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Tips on How To Stick To Exercise

January 25, 2007

exerc1.jpgConvincing patients to exercise can be tough… not only does it need discipline and determination but the harder part is how to plan ahead that this patient will stick to the regimen. 

The idea of losing weight can be attractive but doing it is another story. Going through my recent posts on weight loss tips: a simple way to lose weight using the food diary, eating the right food choices and benefits of increasing physical activity…this time I thought it would complete the package by sharing with you some tips on how to stick to a regimen.  It is as important as having a goal and achieving that goal… so that all we need to do is to stay focus to be successful!

  • Make sure it’s a regimen you like doing.  Read, listen to music using your iPod or watch TV while while doing the treadmill.
  • Being with someone else can make the activity more fun and exciting.
  • Dont do the same routine everyday because it can get boring.
  • Check the weather… check the area where you plan to exercise.  Make sure its comfortable and you’re comfortable too…meaning- never exercise right after eating.

Remember…exercise for fun and health. Be focused and determined to make exercise a lifestyle more than just a habit!

Lastly… the American Academy of Family Physicians provided more tips  which I found helpful and simple:

Making exercise a habit

  • Stick to a regular time every day.
  • Sign a contract committing yourself to exercise.
  • Put “exercise appointments” on your calendar.
  • Keep a daily log or diary of your activities.
  • Check your progress. Can you walk a certain distance faster now than when you began? Or is your heart rate slower now?
  • Ask your doctor to write a prescription for your exercise program, such as what type of exercise to do, how often to exercise and for how long.
  • Think about joining a health club. The cost gives some people an incentive to exercise regularly.

Exercise For Fun and Health…Stick To It For Life!

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