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Is Bread Healthy Enough To be Eaten Everyday?

December 30, 2022

Tips to Lower your Blood Pressure

December 16, 2022

High Blood Pressure is very common.

The problem with High Blood Pressure islike Diabetes you actually don’t feel anything so many people have High BP but denies having one.

In general, It is best that if you have High BP that you check your Blood sugar routinely and blood cholesterol because all three usually come together as triplets.

What then are some of my advises to my patents who come to see me with high blood pressure?

Which foods do I recommend to avoid if you have been recently diagnosed with high BP…

7 Quick Ways to Combat Anxiety

December 2, 2022

Anxiety really turns out to be very common among my patients and friends.

So I thought of making a blog of how one can deal anxiety, and offer some strategies one can use to avoid feeling consumed by it.

Here are some quick solutions to help you address the situation immediately, as well as long-term methods to combat a recurring issue.

Quick Ways to Combat ANXIETY

Health Benefits of Eating Tofu

December 2, 2022

Protein Is very important nutrient source tor a lot of reasons.

With Intermittent fasting as a way to help people lose weight incorporating Low Carb diet, one major part of the dietary intervention is to look for the right sources of protein to replace portion of the nutrients previously for carbohydrates.

One important healthy option of protein that I recommend to my pts and for all is simply to enjoy the Plain and reliableTofu.

A simple protein source to help you improve muscle strength and well being.

How beneficial is Tofu in ones Diet?

Eating TOFU a GOOD Protein Source for Health and Muscle Strength?

Food To Eat If You Have Cancer

December 2, 2022

Many of my patients have felt trials in their lives when suddenly a diagnosis of cancer hits them.

It’s not A particularly fun news as one feels a lump then have it biopsied and viola a diagnosis of cancer … be it in the thyroid, breast or lungs.

So how then can we prepare and protect our bodies to be healthier so our bodies can fight against the development of cancer.

Here are some foods Ive compiled that have the potential to help ward off cancer

Foods to Eat if You Have Cancer

Foods To Eat To Help Lower Your Blood Sugar

December 2, 2022

For people with high blood sugar or diabetes or even high blood pressure or cholesterol diet is always a major player in maintaining healthy blood levels.

While some foods, can contribute to increasing blood sugar fluctuations, there are some foods that when eaten can optimize blood sugar control while promoting overall health.

Here are the top 10 foods that I consider very helpful in helping regulate your blood…

Foods To Eat To Help Lower Blood Sugar