Medical Clinic Schedule

Dr Gerry H Tan will be available to see patients by appointment.  However for emergency cases and those with no appointments, I only see the first 10 patients per day without appointment.

Kindly call 2535460 or 4124803 to schedule an appointment every 1st and 16th day for each month for next months appointment. You can also call us and ask for instructions if you don’t have an appointment.


Take NOTE:

Finding good medical advice on the internet is wonderful and it can give you an idea of what might be going on with your health before you call your family doctor. If you are diagnosed with something by your doctor you can find lots of good information online as well about things like eating well with type 1 diabetes
or information on how to control your high blood pressure.


182 Responses to “Medical Clinic Schedule”

  1. Joan Jayobo Says:

    Hi doc,
    Im 24 yrs old and have this goiter. I used to take euthyrox, that was 1 1/2 yrs ago. My goiter is much bigger now. My doctor here in manila advised me to have this surgery, but the fact that surgery is not that cheap,Im in a big dillema now.Can you help me?

    • Clarence Says:

      Good day, Doctor. I am a female-to-male transgender. I am still a student and was hoping to know if you provide Hormone Replacement Therapy services and what the estimated cost is including tests and consultations?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Joan… I need a proper history and I need to examine you. The kind of goiter you have, the size of the goiter and the blood tests.

    Make sure you see an endocrinologist in Manila and not a surgeon okay?

    Likewise…please be careful with the surgery…make sure you know the surgeon, his skills and his complication data. Ask your endocrinologist to give you the best surgeon that he can trust.

  3. francis Says:

    to doc gerry,

    my wife also has a goiter, she was examined using t3 and t4 and found (1st) to be a toxic goiter. after taking some med. the goiter has gone…after she give birth to my child we found out that the goiter is back along with diabetes and high blood. she is now taking ptu and neoblack 100 mg

  4. lourdes uymatiao Says:

    Hi doc gerry
    I’m lourdes uymatiao of Dumaguete. Was there last Sept. 18 and you recommended FORTEO treatment. Coming home i’ve given it some thoughts. I have come to a decision to forego the treatment. Maybe in the future. Thank you very much. Meanwhile I am continuing my treatment of Fossavance as I still have some tablets left. Again, my many thanks.

  5. ivy joan Says:

    hi doc gerry
    i’m ivy from iligan. i will inquire if you have an out of town schedule on the third week of october? im planning to have a check up for that particular week…..hope to see you soon…

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yes…kindly check my revise schedule for October…

  7. Ariel Escalona Says:

    Good Day Doctor, im one of your patients having Thyroid problem here in cebu and I ought to have a follow-up visit on April 16, 2008 and in the usual manner, i booked a schedule a month earlier than that however i understand your schedules outside the country….and my new schedule of visit will be in the 3rd week of May 2008 (i was advised to call on April 22)…and with this, i would like to ask if i continue to take Tapdin (Methimazole) and Atenolol…because i only have 3 more Tapdins left after you gave me a prescription to get 40….my Atenolol also ran out a week ago and I continued taking it as personal choice…
    thank you so much Doctor…this days, im getting better and i felt im gaining a little weight…

    respectfully…ariel escalona

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Ariel…kindly contact Ivy for dose adjustments or med questions in the future. For now. yes..please cont the med until you see me back.

  9. Louella Says:

    Good day, doc. Im Louella your patient from Leyte. I had my RAI (15 mci) last march 17 at perpetual soccour hosp. I have finished your medication of therabloc for 2 weeks after my radiation. Im required to see you in two months that will be on may 16. I would like ask if i’m not required to take any medications from now until may 16. I have tried to contact your clinic but your out of the country. thank you so much.

    God bless,

  10. Doc Gerry Says:

    hi louella…yah no need. make sure you see me on your scheduled visit. I AM WRITING to you in Barcelona enroute to `mallorca.

  11. mary sochin tonacao Says:

    gd am doc, i have sked on june 26 and was told to bring my lab result, but i can’t make it, coz i’ll be home on june 30……..will it be possible to re sked me, when will it be?…..doc, shoulb i continue taking tapdin 5mg?

  12. Doc Gerry Says:

    Mary please call office to reschedule..032-253-5460

  13. mary sochin tonacao Says:

    thanks for your reply doc, i know your so busy but still you find time to reply your patients.


  14. mary sochin tonacao Says:

    good morning doc, will i continue taking tapdin 5mg?…….my dosage is 2 tabs before breakfast.

    i will call your office to re sked.


  15. lauie Says:

    goo morning doc. I found this website about a week before I forced my mom to go to cebu for a thyroid check-up. I gave her your contact number and told her to go to Cebu Doctors Hosp. Unfortunately you were out the day she went there with my dad so they went to Chong Hua instead. The endocrinologist who examined her diagnosed her of a hyperthyroid disease (which is what I expected because my mom has been continually losing a lot of weight) and the lab result according to the endocrinologist says that her FT4 level is 70.5 and that the normal should be 22. She was prescribed of Tapdin and Inderal under a 2-year medication. My question is, is it necessary that my mom takes the Inderal? I’m just worried there might be some danger of taking mixed medications. Thanks for taking time to read and your reply on this would be very appreciated.

  16. lauie Says:

    I forgot to mention that my mom doesn’t have a lump on her neck. And her eyes don’t bulge either like those of the people with goiter do.

  17. lian Says:

    hi doc. my name is lian, im 21 y.o. and i was recently diagnose of having a hyperthyroidism. before my weight ranges from 100-102 lbs only, but now my weight is 111 lbs already. i dont know if its bec. my tapdin 5mg (3x a day) is working or not. bdwy, i stopped my inderal coz i felt like my heart bit is getting better. did i made the correct decision? and i think the size f my neck is still the same… i have been taking tapdin for 5months now. size if my neck is 12.5 iches… thanks

  18. Doc Gerry Says:

    Lian.. better follow up with your doctor to check if the drug is working okay? Once really lose weight…once on treatment your toxicity is resolving so you will tend to gain weight. Neck size? only endos will know how to measure it okay?

  19. marilyn Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan,
    “May God Bless You”

    i hav a big problem regarding my goiter…is it true that this kind of disease a colloid goiter?…i’ve been like this eversince im in grade 3 low lvl till now im already 23 running 24 of age having this kind of disease, what will i do?..plz i need ur opinion


  20. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Marilyn.. colloid goiter is only of the many goiters a person can have. A detailed history and physical examintaion need to be done for mme to give you an opinion. But nontheless… colloid is a benign disorder that needs follow up to make sure it does not grow and makes it cosmetically disfiguring.

  21. chinchin Says:

    Good day doc.

    I am one of your patient my last visit there was august 2008 and was advice to visit again on november but I wasn’t in the phillipines yet…..I’ll be back on december 2008, can I have a sked on dec 18 2pm?……… I hope it’s ok to booked my sked thru this site.

