Red Meat and Breast Cancer

January 19, 2007

3763834536.jpgBeef or Pork… are the main stays in most of the meals being served worldwide.  That’s the reason why Mc Donalds can be found anywhere in the world.  From kids to adults… we all love the burger.   

But while going through my journals, I came across this article published recently in the November Issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.  This time, the association between red meat and breast cancer was analyzed and I thought since breast cancer is one dreaded but “curable” cancer nowadays is to share with you this tip to hopefully lower your risk to develop it and share this information to your wives or mothers and sisters.

The study involved the 90,659 women,  who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study II.  During the 12 years of follow-up, around 1,021 women developed invasive breast cancer.

Women who ate around 2 servings of red meat per day were more likely to develop estrogen-positive and progesterone-positive breast cancer ( 97% more)  than those who ate red meat only three or fewer servings per week.

What types of Red meats were the culprits?  The usual red meats we love…. including hamburger,beef or pork as a main dish, anda variety of processed meats.

Again… to prevent any ilness, we modify factors that can be changed in our lifestyle,  And dietary factors are one modifiable culprits of a disease.  It  requires both knowledge and discipline in our food choices to be successful.  It boils down to one’s determination to prevent a disease and a goal to remain fit through an active and healthy lifestyle.

Remember it’s the Sacrifice and the Determination that can lead us to Success….whether in business or in health….

So for your next meal….

Fish… Anyone?   

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2 Responses to “Red Meat and Breast Cancer”

  1. Good day Gentlemen,

    Your information on health for public consumption is quite laudable. I know that there are people out there who are in need of these vital information more than they’d care to admit. Coming across this type of information in your website is a “breath of fresh air” that many people take for granted until one day they are confronted wtih a devastating reminder of the value of health.

    Incidentally, we at Blue Cross are engaged in the business of “Health Maintenance” as well as “Travel Insuance”. We surmise that perhaps there is a point where we can collaborate and become “Partners” in this business.

  2. […] estrogen which can increase ones chances to develop breast cancer.  So by keeping oneself fit and avoiding red meat can one improve to lower that […]

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