Foods To Eat If You Have High Cholesterol

February 16, 2007

cholesterol.jpgMy previous post reviewed some principles regarding the kinds of fat we eat in the food.  Now to simplify further and for us to easily remember… let me enumerate the foods we allow our patients to eat if we see a high cholesterol level in the blood test.

Foods That Are Allowed:

  1. lean cuts of meat, chicken and fish
  2. skim, low fat milk, low fat yogourt
  3. for those who like eggs: the egg whites are okay
  4. olive, canola, sesame, soybean and safflower oils: 5-8 teaspoons /day only
  5. most breads, wheat bread, cereals, noodles
  6. fresh fruits
  7. plain popcorn, pretzels, tea and coffee.

Foods That You Can Eat Once In A While:

  1.  shellfish like tahong
  2. 2% fat milk, lite cream cheese
  3. 2 x /week of egg yolk
  4. nuts, avocados, seeds
  5. muffins, cornbread, biscuits
  6. homemade cakes and pies prepared with unsaturated fat

Definitely AVOID: Steaks, whole milk, whipped cream in your coffee, COCONUT OIL, coconut, vegetables that are prepared in BUTTER, ice cream, potato chips, buttered popcorn, frappes and floats, croissants, doughnuts, noodles prepared with cream ( yummy but sinful).

The choice of food is realy without limits.  But the option to eat the choices we are offered is up to us.  The need to discipline ourselves and know what is right and healthy depends on our determintation and willingness to know the difference .


My advise is:  You can still enjoy your steak BUT get the less fat cut!  Enjoy your popcorn while watching th movie but not the buttered one.  Enjoy your brewed coffee in the mall rather than the frapuccino with whipped cream!


The Choice To Be Healthy Is Up To You!


141 Responses to “Foods To Eat If You Have High Cholesterol”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Doc, how about the famous virgin cocount oil that they are touting as healthy form of oil? Any thoughts about it?

  2. Doc Gerry Says:

    Please check my post on the truth about Virgin Coconut Oil.

  3. jackie Says:

    ok my dad has really high cholesterol and he loves to eat so now im just trying to see what he can and can not eat so maybe you can help me……..

    • isabella Says:

      me 2 my mom thinks shell die any second so were trying 2 find what she can and cannot eat….. most of the things she loves is int he avoid section

      • Cookie Says:

        I just found out I have high cholesterol. I can do the right foods to eat thing, but it’s hard to get off the couch if you have emphysema/copd. How I lose weight if i’am getting out of breath all the time?.Plus, under active thyroid! I see it doesn’t matter in the long run. Can’t win if have trouble breathing. Answer that one for me.

    • stuart Says:

      try to cut him down slowly a small thing every few days,regular exercise,goodluck

  4. Kevin Says:

    Hi Doc. I have these small red spots on my feet some are large in size while other are not. And a few on my hands. Just recently I went to the doctor got blood & urine samples, got the results. Then I took the results to my dermatologist and he said that I have high cholesterol levels and I think this may be causing these spots.. I’m only 23 years old and I’m very worried about this. What can I do?. Please email me if you can otherwise leave email here. I’m desperate. Thanks. ^_^

  5. sadia Says:

    hello docter my dad’s feet have scabs all over them why is that? and how can it be cured? he is 36 years old and has high cholestrol

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Sadia… difficult to say. I have to have the chance to see it to give you a diagnosis.

  7. KEnneth Says:

    Hi doc,

    I noticed avocado was in your list of “eating once a while” ie. restricted food.

    I always have the impression from articles that avocados are good for lowering chelestoral and should be encouraged?


  8. Sandra Says:

    I heard that you can eat organic eggs(from rooster), yolk and all, and that they cannot harm you. Is that correct and how often?

  9. jigs Says:

    Hi Doc,

    is it alarming if you have cholesterol level of 250? i know tyhe average is 200

  10. jenny moxom Says:

    my cholesterol is 7.5. My diet is generally very healthy (lots of veg and fruit0. I don’t eat lots of meat, are there any other factors thst can hsve an affect on my cholesterol?

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Jen…high cholesterol is a metabolic disease meaning the defect is in your system and no matter what you do, your liver is not able to metabolize the cholesterol well because of the defect. No matter how healthy you eat, the LDL cholesterol will only be lowered by 7 to 10% so in that case you will need a drug to help lower it.