  22. jasmine Says:

    good morning doc…

    Is it ok if we can booked our check up schedule thru this site?we are adviced to call this day..but you telephone is always busy..can my parents bernabe and estelita padilla will be sked on dec. 17 0r 18 at 2pm?thanx

  23. marilyn Says:

    Doc Gerry,

    a bless evening!!!

    i hav already did my check up…3 times.
    when i’m grade 6(11 yrs young) my parents took me 2 d hospital 2 hav dat check up but nothing happen coz d doctors only said dat i should be eating sea foods and used iodized salt to taste wat we cook…n we do dat…my goiter didnt vanish at all.
    i did go to a surgeon for the neck n he did a biophsy at the age of 16 at that tym ,and after that nothing happens again..he didnt told me to take anykind of tablet or etc. to cure dis, he only said that i hav a colloid goiter after the biophsy n dis kind of goiter he said dat dis is not a malignant one n no need to worry at all…something useless.

    now im already 22 running 23 of age i did again my check up and the Dr. prescribed this kind of tablet..THYRAX 250MG …till now i am taking dis tablet everyday..n i dont it will work then.
    Because of poverty,i didnt hav a proper check up myself to maintain my health spcially my neck that has a problem…im so sad because the doctor said this tablet he prescribed me to take will not take my goiter away(vanish) it will only protecting to grow n he said dat f im willing to maintain my beauty, den, i will hav my sad dat i dont hav mch money to do dat any surgery….plz help begging you…


  24. Doc Gerry Says:

    Lyn… see me first before I can give you my opinion. I need to examine it and tell you what needs to be donse.

  25. Doc Gerry Says:

    Chin and Jasmine…unfortunmately no… You can booked a sched thru this site. Only my secretary can schedule the appointments. Please do call again. I have 2 numbers: 412-4803 and 253-5460

  26. marilyn Says:

    ah…ok po..thank you vry mch..

    ” God bless”

  27. lynne Says:

    gud pm doc,

    i was told that i have hyperthyroid, i had also my thyroid ultrasound and result showed its normal, i have difficulty in swallowing, may pressure sa throat ko, effect po ba un ng goiter cause my doctor told me that my goiter has nothing to do with what i am feeling with my throat, parang mabigat pag nag swallow ako, thanks a lot doc hope you will answer me.

  28. Doc Gerry Says:

    If you’re hyperthyroid most likely you’re symptom may be related to the hyperthyroid symptoms but not neccesarily to the goiter. Without examining you, I will have limited input on your case

  29. Louis Ryan Angeles Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism three weeks ago by my doctor here in Manila (Metropolitan Hospital to be exact). Im taking Tapdin now for the past three weeks and continously until i see my doctor by January 2009. I had my ultrasound and its normal.

    My question doc is… is it cancerous? Worst comes to worst what will happen to a hyperthyroid patient?

    Of course, I do believe that God will heal me cause He is the only source of my strength.

    Also, how long is the treatment?

    Thank you doc!

    God bless you more!

  30. Doc Gerry Says:

    Louis…you should have asked these questions to your doctor. Again there are many kinds to hyperthyroid disease…and depending on which kind then we can determine if you can respond to meds or RAI or require surgery. But rest assured…you have a benign condition

  31. evelyn milla Says:

    doc can i ask a favor to pls extend my schedule from jan.5 to jan 20, coz am still at leyte on that date jan.5 pls doc agree with me
    tnx so much for ur understanding, im hoping ur reply to me

  32. Diane del Rosario Says:

    Good evening doc.

    I was diagnosed with thyroiditis and I am showing no symptoms at all of hyperthyroidsm except occasional palpitations. my doctor asked me to took therabloc 25mg once a day for the palpitation. is that safe to take? i think therabloc is for patients with high blood pressure?

    thanks in advance

  33. ronan Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry,

    Im Ronan from Cebu, Just want to ask if what specialist (doctor) should i look for in Diabetis cases ? thanks a lot in advance more blessing to you.

  34. Doc Gerry Says:

    An endocrinologist

  35. coney Says:

    hi doc..i just want to know what is trigiminal neuragia? coz i have my brother he have this pain in about 2 years now. we going already to different doctors and he took already some midecine but the pain still going on . some friends told us about acupuncture is the only way to take away this pain, but i have no knowledge about this things. can u please give me some advice. many thanks and happy holiday..god bless!

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Trigeminal Neuralgia is one nerve disease affectinh the trigeminal nerve. It causes a really agonizing pain. I remmebered a pt of ours during my residency training. No exact defininte cure is available but simple relief measures like putting ice packs can tend to numb the area and reduces the pain. You may try accupuncture as this eastern form of medicine is getting more into research studies in the western world.

  36. shiela Says:

    hi doc.

    iv been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. iv stopped taking medications for about two years, since my last check up and ultrasound turned out normal…however, last december 2008 i started to feel pressure on my throat, its quite difficult when i drink/swallow food. so i went to an endocrinologist. since decmber 2008 iv been taking tapdin 20mg 2x a day and bilex 500mg 2x a day…TSH count slowly increases by .02 per month. upto now TSH is stil .30 where normal TSH is .60up. is that ok? im expecting for a faster relief though coz im afraid my eyes would swell. im taking diet pills too. will that affect my thyroid treatment? hoping for ur advice doc. thanx and Godbless

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      constant follow up with your endo shold help you feel better. Please stop your diet pills while you are being treated for toxic goiter. You will definitely gain weight if you dont take care of what you eat because Tapdin makes wour toxic goiter calm down. Dont blame Tapdin for your weight gain.. check your appetite.


    Hi Doc,

    My father is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (i think so because he’s not required to do insulin injections as of yet, just to watch out for his blood sugar level).

    anyway, he had a blister / sore above the nail of his right big toe. the sore erupted and water w/ blood keeps flowing. we took him to a doctor in Consolacion (the closest to our house), and the doctor just looked at it prescribed him Imidapril 10mg, pioglitazone 30mg, ciprosloxacin 500mg and clindamycin 300mg. cleaned the wound and bandaged it. he was advised on how to keep it clean and always change teh bandage. it’s 2 days now and water/blood still keeps flowing andi am worried the infection might be deeper than that. i hear there should have been a cultivation of the sore to check teh type of bacteria and how deep could it be. some bone xray to confirm that the bone is not infected, to avoid amputation. but none of this happened. i am just worried. i wanted to catch it early before it gets worst to teh point of amputation. i tried to call Ivy on both numbers above but nobody was picking up to fix an appointment for February 5. pleasse advise what to be done.


