Are You At Risk For Cancer?

January 17, 2007

30837198761.jpgAm not sure if there is a season of cancer but just reading the local newspapers nowadays, you see obituaries of prominent people all with the same diagnosis of early death due to the Big C!  We fear cancer that we dread just hearing it as a diagnosis of our ailment.  So what can we do to prevent cancer and who is at risk? 

Actually everyone has some risk for cancer. In one survey in the US:” cancer is likely to affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women at least once in their lifetime.”  Meaning we all have that risk that we should know and try to change the factors that increase our risk.  So what are these factors that affect our risk?

  • tobacco use,
  • lifestyle choices (such as diet and exercise),
  • family history, and
  • factors in your workplace and environment.

The real question however is: How can I protect myself from getting cancer? Just like ones risk for diabetes, or other chronic ailments, some risk factors for cancer like the family history are non modifiable. But you can definitely modify some of the risk factors like:

  •  Your diet ( eating more red meat for example increases your risk for some cancers)
  • exercise habits ( sedentary lifestyle and obesity)
  • Too much sun exposure and
  • The use tobacco products. .. smoking 2 packs or more per day increases ones risk to cancer 20 fold. 

For most types of cancer, the sooner the cancer is found and treatment begins, the better your chances of recovering and improved survival.  We have screening tests already available.  So if you assessed yourself to be at risk then … better act early…

Know if You Are At Risk… Then Do Something About It! 

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