The Benefits of Eating Fish

August 2, 2006

3232863912.jpg Fish is everywhere and we know it’s healthy.  The tale about the health benefits of fish started when the green Eskimos who mainly eat fish were noted to have a lower risk of heart disease.  When analysis of their diet was done… their diet was rich in omega 3 fatty acid and less saturated fat. 

But what really makes eating fish healthy? Let me review with you some facts about fish and omega-3:

1.  Omega 3 has been shown to affect ones triglyceride level.  High triglycerides have been shown to affect ones risk to develop heart disease.

2.  Intake of Omega 3 from fish has been shown to also lower ones blood pressure.

3.  Ones risk to develop blood clots has been shown to decrease with omega 3.

4.  Fish is less in calories than meat! A similar size of fish and steak may give you similar amounts of protein but the fish will contain far less fat and calories than the steak.  So eating fish is a better choice for those who want to lose weight!

Likewise… in patients with history of heart disease, studies have shown that intake of omega 3 has been shown to reduce the risk to develop irregular heartbeat and sudden death.

Does it mean we can now go to malls and grab all the omega 3’s we can get?  Definitely not… because the omega 3’s available in the market are marketed as supplements and therefore not regulated in terms of quantities of omega 3 in them nor the purity and quality are assured.  Likewise, abuse of these supplements have resulted in excessive bleeding.

The American Heart Association recommends that to get the necessary quantities of omega 3’s naturally is to EAT FISH 2 to 3 x per week. An omega rich fish of approximately 3 ounces should provide us with the necessary omega 3’s we need.  These include: salmon and mackerel.  But to keep its health benefits…cook it grilled or broiled. Likewise eating fish also provides us with other nutrients like protein, magnesium, potassium and iron which our body also needs.

So the next time you crave for meat…

Think Healthy…Eat FISH!

9 Responses to “The Benefits of Eating Fish”

  1. Nice, Keep Going. Enjoyed your informative site on healthy living.
    Please do visit my site

  2. archie Says:

    doc gerry, tanong ko it okay na fried fish basta ang gagamiting oil is olive oil? is “tambakol” fish healthy?

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    Fried is fried meaning one uses oil. Its is the calories that count and the fat BUT using canola oil or olive oil will make us “feel better” because we are using an oil that has more unsaturated fat and therefore considered a “healthy” oil. I do the same…anything fried in my house, we use canola oil.

  4. archie Says:

    thank you doc.that would be a big help

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  7. I found a web site is China that sells those fish oil pills that take care of the fatty acids. I am not sure that they are safe to eat but I am tempted by the price. Any suggestion how to have better control over the food safety of my diet supplements?

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