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How Safe is A FRIED Chicken: Check if Its Cooked with Trans FAT!

March 22, 2007

1937790063.jpgTrans Fat is actually a partially Hydrogenated Vegetable oil- described by some as a man made toxin. It was actually developed as a “healthy” alternative to animal fat!  It became so popular for sometime because this is the kind of fat that can give your chicken the Crunchy feeling and great taste and the pastries a longer half life. Perfect combination of a good tasting meal and longer shelf life…definitely good for business!  But Wealth Is NOT HEALTH!

SO what’s wrong with Trans Fat?

  • Just 2.6 grams a day of trans fat raises your risk of heart disease.  That’s about half as much as you get in a typical serving of french fries.  Thus it is considered as one if not the unhelathiest Fat!
  • We are presently battling the epidemic of obesity and this trans fat may actually be one culprit because it is super fattening. It has been shown that Trans fats build up belly fat themselves resulting in the “beer belly” appearance.  Likewise trans fat also cause fat from other parts of your body to move to the belly.  Whew…. really a Bad Fat! 

Remember… accumulation of fat in the abdomen is particularly dangerous because it contributes to heart disease and insulin resistance state which can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and the so called Metabolic Syndrome.

The good news is:

  • A lot of the junky foods that we love to eat that used to have lots of trans fat like the famous Oreo cookies — are now trans-fat free. Yahoooo!
  • Fast-food restaurants are now adopting measures to reduce or eliminate trans fats.

So the next time you order crunchy chicken…. please be aware if the food is being cooked trans fat free or if it is in fact cooked with one!  As a consumer … you have to right to know because it’s your health and the health of your kids that are at stake here!

Make sure to be careful with oredering fried chicken in areas where no labels are posted especially on sidewalks.  The cook themselves may not even know what kind of oil they are using.  The Blind making the Ugly….

The Ugly and The Fried!