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The Truth About Mercury Contamination and Eating Fish

August 15, 2006

802970253.jpgIt’s indeed a CATCH 22… The Benefits of Fish versus The Fear of Mercury Contamination!

It’s been reported that contamination of fish with mercury has stopped a lot of consumers from eating fish and therefore denied themselves of the benefits of fish.

Because of the many benefits of fish, the National Institute of Health, National Academy of Sciences, The US Dietary Guidelines recommend eating fish at least 2 x a week.

However, The Food and Drug Administration recommends to avoid shark, white tuna, swordfish and king mackerel because they contain high levels of mercury and therefore harmful to children and pregnant women.

The general consensus however is that…

The general public should not avoid FISH out of the concern for mercury. Because even eating high mercury laden fish… IF NOT EATEN FREQUENTLY… will cause no harm!

Likewise,according to Harvard School of Heath…” Neither the Mercury Concern nor the Polychlorinated Biphenyls (known to cause neurological disorders) conatamination in fish are enough for people to reduce their fish intake!”

There You Go…

Fear of Mercury Should Not Put The Fish At Bay….