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Melatonin and Covid Insomnia

February 18, 2022

With Covid 19 infections, sleep has become a major issue.

While you’re on isolation, sleeping may become an issue. Plus with Covid Infection insomnia can set in and even long term as part of the post Covid Syndrome.

But even without Covid, the pandemic has bought a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.

As a result, More and more adults are taking over-the-counter melatonin to get to sleep, and some of them may be using it at dangerously high levels and for a long time.

So Is Melatonin as a sleeping aid Safe and Useful?

Too Many Injections for Covid 19 Vaccination

February 11, 2022

It seems that many of us including my friends and patients are confused about the vaccines because there is this belief that once vaccinated and boosted, you are completely protected against infection.

And anything short of this expectation means the vaccine is a failure. Which means therefore that if they still get infection inspire of 3 injections maybe another booster jab is needed.

Likewise, You may have known of some friends who have already been given 2 primary series of vaccines meaning 2 doses of Sinovac then got another 2 dose of Moderna “privately purchased”… thinking that the more Vaccines the better…

But is it? Is it safe to have too many injections as protection against Covid infection?