  11. katie Says:

    Hi Doc,

    I’m 20 years old, I’m a very active college student. I eat pretty good considering I’m a college student. However I have high cholesterol and have had it all my life. I’ve been told its not my genes, but everyone in my family has it.Should I be worried and what else can I do!?

    • cookie queen Says:

      you should go to the doctors and ask him what to do if its notin your dominant genes it could be tagged along with them. x

  12. May Says:

    hi doc,
    I just want to ask regarding high level of sgpt ranging from 96 and high cholesterol level what are the foods to avoid and to eat? is there a way to lower it down without taking medicines?
    thanks a lot

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      yHi May….You need to know why SGPT is high…it may be the onset of a fatty liver due to mtabolic syndorme with high sugar and cholesterol. Therefore taking meds for cholesterol is not a contraindication in this case

  13. amber smith Says:

    i thank that following these things are so imporant because if you do not follow these orders it will lead other things and thouse things can lead to other things and do not smoke with these things because that is not a good thing

  14. Roy Aldrie Says:

    Great info loved it , I will bookmark this . Looking forward to hear more from you . Digg it. huhuhu

  15. JULIET Says:

    hii im 13 and my cholestrol is 6.5 in my family its only me and my mum that have it is there anyway of lowering it without taking medicines???

    thanks im looking forward to hear more form you.

  16. 'mabafokeng khang Says:

    can you please send me a weekly eating plan for a person suffering from cholestrol?

    • Rajnita Says:

      I would like to get weekly eating plans Am suffering from high Cholestrol and Liver enzymes
      Age 30yrs

      What food do I have to eat to lower them, and what all to do

      Am really in need of help


      • Doc Gerry Says:

        Hi Rajnita… do check with a professional. I have my own diteitan in the clinic to supervise my pts how to eat properly. what to eat anmd how to eat healthy

      • jamie Says:

        hi i need a weekly diet plan for my mom . she is saying that she is going to die and i dont really think that is true so pleas can you send me 1 thanks a million really looking forward to hearing from you

  17. Jason Says:

    Hey there, I have high colestoral, but i do not know what i can eat and what i can not, is there i diet that i can follow? or a list of foods that i can eat?

  18. rabia Says:

    hi,Can my dad eat lentil curries he has high colestrol n misses his lentils

  19. Jim Says:

    I’m currently in China and man All that is NOT to be eaten has been gobbled by me in great quantum. Food is so cheap here in china and almost anything goes with rice. Rice Rice Rice!. I’ve put on so much weight nobody can recognize me anymore. My breathing is so labored and recently I have developed these horrible pain and double beating of the heart.
    So now I reckon I’m cruising for a bruising and this is no joke. But like I said we can’t eat nothing here without rice. So what do I do? Eat less rice this time or forget it? Lots of vegetable but I wonder if that can support my appetite? But ‘m goanna starve!!!! Somebody tell me something

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Jim… you body can only absorb so much…maybe the problem is the desire to eat more rather than the desire to feel full. Stand up and leave the table once you aree 80% full… then grab something later if you are starving via a piece of apple. I dont recommend you forgo rice but just cut down the protion sizes of all the foods you eat and eat enough only up to 80% full then leave and stop looking at the food becuase you tend to eat more!

  20. Michaela Says:

    My doctor told me not to eat spicy food since I have high cholesterol. This is the first time I heard that and can’t find any publications to confirm his order. Can you help me please??

  21. The American Diabetes Association suggests an individual restrictions their saturated fat intake to about 7% per day but a standard Western diet gives you around 40%. Given that too much fat promotes poor health, it would be better to limit fats including those in coconut oil that have a higher risk of promoting health problems since most Americans get way a lot of saturated fat anyway.

  22. Diet Reviews Says:

    Yum acai berry, I’ve tried it in its RAW form, only available in south america. Now I regularly take an acai supplement.

  23. james rimer Says:

    i just had blood test chol 216 hdl 28.6 ldl 149 trig 193 glu 142 sgot36 sgpt 59 any suggestions thanks

  24. We had numerous difficulties observing the site. The characters inside the subject tend not to load competently.

  25. kim tran Says:

    Thank god I found your website, I just got diagnose with high cholesteral and high blood pressure, and type two diabetes. There for I am soo confuse with what to eat and what not to eat, I will continue to watch your website for future information. Once again thank you for taking the time to help all of us, Iam sorry my english is not too good.

