein, complex carbs (whole wheat, not white). A whey protein supplement will help you get the adequate amount of protein. (0.75 – 1g per pound of body weight)

      Don’t just eat more without exercising. Lift heavy and eat in combination, not one or the other. Nutrition is incredibly important. Stick to compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups at a time.

      – Squats
      – Deadlifts
      – Pullups
      – Chinups
      – Bench press

      Be disciplined, try and work out at least three days a week. (Mon, Wed, Fri works well for most)

      And just as importantly, get your sleep. Your body only rebuilds muscle when you’re sleeping, so make sure to get your 8 hours no matter what.

      Finally, read, read, read. The internet is an amazing place for knowledge, take full advantage!

  92. henry kamau Says:

    hi i take 2 eggs daily can they harm me?

  93. Tony Says:

    Hi Doc, It is okay for my 12 yr old son to give him a breakfast with 2 eggs everyday?
    he is very skinny but healthy, Is there any bad
    effect on his health in the future?

    Any advice would be very appreciate
    Thank you.

  94. Thomas Says:

    Hi Doc, I’m a 16yr old teenager, i workout everyday and i only weight about 130…is it ok for me to eat 2 whole eggs everyday and i also want to eat more..should i?

  95. Mike Says:

    Hi Doc, I do not have an issue with my egg intake. I eat about two eggs a week (usually at the same time).
    I was wondering though, i get a burning sensation when i eat raw vegetables. I am thinking it is due to an allergic reaction to the pesticides used. Is there any better alternatives, like organic or cooked vegetables.
    Also i do not always eat breakfast, is that OK? I am 20 and slightly overweight.

  96. William Says:

    The whole idea that high cholesterol levels is the cause of heart disease has been discredited. The cholesterol-heart disease thesis has been manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry for the purpose of selling cholesterol lowering drugs. Go to for a in depth discussion of this topic, especially if you are on or considering going on any cholesterol lowering medications.

  97. Dilruk Says:

    Eat any amount of eggs it alright. Make sure you exercise and eat vegetables. exerciseatleast 20 mins a day. Like brushing your teeth make it a hobbit. I eat 5 eggs a day and I am 75 now still alive.

    Good luck!

  98. asha Says:

    Hi doctor, i eat two eggs in a day….. i was lean. i want to put on my wait, is it ok to having two eggs in a day

  99. r.b Says:

    sir i eat 4 eggs after my workout at gym. i work out 3hours, after work out i eat 3-4 eggs in first egg i eat it whole but the rest i only eat the white eggs… i work out 3-4 times a week .. its good for me?

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  110. Lillian Says:

    Im so worried now, I started an “eat rite plan” with some co workers and I have lost weight definatley but part of my eatibg rite consists of 4 boiled eggs in the AM along with OJ and some fruit, I guess I’m over doing it huh??

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  118. Rajeev Says:

    Hi Doc,
    I have a high amount of triglycerides. Is it ok if I eat an egg a day?.What other food I should avoid.I am a vegeterain.


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Rajeev… high triglycerides is actually due to increased intake of sweets and pastries… Fatty liver is a red flag that you are at risk of developing metabolic syndrome so better start losing weight and exercising otherwise you will develop diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

  119. Rajeev Says:

    Missed to add in above query.. I also have mild fatty liver.

  120. sagar Says:

    hi im sagar 20yrs old weight56kg n i take 2eggs everyday tell me that it is harmful for me or not?please let me know

  121. bukatin Says:

    Hi! I’m eating hard boiled eggs every day. Around 4 eggs. 2 in the morning and 2 after I workout.. Because I usually workout everyday. Is this okay? or still I have to remove the yellow thingy? but you know, egg yolk is more delicious than egg white.. hahahahaha that is why I still eat the yolk…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Bukatin.. your are working out and you are physically active…most of the protein you eat are needed for your muscles to stay strong… your input equals output…you should be fine

  122. Sam Says:

    I am anaemic so I have started eating 2 boiled eggs during dinner from past one week. I dont like green vegetables much,so i prefer to eat eggs instead. Is it alright? Or will it cause me problems later on?


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Saam… theres a big difference between eating eggs and veggies… too many differences in terks of health benefits. So please learn to eat veggies..aloow your taste to adopt to the taste of veggies within a 2-4 week period.

