Does Melatonin Work?

August 1, 2006

Imagesd My sleeping pill worked! It was April 25 in Chicago and I woke up at 5 AM . Definitely, no complaints… a straight 6 hour sleep was good enough for jet lag!

When I wrote my post on Sleepless Nights, I purposely left no note on melatonin… because it deserves its own space in my blog for discussion.

Melatonin is actually a hormone produced by the brain which is at its peak during the night and lowest during the day.  It is available in a tablet form as a supplement marketed to promote  sleep. Several studies have shown melatonin to be beneficial for jet lag especially if taken at the start of the travel at the target bed time period of destination. It should be taken for several days to achieve its full effect.  Dose to achieve an effect varies but one study showed patients who took 5 mg resulted in a better shortened time to sleep and a longer duration of sleep compared to those given lower doses.

Melatonin has also been shown to promote sleep among elderly people with insomnia and in a study involving healthy volunteers with better quality of sleep, and a longer duration of sleep compared to placebo or a sugar pill. 

However…Melatonin is not a Drug but a Supplement and therefore not regulated and approved by FDA as a treatment and not subjected to rigorous testing.  Actual content of different melatonin’s available in the market may vary and therefore safety is of primary concern. Neurological problems like seizure, clotting abnormalities, changes in blood pressure and blood sugar have been reported as side effects of melatonin.

BUT, if taking melatonin has helped you…its use for short duration has not been shown to be harmful! Just Remember… Take it with precaution because…

 Melatonin is a Supplement!

2 Responses to “Does Melatonin Work?”

  1. Okay, melatonin is a supplement. But this is also a hormone. And hormones are powerful chemicals working on our body. Indescriminate use of such could be dangerous. They may not be as deadly as other sleeping aids, but they could also be dangerous.

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