The Benefit of Taking A Nap!

March 8, 2007

2635562638.jpgI actually want to work early… I can do more things without the distractions and my focus is great since it’s early in the morning. Once am in my clinic… it’s an uphill battle till 12N then my feeling starts to go downhill by around 2 PM.  Remember as physicians, we listen then think then diagnose then treat every person that seeks our help.  And mind you… this is non stop from 7 till 3 PM.  So I look forward to going home, have my own time and take my daily nap for around 20 minutes.  This mid day or mid afternoon nap really rejuvenates your feeling.  It relieves you of the stress that you have accumulated throughout the day!

But did you know that now there is a study that proved me right.  It has been shown in one study recently published in the February 12 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine that….

 “taking siestas of any frequency or duration is associated with about a one-third reduction in mortality from coronary heart disease, particularly in working men“.

The magnitude of the reduction varied depending on whether the napping was occasional or regular.  So the more frequent you do it… means the better you handle the stress… than the less chance for the stress hormones to harm your heart!  Remember stress hormones like steroid and cathecholamines are not friendly to our bodies especially if we get the surge of these hormones everytime we get too busy at work, get angry, depressed, anxious or pressured at work.

I can always work till 7 PM but I need to reclaim the calm after the day! What will my money do if I get a heart disease? Less money!  Priority counts in making sure you know when to stop and relax…when is enough really enough!  This is what I call: Health as Wealth!

A Mid day Nap is actually only asking too little form your time. 

I guess the study just emphasizes one thing:

Take Time To Relax To Live Long and Be Healthy!

14 Responses to “The Benefit of Taking A Nap!”

  1. Genevieve Says:

    Did the study show which time is best to nap? Or is it the napping itself that is really beneficial.

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Usually we take the afternoon naps. I guess its the ideal time after a whole day of work. But if you take naps mid morning because of a different work schedule then that should be fine. It’s the break you take in between a hectic schedule that makes a difference and that break based on the above study happens to include taking a nap.

    Thanks for the comment

  3. maxim Says:

    I am also an advocate of a short afternoon nap Doc. I only limit it though to 15-20 minutes because if I overdo it, I become groggy too.

    Thanks for this info Doc… I will take my nap now… hehehe

  4. Stephen Tan Says:

    Hi Gerry!

    I am an advocate of taking a nap too. My afternoon is just much better if I have a nap after lunch. But this is not always possible with office work and very short lunch break. For a little over a year, I have rediscovered morning coffee to keep me awake after lunch. I also heard that coffee can be beneficial to the brain and delays senility. What do you think? Regards.


  5. Doc Gerry Says:

    Many studies have already documented the effect of coffee and a delay in cognitive decline. The problem is….these studies are small involving small number of subjects and merely relied on recall of the number of cups of coffee drank during the study duration.

    But theoritically it is believed that the mechanism where coffee can help is … it can stimulate brain cells to take in choline. Choline is the building block that is needed to make acetylcholine…this is the brain neurotransmitter, that is reduced in dementia.
    Likewise it interferes with the action of other neurotransmiters like adenosine which might be beneficial in Alzheimer’s disease.

    My view on this is… it is definitely too soon to say that our cup of coffee is more than just a perk me up drink! However it is worth to enjoy it daily because definitive studies on any theory can end up in postive note. This is what I believe in what coffee will prove to us in the future.

    Let’s enjoy our cup of coffee Stephen! And thanks for visiting my website! It’s an honor to have you write a comment!

  6. Lilibeth Says:

    …does it necessarily means…just a cup of coffee a day…coz i heard of stories like drinking more coffee can enhance wrinkles and can even cause nervousness, is it true?…what about those people used to drink pure or black coffee no sugar…is it tolerable?..

  7. Doc Gerry Says:

    palpitation can result from drinking too much coffee…some may develop it with just 2 cups or some will develop it with 5 cups… so it really depends. Coffee without sugar is acceptable and okay. Coffee causing wrinkles…hmmmm…premature wrinkles develop with too much sun exposure so using sub block is advisable. With coffee? No data on it.

  8. the reply was bouring and i won’t wath that ever and my life to i die.

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