Are You Fit?

February 6, 2009


Heart Rate of More Than 70 Beats Per Minute Increases Risk of Heart Failure: The finding that heart rate, specifically a heart rate more than 70 beats per minute, increased the risk of cardiac events in heart failure patients was the top take-home message for the Dutch cardi who chaired the European Society of Cardiology program committee.

Check your heart rate… feel your pulse and count how many beats in one minute. 

What better way to help keep your heart fit is increasing physical activity.  Athletes for example can have a heart rate of less than 50/min.  Suggesting that their hearts dont need to work and pump more to give enough blood to the body… that’s what we call as FITNESS!

To be fit does not necessarily mean your slim and vice versa.  Fitness is a totally different ballgame in the field of health.  Fitness is a way of life… it requires the discipline to achieve it and the determination to make it part of daily living.  In the end… losing the FATNESS will follow.

Fitness Minus Fatness Equals Cardiovascular Health!

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