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Body Pains You Should Not Ignore!… The Warning Signs

January 12, 2007

3582617281.jpgWe often wake-up with a headache or bodyache.  We complain of some kind of chest discomfort that we just disregard as nothing but heartburn. But these complaints may mean something else if they occur everyday or becomes severe overtime.  Let me share with you some warning signs that should not be ignored.

Severe Headache

If you developed the so called: ” Worst Headache I Ever Had“… this could be something that needs immediate help. Conditions like a bleeding brain tumor or an aneurysm could cause this warning sign.  Or it may just be a plain migraine or colds. In short…if the headache is severe and persistent… seek medical help! 

“An Elephant Sitting on my Chest!”

Majority of heart ailments will manifest as merely chest discomfort that may radiate to the arm or jaw!  It can even present as abdominal discomfort like an ulcer.  So if you have risk factors for heart disease like diabetes… seek medical help right away!. A heart attack can feel like an elephant sitting on your chest!  The discomfort may have been there for quite sometime, usually occurs when walking or dancing but goes away when sitting down. So if your discomfort comes with activity and goes away when you rest… seek help!

Severe Abdominal Pain

An aneurysm perhaps? or Gallstones or some people describe this as ” excruciating Pain”… the kidney stones.  Or it can also be your appendix about to rupture. 

Pain in Lower Back or Between Shoulder Blades

Two possibilities with this kind of pain: a heart attack or abdominal problems. You may just mistake it for plain and simple arthritis but one danger is the so called aortic dissection, which can present as either a nagging or sudden pain. Those that should be more conscious about this include people who have high blood pressure, those who smoke especially if with diabetes.

So the more informed you are of the warning signs… the better!

The earlier the disease is discovered… the better!

and…the earlier you seek help… the better!

Know Your Body Better!

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