Can A High Fiber Cereal Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

March 10, 2007

3458544841.jpgExercise alone is not enough for one to lose weight.  I hear many complaints from patients that they’ve been playing badminton at least 1 hour on most days of the week and yet they havent lost weight.  Why?  Because after their game, it’s EATING time!  And this is where calories accumulate more than the calories burned during the exercise.  So in general: weight loss equates to cutting down of high dense calorie foods to lose weight then be more active to maintain that weight!

One important finding that can help us lose weight is to incorporate high fiber foods to our diet.  This one study recently published in the September 2006 issue of the Journal of American Dietetic Association showed that incorporation of a high fiber cereal to the daily meal resulted in more weight loss than in the group who only cut down their calories.

The other advantage of adding cereals to the meal plan is that… while cutting out calories or certain foods can result in some nutrients being from the diet, the addition of high fiber cereal can avoid such loses.

The study involved comparing three weight-loss strategies: exercise only; exercise plus a reduced-calorie diet that emphasized whole-grain cereals; and exercise plus a low-cal diet that included no cereals. 

Those in the “cereal” group were given packets of whole-grain breakfast cereal.  The dieters lost roughly 12 pounds. What was intersting is that, the cereal group lost weight by also cutting down on saturated fat while increasing their intake of fiber, magnesium and Vitamin B-6.

Breakfast cereal with milk should not be bad after all because not only  is it high in fiber but also you  lose weight with it. 

You therefore get the best of both worlds:

 The benefits of High Fiber Diet and The benefits of Eating Breakfast!

Plan To Be Healthy… Start Losing The Excess!

52 Responses to “Can A High Fiber Cereal Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Doc, is it better than eating oatmeal?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Both are great souces of fiber. I do eat oatmeal for breakfast daily but now am reconsidering probably alternating my breakfast with whole grain cereal. So you enjoy any of the two if you want to lose weight. Do tell us your progress Joshua.

  3. Anthony Says:

    Great website Doc. Any recommended cereal? Am always confused when I go to the grocery to buy one. Thnaks

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    Whew… thats a good question Anthony. I have no particular choice for cereal because as I have said I enjoy my oatmeal for my morning meal. I checked out the grocery store the other day and I found out that there are actually a lot of choices on whole grain low fat cereals which you can try. Again Ill get back to you once I have selected my choice.

  5. mariz Says:

    how about those cereal for kids that we see in the grocery counters? Would be good for adults?

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    Definitely Mariz…. whats good for the kids should be good for us :). By starting our kids with the right choice of food then we are definitely helping curb the prevalence of obesity. My kids have learned how to enjoy oatmeal for breakfast and occasionally cereals. But be careful with those high fat calorie dense cereals with honey on each grain or chocolate becuase again they add up to the calories we want to get rid of.

  7. Lilibeth Says:


    what about taking food supplement like the one promoted by Judy Ann Santos..Fitrum…does it really make good for our health at same time according to her slimming with no more efforts of whatsoever like limiting food intakes and exercise?..and is it safe to be used for patients undergoing suppressive treatment on thyroid nodules?

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    If you go to the FITRUM site… this is what youll read…
    “Fats that are not burned are stored in the body and this can be a major problem. FITRUM’s L-Carnitine component burns fat and converts it into useful energy for physical exertion and most especially to keep the heart healthy.” Unfortunately no scientific evidence to date prove that L carnitine helps one lose weight! Dont be fooled with ads like Judy Ann… its a marketing strategy!

  9. lilibeth Says:

    dear Doc Gerry,

    thanks for the enlightenment, now i realized i don’t have to buy plenty Fitrum as i observed there was no significant effect…i’d rather impose discipline upon get rid of my excess weight…

    …you are really doing a great job in this internet facility..i always introduce to all my friends and office mates your website…somehow, to help them get useful health tips…God Bless..More Power, Doc!

  10. ALONA Says:



  12. Doc Gerry Says:

    Fitrum is plain green tea extract. If you want green trea then you can get it at a acheaper rpice than fitrum. As a supplement with movie stars as endorsers, you have to pay a bigger price so that the marketeers can pay the endorsers. Simple math? So does it work? Nah! No study to prove it can cause weight loss…

  13. Malyn Says:

    you mentioned fitrum is not as effective, but is green tea effective for losing weight? how do you take it? thanks

  14. Doc Gerry Says:

    Yup Malyn, personal endorsements with no studies and only testimonials are nonsense medications. They may not be harmful but they only have a placebo effect unless someone presents me with a good study published in a reputable journal then well review our conclusion. The ballgame here in purely business. Mahal ang endorsement so somebody has to pay!

    No study with green tea with weight loss but there is a small study of coffee and weight loss but only minimal

  15. Zoey Says:

    Doc, know any good choice of oatmeal, for multigrain hot cereal cause im on a diet and i dont know which type is good. Also, does doin yoga help burn caloria?

  16. Doc Gerry Says:

    Nope…of no particular brand… you can choose and select

    Check my post on Yoga

  17. Mayette Says:

    Try Australian Harvest, rolled oats not the instant oat cooking. Rolled oats take longer to cook but this is the ideal. Try it. I lost some belly fat from having breakfast with rolled oats.

  18. ag Says:

    hi doc
    i just want to ask if ok ba if i take fitrum…kc im taking nidcor metformin ngayon coz i have PCOS..tanx

  19. Doc Gerry Says:

    Fitrum is a supplement and you know my stand on drugs claiming to be supplements without studies to support except celebrities that we look up too!

  20. Mel Says:

    Hello Doc

    Is it ok to have tea after cereal? are there any harmful effects?


  21. TONI Says:

    Hey it ok to eat only vegetables and/or meat without rice?

