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How To Keep Your Doctors Happy…And You TOO!

March 1, 2007

2652075115.jpgOne of the disappointing scenarios that we always encounter as doctors are when patients try to change the recommendations of the doctor for the following reasons:

  •  My neighbor said it can cause liver damage
  • My friend said it can be addicting
  • That I should not take this medication for a long time since it has side effects.

Or for my patients with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high sugar… the most common reasons for not following instructions include:

  • My BP or cholesterol is now normal so I can stop.
  • My blood sugar is already below 100 so its already normal.
  • I will not take it anymore because I will become “dependent”

Common myths and misconceptions arise due to lack of communication between the doctor and the patient.  This is where proper and focused education with emphasis on the illness and the treatment should be done.  It may not all be the fault of the patient but also of the doctor who may not have all the time to explain.

The best way to approach this scenario is to emphasize to the patient the following:

  • NOT to change any of the meds unless you inform your physician
  • Diseases like high BP or high Cholesterol or Blood Sugar are chronic diseases therefore require chronic treatment.
  • Chronic diseases may be TREATABLE but are not CURABLE and therefore require long term treatment.  So any changes of the meds for that matter should be made by your physician.


  • Do not listen to what others say…especially your neighbor!
  • If you want another opinion, seek another doctor’s advice or a third opinion for that matter.  We welcome any other opinion and it should be your right as a patient to seek one.

Remember, we doctors are here only as your guides to help you achieve a 2832232036.jpgbetter health.  It’s really up to you to take care of yourself and follow what we advice you to do.  And if you are in doubt?  Call you doctor!

A Happy Partnership Is A Healthy Medicine!