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Do You Want A Mc Donald’s in Your Hospital?

March 20, 2007

2035271489.jpgA very good debate on whether it is helpful to have a fast food restaurant like Mc Donalds in hospital was written by Dr Charles.

It presents a different view about the realities of getting sick in a hospital with the kind of hospital food that is almost always cold and “healthy” enough for the dish to taste bland and un appetizing!  One view is that… stress in a hospital can be lessened by eating in a fast food chain that offers yummy food! Just dont think about obesity or the calories for the monent…think of it as a way to perk you up!

Think about it.  If you end up in a hospital bed…wouldnt a French Fries and a burger perk you up? Unless some alternative yummy tasting health food restaurant is available…. for the meantime….

Are You In Favor to have a Mc Donalds in your hospital?

Reality? or Healthy?