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Start Right After The Holidays: Tips To Prevent Weight Gain

January 2, 2007

3489305539.jpgThese post holiday blues… feeling guilty for having eaten too much and having gained a few more pounds… let me share with you some simple facts and tips from the American Academy of Family Physicians as to why we become overweight and what to do to help us shed those few pounds we’ve gained during the holidays.

  • Reasons Why We Become Overweight:

    • Eating when you’re lonely, sad, bored or stressed.
    • Eating because you feel pressured by friends or family to eat.
    • Using food for recreation, or eating just because food is available.
    • Taking medicine that makes you feel hungry.
    • Having hormone problems that slow your metabolism (how fast your body burns calories).

    Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle:

    • Eat breakfast.
    • Eat your biggest meal of the day at lunchtime.
    • Begin meals with a low-fat salad, soup, broth or a glass of water.
    • Eat more vegetables and whole grains at each meal.
    • Drink fewer sugar-sweetened beverages (such as regular soda and fruit juice).
    • If you drink more than one regular soda per day, replace one of them with a diet soda, water or skim milk.
    • Limit your alcohol intake.
    • Know what 1 portion looks like — and stick to it.
    • Eat slowly so your body has time to know when you are full.
    • Be more active in your daily life.
    • Replace some of the sugar in your diet with non-caloric sweeteners
    • Get support from family and friends. Support is very important for long-term success in adopting healthy habits.
  • Resolve To Do Better This New Year…Health-wise!