Practical Tips to Weight Loss Thru Activity

August 1, 2006

478158485.jpgWe all know the benefits of weight loss. We all know the benefits of physical activity. If you move to be healthy… it’s generally a package deal. In a way… you lose weight and as a result… you prevent diseases like diabetes or heart disease from developing and therefore you gain health.

A recent Mayo Clinic study showed that even fidgety movements like toe tapping, moving around your office or frequent change in posture can result in calorie burn of up to 350 calories per day.This may translate to losing less than a pound per week! Definitely NO SWEAT!

Here are some practical tips that you can do without going to a gym:

  • Walk the stairs if you can and if you must! When I make rounds at Cebu Doctors’…you don’t see me use the elevator at all!
  • Play with your children instead of watching them play. Join the fun to a healthier you.
  • I usually do household chores myself like fixing the lamp, cleaning the pool and fixing my room after playing with the kids.
  • After dinner, one way of bonding with the family is to walk around the subdivision.

If you are overweight, to lessen the burden to your knees- do swimming otherwise a stationary bike will do while watching TV.

2107890185.jpgYou will realize that all those activities require walking… it’s one easy activity to do because we do it daily. To help you keep track on your walking during the day…I recommend using a pedometer that you can easily carry and hook in your belt, and if you want to lose weight. This is equivalent to walking 1 hour per day. Walking even just 2000 steps per day equivalent to 1 mile has been shown to reduce death rate most likely from preventing illnesses and being fit. Just remember though to wear proper walking shoes if you embark on a regular walking regimen.

So Start Moving to a Healthier You!

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