  26. amrik Says:

    hi doc my doc say me you have a high cholesteral i am 38 years old. soiwant to know which food i eat and witch one is not good for me .i am vegitarian.never smoke,&drink

  27. lalit Says:

    i have cholesterol but LDL,HDL,total cholesterol is fine but triglyceride is high can you advice me the diet.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      hihg triglycerides is due to high carbo intake especially pastries, cakes…now you know what to delete or take in moderation…

    • amaya Says:

      SAY EVERY ONE NOWS WHATS HEALTHY TO EAT YOU CAN EAT VEGETABLES ,FRUITS,PORTIONS OF CHINKIN,FISH,AND IF YOU WANT TO EAT MEAT YOU HAVE TO EAT A LITTLE OR EVEN SMALL PORTIONS AND THE REAL THING IS TO EXERCISE AND IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO DRINK TRY ORANGE JUICE ,APPLE,PAMELGRANIC,{no soda}and maybe if you have like promnlems when you go to your family and they dont even care say i cant eat it and if they still dont care say can you a least give me some water and make me a salad…..thank you by..

  28. Traci Says:

    I was diagnosed with fatty liver in December and told to get a Lipid blood test. All levels came back high except for HDL (good cholesterol). I havent heard anything from my doc so I’m wondering if the high cholesterol is the reason for the fatty liver and what I can do, if anything, to lower it. Your advice would be an answer to prayer. Thank you

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Traci…a fatty liver is a red flag that you are going to develop diabetes, high blod pressure and difinetely now you have high cholesterol. Have yourself throiughly chekced so one can easily manage fatty liver and hopefully help you avoid the risk of developing the metabolic syndrome.

  29. amaya Says:

    say having high cholestrol is very bad but what can keep you smiling is that its also a way to connect with your self and say”wow i did it i ate good and i am eating so healthy ”and whats best is that your saving your heart because there is some people who are lazy and dont even care well that is not what you want you want to be healthy and healthy and living a good long healthy life…………..thANK YOU…

  30. Lulu Says:

    Hi, Dr. Gerry, thanks for helping many people, God bless you. Dr. told me my cholestrol is within the border, what should i do to lower it. i do exer aerobic 3 times a week in 5 years now i do watch my food taking light cheeze low fat milk even in coffe shop i asked for low fat milk in my coffe but only sometimes i eat meat BBQ & chips my favorit food, please advice
    many thanks

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Lulu…most of the time…if the high chlesterol is theLDL or the bad cholesterol then almost always its metabolic and genetic… no matter what you do… diet can only lower it to a verysmall degree and you may need medication depending on your risk level which your doctor can assess.

  31. Yanira Says:

    Hello Dr. My name is Yanira and my doctor told me that i have a really high cholesterol count.I was wondering if it was ok to eat all foods that are marked as fat free and low fat. Is there any in particular that i should or shouldn’t eat?

  32. curious I Says:

    your post have been very helpful. you stated in one of your reply “The problem with unused energy sources are that if underutilized, they are easily stored as fat…contributing to the so called fat belly”. if this is the case, how does one go about getting rid of belly fat, or is it a case of when you have it, it can’t get rid of.

  33. Hariom gupta Says:

    hi doc im mr hariom gupta i have a high cholesterol problem which is 243 so what shuld be my diet chat or what should i avoid to eat nd the most impt problem ther is very pain in my chest so should i doooo?

  34. freddie Says:

    HI Doc,
    I have a high triglycerides 312 should I take medicine for it or Diet and exercise is good enough thank you.

  35. alissa Says:

    hi doctor.
    I’m 14 and i have high cholesterol. i eat a lot of good foods and then i eat a lot of bad. I’m very active and run almost 2 miles every day. I’m overweight but my doctor says because its all muscles. what should i do? oh and my dads side of the family has high cholesterol.

  36. Bruised Leaf Says:

    Hello Doc! Your blog is such a good find! Lots of good advice ’round here. Thanks po for this blog.

    I have something to add po sa foods to have once in a while if not avoid in general: MAYONNAISE. Even if the commercials say their mayonnaise is made with healthy oils, mayonnaise, the end product, has a different set of nutrition facts from the individual ingredients. I wrote a number of blog posts on this in fact.

