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The Benefit of Taking A Nap!

March 8, 2007

2635562638.jpgI actually want to work early… I can do more things without the distractions and my focus is great since it’s early in the morning. Once am in my clinic… it’s an uphill battle till 12N then my feeling starts to go downhill by around 2 PM.  Remember as physicians, we listen then think then diagnose then treat every person that seeks our help.  And mind you… this is non stop from 7 till 3 PM.  So I look forward to going home, have my own time and take my daily nap for around 20 minutes.  This mid day or mid afternoon nap really rejuvenates your feeling.  It relieves you of the stress that you have accumulated throughout the day!

But did you know that now there is a study that proved me right.  It has been shown in one study recently published in the February 12 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine that….

 “taking siestas of any frequency or duration is associated with about a one-third reduction in mortality from coronary heart disease, particularly in working men“.

The magnitude of the reduction varied depending on whether the napping was occasional or regular.  So the more frequent you do it… means the better you handle the stress… than the less chance for the stress hormones to harm your heart!  Remember stress hormones like steroid and cathecholamines are not friendly to our bodies especially if we get the surge of these hormones everytime we get too busy at work, get angry, depressed, anxious or pressured at work.

I can always work till 7 PM but I need to reclaim the calm after the day! What will my money do if I get a heart disease? Less money!  Priority counts in making sure you know when to stop and relax…when is enough really enough!  This is what I call: Health as Wealth!

A Mid day Nap is actually only asking too little form your time. 

I guess the study just emphasizes one thing:

Take Time To Relax To Live Long and Be Healthy!