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The Baby And The Ultrasound

August 8, 2006

 imagesdfg.jpg Getting an ultrasound to know the sex of a baby is really for FUN!  The use of ultrasound for entertainment became a big media event when Tom Cruise bought one for his pregnant wife.  The FDA advisory strongly discourages this un-official use of the ultrasound for keepsakes and other non medical purposes.

One study I found intriguing that may change how we look at ultrasound in pregnancy was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.  The study showed that brain development in mice was apparently affected by ultrasound exposure.  A great number of brain cells failed to develop and if they grow…they were scattered in an incorrect manner.  Can one imagine the impact of this development if we are talking about a human fetus?  What was important in the findings was that the number of affected cells increased with longer exposure!

More research need to be done especially on the effect of ultrasound in humans…But for now…

This should be a Wake Up Call : to newly weds and new moms to

….abandon the use of ultrasound

for the benefit of entertainment!…

Knowing The Sex Of The Baby

Is A Matter Of Time!