An Alarming News on Diabetes

August 2, 2006

1209248567 The recent American Diabetes Association Convention was highlighted by an alarming statistics on Diabetes presented by the International Diabetes Federation showing that there is more than seven-fold rise in incidence of diabetes in the last 20 years: from 30 million cases to 230 million. It is further expected that this number will shoot up to 350 million in the next 20 years, with India, China and the US among the top 3 nations to be affected.

The problem with diabetes is that people who neglect their disease can suffer from it and its complications including a rise in mortality. It is estimated that diabetes is claiming as many lives as HIV/AIDS, with one person dying from diabetes-related causes every 10 seconds with the death rate on account of this affliction to rise by 25 percent over the next decade.

It is important to remember that : 80% of Type 2 Diabetes is deemed to be preventable by dietary changes and increased physical activity.

Again….being a diabetic is not synonymous to a dreaded disease because…a change in lifestyle can make a difference.

Lifestyle Change…The Key to a

Healthy Life!

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