  37. Yvonne Says:

    Hi Dr, my name is Yvonne, I am 55 years of age, I have been eating an healthy balanced diet for the past four years now, mainly because i had a cholesterol rating of 5.69, I brought it down slight over the four years to 4.74, last year 2009
    I went for a check up 25/09/10 to find it has gone up to 8.54
    I eat the 5 fruit and veggies per day, oily fish, chicken etc,
    could this be a thyroid problem. I have been for a full blood count today, but still very concerned, also I have notice that I have a rash around my ankles, could this have been an indication that my cholesterol was increasing

  38. emma Says:

    hey doc my little cousin is only 10 and has hgh cholestrol is that bad?

  39. Gad Says:

    Hi Doc, i have been sweating alot, i want to know why.I was recently tested to have high bp 154/102 and this has been for a little over four months now i am 34 yrs old.Kindly help me out.

  40. andy Says:

    hi doc, im 45 years old, just diagnosed to have a 336 high level of cholesterol and 220 blood uric acid. pls advice of what to eat, not to eat or prescribe me the right med. tnx a lot

  41. Brittany Says:

    Hey Im a 23 year old female I weigh anywhere from 97 lbs -108lbs and have and underactive thyroid and a cholesterol level of 260 what can I do at such a young age to lower my cholesterol and fix my thyroid problem??

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Brittany…an underactive thyroid will increase your cholesterol…see an endocrinologist and have the thyroid fixed so your cholesterol can get fixed too

  42. mirza Says:

    hey doc i am 31 year old i just find out what can i eat in my normal routine my ch is 281

  43. joseph kamdem Says:

    hi my age is so low and i have cholesterol of 205 i am so close to dieing and my is 12 i am 12 i am so died

  44. valerie Says:

    hi my doctor said i have high colesterol and if i cant bring it down on my own i have to take medication,,the trouble is i cant have fruit because sugar gives me reeeally bad migraines and i cant eat alot of the food they serve at work (its mostly deep fried) i feel like im starving to death!! what can i eat to make myself feel fuller longer,,,i just want to eat ALL the time >.<

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Valerie..if your problem is triglycerides…then its food related…the pastries, the fried foods; however if its the bad cholesterol thats the problem…then its a metabolic problem that will definitely require medication especially if you have a strong family history of heart disease or if you have other conditions that predispose you to heart disease like diabetes.

  45. Stephanie Says:

    Hello, I’m thirteen years old and after having gone to the doctor with severe cramps they took my blood to see if there were amy life threatening problems that could possibly explain the 9 long days I had of cramping. The doctor concluded that I merely had some bad food poisoning and that I had to keep hydrated, all that good stuff. Also what they found was that I had high cholesterol, and as soon as I learned that I cut myself short and stooped eating horribly(I wasn’t eating drastically bad in the first place but anything that I did munch on once in a while before was cut off). I told my friend and she said that she had high cholesterol and didn’t really care and kept eating bad. We are both at healthy weights she is 102 lbs and I’m 87 (I am short) lbs. So I was wondering, as I finally get to my conclusion, should I really be worrying about my high cholesterol at such a young age when my body is still developing or should I pull in the horses while I have a tight grip on the reigns and also another question if I have high cholesterol an so does my frien why are we both at healthy weights and not overweight? Sorry for the lengthy comment I would highly appreciate it if you answered my questions!<3
    Thank you. Doc

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Stephanie…weight and cholesterol are separte issues… weight is environmental, cholesterol can be genetics. However… having high cholesterol can be aggravated by poor lifestyle but havong anormal weight does not necessarily equate to normal cholesterol. So yes… be cqreful with a level considered high by your doctor… at your young age…eating a healthy meal can help avoid furthewr exacerbating the problem. If the problem is really genetics and runs in the family, you will definitely need to take medication especially if you will develop concomitant diseases that will predispose you long term to heart disease. Check your family tree and it will give you a clue!

  46. niraj Says:

    i am just 27 years, doctor said i have 3.25 cholestrol level in my blood. i feel quiet shocked as i ahavent changed my diet since years. yes i eat spicy food but since i born.
    i have got diarreoh since 4 weeks and doctor didnt dignose the cause yet. i am already taking precaution wd my diet. i dont know excatly whats wrong. could you be able to guide me what to do as i feel quiet worried.
    than k u

  47. sandra Says:

    i have high cholestrial im on medication for it i eat healthy but i smoke heaviley im stopping smoking will that help to bring my cholestrial down ????

