The Safety of Microwave Cooking

August 2, 2006

Imagesfghjkl Alarm over reports on the dangers of microwave cooking has been around us for quite sometime.  However I cant imagine a home nowadays without the microwave ovens.

There are basically two concerns: radiation and the unknown health effects on the food cooked in microwave.

Let me present the facts:

As of October 1971, the US FDA has regulated the manufacture of microwaves with regard to radiation safety with limits of around 5 milliwatts per square meter which is far below the level known to harm people.  Likewise no residual radiation is present after the microwave is stopped.

The US FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition was tasked to examine the effect of food coverings and the possibility of harm for the particles that migrate to the food.  After a thorough investigation the Cneter then released information to the public regarding safety of  microwave.  The findings include that so far no known health hazards have been proven for these health susceptors like paper, paperboards, polymers and adhesives that are supposed to migrate to the food when we cook in the microwave. However they are reassuring the public that the Center will continue to monitor the safety of the products cooked in microwave and so far no further reports have been made.

If you look at sites that condemn the microwave… don’t be fooled by anecdotal reports.  It has to be science based and well researched.  Anybody can just present their proofs but if no validation is done then the report is not acceptable to the scientific community.


For Now…Enjoy Your


One Response to “The Safety of Microwave Cooking”

  1. Carmela Says:

    hi doc gerry, thanks for clearing up the myth about the dangers and harm of microwave cooking, but doc how about decreases in the nutritive value of food done via microwave cooking? whats your view on this?

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