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To Inspire in Medicine As a Healer and As a Teacher is To Make A Difference….

March 5, 2007

3729534068.jpgAs a teacher, a doctor and a healer… to inspire someone because of your dedication to what you believe in is something I can be proud of.  That my advocacy to educate is being felt and admired as one that comes from the heart. 

When I was recognized with an Excellence in Teaching award by the medical students of New York Medical College while I was an Internal Medicine resident in the US… it proved that I can really make a difference in my way of imparting knowledge to would be doctors.  My advocacy to learn and to educate others was always there.

When I received this comment by Sol the other day… it inspired me more to continue this advocacy that I have started.   And I thank my student for this… and am asking her permission to share her message to everyone also….

“Hi Dr Gerry…This is sol here…

i just want to thank you for being an inspiration to every student, resident, and doctors alike! I admire very much your dedication to educate ever since i was still in training… and i believe you have influenced me to become an endocrinologist myself. Thank you again doctor and more power to you. Hats off!!!”

For me… I measure success not with the number of patients I see… its the number of people I’ve touched and inspired to be better!

To all the followers and readers of the website… thank you for visiting and for all your feedbacks.  They mean a lot to me!  If you keep them coming… I’ll be always be here to answer you everyday! 

To Sol… You Really Made My Day!