Where Do You Keep Your Drugs?

August 2, 2006

Pl You may not have realized it but suddenly your medications seem to lose potency.  Your blood pressure seems to be a little higher…or your blood sugar seems to be erratic with fluctuations not seen before.  The least of all possibilities is loss of potency of medications.

In a recent survey done among patients… the most common area they keep their drugs is the worst … that is the bathroom where heat and moisture are common place.  We always neglect the fact that humidity factor is an important aspect that can hasten the deterioration of drug potency.  We seldom or never talk to our patients about storing medications in the proper place.

It is strongly recommended that we store medications away from heat, humidity and moisture… and store them in a cool dry place away from the sun and definitely out of reach of children.

Protect Drug Potency… Store

Them Properly!

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