  123. WHA Vlotman Says:

    Hi, i have a diet programme that i must follow to gain weight together with +- 8hours training a week. The programme says i must eat 2 and sometimes 3 eggs in the morning, each morning for breakfast. this can`t possibly be healthy, canit?
    My question is the following: How many eggs per day is enough or too much with my 1.0h – 1.5h training session each day?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Vlotman…I guess the best way to tell is how your body responds to the way youre eating. With your active physical lifestyle and training, you will need a lot of protein and calories to sustain your activity…so long term..what is important is what you eat balances what you put out….

  124. Dicky Says:

    nice info doc, I will try to eat only the white not the whole part

  125. Gautam Says:

    Hi doc,great input on your blog,lots of valuable information.Really well written and lots to learn from here.

    My report has a few sectors which bother me,rest have all meet the ‘normal range’.

    Complete blood count blood*
    Red Cell Distribution Width is Low – 11.4 and the normal range is 11.6=14.0 %

    WBC Differential Count
    Lymphocytes is High – 42 and the normal range is 20-40 %

    Direct LDL Cholesterol is High – 133 and the normal range is less then 100 mg/DL

    CHOL/HDL Ratio is High – 4.5 and the normal range is 3.3 to 4.4

    LDL/HDL Ratio is High – 3.3 and the normal range is 0.5 to 3.0

    Liver Profile,Total is High – 1.13 and the normal range is 0.00 to 1.00 mg/DL

    I would appreciate your view on the same.

    How bad does it look to you?
    How can i avoid certain things which are causing to rise/decrease the normal level.
    I’m a non-vegetarian.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Gautam..thanks for your opinion. Now the only problem I see in your lab that is worth my recommnedation is your bad cholesterol or LDL… the level depends on what your risks are for developing heart disease… discuss this with your doctor but in general, if you have any of these conditions like heart doisease, diabetes or hypertension, then aim for an LDL of less than 100

  126. danielsan Says:

    You can eat as many eggs as you want per week if the eggs are organic and from grass-fed hens. The fats contained in these eggs are HEART HEALTHY and they don’t raise your blood cholesterol levels enough to cause a problem. Your liver will simply produce less cholesterol if you eat eggs. People forget that cholesterol is a necessary nutrient in the human body, with many vital functions.

    High levels of “bad” cholesterol are due to nutritional and lifestyle problems. Don’t throw out those healthful egg yellows!, that’s where all the nutrition and healthy fat is!

  127. carlas saraiva Says:

    how many eggs can my 5 year old son have per week? he seems to be obbessed with eggs lately and wants them everyday 2 a day!! he is on school oliday and ap[prently the helper has been obliging to this request every day!! pls help now i am worried!

  128. vindya Says:

    I give my 9 month old baby scrambled egg every morning with butter and cheese. Should i give him daily? or every other day

  129. Olanike Coker Says:

    All I know is that anytime I eat egg I sleep better. i avoid eating egg most days because I am obese,BMI-25.5

  130. Olanike Coker Says:

    I sleep better when i include eggs in my meal. i avoid eggs on most days because i am obese,BMI – 25.5

  131. Olanike Coker Says:

    When i include eggs in my diet I sleep better. I generally avoid eating eggs because I am obese

  132. […] for breakfast or … The Good Egg: More Than 200 Fresh Approaches from Soup …Can I Eat EGGS Everyday? « That Health RulesEggs Are Healthy | Mark’s Daily […]

  133. kingsley Says:

    hi doctor, if i eat cheese and egg twice per day, once in the morning and once at night, would that be too much

  134. Mary Paganas Says:

    I’m a brestfeeding mother, i want the best for my child esp. about nutrition so I want to give my 1 year old son 3 egg a week but my inlaws insist it is safe to feed him 1egg once a day. is that really safe doc?

  135. Thanks for this post! Keep up the hard work

  136. Tori Says:

    I take care of a special need child and the mother has a set breakfast meal for him. It contains 3 eggs, 1c whole milk, 32g of mixed grains, 35g maltomeal, 1/2c yogurt, 4tbs of cocoanut oil, 1tbs of butter, and 4oz of baby food fruit. My question is is 3eggs a day for 7 days good for him?

  137. Mui Roskopf Says:

    what r the foods that u should consume to end getting acne, like pimple, blackheads, or whiteheads?????????and also the foods that u shouldn’t consume…………thank u

  138. Dude 190 Says:

    The so called “Doctor Jerry” is simply ignorant on the subject. Dismissed this site’s writings and visit other health sites that provide current medical information. He should highly reconsider in attending medical school. That is of course… if he is a “real” medical doctor.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Please check an updated article written march 2009 on the same topic. As the debate on eggs continue, we change views all the time. Kindly check the article written since 2009…. Can I eat Eggs Everyday: Yes You Can! Thats the title of that updated article.

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