Another Good News For Green Tea Lovers

August 2, 2006

Imagesgreeb Just received my Annals of Internal Medicine Journal- the official publication of the American College of Physicians and what intrigued me was the Japanese study looking at the positive relationship between drinking green tea or coffee and the risk of developing diabetes.

The study involved around 17,00 Japanese and were surveyed regarding their habit of drinking tea and the onset of diabetes. The study showed that:

People who were frequent drinkers of green tea (>6 cups per day) or coffee (>3 cups per day) were less likely to develop diabetes than those who drank less than 1 cup of these beverages per week. Higher total caffeine intake was also associated with lower risk for diabetes. These relationships were strongest in women and in overweight men. No association was found between black and oolong teas and reduced risk for diabetes.

It is then concluded that:

“People who drink more green tea, coffee, or total caffeinated beverages are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than people who drink none or very little of these beverages.

This study needs further verification but what this study entails for my patients is that…I will not stop those who are coffee or green tea drinkers but will stop short of recommending green tea or coffee to prevent diabetes until a full long term well made randomized study will be done.

For now…after a great exercise and a healthy meal…

Enjoy Your Green Tea or Coffee!

4 Responses to “Another Good News For Green Tea Lovers”

  1. Maripee Says:

    Thanks for this. I definitely won’t give up my brewed coffee! But I have recently read from a health magazine that drinking coffee before a workout increases CV risks. How true? I prefer morning workouts and find it awkward taking my coffee after that (mainit na ang araw by then). What do you think, Doc?

  2. Genevieve Says:

    Well, with regards to tea, I love to drink the cold ones.. Doc, do you think drinking cold and hot tea have the same effects?

  3. Doc Gerry Says:

    There should be no difference at all in terms of health benefits with drinking either cold or hot tea.

  4. Kaley Says:

    You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sahirng.

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