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      been so busy lately and Globe interconnection gone bad. Yes we see emergency cases on a first come basis. Just see us early in the morning and call Ivy ahead of time

  38. karen C. Says:

    Hi Doc ,

    When I was in College, I noticed my neck is quite big. Then I thought it’s normal because of the muscles and fats. When I started working 16 hours/day, I started having Insomnia, palpitation, tremors, excessive sweating, weight loss.
    I was diagnosed to have toxic goiter last march 2007. my meds are inderal for 1 month and neomercazole 20mg tid.
    by feb 2008, I worked in saudi and assigned in hospital where there’s no available machines needed for TFT. For 10 months I did not have TFT.
    I stopped taking meds from june-september because I dont know how much dose I will take and I was gaining weight, which I thought Im not hyperthyroid anymore.
    I started taking carbimazole again 20mg bid last October, as prescriebd by the doctor. I did not feel any improvement. my weight are the same, overweight.
    I also noticed by november of last year, my eyes are starting to feel very tight. I had Ultrasoung there and it shows enlargement in both lobes but more on the left. There teeling to have it treated in saudi, but Im afraid hehehe.

    Now, Im in Pagadian. My family said that my eyes are glaring and the eyeballs are coming out already. Then I went to a pulmo Doctor here. He told me to changed my meds to PTU 50/tab every 6 hours, inderal 20mg BID. He suggested to have thyroid scan in cebu and find endocrine doctor.

    I dont want to go again to my previous doctor in cebu because our family friend told us that it’s better to go to you.

    Can I come to your office as emergency appointment?

    Thank you doc! God Bless!


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Please call my secreatry 2535460. Yes we allow first come first served cases but since I start early with my appointment at 10AM, I can only see frist come pts from 7 to 930AM. So be here before 7am because some pts line up as early as before 6 AM

  39. Teresa Says:

    (Resending Message)

    Hi Doc,

    My father is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (i think so because he’s not required to do insulin injections as of yet, just to watch out for his blood sugar level).

    anyway, he had a blister / sore above the nail of his right big toe. the sore erupted and water w/ blood keeps flowing. we took him to a doctor in Consolacion (the closest to our house), and the doctor just looked at it prescribed him Imidapril 10mg, pioglitazone 30mg, ciprosloxacin 500mg and clindamycin 300mg. cleaned the wound and bandaged it. he was advised on how to keep it clean and always change teh bandage. it’s 2 days now and water/blood still keeps flowing andi am worried the infection might be deeper than that. i hear there should have been a cultivation of the sore to check teh type of bacteria and how deep could it be. some bone xray to confirm that the bone is not infected, to avoid amputation. but none of this happened. i am just worried. i wanted to catch it early before it gets worst to teh point of amputation. i tried to call Ivy on both numbers above but nobody was picking up to fix an appointment for February 5. pleasse advise what to be done.


  40. Doc Gerry Says:

    Teresa please see my answer to your question above re to call my secretary and how he can be scheduled. Thanks

  41. BOB SULIT Says:

    I am 59 years old and diabetic (2) since 12 years ago. My average weigth 12 months ago and prior years was 100-106 k. Recently wihin 6-8 mos, I lost weight to what it is today at 86K. I am 5’10”. I had my TSH tested which resulted to T3(ELECSYS)=5680, T4=237,600 TSH=.006 I am concerned because I was told it is beyond/under normal levels. I was advised by my OPTHALMOLOGIST son to see an endoctrinologist, and would like to see you but it is very hard to call your nos. Please reply about my concerns and if your secretary can call me c/0 0915 716 4837 or pldt line 826 9626.

    Thank yous


  42. doosa Says:

    what food rise the uric acid,which should we stop .iam a diebitic ,acute renal ,

  43. Elvy Bermisa Says:

    Hi Doc,
    my name is Elvy, im 29 y.o. and i was diagnosed of having a hyperthyroidism/toxic goiter before since 2007 its big before but i think its cure naman today. i take medicine once a day of weight before is 46 then today im weighing 54 kls already w/c i dont know if its bec. of tapdin 5mg mahina naman po kasi ako kumain.I stop to go with my doctor because he said my neck is normal already just continuing to take medicine of tapdin for 2 1\2 years as of now i take tapdin but not yet consult and see personally to my doctor. is it right? is my gaining weight its bec. of tapdin? i dont want to be fat.

  44. Evelyn Albino Says:

    Hi doc,
    This is Evelyn Albino, one of your patients.
    My schedule for check up with you is on May 23, 2009 but you are on vacation. We call your secretary for another schedule yet, the number is busy. Thus, may I ask my schedule for June 2009 if it is okey for you.

    thank you very much.

  45. grace Says:

    hello doc gerry!
    I am 26 yrs. old,diagnosed to have thyroid nodule through a physical exam & Thyroid fine needle biopsy . My doc did not required me to have blood test & she prescribed me to take thyroxin once a day… i am worried bec. my doc is not an endocrinologist rather she is a surgeon..can a physical exam determined whether the lump in my neck is a nodule or goiter?is it ok to take my medicine?she did not told me whether i am hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?what suggestion can you give?pls. advice me doc..tnx

  46. imelda Says:

    Hi Doc!

    I’m your regular patient w/ hyperthyroidism. My follow up check up with you is scheduled next month. Could i possibly have my laboratory tests taken here in Cagayan de Oro (at Polymedic Hospital) instead of Cebu? Because i can only stay there for only a day because of my work. It’s a busy month and i’m not allowed to take a leave.



    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Melds, have the blood tests done on the day of your appointment. Have the appointment at 2 PM; get the blood tests at 7 AM and you should get the result at 11AM. TSH FT4 should be done in areliable lab using a reliable assay.

  47. Grace Says:

    Hi doc gerry!a few weeks ago i asked from you if it is ok to have a diagnosis of thyroid nodule without blood test only through physical exam, & you recommend me to see an endocrinologist because my doc is a surgeon..but the problem is, we have no endocrinologist here in our province..we have, i went to his clinic & he required me to have TSH, FT3, FT4 & Thyroid ultrasound & the results is as follows:
    TSH – 0.02 uIU/ML
    FT3 – 6.43 pMOL/L
    FT4 – 21.89 pMOL/L
    then the right lobe of my thyroid gland measures 4.7 x 2.5 x 1.6 cm & shows a complex nodules w/ cystic component in its lower pole. It measures 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.4 cm & 1.4 x 1.6 x 1.1 cm.
    The left lobe measures 5.0 x 1.6 x 1.1 cm and shows no discrete mass lesion

    My biopsy findings was consistent with colloid cyst.

    Accdg. to my doctor the only solution to this is to have operation..he told me that my case is hyperthyroidism, and the nodule is big..

    I am worried bec.he gave me a Thyroxine Na 100 mg. (Eltroxin)to take once a day…like what my previous doc given to me..
    From my researches, hyperthyroid means too much of thyroid hormones secreted by my thyroid gland…then my questions is… is it ok that thyroxine is the kind of medicine he gave to me?not a medicine which can suppress or control the secretion of hormones from my thyroid gland?is it really hyperthyroidism is my case??
    Please help me doc, what advice can you give me..tnx

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Grace… I see some problem with the diagnosis. please try to locate the nearest endo you can from your place. Something is not right somewhere. Hold on to that surgery and say no first until you have been seen by a specialist. Stop the eltroxin becuase if you are really hyperthyroid then you are taking the drug that I wont prescribe!

