Negative Comments on Your Overweight Kids

August 29, 2006

24803847242.jpgOne interesting blog  I read on health issues recently highlighted the obesity epidemic especially among children that is being sensationalized by the media for public consumption. People are now made aware of what health ill effects they bring so everytime I counsel patients regarding diabetes and obesity, I always ask the parents to bring the kids. And what I’ve noticed is when we start discussing about obesity, the parents then turn to their kids with comments regarding their weight.

Comments from parents ranged from being ugly, lazy and fat! These comments according to Medline Plus of the National Institute of Health sourced from the August issue of the Journal of Pediatrics result in kids developing low self esteem and the notion of lack of support from the family. Negative remarks on their weight resulted in lasting harm.

Practical Application of the Study Findings:

1. We can be critical in our comments but contstructive.

2. Focus in discussing about healthy food choices rather that the bad image of being overweight.

3. Indulge yourself in outdoor activities with your children.

4. Set an example to the kids by following your own rules: on healthy food options, and by exercising. Kids who see their parents exercise have been shown to result in leaner weights as adults.

 So Parents…Remember your comments now may have negative lasting harm to your kids.

Lets Take Care Of Our Kids…Handle Them With Love!

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2 Responses to “Negative Comments on Your Overweight Kids”

  1. maffey Says:

    God must love me and guide me to this veryyyyyy good site….. very, very informative… Thank you Dok!!!!!

  2. maxim Says:

    Yeah, I agree Doctor. What is needed is motivation for our kids.

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