The Risks Of Sudden Weight Loss

August 2, 2006

2344790148.jpg Obesity is now considered a risk factor for developing gallstones.  But studies have shown that the wrong way of dieting can further increase ones risk to develop this disease. 

According to the National Institutes of Health in its latest bulletin:

“Weight-loss dieting increases the risk of developing gallstones. People who lose a large amount of weight quickly are at greater risk than those who lose weight more slowly. Rapid weight loss may also cause silent gallstones to become symptomatic. Studies have shown that people who lose more than 3 lbs per week may have a greater risk of developing gallstones than those who lose weight at slower rates.”

A rapid weight loss results in rapid weight re-gain.  Obesity is a lifestyle disease and therefore a change in “couch-potato” lifestyle is the sure way to winning our fight against obesity.

My recommendation: Slow Gradual weight loss and aim for at least 1 pound per week… It’s the most healthy way to lose weight!

Remember…theres’ no shortcut to weight loss…

It’s the Discipline That Counts!

3 Responses to “The Risks Of Sudden Weight Loss”

  1. Carmela Says:

    I agree doc Gerry, though there are certain things you see especially on “infomercials” that would make you believe that indeed there are shortcut ways to lose weight. But this is what i’ve learned: “Programs that promise that you can eat all you want, or that you can lose weight without changing eating or exercise habits are unlikely to work” – thanks doc for emphasizing that its the discipline really counts!=)

  2. Xaria Says:

    Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilainlt posts.

  3. Like your post. Keep it going !!!

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