  48. Grace Says:

    Another doc, is there a possibility that the causes of low TSH is because of the thyroxin i take for 1 month..what is the right medicine should i take to control the growth of my nodule in the right lobe? May God bless you..thank you so much…

  49. mary sochin tonacao Says:

    good day doc,

    i can’t have my check up on june 11 because i’m still out of the country….next month i’ll be there.


  50. Grace Says:

    Hi doc!i am from catanduanes island, & to have an endo, i have to go to Manila…kailangan k muna mag-ipon ng medyo malaking pera… pra nmn po di masayang yung mga tests, i went to a general physician for a second opinion regarding the results of my TSH, FT3, FT4, Ultrasound & biopsy..the doctor diagnosis is that.. i am not either hypo or hyper bec. my FT3 & FT4 is normal,kahit dw po low yung TSH ko.. it is only a colloid cyst which is benign i dont have to take any medication or even have an operation bec. it is not yet big unless dw po na nkakasira ng hitsura k but i have to undergo again blood examination after a year to determine if my T3 & T4 is normal again…pro di p rin nmn po nwawala yung kagustuhan k na matingnan ng isang specialista…what can you say regarding her diagnosed doc?pls. help me again doc..i dnt want to commit a mistake again na pwd ikasira ng kalusugan k..Thank you so much for helping people like me..marami po ang iyong natu2lungan sa iyong mga advices na ibinibigay..pra kasing ngkakaroon kmi ng caution & warning regarding our situation..thanks again..

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Grace.. a low TSH is a concern to me. Pero dapat I have to see you and feel the nodule and determine if the tests are indeed abnormal and the nodule not significant enough to intervene. Yup… you need to be seen by a specialist.

  51. maria carren flores Says:

    hi doc gerry

    good day!

    i just want to ask if you have clinic next week (from sept7-11) coz you told me to go see you after 3 months…im so worried coz i think my goiter is getting bigger…
    thank you very much…


  52. Lei Says:

    Hi Doc. Gerry,

    I was diagnosed of Hyperthyroidism last March 2009 when i noticed my left eye was not the same as my right eye. the upper part of my eyes became bulged, but not that wide.So i can still hide it by making “Singkit” when talking. My endo told me that my eye will no longer be back to normal even when i started to take a monthly checkup and thorough medication. this oct, i will visit again my endo, but she told me last august that the best way is to undergo a surgery. she never told me regarding the RAI method. But for me, having a surgery is already a major one, and im not that rich to afford it. Does having a RAI can be the other option? i’m 31 years old and still single. But i was afraid to undergo with RAI because of fertility. I want to bear a child of I’m not sure if i will just stock to lifelong medication (but does this healthy to my liver as well?)instead of having a RAI or surgery? But im aware that either way, i will still take a lifelong medication because i will be a hypo. right?

    please give me some advice. I wanted to be cure, i want my eye to be back to normal. Because right now, my self esteem is going low to talk and mingle with others. i’m seeing myself alienated already because of my eye.

    Thank you and more success…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Lei…I am not in a position to comment on your case considering you are already being seen by a specialist. One needs to doa physical exam to be able to give you my recommendation.

    • Silvy Says:

      Hi Ms. Lei, i was lookng for expert doctors who could help my boyfriend to treat hyperthroidism and that’s made me discover this site, just a while ago.

      How are you today? my boyfriend’s eyes used to be singkit and he’s worried too and sometimes shy to mingle with other people. Did your eyes got back to normal?

      Thank you and hoping for your response.

  53. neneth Says:

    hi doc gerry!
    i am 37 years old,newly wed and planning to be pregnant. I was diagnosed to have a colloid goiter by an EENT doctor in our province after undergoing the thyroid fine needle biopsy(t3,t4 test). My doc said there is no medicine for such goiter, instead he recommend for a surgery since the goiter is already in its borderline size (3cm) according to him. He did not do any medical test as to its size, but by just looking at it…My dilema now is that, although he said wlang ikabahala sa colloid goiter, it seems that it grows bigger now as it is already apparent than it was before, and it seems that am gaining weight..Would it be possible that colloid goiter causes weight gain? Would colloid goiter affect my fertility or if could cause complication if i get pregnant? Is there any medicine that can eradicate this type of goiter without resorting to surgery? I am afraid to undergo surgery nor have enough funds for it..please help. thank you very much.

  54. sallie Says:

    Hi! doc, Gud PM, i’m salie of manila,I was diagnosed of grave’s disease.It’s hard for me coz my eyes are also affected.Endo told me that til now no meds.can cure my eyes.I am taking 5g of tapdin 3tablets 3 times a day, result of my scan:2hr uptake >90%, 4hr uptake >90%(NV=15-25%),24hr uptake >90%(NV=25-45)., also she gave me inderal for symptoms,and mefenamic acid to low my blood sugar coz the result was 6.2 or according to her 111. Hope you can give me an advise regarding to many drugs i am taking and if you an idea to heal my eyes coz i feel it’s heavy.How i wish you have clinic in here (mla.)so that i can visit you.
    Yhank you.


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Salie… I need to see you to help you. If you have the chance for a visit to Cebu feel free to drop by the clinic so I can personally examine you. Graves ophthalmopathy or eye disease has its own natural history…I did rotate at the Mayo Clinic during my fellowship with the guru of Graves Eye disese. Dr Column Gorman and his protege Dr Rebecca Bahn…so I pretty know what i will telling you regarding your problem.

  55. sallie Says:

    also doc, detailed imaging of the anterior neck shows a bilobed,iodine-trapping gland w/ the ff measurements right lobe: 6.1 x 2.7 cm and left lobe 6.0 x 2.4 cm,.y ft3 – 37.54 and ft 4 greater than 70.0

  56. ana juan Says:

    Hi Doc Gerry! I’m planning to have my check-up this January 8. Will you be in your clinic or out of the country? I’ve been calling your landline number but to no avail. Just want to make sure you’re around since I’m from Samar. Thanks.

  57. sallie Says:

    Hi Doc, thanks for the reply i really appreciate it, I have done my blood test after a month taking tapdin & inderal, my FT 4 result 21.65 & TSH result .005, what does it mean? i dont wanna go for a surgery nor undergo radiation. Plssss. just give me an idea that i can ask with my endo here in Mla. & if by chance i can go there i would go right straight to your clinic.


    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Sallie… please confer with your doctr. I have no privilege of examining you and your thyroid. I may give you an advise that may not be apporrate based on histrory alone

  58. Rosalie E. Magbanua Says:

    Dont you have any clinic here in mla or nearest here?