  22. Doc Gerry Says:

    why not? but not totally out.

  23. Michelle Says:

    hi doc, what food is safe to eat if ur hungry and u don’t want to gain weight by eating that food?:)

  24. Michelle Says:

    hi doc, what food is safe to eat if ur hungry without adding extra fat or carb in your body?

  25. Doc Gerry Says:

    I usually take in apple or pear. Drink lots of water and put your mind off delicious yummy foods and do something else…and lo and behld in 5 minutes your craving is gone.

  26. ivy Says:

    I believe that if I’m not hungry, that I do not need to eat. I was wondering if not getting the regular 3 meals/day is bad for my health. For breakfast, I have a glass of milk which I usually take w my bowl of australian harvest rolled oats , their quick cooking oats, topped with fitnesse cereal (one w/ no fruits), i also add a bit of toasted dessicated coconut, a bit of sesame seeds and raisins. I feel that i do not need to eat lunch! I actually don’t get hungry, sometimes I do bring an apple or pear to work. But I do eat an early dinner at about 6pm. Been doing this for 5years, seems to be working out doc.

  27. Doc Gerry Says:

    Well done Ivy… keep it up and you’re doing just fine. Thanks for the tip for the readers

  28. melanie Says:

    i dont thinks its good to have three square meals a day. your body has to get rid of a lot waste. if you like to graze i would graze on veggies, friut,or nuts a little bit of chocolate, whole grain chips -n-slasa, have a cup of tea to ward of cravings. feed your body the good stuff (healthy) for your primary meals. a good brakfast, small lunch, and a reasonable dinner. the trick is to not over eat so you can poop to lose most of your belly fat and overall digestive health. lots of water is good but dont bloat your self. 4 glass a day is better then nothing so if your drinking 4 glasses a day your body is thanking you for it even though the recomended amount is 6-8. lots of ways to eat well its all over the media just commit to it and you should get results of youthfulness and healthfulness.

  29. melanie Says:

    when i was 18 i was hardly regular. i mean i was so depressed and so bloated all the time i thought if i stuck a pin in my stomach i would burst. i was really uncomfortable. my aunt started me on kashi whole grains and what came out of me was like a years worth of poop. i was so happy and felt very clean in the insides and my psoraisis went away. donuts and cakes and pizzas really can do a number on your body. i was at 135 at 5’3 lost about 20 pounds and now i weigh about 123 to 125. i like veggies more then anything thats what my mom ate when i was in her whomb. i am 29 and still look 20 i want to lose about 8 pounds to trim my self down so its kashi and veggies for me.

  30. melanie Says:

    yes food is yummy, but is there a difference between soy milk and regular cow milk what is the best milk to drink for the body?

  31. Doc Gerry Says:

    The best milk that’s healthy especially for women should be NON fat Skim milk. It can provide you with the necessay amount of calcium your body needs. Whole cream milk gives you calories and saturated fat.

  32. melanie Says:

    thank you, thats the kind i drink but my mother in law says to drink soy milk because its a lot healthier. BUT IS IT? GEEZE, I WAS ALSO READING ABOUT THE MISLEADING INFO ABOUT VEGGIES SHRINKING THE BRAIN. i like fish but is three cans of albacore or tuna fish to much to eat a week ? I know its canned but is it safe? i am so sorry for bombarding you with questions but i dont want to take fish capsules i would rather eat it. THANK YOU, DOC GERRY !!!!! i want to work on a healthier diet. What else is healthy to eat thats unusual but good even if it has few more calories?

  33. melanie Says:

    there is to much about taking fish capsules these days so i cant get a clear answer on the web about pure fish becuase they want you buy their products.

  34. Doc Gerry Says:

    PLease check my post on the benefits of eating fish.

  35. Chie Says:

    Is taking MET (methathione) good for the body? Can it make me look fairer? Thanks Doc.

  36. Chie Says:

    How about slimming pills? Is there any supplements out there in the market that is really effective to trim out fat? Thanks again Doc.

  37. mylene princess Says:

    hi doc is’t ok to take a shower after an hour of work out to the gym?
    and what would be the best food to eat to easily lose weight? thanks po!!!!

  38. G. Mettetal Says:

    i’ve only been on this program for a week but i feel full of energy. i’ve also been on every other diet under the sun but this one is giving me new hope. i think my metabolisim is messed up from years of dieting and since this seems sensible and healthy i’m willing to give it all i’ve got. there are some things puzzling me such as the low-fat food category. for example if i eat low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat grated parmasean cheese what does it count as as protein or carb Also can I have anything like swiss miss cocoa which is fat free and sugar free. i would also like to know from anyone how long it took to see results. I do feel better and feel like i lost inches but no weight has dropped yet. i guess i need some encouragement so anyone want to e-mail me please do so at jr ( new york- thank you, jr

  39. Your blog post definitely was 1 of the greatest points of my Wednesday. I was on Bing looking for some thing 100 % unrelated while the title captured my interest. Im delighted I took the time to read your article!

  40. Joy Trewhitt Says:

    This has really got me to thinking about bunch of possibilities. Thanks for that.

  41. Otto Combee Says:

    Herbal afternoon teas can be created with strong or dry flowers, foliages, seeds or stems, by and big by running stewing H2O through the flora components and getting them steep for a a couple of minutes. Seeds and roots can also be boiled on the kitchen range. The tisane is then filtered, sweetened if so desired, and dished out.

  42. Harley Filgo Says:

    I just started reading your site – thanks for writing. I wanted to inform you that it’s not displaying correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Blackberry 9700). Anyway, I am now subscribed to the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks again!

  43. Ollie Mcconn Says:

    Hi there could I reference some of the material here in this post if I reference you with a link back to your site?

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