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How To Prevent BAD BREATH

August 23, 2006

imageslll1.jpgPatients with diabetes are prone to gum disease. Good blood sugar control helps prevent gingivitis or gum disease but once they develop gum problem comes the dreadful BAD Breath!

The problem with Halitosis or bad breath however is not unique to diabetics.  Even your close friends may have it but not as a result of a disease but because of the more common cause of halitosis : poor oral hygiene.

I recently read an interesting article in The National Institute of Health Medline Plus August issue on a study conducted to determine if flossing helps prevent halitosis.  This study involved a total of 51 subjects: half of them brushed their teeth and tongue 2 x a day while the other half did the same plus regular flossing.

The RESULTS after 2 weeks of study showed that:

The group that did regular brushing plus flossing had 38% reduction in gum bleeding and bad breath.

Clinical Implication:

Just 2 weeks of regular brushing plus dental flossing can reduce gum bleeding and bad breath!

So guys…After brushing your teeth…

To Prevent BAD BREATH… Don’t Forget to Floss!