  59. Efthymios Says:

    Dear Doc,
    I’m a 60 years old man and 2 years ago I’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia.From that time I take twice a day calcium supplement (600+D3)and once a week FOSSAVANCE (ONE PILL).
    Latest I heard on NBC that kind of therapy (taking Fosavance more than 5 years)could increase the possibility of bone fracture.The Merck Co. on its site denies it.Would you be kind to inform about that finding !
    Thank you in advance.

  60. abby Says:

    doc gusto ko lng po sana magtanong kung ang hypothyroidism ay nakakatakot na sakit? umiimpis po b ung laki ng leeg after ng medication?salamat po…

  61. Lorena Says:

    Der Doc Gerry,

    Maybe I was just fortnate to locate this site while browsing the net.

    I am just here for a vacation since i am working abroad, I had my TSH and T4 test and biopsy, the endo who checked me required total thyroidectomy operation followed by radioactive iodine theraphy. My T4 is normal while my TSH is .04 uIU/ml, he only commented on my TSH result which is below normal.

    My biopsy results are as follows:

    Right anterior neck nodule – benign thyroid nodules, with cystic component

    Left anterior neck nodules – picture suspicious of papillay tumor

    Gross description: Specimen consisted of 1ml of bloody colloid, as well as 0.2ml of brownish yellow turbid colliod, aspirated from 25x15mm and 40x40mm at the right and firm to hard left thyroif lobes respectively.

    Microscopic Description: Smears prepared from the right nodule show 1 loose group of medium-sized epithelial cells, in a background of minimal colloid mixed with red blood cells. Smears prepared from the left nodule are cellular, and show several groups of crowded, medium-sized to large, occasionally pleomorphic epithelial cells. A good number of these cells exhibit intranuclear pseudo-inclusions. Fe Hurtle cells are also observed. What appear to be occasional mutlinucleated giant cells are also noted.

    My endo required me for immediate operation as he said the the size is already bigger 4.5cm and it’s cancerous, however I have to fly back by 17th.

    He only gave me tapdin 5mg every other day while i read some comments up there are even those who takes tapdin 3x a day.

    Doc, please advise is my case fatal if I don’t submit for operation?

  62. Lorena Says:

    Follow up Doc,

    He wanted me to undergo total thyroidectomy and followed by radioactive iodine theraphy.

    If worst comes to worst I will undergo next year when I come back but the doctor said it’s too long, please help me with your opinion.



  63. racine Says:

    doc, i am 21 years old. i was diagnosed of having hypothyroidism when 1 was 18 and just this summer, i was diagnosed of having hyperthyroidism. my doctor gave me tapdin 20 mg and i am taking it regularly as he said. just this this week i had fever with tonsillitis. i have stopped taking tapdin now and i still have occurring fever and i still have tonsillitis. i haven’t seen my doctor and asked him about this. should i continue taking tapdin or stop it?
    thanks for you time..


  64. Good Morning doc my mom called at your clinic you remind us to call Oct 16 2010 at 7:30 am dapat.but nobody answer. i need my schedule on nov 30 2010 Thank you

  65. laurencio valdez Says:

    Good day Doc Gerry–

    Re: Call for Appointment Today for Nov 14, 2010 Clinic Appointment

    I have been caaling but your phones seem to be unattended today.

    253.5460 – “i’m not able to ….”
    412.4803 – always ringing, no ones answering.

    Can you confirm my Nov 14 appointment via email?

    Thank you.


  66. jewel Says:

    good afternoon doc,

    my mom was adviced to see you,she is in butuan city right now and she will be here this friday, oct. 29, 2010. i keep on calling the numbers posted here but nobody answers. is their any other way to have my mom booked? its very important for you to diagnose what she has. thank you

  67. Doc Gerry Says:

    Unfortunately, we are scheduling pts 1 month ahead but she can still see me between 7 to 930am on a first come first served basis but she has to come here early. Thanks

    • jewel Says:

      hi doc!

      thank you for replying, i really appreciate it. my mom called this morning and she said she will go to manila instead,is their a doctor that you can suggest?thank you

      • Irish Fernandez Says:

        hi doc!

        i was diagnosed of having hyperthyroidism last september 20,2010. but i actually felt the symptoms may this year. i have a work and it’s too busy for me to have a check up. my left eye is not normal i think because it is quite bigger from my right eye. last september my doctor prescribed me neomercazole once a day 20 mg every morning and inderal 3x a day. then yesterday i went back for my follow up checkup. and my doctor prescribed me a new meds. it is tapdin 20mg every morning after meal, and inderal but this time 2x a day. so u think i improve my pulse rate? and what’s the difference between tapdin and neomercazole????

      • Ryne Says:

        Your aswner was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  68. aida s. ong Says:

    doc gerry, gud day. I had my total thyroidectomy last May’2006 and was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma. After which i had my regular check up and the latest was last May’2010. I’m supposed to come back last Oct’10 but failed due to financial constraint. I plan to have my check up this Jan. 21, 2011. will you be having clinic during that date? Thank you.

  69. Aida S. Ong Says:

    Hello Doc, i’ve called yesterday and according to Deborah you are already fully booked during that date. Inasmuch as that is the only week that i could have the chance to see you, I might as well visit you on first come-first served basis as I still have to subject myself for RIA (nuclear med) laboratory and that results will only be available on Fridays since the cut-off of getting the sample specimens is only Wednesdays. Thank you so much Doc for the reply. Happy New Year and God Bless!

  70. Anne C. Says:

    Dear Doc,,

    I’ve been a hyperthyroid for like 4 years already and sometimes i feel well and most of the times not…due to this goiter its even harder for me to live easily..i always sweat and my skin is cold and at night i feel like am gonna have a fever but its just my skin that feels hot…Then my endo prescribed me this TAPDIN 20 mg 3 x a day and i am taking it now. my FT4 results is 55.06 and my TSH is <0.005 and am taking Inderal 40mg too …the question is is this meds right for my body or i should take the RAI instead? my dr said my goiter is not big cant even notice i have it…but i feel its growing inside not the other way around..Doc please advice me whats the best treatment i can be able to have? Im still thinking twice about RAI and am afraid to get surgery it might destroy a cell in my neck and ruin my voice…Thanks Doc hoping for your kind response…

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Anne…it reqally depends…the way you describe your is consistent with Graves Dse which can be managed medically… but theres a technique in giving the drugs to increase the chances of remission. one needs to feel the neck, check the blood tests and decide. But RAI is one good option provided its Graves and not Plummers Dse. Discuss your decision with your doctor

  71. grace Says:

    Dear Doc gerry,
    Two years ago, i refer to you my case through this website, & you advised me to see an endo..
    But sad to say, only dis January, 2011 I consulted an endo bec. of financial constraints. My endo diagnosed me of having a complex nodule w/c was consistent colloid cyst. My FT4 & TSH are normal & he adviced me to take Levothyroxine (Euthyrox or thyrax)..I want to seek for your opinion if dis medicines are really good to prevent the growth of my goiter. Im afraid im might commit again d same mistake like before..Thank you & your reply would be really a great help for me. I will wait for your answer before taking that medcine..may god bless you & your family..

