Can Alcohol Cause Obesity?

August 1, 2006


A common question that I get is the relationship between aclcohol and the risk to become obese.  Can drinking alchol increase once belly? 

The results came from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III involving 8000 patients published in December 2005.

  • Current alcohol drinkers who drank one or two glasses regularly but less than 5 drinks per week were significantly less likely to be obese than non drinkers and heavy drinkers.
  • Consuming more than 4 drinks or more per day increased the drinker’s risk to be obese by 46%. 

The mechanism however of the protective effect of alcohol is not known.

This result does not recommend non drinkers to drink to reduce ones risk to become obese but rather argues against a strategy of promoting complete abstention for those who regularly consume alcohol.

My recommendation if you drink… studies have shown that red wine has the advantage because of the flavanoid content like dark chocolate…

But as what we have recommended before…

Anything In Excess Is A Waste…

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