Being SINGLE Can Be Bad For Your Health

August 24, 2006

671582262.jpgThe September Issue of the Journal of Epidemiology revealed an amazing fact. It is often believed that staying with friends or having friends or being with somebody you love makes a dull day bright!

Several research studies have already been done looking at longer life spans and lesser heart diseases among happily married couples. But this is the first study done at University of California that I know of,  that looked at singleblessedness and decreased life span.


1. A 58% increase in death rate among single persons versus those who are married.

2. Unmarried persons whether divorced, separated or widowed had higher death rate.

3.The effect was STRONGEST among those NEVER MARRIED and more pronounced in men than in women.

Practical Implication of the study in our decision making:

Being unmarried is a high risk condition. In fact it was assessed that… the risk of being unmarried is similar to ones risk if he has high blood pressure or high cholesterol and the risk of death!

*Does this mean married couples lead happier lives? Or live  healthier lives because of the children or because they want more happier years together that they live healthier lives? OR

*Do you think being single equates to being lonely and less health conscious? …. What do you think? 

As the saying goes…

The Happier You Are…The Longer You Live!

17 Responses to “Being SINGLE Can Be Bad For Your Health”

  1. maxim Says:

    This is a very interesting finding! I think that’s true, that the happier the person is the higher chance of living longer. Another reason maybe is that maried people would tend to have other sets of priorities, that of providing for the family and making their children enjoy quality of life. In making so, they tend to want to live longer to make sure that their children would have a brighter future.

  2. i think the finding is true that being single can be bad for your health since all of the singles think they are left behind. we tend to be depress and begin to ask ourselves why are we not married? have we set higher standards that boys cant achieve? married persons also want to live longer to be with there children and to make sure they have a nice future.. i, myself, want to get married and have a longer life..

  3. jacqueline Says:

    im always wondering why old maids seem to be very “masungit” but when i read your blog, it made me laugh… now i know the answer… singles tend to think that they have high standards in choosing their partners. sometimes, they tend to be depress coz they havent found their so-called”dreamboys”… why look for the typical boys that we like as long as you love and understand each other.. go for it.. get married.. its nice to have a responsibility and kids… kaya, ako, magppkasal na next year…hehe

  4. chai Says:

    Now that’s a reason to finally go out and hook up 🙂 after all who wants to die young?:) the thing is, what if you marry the wrong person and end up being unhappy with your life….doesnt that shorten one’s life as well? Hopefully the right man comes at the right time ( and fast!!!) 🙂

  5. Fred Says:

    Hi i need some advice im a 18 year old african american male who is a senior in high
    school and hated by every girl in the world. You may not believe me but i have asked
    out 37 girls and they all have rejected me and im not a ugly person i have a job
    dresses nice keep hair cut so i don’t know what the problem is girls don’t even look at
    me they all ignore me and never talk to me i have been single all my life and im very depressed being at home on a saturday always single and lonely. I use to go places on
    weekends but it got boring knowing that i didn’t never have a nice girl to take out to eat
    or to the movies so i stop going places. And one night i cried because i always see mens and boys with their girlfriend or wife and im always left out single. please help me.
    or if you can’t i give up on finding a date. Thanks my name is Fred.

    • Caya Says:

      I read this and it made me sad. I hope by now you have a girlfriend that treats you the way you value being treated. You get what you give. I believe that when you can master being alone a beautiful girl will find you. Let go…Believe and receive.

  6. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Fred… I think I am not the right person to advise you on dating matters. I guess the best option is talk to your friends and ask their advises as they know you better than anyone else.

  7. sily Says:

    im glad for the info. & for the various opinions that enlightened me, as well..but does it happen in almost of the single?how about those persons who remained single coz they just want to and they’re happy to stay as they are, and they’re too occupied on other things that they don’t want to marry anymore?is there any statistical data that shows how many % of single/unmarried individuals died annually due to singleness?just for more info. coz i’m still confused..thanks in advance and more power to your site!!

  8. Doc Gerry Says:

    Hi Sily… I agree with you re some people just remian happy to be singel but this study just proved that more single people suffer from depression and health risks especially those who live alone. Therefore nobody takes care of them for that matter. BUT recently while on my plane back to Manila from Seattle… I read a new study showing the contrary… that more single people actually are happier these days compared to before and therfore may actually translate to better satisfaction with regard to their lifestyle.

    My point is… whether you’re single or married… just be happy… be contented with your life and live a healthy lifetsyle to live longer!

  9. Scott Clem Says:

    I am a firm believer in the findings of this study. I am 38 years old and forever single, and while I have not been healthy for many years, my health continues to decline largely due to the fact that I hate the single life in which I am trapped. I honestly do not expect to live through my 50s, but given the fact that I am going to have to live the rest of my life alone, I’d really rather not.

  10. jackie Says:

    i think your better off being alone and happy than being with someone and not happy…have a room mate join a club. why have a relationship with someone just so your not alone and then be unhappy.. its ok to grow old as a single person. my parents always say they want me to be with someone and not grow old by myself but all the men i end up with cheat on me so im not happy with that so why live like that…be happy with yourself at the moment and true happiness will find you..

  11. single rocks Says:

    There are pros and cons to everything. I chose to be single relationships suck alot alot alot. You can’t really hurt yourself can you.

  12. Ryan Preston Says:

    I’m very happy to be single – I don’t think these findings apply to me, or even have a lot of validity to them.

    I’d say being single increases lifespan as there’s no way to get a divorce, get into arguments with someone you “love”.

  13. date Says:

    Well I’d rather not leave something that is going to anger anyone by me being too opinionated that might see my post lol so I’ll just say it was a good read and who knows maybe I’ll leave something a little more substantial later on.

  14. I’am engaged and I could NEVER imagine being single again. I love having my fiancee with me during the good and bad times in life. Someone who is my soulmate to go out for dinner etc..someone to share my life. I think people who chose to be lonely are more depressed so therefore; they eat more and abuse alcochol. I know several people like this. Grant you my finacee and I live a healthy active lifestyle and are supporting each other all the time. This is the way it should be in life!!!!!

  15. Emily Says:

    I think it’s because a lot of single people don’t have a good enough support system later in adulthood… It’s not that they aren’t married; it’s that they don’t have enough people to look after their well-being and to make sure they look after their health. I know a lot of older people who have been single all their lives that are very happy, healthy and satisfied. They make up for their lack of spouse with plenty of friends and close families.

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