Osteoporosis: The Silent Killer

August 1, 2006

637275227.jpg Osteoporosis is a silent killer.  Due to thinning of the bones, one’s bones become porous enough that even mild bending to do vacuuming chores or coughing can cause a fracture.  Studies have shown that once you get an osteoporotic fracture especially of the hip, your life span is decreased since you end suffering from complications arising from being bed-ridden.

Everyone can be at risk for osteoporosis.  A family history of fracture is significant.  Other risk factors which are preventable include smoking, sedentary lifestyle, intake of medications like thyroid hormones, steroids or diuretics… all can increase one’s likelihood to suffer from this disease.

Low intake of calcium during childhood also predicts one’s chances of developing this disease.  Very prevalent among women ( due to loss of estrogen with menopause), it is advised that intake of 1000 to 1500 mg of elemental calcium is recommended during the premenopausal state.

It is advised that enough calcium in the diet can help. Some Rich sources of calcium includes: milk, yogourt, cheese, brocolli, sardines, oats and soy products as tofu.

Important health tips to prevent osteoporosis:

1.weight bearing exercise like jogging or walking but not swimming

2.proper intake of calcium in the diet

3.avoidance of smoking since it affects absorption of calcium and reduce estrogen effect on the bone

4.limit caffeine : 2-3 cups of coffee is okay as long as you have enough calcium in the diet

5.limit or avoid alcohol. Consuming 2 alcoholic drinks a day can decrease bone formation

If you’re past 45 or menopausal, have yourself screened… if your past 70, age related bone loss is prevalent…

Be Warned…Take Care of Your Bones!

4 Responses to “Osteoporosis: The Silent Killer”

  1. cynthia Says:

    Im past 45 or menopausal, What screening will I undertake

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    The best screening test for you at the present time is to a complete physical and history. Do you hava a family history of osteopororsis? Are you thin or overweight? Are you on medications that can increase your risk to bone loss.

    Post menopausal the risk to fracture is very low even if you have a low bone mass based on your absolute risk assessment according to the new WHO risk assessment. In contrats a women age 70 or 80 even with a normal bone mass has a very high absolute risk to fracture. So assessment of risk will need a complete history and physical. A family history of osteo is another important risk factor.

    I will not recommend checking your bone mineral densitometry because it will not help me at this time. However a BMD 5 years postmenopausal state can be done and if the result will show findings consistent with low bone mass or osteopenia, then a treatment option may be indicated.

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  4. Gabriel Says:

    Thank yyou for writing this

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