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Is Advil Safe? Know The Facts!

January 4, 2007

39985664971.jpgOne of the most commonly used and prescribed medications over the counter are the pain relievers.  And one of the most marketed pain relievers is Advil. We take them when we have headache, toothache, joint pains or back aches.  People from all ages and all walks of life cant live without the pain relievers to help us alleviate the symptoms and make us be more active.  But recent controversies came up with the pulling out from the market of the most prescribed OTC med- a brand of Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Agent or NSAIDs jolted the medical community as well as the consumers.  We still continue to have safe OTC pain relievers but before buying or using one I thought of sharing with you some of the common considerations you have to do before using one: 

  • Do not use them for more than 10 days.
  • Know the side effects which include gastric ulcers and allergic reactions.  Recently cardiovascular complications were noted especially if taken daily for a long time.
  • Most NSAIDs are present in other OTC products like colds and the flu medicines.
  • Be careful if you have either a kidney or liver disease.   If you need to take one then use the alternatives to NSAIDs like Tylenol (acetaminophen.)
  • Other non medical alternatives include physical therapy, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture can also reduce their pain. 
  • Most importantly… if you have joint pains and overweight… weight loss is the key!
  • Do not mix these meds with alcohol since once risk for stomach bleeding is increased with just 1 drink per week.
  • All NSAIDs have the potential to raise high blood pressure.  So talk to your doctor if you have high blood pressure.

My advise is simple:OTC pain relievers are safe as long as we take them short term like 2-3 days or occasionally because of headache or toothache.  If you have to take them daily for any reason then take it for 2-3 days then stop for few days before taking them again.

Better Be Safe… Know The Facts!