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Gracce.. unfortunately a cyst may not respond to suppression becasue there is water inside the nodule… and therefore no amount of medication can decrease the swelling. IF ITS A COMPLEX MASS WITH CYST and really depends on the size, one may elect to have it completely removed and be over with.

  72. sylvia Says:

    dear doc jerry am so lucky to stumble on this site. It started with this boil on my right neck that comes every two years. I now years old and i have had d boil five times from 2002. Last year i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and my neck is beginning to swell. My doc in nigeria suggests operation as way out. I am so worried. Pls can u advice me on which hospital in the usa that i wi.ll be able to trust for this operation. I could also send my

  73. Lea Says:

    Hi doc, last year i was diagnosed with tsh level of 0.653, my endo gave me euthyrox 25 mg. And today i am 5 weeks pregnant, my tsh level is very low. my ob gyne told me just to stop the euthyrox and not even prescribed any medications. I’m in abroad, doc can you help me if its ok that I will not taking any medication only the folic acid and metformin. Thank you

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Lea…cant tell… i need more history. your tsh can become low especially during the first trimester. I am not sure hwy your ndoctor gave your euthyrox when the tsh is normal. I need also to physically examine your neck

  74. Gwazie Says:

    Dear Dr. Gerry,

    Good day!

    I’m from Cagayan de Oro. This tuesday we will be going there in Cebu to look for endocrinologist and manage my mother RAI therapy. She was diagnosed last Feb. 18, 2011 in St. Luke’s Hospital of having Cytomorphologic Findings Suspicious of a neoplasm of follicular cell origin with poor differentiation. Thus, she underwent surgical intervention; total thyroidectomy. Her surgical pathology diagnosis follicular carcinoma with anaplastic transformation, left lobe, tumor size 9cm with blood vessel invasion, lymphocytic thyroiditis, right lobe @ nonlesional left lobe surgical margins clear.Immunohistochemical stain results:
    calcintonin – negative
    synaptophysin – negative
    chromogranin a – negative

    I hope we can see you there.

    Yours sincerely,


  75. asaxena Says:

    i have hypothyroidism,weight130 kg,age50,woman,taking 1 microgm of thyrox.can i reduce weight with thyroid surgery

  76. evanz natanauan Says:

    hi doc. my mom’ is 60 yo. had her left thryoid removed on year 2000. on 2009 she was again diagnosed with goiter, was biopsy and found benign. after putting her on levothyroxine for approx 6 mos the ultrasound result proved that her lump grew smaller. was advised not to take that med.

    her endo monitored her condition . is it true that mom doesnt need surgery coz the lump wont grow big since she is menopaused already. however her ultarsound this month showed the lump grew bigger again and was advised to take FNAB again. was the 2nd biopsy necessary? her endo rely so much on blood tests and ultrasound alone. i read somewhere blood tests may be normal where in fact the patient might be suffering from hypo/hyperthyroidism or other thyroid disease.

    *blood tests- ft4,tsh irma normal, good cholesterol very low

    ultrasound results:
    * dec 29 2009 – enlarged right lobe with complex nodules having suggestively benign features. right lobe: 4.68 x 2,93 x 2.35 cm. complex nodules are noted 1 is isoechoic with central cystic lesion 1.84 x 1.55 x 1.25 cm

    *june 17 2010 – complex solid nodule right thryoid lobe ( 3 x 2 x 1.8 cm)

    *feb 23, 2011 – nodular thyroid disease ; large well circumscribed complex solid parenchymal nodule 2.5 x 2.08 x 1.59 cm

    may 23,2011 – the right thyroid lobe has transformed into a lobulated complex solid nodule 3.19 x 2.11 x 2.08 cm (lenght width thickness)

    thanks so much doc.

  77. anna lou estabas Says:

    hi doc,

    i was your patient before i went to u.s. po… been taking TAPDIN AND CARDIOSEL for 2 years now doc. an am really sorry i was not able to visit your clinic because twas so far from me…..

    anyway po, i wanted to visit your clinic again doc, i feel so many discomfort specially in my breathing lately, .

    i would like to ask doc, what are the following laboratory test i need to bring for my check up…… thank u so much doc…

  78. Xela Aneprac Says:

    gud morning doc ask ko lang po sana anu dpat kainin to gain weight kaz po i have a goiter im 22 years old but i look like a 15 years old coz im so thin….help me po what must i do to my goiter especially to my health concerns.thaks po your will be my appriciated…

  79. amaranth Says:

    hi doc i have a hyperthyroidism, how much will it cost to have a thyroid nodule removal

  80. Ellen M. Aseron Says:

    Hi, doc! I have hyperthyroidism and my endo prescribed me tapdin 20mg once a day for two weeks. Two days before my two weeks, I caught fever and headache and colds. I asked my doctor about it. he said that I must go to the ER immediately and be admitted? Is it really that serious?

    Thank you very much.

  81. Cate Says:

    Dear Dr. Tan,
    I just came across your website and I would like to get an appointment for a check up for my mom in law. She’s diabetic and recently she’s suspecting that she’s having a stomach disorder. We will be in the Philippines on the 1st week of January for one week and I am just wondering if we can get an appointment with you on those dates. Your prompt reply will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  82. Hi Doc, Happy New Year! This Darlene of Dipolog City. I was diagnosed with colloid goiter and would like to have a second opinion about this matter with you. Hoping I could get a schedule on the 24th of February 2012 or on the 23rd afternoon if possible. what number should i call for the schedule and the exact address of your clinic?

    Thanks and God Bless!

  83. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Darlene… for Feb 16 to 30 appointments, kindly call 0324124803 or 0322535460 on January 16. Do not call earlier and make sure you dont call a day after kasi it may be full na. See You Darlene

    • Hi Doc, I called this noon for schedule on feb 23 or feb 24 but sad to say your secretary said its already full til 25 of February.. 😦
      I am really very sad coz i already got my plane ticket for those days… do i still have the chance to see you doc? If ever what are those lab test i need?