  48. mai bajjali Says:

    my sister has very high cholestrol and triglycerides, which is partly genetic, partly food. what can i do to lower them for her although she is on medication. thank you

  49. nazo Says:

    I am 40 years old. my cholestrol is very high. my HDL is 4.5 and LDL is 9.3. I have pains in my left upper arm most of the time. I had chest pains also and was admitted and the doctors said it can be angina. but they not really sure. I need your help in reducing my cholestrol esp what to eat. I take a lot of precautions with my diet.

  50. BRIANNA Says:


  51. Vishan ttomar Says:

    i am 14 year old .but my weight is about 70-80kg.
    my cholestrol is very high.but because of your advice
    to eat food in cholestrol helped me very much, to reduce my cholestrol.i want some advice also from u.

    thank you.

  52. tanzeem Says:

    hi doc my cholesterol HDL 203 and LDJ 185 (normal is 130 ) plz tell me what to do ? i have high blood pressure 130/90 to 140/100 . plz help me and guide me what to do ? thanks

  53. jay somerville Says:

    hi i have high cholesterol can i still eat peanut butter ? and what chocolate can i have thanks

  54. allana magnolia Says:

    Hello!! After i got my blood work done and my mom told me i had high cholesterol i was like whatever … but then i started thinking bout it because at least once a day my chest or heart feels different and i dont no how exacally to explain the feeling but after i looked it up and found this website im really worried i am only 16 years old and i dont know what to do about it can u help me .. please send me an email as soon as possible – allana –

  55. Nicki Says:

    Hi I am a 46 year old women I just been told i have hi cholestrial I AM so shocked as I EAT really healthy , always home made low fat food not much salt and only one treat a week I AM SLIM and workout every day mom to fri min hour a day of cardio , I am adopted so dont no my genetics . I do smoke though , but really worried because I dont no what I can do to lowr it cos I dont eat a lot of saturated fat just cheese but no more than anyone else ,ny hubbie is 50 and we eat the same his is fine ,please help,

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Nicki, unfortunately, having a high cholesterol especially a high BAD Cholesterol called LDL is metabolically determined and genetics based…most likely one of your parents has the problem and you inherited it. You are doing great but no matter what you do the bad cholesterol will be high if you got the liver defect in cleaning it from your parents. So most likely depending on your risk, you may need a drug to lower the bad cholesterol. Talk to your doctor about it. Continue your healthy lifestyle as you lower your sugar, your BP , your triglycerides by doing so

  56. MahIiiii Says:

    atleast give the right type of food..

  57. airam Says:

    great advice. Today I just found out that I have high cholesterol. I have to go in again to check my liver, they didn’t explain much, can you tell me why they want to check my liver? I am worried. please help. Thank You. 🙂

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Airam, theyre making sure that you may have a condition called Fatty Liver. Its a red flag that you will get the metabolic disease associated with Diabetes, High blood pressure and Cholesterol. Its a benign condition and very easy to treat. Just make sure you take care of what you eat and take care of your weight! PLUS exercise.

  58. Steph Says:

    Hi, I’m 13 years old and have high cholesterol, i know its really bad, but i need to know how i can get it down! please ! give me exercise tips, food tips, anything i need to know!

  59. Regina Says:

    Good day sir, I recently read an article about a study done on elderly patients who have been drinking raw eggyolks daily. Amazingly they claimed results showed normal lipid profiles. How is this possible?

  60. onyeka Says:

    i have tested it,it’s a nice one.recommend my fellow pals that it is nice.

  61. The dangers of High Cholesterol are not only unhealthy but is also equally life threatening…. By taking natural herbal supplements,…fish oil

  62. Sharon Says:

    I just to found out from my Doctor today that I have high cholesterol. I am 46 years old. And I have never had it I was really taken back by it. Because I am very active I exercise five to six days a week. My question to you is I eat maet a lot and my favorite is grilled steak. Could that be why I have high cholesterol. If so what other foods would be a good thing for me to eat. Thank you very much for your time:)

    • Sharon Says:

      sorry i meant to type meat.

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Sharon… almost always you may have inherited your risk to have high cholesterol as part of the metabolic syndrome. Check your parenst if any are diabetics or hypertensives…almost always they have also high cholesterol. YOur eating steak compounds the problem but am sure you dont eat steak everyday. Ask your doctors to assess your risk and medication maybe needed to help you lower your cholesterol. Kepp up the good work on exercise!

