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Facts and Tips on High PROTEIN Diet

August 25, 2006

imagesdfgt2.jpgThe fad of low carb and high protein diet has put protein at the center stage!  People are now aware of protein.  And I see people in parties filling up their plates with beef, pork and cheese obviously following the Atkins or the South Beach diet! But what’s the use of protein and are all proteins the same?

Our body requires 1 gm of protein per kg body weight. If we dont get enough protein- it can lead to growth failure, loss of muscle mass, decrease heart and lung function and decrease ones immunity.

Too much protein can also cause harm. It can take a lot of calcium from the bone and can lead to fractures based on the Nurses Health Study.

Different protein sources give different effects to health. Proteins coming from vegetables definitely are healthier than those coming from meat. A steak and a salmon may have the same amount of protein but the saturated fat in beef is more than half that of the fish. While the fat in vegetable is almost zero. And we know the connection between FAT and HEART disease!

Tips in Choosing Your Protein Sources wisely:

1. If you like meat… get the lean cuts for beef or pork BUT fish and chicken are better alternatives.

2. Go for vegetable proteins like nuts, lentils, beans and whole grain

3. Get a mix source of protein to get a even portions of protein for your daily needs.

4. Soy based foods are also good alternatives to red meat but limit to 2 to 3 servings a week.

So if you’re into this kind of diet… be aware of the protein package… get a mixture of protein sources and go for the proteins with the least amount of fat!

Choose Your Protein Wisely!

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