      • Doc Gerry Says:

        sorry to hear about that Darlene… everyday except wed and sat, i do accept first come first served but limited to 10 pts per day only but be sure to be there before 630AM. Next time do try to call me in advance…eveyr 1st and 16th day of each month

  84. Christina Says:

    hi, doctor, my name is christina, i want to ask about my condition, i went to a neck and head surgeon, because one of my family said that my neck is bigger, then without blood test and thyroid usg, he gave me euthyrox 100 mg, take once a day after eat for a week, then he instructed me to have thyroid blood test and usg, the result was, my thyroid hormone was like a sign that i was hyerthyroid, and my right thyroid is bigger with nodule, then i went to the docter again, he said that i have toxic thyroid ang gave me thyrozol… but after that i browsed a the internet, that i supposed have blood test first before take the medicine, and euthyrox should be taken befor eat not after eat.. i start become worry, so i dont take the thyrozol, after 2 weeks i checked my thyroid hormone and it’s normal, just the thyroglobulin antibody is so high 307 (normal level 37)… is that because of euthyrox ? is euthyrox make me sick (while i’m actually okay) ? and how about i took euthyrox after eat while it suggested before eat ? thank you

  85. al Says:

    Good Day Doc,
    I am 40 and my sugar is around 330… Can you help me lower it? I am taking metphormin and glibenclamide.

  86. tinai Says:

    hi doc gerry,
    i underwent a physical exam recently, & the doctor said that i have an enlargement on my throat. she asked me to have a lab test on t3, t4 & tsh & have my throat ultrasound. However, the labtest are quite expensive.
    should i get a second opinion before taking the labtest?
    i’d like to visit your clinic, should you require me result of those test also?

  87. Lita Mitchell Says:

    Hi! I am trying to help a female Filipino friend, who is based in Madrid, Spain, find a doctor who can treat her insomnia.

    She will be vacationing in Manila this April and while googling about insomnia physicians, I came across your site.

    Any information you can provide me will be much appreciated and will be forwarded to Mryna (my friend).

    I am writing you from the U.S. and I am also a Filipino.

    Thanks a lot!

  88. Eric Agasen Says:

    Good evening doc gerry,

    im currently in dubai and will be back in Philippines in June. can i have your clinic address? I have gout in my elbows and wrist. i have read a lot of your answer regarding gout. im planning to visit your clinic while vacationing.



  89. joy Says:

    Hi Doc,
    I am one of your many patients with goiter (multi nodular). I have decided to have it removed by the end of this year in time for my vacation. Can you please give me an estimate for such procedure? Thanks….

  90. r.pahit Says:

    Good day doc Gerry,

    I’m one of your patient recently residing at Tandag ,Been trying to contact your clinic but got call ended,can i ask for your new no .and sched . this month for check up.hoping to hear your reply.thnks alot.

    your patient,


  91. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Doc!

    Are you maxi care accredited?

    Thank you!

    • Marie Porka Says:

      Hi doc, im Marie 29 years old & i have diffuse toxic goiter. My endo advice me to take tapdin 20 mcg twice a day & inderal 10 mcg 3 times aday. My question doc is, can tapdin cause bigger ur lump? Is toxic goiter dangerous? Pls give me an advice doc! I need ur advice. Thanks alot & GOD bless.

  92. jocelyn baltazar Says:

    hi po doc..its my first time.i have goiter for almost 3years i think..i never consult in any medical doctor since then due of financial and lack of knowledge where should i go to consult.and now my goiter getting big which affects my health and lifestyle.please help me doc.thank you.

  93. Kristy Kaye Reynacia Says:

    Doc Gerry,
    Good evening. I just had a check-up with you this morning (11/20/14). I would like to clarify my Tapdin 20mg dosage and timing? Is it 1/2 tablet before breakfast only or 1/2 tablet before breakfast and before dinner? Is it for 6 weeks Doc, right?

    Kaye Reynacia

  94. Kareem mae Says:

    Good evening Doc Gerry!
    I was dx with hypothyroidism since 2012, until today im monitoring my tsh and utz. I got 2 nodules since I was diagnosed and when i transferred to another laboratory for UTZ and when I opened the result, i got 4. I want to perform another UTZ in a hospital for a second opinion. is it safe to perform another neck UTZ within a week? any recommendations doc? please send me an email thru

    Thank you so much!
    God bless!


  95. jamz Says:

    Doc Gerry,

    Godblessed po s inyo..

    Ask ko lang po my dntg (diffuse non toxic goiter) po ako hadlang po ba ito na hndi ako makawork abroad po. Since i am applying po workabroad kc po doctor po kc ang mag prescribed if pwede ako work o hndi. Wla naman po akong symptoms at di po lumaki leeg ko po. Please help me po.. thanks

  96. geneth Says:

    hi im jeneth ill ask suggestions im afraid of biopsy my fam med says i need to but i want second opinion all my thyroid panel is negative. but my thyroid ultrasound shows that there is a small hypoechoicn nodular punctuate calcification in the lower pole adjacent to the carotid artery measuring 0.46cm x 0.36cm x 0.25cm. Needs ur advice. Thanks.God bless 🙂

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi geneth…. Pls see me in clinic and set an appointment by calling these numbers 032-2535460 or 032-4124803 and look for ivy. Lets assess your situation and some patients may not need a biopsy. Thanks

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  98. Chris Says:

    Hi Doc.

    Do you happen to do hrt or request labs for transmen?


  99. Carmelo Says:

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  100. Mercy Eluna Says:

    Gud evning doc,
    Doc i was confined last 2012 and was diagnosed hypothyriodism.i had my follow up check up evry 2 months alternate sched.ultrasound then tsh.

    My question was why is it my second fr.the last ultrasound was really good my left side neck was clear its gone so all i’m gonna worrying was the right side.but why is it at the next ultrasound its like back to where i start treated..what should i do last tsh result was .054

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  108. Theresa anderson Says:

    Hi don i want my mom to be check i wanna know the clinic address and if ever there is a need of operation i wanna know the over all cost.

    Thank you

  109. Negativegirl Says:

    Hi doc, im from cdoc. Im 26 years old and already have 2 years old baby girl. This feeling i felt started just this year. I went to a doctor and found out that i have mvp. But he said its not that serious. (It was may 2015). Now i feel this pain again, chest pain, back pain, shoulder pain and sometimes in my left arms. Im always thinking back of my mind that is this a sign of having heart attack? Doc, im still anxious and disturb by this feeling. I feel tickling or kalit lang murag pitik sa ako chest.

  110. Marilou A. Tinambacan Says:

    Good day, doc. This is my first time reading ur site. Im from Placer, Surigao del Norte. I have goiter and i want to consult your opinion about my case. I hope you will accept me this Dec. 17, 2015 at around 5 pm. Doc, please accept me.

  111. jen Says:

    Hi. Doc’, i have a problem with my hormones, im biologically female, but as i was growing up i realized that i developed a muscular body. I have more muscles than fats. I dont have curves, my skin is coarse and i have relatively more body hairs compared to normal girls. i did some research and i found that it’s because my ovaries are producing more male hormones rather than female hormones. And the way to correct this imbalance is thru HRT. I really hope u can help me with this. Pls let me know if treat or give medications with this kind of hormonal situation. I really really wanna know what to do. I hope i cud arrange a schedule with you soon. Thanks much!!!!