  63. AUDREY Says:

    hello doc i’m 41yrs, 150lbs, 5ft7ins. my cholesterolis level is7.1 and i do exercise a lot and stay away from fatty food. what else can i do.My mother also had and died of heart attack in her sleep, my sister found that she have high cholesterol and also my brother.Doc im worried because i also have a leak in my tripostic vale

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Audrey… a high cholesterol level is metabolic. Your bdy produces cholesterol even if you dont eat. Your body is not metbolising cholesterol properly and therefore if your have this problem in your family most likely this is in your genes therefore…to lower your level, on top of your exercise and proper diet…if youre at high risk, you may need to see your doctor and ask help using drugs to lower your bad cholesterol

  64. maheen Says:

    can people of high cholestrol have tea & coffee?

  65. Terrelle Bridgeman Says:

    hey doc my cholesterol is very high and I’m 14 years old and i dnt noe wat r those things up on the top r those things good for me i need to plz reply back

  66. jillian harris Says:

    I had Bariatric Surgery in November 2011 and all my blood tests were normal and went for blood tests a week ago fo find out that my cholesterol is a bit high. What can I eat to reduce? I have to take in a lot of protein?

  67. chelle Says:

    hi doctor,how long does it take for my cholesterol to drop,total is 227,trigly 135,hdl 45,ldl 155 total ratio is 5.04,,after 3 weeks of diet with healthy foods and exercise,the results are just almost the same total is227.03,trigly 137,hdl 48.65′,ldl 150.97 and chol/hdl ratio is 4.67,,,im very worried please advise thank youHi

  68. […] Foods To Eat If You Have High Cholesterol « That Health RulesFeb 16, 2007 … Now to simplify further and for us to easily remember… let me enumerate the foods we allow our patients to eat if we see a high cholesterol … […]

  69. fay Says:

    hi my father have high cholesterol 250 how his cholesterol level will be at normal range. he is so conscious about diet and not eat oily foods but after that it is not at normal range so how it will be at normal range ..?? what he should have to eat..??

  70. T Says:

    I have high cholesterol with LDL 170 and HDL 50.
    Total cholesterol is 251
    What would you suggest so I can lower LDL naturally
    I am also vegetarian.
    Thanks in advance

  71. Jun T. Pascua Says:

    Last July 2012 I have high total cholesterol =204,triglycerides=227, and the rest are okey such as hdl=45,ldl=113,uric acid=5.5,sugar=87.
    But my two knees got swollen and the doctor said due to “bursitis”. It’s paining when walking used the stairs from 1st floor going up to 3rd floor and vice versa whether i am carrying something heavy;ex. (2 or 5kgs of rice or water bottled) but when i am playing basketball i cannot feel the pain. what is your suggestions for me this kind of strange feeling Doc? Just hoping for your good advise. Thanks and more power to you….


  72. april Says:

    I just found out i have sever high cholstrol and im only 28 what do i need to do?\

  73. I had my blood test done about 2 weeks ago and got my result. I was tested for kidney function, cholesterol, and diabetic the result for the other two are fine but my cholesterol is 7.7 I have been prescribed a atorvastatin 20mg tablets and have been told there is a high risk of heart disease. I am 32 don’t smoke slim and do regular exercise…

  74. Deanna Says:

    Hi my name is Deanna I am 17 and I found out that my cholestrol is a little elevated

  75. chandni Says:

    hi doc.. 🙂
    I wanted to asl u wevda v shuld have dates or not? if v have high n fo low. cholesterol ..?

  76. SIMON AIMOL Says:

    Im just 28 man and I have a little bit high cholesterol leval of 271.5 mg/dl, Triglyceride:210.9 mg/dl, HDL: 55 mg/dl, LDL:174.4 mg/dl, VLDL: 42.1 mg/dl. Please advise me what are these levels???? Do I really need to worry about these????

    • Doc Gerry Says:

      Hi Simon…those levels are high but treatment decisions are based on risk factors. Please check with your doctor whether your levels are enough to put you at further risk of heart disease based on his evaluation of your other risk factors.

  77. John J Crook Says:

    Yes I have high cholesterol I like to bring it down I sometimes straight from eating the right foods

  78. JodyLynn Says:

    Doctor My cholesterol is 175, I have tryed to eat right and walk a mile a day. I am 55. Can you please give me a good suggestion as what I am to do.

  79. reshmi dev Says:

    dear doc, my husband’s cholesterol is high i.e. 282 mg/dl. kindly advice which kind of food he can eat.

  80. Reggie Mangina Says:

    it is easy to maintain healthy weight if you watch carefully what you are eating…

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