The Importance Of Eating Breakfast

August 2, 2006

imagesfg.jpg Being in a hurry or too little time are not excuses for skipping breakfast. You may have heard people say… Am not sure why am gaining weight when I only eat 2 x a day…or I just don’t feel hungry early in the morning.

Breakfast as the word implies means breaking a fast. Your metabolic rate drops overnight because of fasting.  So when you skip this morning meal, and eat a hearty lunch, majority of the calories taken in are stored as fat since your metabolism cant cope up with the sudden load of calories.  Likewise you tend to feel so hungry for lunch that your decision making in terms of proper food choices is impaired. So lunch servings are mainly high fat less nutritous meal choices that can be harmful in the long run.

In a recent American Heart Association Convention on Cardiovascular Disease Epidimeology, it was assessed that the risk of breakfast eaters was 35% to 40% LOWER to develop obesity and metabolic syndrome ( diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol) than non breakfast eaters.

The ones who ate whole grain with at least 2 gms of fiber noted on the food label benefited the most.

Likewise breakfast for kids is very important.  The American Dietetic Association states that children who eat breakfast have better concentration, problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination.  As a result they are more alert, creative and less likely to miss school.

Good examples of a healthy breakfast that I recommend include : a bowl of oatmeal with a fruit or a whole grain cereal, skim milk and a fruit or whole grain sandwich with peanut butter.

Remember…if you want to lose weight or have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol….

Eat a Hearty Breakfast For A

Healthier You!

16 Responses to “The Importance Of Eating Breakfast”

  1. Maxim Says:

    Thanks for writing about this Doctor. I remembered you sharing about how giving oatmeal to kids for breakfast and its positive effect on brain development. I am doing it for my baby! And she loves it. For me, though it might be late already, I am still eating it daily. It’s easy on my stomach.

  2. Belinda Says:

    We eat porridge every morning for breakfast whether it is summer or winter with skim milk & sweetener,followed by dried fruit like apricot & sometimes fresh fruits whatever is in season.I’m glad our breakfast is a healthy one as recommended by YOU in your blog.

  3. taylor Says:

    would eating healthy breakfast increase ur speed in running

  4. Doc Gerry Says:

    It will increase your strength and energy to withstanad the rigors of running.

  5. rashid jajah Says:

    is there any correlation between people’s tendency to eat breakfast, and how long they, such that people who skip breakfast die younger. do think this is avalid conclusion?

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    No study on that Rashid but theoritically yes… because people who dont eat breakfast get the chronic diseases associated with Obesity especially the Metabolic Syndrome like Di8abetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol.

  7. steven Says:

    is this sorce realiabl it will de on my report

  8. mayaailen Says:

    hi.. i like your post. it is very true. i also learned from your article because i dont eat breakfast but i eat a lot during lunch time. now i know why i am big as now. thank you so much.

  9. Jacob Yaldezian Says:

    What if my mom doesn’t feed me?

  10. Jim Jim Says:

    I hope you die Jacob Yaldezian

  11. […] heres a great article on breakfast: The Importance Of Eating Breakfast That Health Rules […]

  12. sam Says:

    Hi, i don’t really eat breakfast regularly since High School and im 28 now. This is because i wake up at around 12 noon. I usually sleep about 7 to 9 hours, so i considered lunch as breakfast, 4pm lunch, 7pm dinner and 2 more meals before i go to sleep at 3~4am. is this healthy?

  13. Tina Says:

    Very nice website and Article! Thanks!

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  15. bryan day Says:

    what are some ideal ways to improve eating breakfast or getting yourself to eat breakfast?

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