  112. Rebbeca Says:

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  113. Ame Morallos Says:

    Hello Dr: Gerry H Tan I have a concern about my best friend here nick is getting big its been 15yrs now and since then Hindi pa siya ngpatingin ng Doc. And I ask here na mgpatingin na habang maga pa..Doc ask ko Lang po just not exactly the payment magkano po kya yung cost for check up goiter problem?

  114. Genefe lamata Says:

    Dear doc i am genefe lamata of clarin, mis. Occ. Im one of your patients b4.

  115. Genefe lamata Says:

    Dear doc i am genefe lamata of clarin, mis. Occ. Im one of your patients b4. Id came back there in ur office for 2 times but sad to say that ur out of the country again. It seems that im far from there i went to another endocrinologist but after sept 2010 i did not go for a check up again due to my pregnacy during my skid,been busy frm work and for my bb.but now im so scared i feel pain in my nèck,chest, aŕm and my back in left side of my body.i take back again tapazole 5ml and neoblock 50 for 1mo nw.i need to have checkup again in ur clinic doc hope to see u soon.thanks genefe

  116. Genno James Hamoy Says:

    Hi Doctor, i Am a male to female transgender. Would it be possible to seek for your assistance in my Hormon replacement therapy? If yes? Much much os the cost. Thanks

    • Wayne Says:

      Hi Geno.

      May I please ask if you are from Cebu? If yes, there are support groups here who can help you out.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi genno so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  117. King Gonzales Says:

    Hi doc. Ask ko lang po if pwede magpa consult sa inyo. Wala po kasi ako mahanap na doctor for hrt. Male to female trans po. Need ko po kasi malaman yung dosage na dapat ko i-take. Pero I’m taking androcur po and inject ng progynon depot. Thanks in advance doc. Hope that i can arrange a schedule with you po.

    • Stephen Says:

      Hi King,

      Try to find a support group in your area. They may be able to give you the details of a physician in your place who you can consult to.

      God bless.

  118. Alex Says:

    Hi doc gerry,
    Im alex .. i really want to do the male to female transition .. Would you like to tell me what would i take for it ?
    Thanks for response 🙂 have a good day

    • Stephen Says:

      Hi Alex,

      There are support group for transwomen here in Cebu. They can give you details regarding that.

      God bless.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi alex so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  119. junryl Says:

    Hi..doc i really wanted to have the HRT therapy so what would be the firsting i should do? Thank you

    • Stephen Says:

      Hi Junryl,

      Same answer with Alex. There are support groups here in Cebu. They can guide you with your transition.

      God bless.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi junryl so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  120. hya Says:

    hi doc, ask ko LNG po saan ung murang thyroid ultrasound at magkapano po? salamat po

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi hya so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  121. shen Says:

    hi doc what is the best thing to do . i have diagnosed non toix goiter ..i dont want to undergo surgery is there any medicine for this goiter?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi shen so sorry for the late reply

      kindly call my clinic
      032 4124803
      Mon to Fri

      I also do online consultation

      Invite me as friends in FB look for Gerry H Tan then message me in messenger for details
      8-1 pm

  122. mitch.mitch Says:

    Hi! Good Day. Pwede ba ako magtanong? Ako nga pla Si mitch 27years old. Nakatira sa Pasay na kasalukuyang nasa Dubai ngaun. Tatanong ko lang sana kung ano kya tong nararamdaman ko! Kasi nung nasa Pinas pa po ako. Ung ari ko nararamdaman kong makati tapos may foul Odor pa po sya,dilaw at puti na parang hindi po normal. Nagstart lang nun ung naging irregular po ung Mens ko. Ngayon nandito na ako sa abroad at kasama ko n future husband ko. Minsan nagMamake love kami naaamoy nya na mabaho. Ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin at ano din po ang gamot para mawala ang amoy neto? Godbless and thank u

  123. Lheny Says:

    Good day doc!

    How to schedule an appointment in your clinic? I am currently based in Singapore.
    Is it possible to be admitted so that every expenses will be covered sa akong insurance. Otherwise, I will bear all the cost if out patient.

    I have a thyroid nodule and i noticed it since last week of November 2017. I had my consultation in iligan city and here in Singapore general hospital with ENT. However, I need your opinion doc. So I better have to go sa cebu para ma check.

    Appreciate your response doc.


  124. styledroid Says:

    Good morning Doc. I hope you can read this message. Im from Mindanao. 24 years okd and havent been menstruating for like 4 years. Im plabning to go to Cebu to see you. How can i book an appointment online please?

  125. margarita solis roque Says:

    Hi, i have cardiac problem per angiography. I was sent to emergency last night due to symptoms. Since I trust Doc Gerry over other cardilogist, i schedule a trip to Cebu on June , may I set an appointment with him on june 2.Would appreciate if you can accommodate me because i am allowed only few days in te Philippines. Thank you and regards.

  126. Abelia Finn (Patient) Says:

    Hello Dr. Tan, I found you and your excellent qualifications on the internet. My Filipina wife had her thyroid removed in the USA 2015 as a preventative measure against possible cancer but cancer was never found in the biopsies. We retired and moved to Dumaguete in July 2016. She was prescribed medicine as follows: She has been on a lifetime hormone maintenance prescription of combination T3 Liothyronine 5 MCG plus T4 Levothyroxine 75 MCG. We have found that it is not possible to refill the Liothyronine in the Philippines for some reason; apparently the Philippines uses a different maintenance treatment protocol for thyroid removal in the Philippines than the USA uses. So far, she has been able to find the Levothyroxine at Mercury Drug but simply cannot find the Liothyronine here. I have read some of the studies and tests conducted using the combination approach that her USA endocrinologist insisted on and I believe from patient testimony that adding the Liothyronine can make a difference, perhaps an essential difference than use of Levothyroxine alone. Of course, I am not an MD so I cannot make a qualified decision for her and that is why we need to see you. Therefore, my wife would like to make an appointment to see you you in Cebu, hopefully in the July 4,5 or July 18, 19 timeframes when we will be there. Is this possible? Also it has been a year since her blood levels have been checked in the USA so we would like to get the lab work done before the visit. Can you please advise if this appointment is possible? We live in Dumaguete/ Negros Oriental phone Globe 0956 582 8496 if you or your assistant can text or call us regarding instructions for an appointment. If July is not possible, please let us know earliest possible date. We need to find an acceptable Philippine treatment protocol since we cannot go to the USA regularly, now being permanent residents in the Philippines. Thank you!


    Good morning Dr. Gerry!

    I’m Ma. Laurine Quiñanola-Belista, one of your patients here in cebu city. I would like to ask for your advise on my medications especially the Calpro Plus 1 tab 2x a day on what to do since this April 2020 is supposedly my schedule for lab. test & follow up check up for my total thyroidectomy performed last Oct. 2019. I really understand the trials we are facing now especially during this time of pandemic Covid19. Hence, I would like to ask an advise on what to do. Thank you and stay safe doc. God bless.

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