The Dangers of Too Much TEA….

April 24, 2008

One of the highlights of the Mayo Endocrine Course in Mallorca Spain was the Clinical Pearls that we get after a case presentation.  And one of those cases that I found very interesting was a case of  lady who had a bone xray suggestive of a “strong” bone and a bone mass that was suggestive of a “thick ” bone.  She was therefore confident that she won’t fracture because she did not have any osteoporosis based on Xray and Bone mass measurement.

However upon review at the Mayo Clinic her bones were actually not normal.  So further evaluation was done and showed her to be drinking at least 10 tea bags of a commercial brand per day as a way of quenching her thirst.  Without her knowledge, she was taking in too much flouride into her sytsem coming from drinking too much tea!!!  She was developing a state of Flourosis which can cause a bone disease called Osteosclerosis.  From being told that she has strong bones to now being counseled to be careful not to fracture… was too extreme for her to understand!

Osteosclerosis can be due to taking in too much flouride in the body.  The problem with this disease is you have Brittle bones and therefore on Xray, you may have thick bones but the quality of the bone is poor!!!

Just how much flouride in is one tea bag?  In one study published in Amercan Journal of Medicine in 2005:

“Two independent testing laboratories determined that mean fluoride concentrations in 10 brand-name tea solutions ranged from 1.0 to 6.5 ppm. One tea exceeded the EPA safety limit of 4.0 ppm for drinking water, and several surpassed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration limit of 1.4 to 2.4 ppm for bottled beverages. “

So my frineds…please be careful with too much tea in a day.  I know of some chinese patients who use tea as their drinking water.  Just as the saying goes…

 Too much of a Good Thing can also be BAD!

16 Responses to “The Dangers of Too Much TEA….”

  1. Belinda T. Pilbeam Says:

    Hi Ger, does this apply to all kinds of tea? Green & black? Cheers !!

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Good question…. most studies only showed this to be a problem with black or brick tea and some decaffeinated and instant teas.

  3. David Blakely Says:

    Hello gerry, I used to drink a lot of tea during the day, about 8 glasses or more(iced). I only drink organic white, green, and red tea(rooibos) but i would only drink one type until that batch would run out, then i would switch to a different type. It wasnt until I started feeling a weird pain on the left side of my stomac, right above my pelvic bone, and a decreased appetite that I decided to stop and cut back. The pain is gone but my appetite is still bad, wich im assuming its from something else. I was wondering if I was right about the pain being caused by the large amount of tea. Also, how many glasses of tea do you recommend per day?

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Pain on the left side of the stomach requires me to do a physical on you to make sure we are talking about the same location. The only organs on that side of importance would be your spleen and kidney. Too much tea can cause kidney stones..then have yourself do an ultrasound to make sure you are not developing stones. The most I would recommend is three cups a day to be on the safe side.

  5. Ina Ang Says:

    Hi Doc! I just want to know whether consuming black and green tea regularly but not on a daily basis is healthy. That’s what I do actually. Thanks in advance!

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Ina…I see no harm with the practice…

  7. Steven Says:

    Hi Doc, i always drink tea everytime before i got to bed. does this contribute to my lose of weight? because i have been losing weight since i drink tea every night. or does drinking tea at night helps to properly digest all the food taken during the day?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Steven… not really. Hope your tea is not laced with something fishy that made you lose weight. There are lots of slimming teas which I dont recommend so beware. Side effects wise of these teas are not known

  8. Marion Says:

    And this is the reason I like Unbelievable opst.

  9. JILLIAN Says:

    my husband drinks about 4 teabags a day . can this be harmful

  10. Vee Says:

    Hi doc

    i just had a cup of tea nd i really don’t like tea but its quite cold today and i have no other option.
    my problem is, this tea left some brown stains on my cup and i was just wondering…if it’s leaving such stains on my cup are there any stains that it could possibly leave in my body?

  11. S. M. S. Says:

    I go thru about 150 tea bags a month. I was making my tea with 2 bags @ a time until 1 day about 2 weeks ago I had Horrible abdominal pains on m right side; so much so I could not stand! My friend wanted me to go to the hospital but I drank water and didn’t move for a few hours instead. I now make my tea with 1 bag but cannot sleep pains are still there, I have no appetite, my heart palputates and my breathing will become very heavily labored at times. I vomit small thick light brown chunks that feels like a soft fabric rubbing in my throat. I have scraped my tounge but can only go so far down my own throat. I am now constantly trying to cough it up or drink it down, both hot and cold water but nothing has proven successful. I was speaking with animations, and in doing so I hit my chest. I didn’t think anything of it but after the nest day and for 4 days now I have had a knot that’s very sore to the touch and to certain bodily movements ( stretching and bending ) . My bones specifically on my legs are so soft that if I’m sitting with my elbows on my knees for more than about 2 minutes I will have an indentation so deep into my thigh it hurts to get up and walk I have to rub them down for a while. I thought maybe all of this tea is hurting me. So I decided to Googe if there were any dangers associated with too much black tea consumption and clicked on your page. After reading this do you think its truly necessary to see a doctor? Or if I limit my consumption will my symptoms improve? Thank you Kindly, S

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  14. Marian Says:

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  15. ALLS10G via /r/zmarter – THE WORLD OF SPACE Says:

    […] So further evaluation was done and showed her to be drinking at least 10 tea bags of a commercial brand per day as a way of quenching her thirst. Without her knowledge, she was taking in too much flouride into her sytsem coming from drinking too much tea!!! She was developing a state of Flourosis which can cause a bone disease called Osteosclerosis. […]

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